Free Fabric Friday

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Good grief, is it really this late?  Sorry about that.  Last day of preschool party and I signed on to do more than I should have.  Food, flowers, cards, gift certificates…. I also gave the teachers some pretty splat mats from Beth’s shop, which they totally loved.  

The fabric or your choice incentive seemed to be a big hit last week.  Let’s do that again.  Four winners.  Let’s talk about finding the time to do crafts.  How do you squeeze your creative time into your schedule? 

If I can remember, I’ll announce the winners Monday 😉

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119 Responses to Free Fabric Friday

  1. rhoob says:

    I don’t find time to sew – I MAKE time to sew. When i decide it needs to be done, I make it my priority for that day, or those few days that follow. I find when I do it that way, I don’t feel guilty. I maintain that this is quality time – for my sanity!

  2. Sheila says:

    I dont happen to “find” time, but rather I make sure to make time. Especially in the summer! Teaching preschool, during the year it is hard to squeeze in extras like crafts, except on rainy days. But in the summer, oh I relish each day! I make time usually after lunch before dinner preps at least 2 to 3 days a week! On those days, my dd will either sit and watch in awe, or they kids are outside enjoying freedom in the summer sun.

  3. I set aside Thursdays as a sewing day!!


  4. Mrs. Nehemiah says:

    I keep knitting in the car and near my couch. I like to take it along when I visit or watch the boys’ little league games.
    as for sewing I usually have to really “get the but” then I let the kids make lunch and play board games while I sew.

    Mrs NEhemiah

  5. Audrey says:

    When ever I can! In between everything throughout my day, I will try and slip in a stitch or two. I do alot of sewing after all the kids are in bed though and can be found at the sewing machine late into the night.

  6. Amanda says:

    Normally I am able to find little bits of time in the evenings and during the weekends. Even if it is just 5-10 minutes at a time. I do take my crocheting with me everywhere and work on it whenever I have a spare minute.

  7. lindsey says:

    Hmm…I’m a night owl as well when it comes to sewing. I usually can’t make decisions during the day so spend my nights sewing. I love it!

  8. hannah says:

    I love the nights when the kids all settle into bed nice and early, and the house is reasonably tidy, so I can just get out a big heap of fabric and play!

  9. coronita says:

    I am a work at home mom with sporatic work hours. So I will prep projects while the little one is in the high chair or napping. I try to get everything measured, cut, ironed before busting out the sewing machine. I sew at the kitchen table so it is kind of fun trying to coordinate the logistics of it all!

  10. For me, it is ALOT of really really late nights! The little beastie is such a night owl, it’s nearly impossible to get him to go down at an early hour, so most of my work happens between midnight and 3 a.m.! I am able to get most of my hand-work, like embroidery and such, done during the day, fortunately. But the sewing is a night-time thing most of the time. True, i live in a zombie-like state due to non-sleep…but i love sewing so much, it’s worth it! 🙂

  11. Carrie says:

    Finding time! It’s so hard! I can usually find time after my non-napping child goes to bed, plus I usually have knitting that can be worked on a row or two at a time so that helps. I always keep a knitting project in the car in case we’re stuck in traffic or the boy falls asleep. The hardest part is not getting bogged down in playing on the computer or making myself go to bed!

  12. Misti says:

    I don’t have cable tv, in fact, my tv is hardly ever on. So anytime that I would spend watching, I spend crafting. It works out quite well.

  13. Karin says:

    I have my sewing machine set up in my laundry room so when ever I through a load of wash in I do a little sewing. I also make hairbows so when the kids are playing outside I bring it with me. I also bring the bowmaking bag with me when I leave the house. It helps pass time if I have to wait at a DR. appt. or meeting someone for lunch or those traffic jams due to summer constuction!

  14. Katie says:

    I think I’m with a lot of other people when I say during naptime and bedtime. Although now that I have about a million blogs to read, it’s significantly less time!

