From Kristin:  Nora wrote and excellent review of the Amy Butler Swing Bag pattern, which is coming up next!

From Nora: 

I grew up with a mother and two grandmothers who all knew how to sew very well, but hated it! My experiences with sewing in childhood were very stressful, and I never associated sewing with enjoyment. As an adult, though, I have been drawn to sewing more as a creative endeavor than a necessity. It’s been really fun for me to learn that sewing can be a fun and inventive process.

I don’t work much from storebought patterns, because I take draping classes at a local community college. We work on mannequins and create our own designs, translating them into patterns and then, finally, sewing. I do enjoy sewing from other people’s patterns, though, and learn a lot of techniques that I can incorporate into my own work.

Fabrics are my primary inspiration for the work that I do, and I love to take a beautiful fabric and try to envision the dress that would show it off to its best advantage. I love the fabrics that are available at Sew Mama Sew, and am happy for the opportunity to contribute to this website with my pattern review!