The Skirt Month Sew-Along Flickr group is hopping! Some of us really thrive on a deadline, you know, and there are tons of skirts showing up in these final May Skirt Month days. Here are just a few for you to enjoy!

Skirt by Berry, Ca pleut ca mouille
Berry is new to sewing and just got her machine four months ago! If there’s interest she’s willing to share how she created this “true waist tulip shape skirt with an invisible side zipper” on her blog, so visit her blog and let her know that you’d love for her to post a tutorial! Her blog is in French but you can use a translator to understand it and she’ll write the tutorial in English… Il est merveilleux!

Skirt by Linda, Craft Apple
We can’t get enough of these new Barcelonas, and Linda’s is so beautiful with her Heather Bailey Freshcut fabric. Linda also has some interesting notes about the pattern on her wonderful blog, Craft Apple, where her wit and humor (we love her version of the pattern cover!) and skilled craftiness abound.

Skirt by Nancy, Sew Nancy

Nancy used the comprehensive, easy-to-follow and let’s just say fantastic tutorial from Dacia at Dacia Ray to create this beautiful skirt with some of some wonderful Alexander Henry fabric. Enjoy more of Nancy’s creativity on her blog, Sew Nancy, and then be sure to check out Dacia‘s inspiring creations too.

Check out all of the new skirts in Skirt Month Sew-Along Pool and add yours today!