  15. yvette says:

    I do lots of things in little snatches of time and always have a sock project for those trips to the doctors/dentist/orthodontist, which always seem to take longer than they should, it is amazing how quickly a sock can grow. Now my boys are older, sewing/cutting can be done anytime the table is free, but for REAL quiet craft time I get up very early and enjoy the solitude.

  16. normally at night or Sunday afternoons

  17. Zoe says:

    I cut out naptime . . . for me that is!! LOL! I keep going when the kids are down for naps and after they are in bed – until I crash! 🙂

  18. Amy Herbst says:

    I get a jumpstart on my evening crafting by keeping a small sketch book nearby at all times. It only takes a few seconds to jot down an idea or a quick sketch (and a handful of cheerios to keep the little guy occupied!). Once the baby goes to bed I head out to the studio to bring some of my ideas to life.

  19. elizabeth says:

    Wouldn’t you think with the kids all raised, I could find time easier? Seems I am a poor manager, but tomorrow I am going on a business trip with Hubby…and taking my sewing machine along and hopefully will get a quilt pieced for the granddaughter, which is LONG overdue!! I am in the process of setting up my sewing area just off the kitchen as I seem to nearly live in that room (with gluten and other allergies it takes a great deal of time to cook!). And of course, the old sew while the rest of the house is asleep. But I get up to make hubby’s lunch and breakfast now..and so, I get up way too tired to stay up so very late anymore!! So much look for time slots elsewhere!

  20. Samantha says:

    I have three kids, two that I homeschool and a one year old who likes to “help.” 🙂 When my second child was a baby, I used to sew after putting her to bed each night. I got in 2-4 hours most nights and often dh would be in the room with me on the internet and we chatted. It was really nice. Fast forward 6 years, now my sewing room is in the basement which gets too cold in the winter to sew comfortably. But now that it’s warmer I’m looking for chances to get down there to sew. Lately I’ve gone down there about 5:00am to sew for a couple of hours before the kids wake up. But now that it is summer and I don’t have school responsibilities, I think nap time will also be good for sewing.

  21. Holly says:

    I have a wonderful husband who seems to sense when I need time to myself, so he takes our daughter out for some “Daddy/Daughter” time for a few hours. Other than that, I just fit it in where I can. I recently sewed the binding onto a quilt while sitting outside watching my daughter pick dandelions. I’ve also found that it is really amazing how much you can do in a short amount of time. Five minutes here and there really accomplishes a lot! And it’s a good thing, too…if it weren’t for tidbits of time, I would never finish a book.

  22. Jeannine says:

    During the workweek, I work full time and don’t get in until 6:30pm. Then there’s dinner, baths and bed. I get about 1 hour (8-9pm) to craft.

    The weekend I get more time, especially because the husband can entertain my son. And recently, my son has been “helping” me with crafting. Heh.

  23. Kristy says:

    I have to make a point to take time away from housework and spending time with the family to craft and sew. I am fortunate to have a sewing room and will do there and crank up the music and create. It’s my me time!

  24. roberta says:

    still working at tweaking the schedule to have daily sewing time. In the evening, after putting the kids to bed, my husband and I visit or watch a movie together…he does paperwork or greek study and I crochet or do an embroidery project.

  25. Eve says:

    I have more problems with motivation than time. I don’t like to sit still too long, so I do a lot of knitting while watching TV.

    As for sewing, I pretty much have to be addicted to a project and then time is no problem. I’ll just stay up all night until I pass out or finish.

  26. laura f says:

    I have two girls and homeschool so i get really early and stay up really late! 🙂 I have to say stay late to craft more often than get up early.I’m looking forward to reading everyone elses tips.

  27. Nicole says:

    I stay up an hour or two later than the rest of my family and use that time to craft. Sometimes I also manage to find time during the day, but it’s nice having that time at night to count on.

  28. Emily says:

    I’ve been blessed that my children have adopted early bedtimes which leaves me 3 to 4 hours every night for crafting. And a supportive husband that gives me extra time on weekends. 🙂

  29. Fitting my creative sewing time in is a challenge with six children 9 and under (#7 expected in Sept.), however, when I really want or need to sew I do all of my daily tasks as quickly as possible and then do my sewing during naptimes or on weekends.

