From Beth: Tiffaney is a busy woman! She has six children and shares bits of her life with her family, her crafting and thrifting on her blog, Folded Gingham. She also has an Etsy shop and with all of this she took the time to do a pattern review for the It’s A Wrap skirt for us. Check out her great review above.
From Tiffaney:
I’m your typical stay at home suburban mom who likes to keep herself busy with sewing and crafting projects and some fun thrifting thrown in. I’m a self taught sewer without any instruction other than trial and error and tips from the internet. I started off hand sewing everything from Halloween costumes to curtains then my sister gave me her old machine and I learned the basics on that old Singer. Over the years, and several sewing machines since, I have become quite comfortable tackling almost any project I can come up with. And with 6 children, there is always a new project on the horizon. We live in Maine, which unfortunately does not have the greatest variety of fabric stores, so thank goodness for the internet! I’m so happy to have found SewMamaSew with their beautiful selection of fabrics, now I just need to find more time in the day to make all the ideas I have in my head for my pretty new prints.