Flickr Feature ~ Skirt Month Sew-Along

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Have you checked in with the Skirt Month Sew-Along Flickr group? It’s fun to look at the skirts and lots of people have shared more about their patterns, process and the finished products. Ali, Lynn and Meg all wrote about their skirts on their blogs:

Skirt by Ali, Domesticali
Though it’s only the second item of clothing she’s ever made, Ali bravely forged ahead with her Amy Butler Barcelona skirt pattern. She shares things like zipper tips and fabric hints in the great discussion about her work with the pattern on her blog, Domesticali. Ali’s efforts were a success, don’t you think?!

Skirt by Lynn, Craftstew  

Lynn took this from a circle skirt to a half circle wrap skirt to an apron to its final, beautiful conclusion as a circle skirt. For more on how Lynn worked this all out visit her discussion of the process on Lynn’s blog, Craftstew.

Skirt by Meg, Make it Snappy
This was Meg’s first skirt using Sew What! Skirts and she was very happy with the result. Meg shares lots of details about her successes (and even when things don’t go as planned too) on her blog, Make it Snappy. Meg added a zipper to the skirt using Michelle’s zipper tutorial and, as Meg put it on her blog, “…Putting in the zipper was a breeze. Woo hoo!”


There’s still lots of time to start a skirt or two. Add it to the Skirt Month Sew-Along Pool!

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7 Responses to Flickr Feature ~ Skirt Month Sew-Along

  1. Sara says:

    what cute ideas! i am in love with your skirts and your blog!

  2. carol says:

    I really want to make a skirt!!!! Life just won’t let up 🙁

  3. Mama Urchin says:

    I really think a skirt is a great place to start when sewing. They can be as basic or complicated as you want.

  4. janice says:

    Meg, I adore that pink skirt! You did a great job. I’m thinking more and more that I need that book!

  5. ia says:

    wow, they are really nice. hoping for some time tonight do do a bit of sewing…

  6. Tammy says:

    Those are great skirts! I think I’ll be making a skirt this weekend. I hope! =)

  7. Gina says:

    Just yesterday I was looking around for some skirt patterns and look what I stumbled upon today… Your blog with skirts! Thanks for sharing.

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