    Sunday afternoons are a typical time for me to sew. I will also do a little sewing on Saturday afternoons during naptime. And if I have a project that I must finish for the next day, I will stay up until it is finished. I also sew in the evenings after the children have gone to bed if I have my evening tasks completed.

    I just love to sew, so I do it as often as possible.


  30. Bethany says:

    My favorite (and best) time to craft & sew is on Sunday afternoon…especially on rainy Sunday afternoons, like we have so often here in Seattle! When I don’t have enough time to get out my own projects, I get a “fix” from fabulous blogs such as yours! 🙂 So inspiring…

  31. Meghan says:

    Despite my busy grad school schedule, I find that taking the time to sew allows me some time for relaxation, and gives me a sense of accomplishment when I complete a project. Harder than finding the time to sew is finding the right moment to stop–and sleep!

  32. OH fun! free fabric! yippeee!!

    I squeeze in my crafty time late in the evenings, during afternoon naps, movie time with the kids if it is a lap project or even scouring magazines for an idea, etc I get the kids involved with their books, magazines, scissors and glue. A few times I have gotten up early -*gasp*-and got a few projects accomplished before the kids woke up. Doesn’t happen very often though. 😉

  33. Adrian says:

    I too LIVE for naptime! And I’m known for staying up till the wee hours if I’m really on a roll 🙂

  34. D says:

    I try to fit it in when I can. And when I can’t, I then plan to have an evening of crafting. In fact, I have one coming up!

  35. ia says:

    baby in bed, too tired to do other work, 5 minutes at the sewing machine before nipping off to bed…

  36. Ellen says:

    By turning of the television. That last few hours after my son goes to bed, it’s just too easy to plonk down in front of the TV and “waste” time doing and watching nothing. These days I only pause for CSI!

  37. Pieces says:

    I find time by completely ignoring my family’s needs. And letting the house fall apart around my ears. Works for us! (For about a week).

  38. Kate says:

    I sew at night when my son is sleeping, if I have any energy left. It’s been hard lately. I used to try for naps, but his naps are so inconsistent that I don’t really do that anymore.

  39. Amelia says:

    I teach preschool full-time, and am going to school too. However, sewing is such a compulsive addiction for me that sacrificing sleep is usually what I do. I think I’m more motivated to create late at night anyway, so it all works itself out.

  40. Wendy says:

    I’ve got a 3 and 1 yr old, and sew in the dining room. I have to pack up my machine in its hard case every time. I sew after the kids are in bed (8pm-ish), and I’ll be up until 2am often times! I try to do planning, cutting, and less “dangerous” things during the day when they’re up.

  41. Lynn says:

    I get to work pretty early, and I come back pretty early. So during the weekdays, I try to get some sewing in before everyone comes home, and during the weekends I try to get some sewing done before everyone wakes up!

  42. KBG says:

    I do embroidery while watching TV, and sew whenever I can – which isn’t as often as I’d like. I have pretty free days, but hate sewing during the day for some reason!

  43. Kathy says:

    Well, last week it was easy… DH & DS were gone all week, so I could sew whenever I wanted (between diaper changes & chow time for my toddler DD that is… LOL) But usually it’s catch as catch can– mostly evenings after the kids are in bed, while DH sleeps in the recliner “watching” TV… LOL

  44. Beth says:

    I have a magic tool I can turn to stop time so I can sew. No… I just wish I had that.

    In our little house the furthest flat surface my machine can be on from my little guy’s room is 10 feet, so nap time sewing isn’t an option these days. It’s late, late nights for me.

  45. Christina says:

    I usually always knit when I watch tv or sometimes embroider…I just don’t like to “waste” that time. Otherwise when university is crazy, I’m about to give up and have a break down, that’s normally when I start sewing, baking, reading…you name it, I’ll do it;) It doesn’t mean I actually have the time to do it but for the sake of my sanity; I just have to take that time.

