Free Fabric Friday & Skirt Month

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Well, Skirt Month was fun, wasn’t it?  I don’t know about you, but I still have a stack of items that are cut but not sewn.  Skirt Month was a wee bit short for me 😉  Well, we’ll keep the Flickr group open, so share your skirts anytime.

We met with our reps last week and you won’t believe the bundle of goodies we have on the way! (Just imagine if your fabric addiction had you buying bolts instead of fat quarters.) We ordered some Amy Butler Nigella, lots of Alexander Henry and Robert Kaufman, Kaffe Fasset’s new line, and two gorgeous new collections from Westminster’s newest designer, Joel Dewberry. We are making some room, so we marked down a ton of stuff.  Check out the sale catgory in the store

This week we’ll pick 5 people who get to choose 1 yard of any cotton fabric in the store.  Tell us about your Summer sewing plans.  What are you making?

(Taking comments until Monday morning.)

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119 Responses to Free Fabric Friday & Skirt Month

  1. Christy says:

    I really need to get organized so that I can have some summer sewing plans! I’d love a place, other than the kitchen table, to do my sewing and crafting. Whether or not that happens, I’m hoping to make a couple skirts and get a jump on Halloween costumes and Christmas gifts. (A girl’s gotta dream!)

  2. Eve says:

    It is the summer of the baby project for me – bibs, diapers, bumper, burp cloths, diaper bags.

  3. Amber says:

    I have plans for skirts! Yes, I know May was Skirt month but I guess I’m a bit behind… I made one of the Cute Skirts and I’m now looking for a good A-line pattern…

  4. Linda says:

    My sewing plans for this summer are to make items to sell at our annual charity fund raiser bazaar in December. Your website has provided me with patterns, fabric and inspiration to make retro aprons, fabric purses and crayon rolls. I love fabric and I love your site!

  5. Tammy says:

    I have plans for aprons, and I have a tea cozy cut out and ready to sew. I’d also like to make a few totes.

  6. Nicole says:

    First on the list is some tablecloths that I’ve been meaning to finish for a while. Also maybe some doll clothes for my cousin’s daughter. That’s about it for plans, but I’m sure it’s not all I’ll end up making.

  7. Anita says:

    Oh man, I just plan on finishing some of the many projects I’ve started! Although, it would be nice to sew a dress or two.

  8. Mikki says:

    I am SOO loving your blog! I love coming here and seeing all these great fabrics and seeing everyone’s great projects.

    This summer I’m hoping to venture out in my sewing abilities. Right now I’m working on two writing pad’s to give to my nieces.

    Next I’d like to venture into maybe trying to make some easy tops for my girls and maybe even some great wrap skirts for the beach.

    I just started a new blogger blog just so I can post more about my sewing projects.

    Hope to win, but it’s fun just coming by and being inspired to do more sewing.

  9. Valerie says:

    Working on finishing up unfinished projects plus making some twirly skirts, pillows for my breakfast nook banquette, some aprons for my friends, and curtains for my bathroom. Ha — those are all the projects I intend to do, but I’m sure I’ll be inspired by so many more than just this from future posts on your blog!

  10. zannestar says:

    Wow! So many great ideas! FUN! I’m sewing with kids this summer, so we have TONS of fun projects planned. I can’t wait.

    I’m making Iz some dresses (my 2 yo just picked out a bunch of fabric!) and I want to make myself a pair of jeans. I’m so tired of those low rise choices! I’m sure there will be more projects, the list is endless. I’m making a tie for dad for Father’s Day, and a few bags to donate for an auction, and I’d like to make myself a few more skirts and a handful of t-shirts to hang out in! (wish I could make shoes too!)

  11. Laura says:

    Wow! So many people have great ideas for summer projects. I, as usual, have more projects running around in my head than will probably find themselves under the presser foot of my sewing machine, but here goes: 2 quilt tops, 1 or 2 skirts from the Sew What? Skirts! book, finish a top I started before I moved houses, book totes for some young friends, and possibly some chair cushion covers. Also need to finish some belated birthday aprons, and a heating pad cover a la Denyse Schmidt. Like I said, reality and ambition do not often intersect. 🙂

  12. Karin says:

    What a great blog!! I was so inspired by all the great skirts I’m going to try to make one for me. And I can’t forget my daughter I will be making her some dresses with the great fabric I just received from you. Also a beach bag. I better get started before summer is done.

  13. Christina says:

    I would like to make a skirt for my little sister who is turning 10 shortly; make myself a summery bag with a thrifted bedcover (so it would match the A-line skirt I have already sewed) and make a”lapquilt” with some lovely thrifted fabric I found the other day….oh yes and I need to make a baby quilt for one of my cousins who is having her baby girl in July. Gosh I didn’t realize I had so many projects lined up! And those are only the ones I know from the top of my head. Well, here’s to a crafty summer:)

  14. michal says:

    well, i totally botched my plans to sew a couple of skirts this may, but i’d still like to make the two i planned to. hopefully before september rools in… i also need a new tote, a small purse and… toys for the “plush you” show i got into (hooray! very exciting).

  15. Alicia H. says:

    I’m going to attempt slipcovers for my patio chairs!

  16. Cassie says:

    Since I’m off work all summer, I’m making my three year old entire wardrobe. No exceptions! (well underwear!) I’ve got a few dresses finished, but lots of shorts, skirts and tops to go. I’m also hoping to get my next year’s work wear made too.

  17. Wendy says:

    I’m on a doll quilt kick. I’ll make a couple Wee Wonderful softies. For the kids – another pair of flannel pjs for my son (3 yrs) and would love to start making simple dresses for my daughter (1 yr). And I should probably finish a pair of capris for myself that I cut out a couple summers ago!

