Sewing Resource–Martha Pullen discussion

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I have a whole folder full of online sewing resources I’ll share with you.  I’ll pull out the gem first.  Do you know Martha Pullen? She does the heirloom sewing show on PBS and also puts out Sew Beautiful magazine.  Now these kinds of projects are not really my thing, but let me tell you, the women who participate in the Martha Pullen discussion boards can sew! You can ask them anything and you’ll get great answers.  Fixing a zipper, sewing a circle skirt, buttonholes….anything!  Really, if you’re ever stuck on something complicated and you want an answer right away, go there first.

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One Response to Sewing Resource–Martha Pullen discussion

  1. mo says:

    Thanks for the resource. I feel like I have more questions lately and they all feel like things I should already know! This will be most helpful.

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