  46. Bwth says:

    Finding time to do crafts…well, guess that’s why don’t produce as much as I would like…just can’t find the time. I like to craft during naps, but most of it really gets done after bedtime. Hubby gets a little mopey but he’ll survive!

  47. Nichole says:

    I either sew late, late at night or find simple, easy projects that are quick to complete. Something that I could do during my children’s naptime!

  48. Anita says:

    That’s hard to answer. Some days it just flows. Other days I have to actually schedule it in. I try to use every minute. Knit in the car, sew on a binding on a quilt at work during down time. Other than that… I just do what I can when I can.

  49. meg says:

    Oh, there’s time: *early* in the morning, during naptime, waiting for the pasta water to boil, handwork during late-night tv…. It’s surprising how much crafting you can cram in when you’re obsessed. 😉

  50. Amy says:

    Whenever I can! I don’t have the time to wait until I am in the mood or particularly inspired. When I have a moment, I jump on the machine and just start sewing. Not always the best method for getting things done or creating new designs, but it will have to do for now………….at least until the kiddos (ages 9, 5 & 3) are all in school full time.

  51. Hope says:

    Stay up late after everyone goes to bed!

  52. Cindy says:

    I love NAP TIME!

  53. Amanda says:

    Only at night when the kids are all asleep, lately. Otherwise if we have a lazy day at home and everyone sleeps at the same time, maybe this happens once a month!

  54. mel says:

    I trained my kids to go to bed early, and do all my crafting after that! 🙂

  55. Holly says:

    I can do crafts as soon as the children are in bed for the night. My hubby and I are night owls. He usually plays on the computer and I am always working on something…right now I am making crocheted baby blankets and NB hats for our local NICU. For me, it is a really nice stress reliever.

  56. Cassie says:

    Since I work & am a single mama…4:30 a.m. For real 🙂 This is when I craft, post to lj, get “stuff” done that I like to do. Because after work? that’s the girls time 🙂

  57. Autum says:

    Since my children are 19 and 17 I don’t have to wait till nap time. I can craft most anytime I want. The only problem is, I want to craft most all the time. The sad state of my laundry room is proof. I guess the problem I have is carving time out of crafting to do housework 🙂

  58. Donna says:

    I stay up far later than I should. I try and combine handwork with other activities, such as watching movies. And now that my kids are getting more independent in their play, occasionally I can sneak in an hour or two during the day while they are otherwise occupied.

  59. Dj says:

    I squeeze time in whenever I can. I’ll work on my breaks or lunchtime at work or after the kids have gone to bed. It’s little time but it’s precious and adds up.

  60. Tracy Rizzo says:

    I let my kids join me in the craft room!I am a stay at home mom, I homeschool my kids as well. Letting them participate in some way is the best way I have found.

  61. Lucette says:

    I find it helps to have a deadline, because I get projects finished that way. I set one evening a week to sew. Last week I started a doll quilt, and it looks exciting.

  62. Jen says:

    I knit everyday during my commute on the train. Sewing or other crafting has to wait until the weekends – I get up early to craft!

  63. katrin says:

    hummm… finding time to craft?
    easy… skip house- and gardenwork! *g*
    don’t look at those dustbunnies under the sofa, just don’t try to write in the dust on the cupboards, don’t watch out for weeds (they are green as well!) and there’s LOTS of time left 😉

  64. Kuky says:

    I squeeze it in whenever I can, when the baby is occupied playing or when my husband is watching her.

  65. Kristy says:

    Crafting time is in very short supply at he minute (as we are renovating our house) but usually it’s whenever,wherever I can fit it in.My kids don’t have naps so I find the best way is to let them join in.We all sew together even my 5 and 6 year olds!I find my tiredness affects my concentration so when the kids are in bed I relax with my hubby and rarely craft.Maybe just a little hand stitching.

