Yesterday was the drawing for the winner of this month’s SMS Flickr group prize.  We put the names in the hat and drew Samantha, know as dwelldeep on Flickr. Â  Samantha posted some lovely photos, included a picture of this cool dress.

Dwell Deep Dress

You can read Samantha’s Dwell Deep blog and see some of her handmade things (including some very charming drawings) in her etsy shop. Â  Samantha wins a $25 gift certificate to Sew,Mama,Sew!  Congratulations!

For your chance to win a gift certificate, simply share a photo of one of your sewing projects with our Flickr pool some time in the next month.  We only enter each name once, so whether you share 1 photo or 20, you have the same chance of winning.  (I just happened to notice that we also hit 100 members yesterday!  Check it out–some very inspiring stuff.)