Free Fabric Friday

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First, the prize:  We’re giving away one yard of fabric of your liking to four people.  That’s right, you can choose anything in the shop!  Oilcloth, cotton, minkee or chenille–your choice!

To qualify, please comment with a link to your favorite online sewing tutorial or free sewing pattern.  The winners will be the four people who submit tutorials that knock our socks off! (In the event of multiple submissions of the same link, we’ll draw the names from a hat.) Â We’ll take comments all weekend and announce the winners on Monday. 

SMS shop

A little peek at a corner of the shop.

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25 Responses to Free Fabric Friday

  1. Emma says:

    I just love this wasp bag, I havn’t made it yet, but i am surely destined to.

  2. Carrie says:

    This stuffed egg tute over at Olive Juice & Co. is timely for anyone looking to make cute and easy Easter or spring decorations.

  3. Joanna says:

    I just made the Laura Normandin doll from Martha Stewart found here: Very straightforward pattern for a newbie to stuffies like me. It turned out beautifully.

  4. Lizette says:

    My daughter and I have a tutorial for a stuffed Owly. It’s fun and easy to make. We are happy to share. Here are the instructions:

  5. Jo says:

    ooooh, ooooh, I spy peas and carrots …..

  6. Jo says:

    Just wanted to say I love the shot of all your gorgeous fabric lined up there. Now I know where I am shopping from and I can see those bolts being pulled out, cut and shipped off to Australia.

  7. Christy says:

    I haven’t made it yet (need a bigger fabric stash), but I love the Crazy Nine Patch tutorial at Allsorts!
    Jenny’s finished quilt is gorgeous:

  8. michal says:

    i LOVE this free softie tutorial. so simple and with so much charachter:

    i also did a bit of a walkthrough about how i design softies which isn’t really a tutorial, but i’d like to think it’s helpful:

    have a great weekend!

  9. Angie says:

    I must say I do read so many blogs out there. One of my favorites is Heather Bailey’s> I just bought some of her fabric today! Anyway the tutorial she has on quilt binding has helped me and I hope you find it usefull, too.

    As for patterns, I truly love this free, much used and blogged about soft tree pattern. You can make it in any fabric to match any decor or holiday!

    Thanks for letting me share….Angie

  10. meg says:

    There are sooo many good ones! Here’s one of my favorites: The Mama Backpack by Amy at happythings:

    I made one for last summer, and may need to make a new one this year; an excellent tutorial!

  11. Melissa says:

    Well I was going to say for sure:

    Joanna’s baby cloth shoes is awesome!

    but…since that was already taken I thought I would add another one that I just found yesterday that I’m dying to try out this weekend.
    It’s under the title “you asked for it”

    It’s a girls vintage smock pattern. I just finished making 3 vintage smocks from a pattern I bought at an antique store so I’m thrilled to find a new pattern to try out this weekend.

  12. Stefanie says:

    Here is my favorite clutch pattern:

  13. mo says:

    Oh this is fabulous! What a great idea- I know I will find lots of great things in these comments that I will use! Here is my link:
    It is for mitered corners and that cute patchwork bag floating around.

  14. Amy says:

    Here’s a new one I just found yesterday and haven’t had time to make yet, but I’m definitely going to try it. Looks like she spent a lot of time writing up this tutorial for handmade luggage tags:

  15. beki says:

    I haven’t tried these yet, but I want to make Allsorts’ Criss Cross costers: I think they look pretty cool!

  16. Megan Young says:

    Oops, I took favourite for plural first time I read the instructions. And me an English major.

    If I had to pick the top one off the list I submitted (Argh, can’t!) it would be the freespirit quilt patterns. Though I really love the others…

  17. joyce says:

    Oops, I forgot to add the address. Sorry. Its at

    I’m not sure how to make it into a link.

  18. Megan Young says:

    Hi there – Ottobre magazine has a great free pattern section. I love the monkey and bird handbag!

    Also, Happy Things has some great tutorials on a chenille backed patchwork blanket, and making drawstring bags:

    Heather Bailey’s headbands make great gifts for little girls:

    And some free quilt patterns via Freespirit:

    I could go on, but we’d probably both be here all day…!

  19. Ali says:

    It has to be the Tiny Happy Shoulder Bag. Perfectly practical in use, easy to make and lends itself to endless customising. and my take on it at

  20. Beth says:

    Speaking of wonky… Here’s the link to Joyce’s GREAT entry of wonky letters and houses from Tonya:

  21. Beth says:

    Okay, I can’t do just one. The links are wonky when I paste them in so (this is probably not cool but I think it’s the easiest way) if you go to my blog there’s a link to all of these in the sidebar under “Patterns, Tutorials + Recipes, Oh My.” I absolutely LOVE the smocket, and Heather Bailey’s tutorials (Yo-Yo) are the best with clear pictures and instructions. The owl (like the ones on Moonstitches) is easy to whip up after looking at the shapes. The bunnies are a great, easy pattern (and good for Easter coming up) and the chickens, lambs and pigs are absolutely adorable, as are the dolls (leave it to Martha and her associates!).

    Ta da! What a great idea… I love the links here already!

  22. joyce says:

    My favorite tutorial of all time is Tonya’s Wonky Letters with her Wonky Houses on the same site coming it at a close second. She has inspired me to make several wall hangings and small quilts using the letters. You can see them on my blog.

  23. Julie says:
    This is a great basic Tote Bag tutorial that can get anyone started making bags. It’s also a great starting point for making much fancier totes too!

  24. michelle says:

    I haven’t made these, but I know she went to great lenghts to perfect the pattern. I think the elastic is essential to having the shoes actually stay on the baby.

  25. sarah says:

    I love this ruffle apron. Its so feminine and lovely, with such varied possibilities!

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