  66. Caroline says:

    I’m a feast or famine kind of girl. I seem to get bursts of time at weekends or afternoons (after work before school pick up) when both the desire and the inspiration collide and I get loads of things done. Which makes for a very happy me. Or it can be weeks before I find a good time again – making for a not so happy me. I just can’t do anything much after 9pm as I get tired and clumsy which leads to mistakes and grumpiness.

  67. Angela says:

    Nap time and after my daughter is asleep. I’m a night owl so I do most of my work after 9 pm. Otherwise, I would get nothing done!

  68. Kristine says:

    Since it’s summer, I don’t have to worry about homework…so pretty much when I get home, if I feel like sewing, I drop everything and plop down in front of the machine.

  69. Ali says:

    Just prioritise it. If I know I am going to have some child free time, I make sure I’m not going to use it doing any pesky cleaning, errands, shopping, cooking etc.

    Make sure all the pre-sewing things (cutting patterns, washing fabric) are all done. Then they’re out the door and I’m on the machine.

  70. Jessi says:

    I can do things like cut out projects and crochet while the kids (3 and 1 right now and both way too interested in my sewing machine) are awake, but to really get things done I stay up late a few times a week.

  71. Erin says:

    Sewing or anything involving concentration and good light HAS to be done during naptime. Knitting is done while watching my son play outside or in the evenings after he’s in bed. Too bad I’m not a night owl, or I’d get a lot more projects done!

  72. Janice says:

    I do some while the kids are up, if the day is going well, lol! But if not, then it’s naps or after bedtime. And sometimes I do like some others here and just neglect my house for a little 😉

  73. Knittypants says:

    Evenings and naptime work well here, too. But, I also schedule different rotating activities for the children to do in the afternoon, and craft around that. I have to supervise them, but since they are absorbed in an activity I can still focus on sewing or knitting.

  74. Thimbleanna says:

    Between dinner and bedtime and weekends. It’s a whole lot harder to squeeze crafty time in now that we have blogs and computers!

  75. Leah Adams says:

    I feel so much better reading how everyone else squeezes in time; all of a sudden the snippets I get here and there feel a little more normal. I thought I was the only mother whose children didn’t play independently and that most people were two-timing their kids during the day.

    I knit, felt or sew in the evening, and often trade off with my husband on the weekend. This past year he played basketball every Saturday afternoon and softball every Sunday, so my son would be gone for three hours at a time both days.

  76. I do a lot of handwork–English paper piecing by hand, hand applique, hand quilting, knitting, etc. So I usually have something sitting by my chair in the living room for me to pick up and whittle away at.

  77. holly says:

    naps. its all about the naps.

    i tend to get a lot of scrapbooking done when the boy is playing in the living room and i can stand at the bar (which is in the living room). most of that time he’s pawing at my legs but i can always stop and start something in a scrapbook to give the monster his needed attention.

  78. naptime, late night…and lately i’ve been trying to craft “with” my 3-year old. it’s fun, if not exactly efficient to ‘work’ together, and i’m hoping that she’s developing her own crafty spirit along the way!

  79. Melissa says:

    I dedicate my daughters nap time to cutting fabric. I have to do it on the floor and she likes to run across the fabric back and forth. I do most of my sewing late at night when she is asleep or during nap time. I am guilty of buying her a new Barbie movie so I can sew uninterupted for over an hour!

  80. rohanknitter says:

    Now that my kids are a little older it’s not so hard. When they were small, naptimes or at night were about it. I do think I’d get more done if I could have a dedicated craft-sewing area.

  81. My schedule is creative time. I try to approach everything I do with creative spirit and energy, so no matter where I am, or what I’m doing, I’ve got the knitting stuffed in my bag, ideas in my head, a sewing kit in the car, and the oppurtunity to create (whether physically or mentally) at any time!

  82. Mrs.Pear says:

    I used to craft when my daughter napped or slept. Now I knit and cross stitch while we watch our little bit of TV together, or while watching her play outside. I am trying to find a toddler table so that she can color while I sew, but we will see how that goes!

