We’re live!

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The store is finally back open!  We’ll be working on a few broken images and wonky text, but otherwise, you can shop away.  If you had a coupon from the last newsletter, you can still use that for another week.  We’ll be adding some new products today or tomorrow, so what you see now is only what was at the old site.  It looks the same for the most part, but trust me, it is better! 

If you had an account, I do apologize that you’ll have to create a new one.  The newsletter list is the same though, so you don’t have to resubscribe to that.

Now the blog seems to have a lot of strange characters.  It is amazing how little things like commas, apostrophes, and quotation marks can completely throw a database for a loop.  Of all the things you can do on a computer, it blows my mind that you can’t import a comma 😉 

Please let me know if you run into any troubles.  Thanks again for your patience and encouragement!  I’ll be back soon with Free Fabric Friday.

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One Response to We’re live!

  1. anna says:

    Yay! Glad the shop is back.

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