Instead of the usual free fabric, this week I’d like to give away an amazing book to one lucky person.  This book has absolutely nothing to do with sewing, but it does have to do with being a Mama (which, as you can tell from the name of the business, is a huge part of my life.)  I don’t usually write about myself, but I feel I should give a little background about why I’m giving this book away and how truly great I think it is.

Calm and Compassionate Children

My husband and I are lucky enough to be sending our daughter to a wonderful school called Living Wisdom.  I say lucky, but we really have made a lot of sacrifices to make it work, including selling our house and moving across town so we could be closer to the school.  Drastic, I know, but the school’s philosophy felt so right to us, that we had to do it.  In a nutshell?  It’s about educating kids for real life.  Teaching them to not only be academically successful, but also guiding them to become healthy, fulfilled, happy, kind people. The ideas and techniques practiced at the school seemed to be a natural extension of the attachment parenting and gentle guidance we had been practicing at home, so when we found it, everything just clicked.

The book, Calm and Compassionate Children, is the newly-released work of the school’s director, Susan Dermond. The description from the publisher:

Building on such inherent qualities as openheartedness and trust, parents and teachers can help children develop empathy and integrity as they grow and mature. From nature activities to conscious quiet time to tips on daily routines, CALM AND COMPASSIONATE CHILDREN provides practical guidance to help grown-ups model behavior and suggests dozens of activities to foster children’s joy, wonder, kindness, and love.

What I really love about this book, is that it is full of so many practical ideas.  Really, there are 90 techniques for you to use at home!  Plus, there are booklists for kids of different ages and booklists for parents.  There are also lists of music resources and toy resources.  It really is a handbook that not only gives you ideas for guiding children, but also provides inspiration for becoming more calm and compassionate adults.  Even if you don’t win the book, I hope you’ll check it out.

We’ll pick a random comment this week to win the book, but if you feel like it, tell us about your favorite parenting resource–book, website, or organization. We’ll take comments through Sunday and post the winner Monday.  Have a joyful weekend.