  83. sharon says:

    I sew and craft mostly at night … sometimes when daylight is necessary. I like entering “challenges” with deadlines to get the juices flowing and to expand creative horizons.

  84. Keri says:

    I’m incredibly lucky to have parents who LOVE to have their grandson come to Camp Grandma in the summer (well, I think it’s really that he just wants to get the heck away from me for a while – lol). So this summer, just like last, I’m spending it catching up on all those projects I put off during the rest of the year. And when he IS back home, I just wait until he goes to bed. Or work on projects at the dining table while he’s close by watching TV (we have a REALLY small house). As long as I make stuff for him he doesn’t mind. 🙂

  85. Sarah says:

    Mostly, I just put everything else off!

  86. Tara says:

    I sew mostly at night, after my daughter has gone to bed.

  87. Lynne S says:

    Once a month, eight friends and I book a day 10am-11pm at a local scrapbook store. Sometimes I scrapbook, sometimes I cut my fabric pieces for upcoming projects, sometimes I make creative crafts…etc.
    Just having the time allotted once a month, child-free, enables me to get a lot done.
    (Not to mention…lunch and dinner out with the girls and all of the talking are extra bonuses!)

  88. Mary says:

    I’m lucky to be able to stay home with my kids now, so I try to craft/sew when the toddler is napping or after dinner. Although lately I’ve been so gung ho on cleaning/organizing projects that I’ve done little else (and really am missing the creative process for it).

  89. beth l says:

    Like many others, I also use my son’s nap time for getting in some “me” time for being creative. I find if I don’t get at least a little time during the day, I end up being up all hours of the night compensating!

  90. earthchick says:

    I get up early in the morning, before my boys, in order to get some knitting done. Then, if the boys take a nap, I try to work on some sewing projects then. After they go to bed, I spend as much time as possible on either sewing or knitting. Sometimes I’m able to do some cutting of patterns or fabric while they’re up and about – but usually they’re too curious about what I’m up to. (and if I try to actually use the machine in their presence, mass chaos ensues – they want to play with every knob and switch there is!)

  91. Mama Urchin says:

    Nap time. Simultaneous nap time if I’m lucky.

  92. melissa says:

    I try to find time to sew with my mom in the evenings, but frankly, it mostly depends on my energy level–if it’s up, I head to the sewing room.

  93. kirsten says:

    naps. it’s all about naps. (or not cleaning quite as much as one should…)

  94. Kim says:

    Naptime and when my lovely husband gives me the day off.

  95. cathy says:

    Anytime is creative time – I find that if I don’t get my fix on the sewing machine I am a very grumpy mama. So I have my machine up 24/7 and can always fit a little bit in each day.

    I don’t feel content unless I have created something during the day.

  96. Susan says:

    Between keeping up with 2 kids, homeschooling, keeping up the house, etc. It’s hard to find time to craft. I generally sneak some in during naps of course, but mostly I have to do it in the evenings after my husband gets home or the kids are in bed. I generally try to save Sunday afternoons for crafting, while DH keeps the kids busy.

  97. Samantha says:

    I work full time, and have a 6 year old and 3.5 year old… But I always manage to find the time (it used to be nap times on weekends but they’re outgrowing that) to sew. My husband knows that my sewing time is my zen time, and he is wonderful about helping me find that time. Of course, it’s in his own best interest as I can be awfully crabby if i go more than a week without quality quilting time!

  98. Tammy says:

    It is easier for me to find time to knit than it is to sew. Knitting is portable, while sewing is not! However, when I sew, it tends to be on Saturday or late at night.

  99. Donna says:

    I’m just starting to sew again, after a long break since high school (a looong time ago) I’ve really enjoyed using the last couple of stat holidays to do some projects. Otherwise, it’s at night after dinner.

  100. Raesha says:

    I spend most every Sunday afternoon after church sewing – I put a movie on for my daughter and I usually have almost 2 hours of uninterruped time:) During the week I try to squeeze in a little sewing time after dinner:)

  101. Kelley says:

    Usually at night, after coming home, dealing with dinner and chores, I have an hour or so to knit or sew.

