From Beth: Linda’s extensive sewing experience shows in everything she creates. She is an experienced pattern reviewer and has a wonderful way of sharing her knowledge, with great photos to help you sew along. We were so happy to have Linda’s expertise here with her One Hot Skirt pattern review. Enjoy her review and be sure to check out her blog, Whatever Is On My Mind Today, for more!

From Linda: I’m a happily married mama to three children, ages 11, 7, and 2. I’m sure I goofed around with sewing and crafts as a kid, but I started seriously sewing clothes when I was 15. I had knee surgery that summer, and my mother took me over to the fabric store, we picked out some fabric and an easy pattern, and I made a sun dress on her Singer Featherweight. I was hooked. I went on to get a two-year Associate of Arts in Fashion Design, and then, after graduating in 1990, I moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. There I did a three month stint sewing patio furniture (cushions, umbrellas, YUK!), and then got a job in the dressmaking department of a fabric store (Couture Fabrics, which unfortunately closed last fall). I got married, and moved back home to Milwaukee.I took a little bit of sewing in here and there before we started having kids, but once my first boy was born, I stopped, and became a SAHM. Now I have three of those boys, and am quite busy! We homeschool the 7 year old, the 11 year old will be in middle school (ack!) in the fall, and the baby is no longer a baby. I spend most of my sewing time selfishly — pretty much I only make clothes for ME. Recently I started building some costumes for a local theatre company, which has been nice for a little extra $. I got sucked into quilting about the time my second child was born, thanks to the prodding of my husband (I swore up and down that I would never ever take fabric, cut it into bitty pieces, and sew it back together again. Now I know I should never say never).

Sewing is so therapeutic for me. I love the process of making clothes (or quilts or bags), and I love to share my passion with anyone. I have a blog and some webpages with some how-to pages and various portfolios of my sewing ( — it is in need of updating). I’m delighted to review the One Hot Skirt, and hope it’s a helpful review.