Free Fabric Friday

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This week we’re giving away two packs of 8 fat quarters from our black and white selection of fabrics.  There’s an Alexander Henry Your Numbers, some Follow Your Imagination, a couple of Michael Miller black and whites, and a few others.


black and white fat quarters


If you want one of these packs, tell us what you’d do with them.  If you want someone else to have them, simply tell us why.  We’ll announce the winners on Monday.  We’re off to the Northwest Fabric Show to shop!  Have a great weekend.

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21 Responses to Free Fabric Friday

  1. Haley Schmitz says:

    I’m the president for a club linked with at Radford University. The club helps raise money and awareness for the children suffering from the war in Northern Uganda. We use the fabric scraps to decorate hats that we sell as a fundraiser. This fabric would help us out a lot! Thank you!

  2. Ernestina Snow says:

    I love black and white. I would love to make a purse and shopping bag for the farmers market. Enjoy the shopping.

  3. Kevin Dunn says:

    I am a firefighter and my wife has been making quilts for the University of Utah Burn Center here in Utah for the past year. We have delivered over 150 quilts so far and they are in need of more! She has spent tons of $ on fabric and batting (not to mention the time) and I would love to be able to have some GOOD, nice quality fabric for her instead of the $2 a yard stuff she has been buying from WalMart. She will take anything that she can get of course….but some of the fabric that she has had donated isn’t worth the time it would take to tie it, ya know? They think they are doing her a favor by donating fabric, but it comes used, thread bare, and sometimes even dirty!!!! If there is anyone reading this that has a little cotton fabric to donate to a GREAT cause, I would sure like you to send it to her. The address is: 883 Molyneux Dr. Price, Utah 84501 She’ll think angels are sending her fabric, and you know what, THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE IF YOU SEND HER SOME!!!! Bless You

  4. gkgirl says:


    i want to make robots.


  5. burd says:

    oh! these are some of the exact fabrics i have been eyeing for a black and white quilt for mine and my husband’s bed. so that’s an easy question to answer. 😀

  6. Zabrina says:

    Black and white fabrics like these would be perfect for me to make some book covers.

  7. Jayleigh says:

    My husband works from home and I decorated his office in cornflower blue, black and grey. My computer is in the “closet” area of this room, and it’s sooo masculine.

    I would use black, white, or blue as wide borders, and make some funky and somewhat more feminine paneled valances for this overly manly room.

    This way, his color scheme remains intact, and his buddies won’t razz him for having girly curtains. AND I won’t have to deal with plain black curtains anymore!

    What cute patterns!!!

  8. carol says:

    My friend
    has yet to make a quilt, but has mentioned that she is collecting b&w fabrics for the day she decides to jump in. I would love for her to have these so that she may be motivated to start her first quilt. 🙂

  9. I love these fabrics! Honestly, I have no idea what I would make out of these, but I am sure after just a little bit of thinking I could come up with something… Either way I would love to win:)

  10. gray la gran says:

    OH! my browns & pinks from last week just arrived today 🙂

    thank you again … the “paint by numbers” fabric is especially cool!

  11. erica says:

    Those are just gorgeous! You have the best fabric.. I need to shop!

  12. Nicole says:

    I’m not sure if this is open to Canadians, but if it is I’d like to put my name in. If I won, I’d give the fabric to my grandma, who would most likely use it to make baby quilts – I think the letters and numbers, especially, would be perfect for that.

  13. I want to go shopping with you too! Have fun!

    I renominate numbers 1 and 4 listed above! What great causes!

    Although if I have these fabrics I would make some cute kids aprons. I love the letters and numbers… Can you see them trimmed out in bright colors! too cute…I will have to add that to my must buy list! the really-really long one.

  14. meg says:

    Aw, I cannot tell a lie: I would love them and squeeze them and give them a good home. They’re so beautiful!! But I don’t have any plans beyond that. 🙂

  15. michal says:

    this is such a beautiful selection of fabrics! i’d love to have it. i actually don’t have a single black and white fabric in my stash, i’m a complete color addict. i’d love to make a few new softies with them. that’ll be such a new experience for me!

  16. Mika says:

    Oh I would love to have these! None of the LQS’ around here carry any Michael Miller stuff! Plus I’m trying to build my pitiful stash. *End shameless begging*

    I think it’s awesome you do this!

  17. Stefanie Lin says:

    I would love to make my sister a diaper bag with the black n whites. She is expecting her first baby (a little girl) in May and has requested a diaper bag that is a little rock n roll. I am picturing black, white and hot pink.

  18. Georgia says:

    My sister, Naomi, LOVES black and white fabric and is an accomplished quilter. She is always doing charity work and currently has a quilt in the
    Alzheimer’s, Forgetting Piece by Piece Quilt Initiative
    . I know she would love these fabrics!

  19. Chrissie says:

    I nominate Kristin from Spinning Athena, in hopes that it will help with her 26 things to do while she’s 26 list!

  20. Sally says:

    Those fabrics are gorgeous – and most of those are new to me. I wish I could justify putting my name in for them but I have such a big fabric stash right now that that would just be greedy… So I will put my mum’s hand up – she loves black and white.

  21. sonja poor says:

    I would like to nominate my good friend, Kay C. She is without a doubt the most thoughtful, caring person I know. She has been an ever-present help to me, especially these past couple of weeks. She is always making quilts and fabric stockings for Ronald McDonald House and other charitable places. Hooray for Kay!

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