  102. Jessica says:

    I always tell people that I never cook or clean and it frees up a lot of time. 😉

  103. joyce says:

    I am retired and have a dedicated sewing studio with work in progress just where I left it so time is not really an issue. Yes, I know I am spoiled rotten but I earned it with years of a full-time job and four kids in six years.

  104. Michelle says:

    Always in the evenings, after putting the kiddos to bed (around 9) until my eyes are drooping (around midnight). And also in the car when the kiddos are asleep and I’ve already reached my destination but don’t have the heart to wake them. There’s a lot that can be done in those 40 minutes or so!

  105. Holly says:

    I do all my sewing after my daughter goes to sleep, that is, when I am not working late, cleaning the house, reading, or sleeping 🙂 Somehow sewing seems to win out most nights though!

  106. Kathleen says:

    I have time scheduled a couple of afternoons a week, plus evenings. I find I don’t get anything done without a schedule!

  107. Rachel S. says:

    If it involves needles and scissors, it’s usually at night while the kids are asleep.

    Then other times I’ll pull out the crayons and paper for the kids and I’ll get my sketch pad and we’ll all have a sketch/drawing session and inspire each other.

  108. Celeste says:

    I have two infants, so I have very little time to craft during the day. But in the evenings, my husband reads or watches baseball in the bedroom, where I have my sewing machine. We spend a lot of time this way. He’ll also take the babies to play in the living room on the weekends if I need to finish a time-sensitive project. We do what we can! 🙂

  109. Cici says:

    naptime (if it happens) and after the kiddos go to bed. i can usually squeeze in lots of time on the weekends when daddy is home to play/occupy those same kiddos.

  110. Beth says:

    Night time usually doesn’t work for me because I’m an “earlyl to bed; early to rise” type of person. I “trade” time with my husband — he watches the baby for a couple of hours and then we switch. Also, I try to find hand work I can take along with me. I have to sit throught two long commencement ceremonies every spring and I try to bring along knitting, etc.

  111. Jody says:

    I sew at night, after the kids go to bed. I do some embroidery at work when it’s slow (it’s my store), but mostly between 10:00 pm and 1:00 am is when I’m in the sewing room.

  112. anna says:

    I do some projects while sitting and watching TV. The kitchen table usually serves as my sewing table, so bigger projects get done when kids are asleep and on weekends between meals.

  113. Mikki says:

    My girls are older now so it would seem that I would have more time. If I could pull myself away from Blogging or reading blogs, I’d probably have more time.

    But when I do crafts, I tend to do them in the evening when all is queit. I make some good decaf and head up to my craft area.

    Thanks for the fun contest. Hope you have a good weekend.

  114. Diana says:

    from above i forgot my email! sorry

  115. Diana says:

    I craft anytime I get the urge!! My machine is set up 24/7 in the dinning room. If the urge grabs me I will make it!! I also try to have more planed time in the evenings too!

  116. Valerie says:

    Since I am a stay-at-home mom, I live for naptime! My son is a champion sleeper, so I get anywhere from 2 to almost 4 hours in the afternoons to get stuff done and get crafting. My biggest hurdle is actually myself and fighting the cravings to take my own nap instead of accomplishing things. 🙂

  117. Sarah says:

    Whenever I can! If we have the kids (they’re split between our house and their mom’s) then it’s after bedtime. My lovely boyfriend usually gets excited about my projects as well and helps where he can, so it becomes a group project.

  118. Joanna says:

    My main sewing time is when my 11 month old daughter is napping. If that doesn’t happen, I hand her off to my husband when he comes home! I read a lot of blogs, particularly Soulemama, and glean organizing tips and inspiration from them. Finding time seems to be an art in itself! 🙂

  119. sally says:

    I try to find time late at night or Sunday afternoons. I work full time and raise my 18 month old daughter full time. The only free time I get is usually at 9 pm or later and quite Sunday afternoons.

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