  18. Amelia says:

    Well, I already spent May creating my summer wardrobe of skirts, drresses, and flowy tops, so….I will conquer making pants, as well as finally making myself a quilt (after making many others for people), and I have a new obsession with sewing hats, so who knows where that will go!

  19. Emily says:

    I spent this last month falling in love with skirts and have many more planned for this summer. I’d also like to finish a quilt top I started a few years back. And lots and lots of tote bags.

  20. Mama Urchin says:

    I think I’m going to try to get a head start on the back to school wardrobes.

  21. Meghan says:

    I just got some vintage mod dress patterns that I can’t wait to start sewing!

  22. Lori says:

    My summer sewing projects include a crib-sized Denyse Schmidt Hop Skip Jump quilt (lilacs & cream), some simple placemats for my mom’s new kitchen, and (inspired by skirt month) maybe a Barcelona skirt…if I can adapt the pattern to avoid zipper?! (That’s a bit much for me just yet!) Happy sewing y’all.

  23. ia says:

    being big-headed, one-size-fits-all summer hats are always too small. I finally got around to buy a pattern, so I’ll be making lots of hats in funky patterns – need more fabric!

  24. KathL says:

    On the kiddo front, i’m making some smocks for my baby girl and some summer shorts for my boy. But but but mostly i’m waiting very impatiently for Amy Butler’s Nigella collection to arrive so I can makeover our lounge room.

  25. katrin says:

    there will be dresses. maaaaaany dresses.
    most of them from “mrs. stylebook”. i’m pretty busy drafting these days.

  26. KBG says:

    I must, must, must, finish quilting a quilt that I started 3 years ago. Almost there. And in 3 weeks when I see my sister we’re making the Amy Butler Weekender Bag. I’m super excited about that one!

  27. Kuky says:

    I’m going to be making some clothes for me and my baby from Japanese craft books.

  28. sharon says:

    since i was`only a`spectator during skirt month … i’m feeling inspired to get in the game and make some for Me. Also a top, swing jacket or two.

  29. Ruth says:

    I have 2 skirts cut out, ready to sew. Thanks for the inspiration.

  30. Erin says:

    A new duvet cover and some cushions for the outdoor furniture are must-dos, but seeing all these gorgeous skirts makes me want to add skirts to the top of the list.
    Much more fun to sew a skirt!

  31. Jody says:

    Summer sewing plans … make a few purses, some throw pillows for our family room, quilts for my girls, and maybe something with that awesome bird fabric you just blogged about.

  32. Elaine says:

    Zip pouches, chair cushions for my kitchen chairs, maybe a tiered skirt for one of my daughters. So many projects, so little time!!!

  33. melissa says:

    wow…this is so great. my summer plans include a smock/apron for daily wear, little girl dresses, built by wendy shirt, and monthly projects from this months theme is the embellished tee shirt. oh, and i’m taking my first ever quilt class! so excited!

  34. erica says:

    More skirts definitely. Two are already cut out and I’ve just cut out another little tote bag for myself. My big sewing plans for the summer are to make myself a dress without a pattern.

  35. Adrian says:

    I’ve too much to do (as always!) quilts, bags, and skirts for my girl. Love sewing with the window open and the kids playing in the sprinkler 🙂 ! (Now to check out the sale!)

  36. rohanknitter says:

    Lots of things: patchwork runner for table, pajama shorts for boys, the double-sided wrap skirt in the tutorial, the amy butler hat and frenchy bag, and a new tote for fall.

  37. Sharon says:

    Skirts, skirts and more skirts! With maybe a few wrap dresses and aprons to mix it up. I have so many in my mind, now if I could only find the time to make them a reality.

  38. Ellen says:

    It’s winter here in New Zealand – so my winter sewing plans include a quilt for my new baby (who arrives in a week!) and an Amy Butler weekender travel bag for my Mum for Christmas. And that might be enough…for a while!

  39. Kim says:

    I want to try making my young daughter a really cute and simple dress.

  40. Sam. says:

    Oh yay! Summer sewing!
    This summer I’ve vowed to make 6000 purses…well, not 6000 but tons! I’m gonna devote every other weekend to coming up with a new fresh pattern, I swear…
    And aprons! Lots of aprons! And I WILL get a better grasp of pattern drafting so they’ll all be guaranteed rad adorable…

  41. Janice says:

    The Dewberry line looks AMAZING! Summer plans? Girls dresses, skirts and matching shirts, little boy rompers, pajama pants…I just finished kids dishtowel aprons and tons of minky blankets/burps. I also have some dishtowel totes in the works. Think there’s going to be enought days in summer? 😉

  42. loving the sound of the new fabric. Can’t wait to see it in shop.

  43. sally says:

    This summer I plan on finishing some sun dresses for my daughter. Making many gifts for friends with babies on the way. I also plan on making myself a skirt or two and a hat. I’m sure I’ll find a ton more things to make before it is over.

  44. Amanda says:

    I am planning on trying out some more skirts from Sew What Skirts. I’ve made the 1/2 circle wrap already. I plan on finishing a quilt I started ages ago. And I just started to crochet so I am hoping to find a cute something to make crocheting. Not sure what though.

  45. Skamama says:

    Twirly Skirt my daughter who insists on using puppy dog fabric with turquoise bands.
    We’re going to learn how to make a mini quilt.
    Patchwork bags with fabric and crochet.

  46. Misti says:

    I’m finally going to make myself a skirt.

  47. Randi says:

    So far, lots of dresses and skirts–for my daughter and myself—and after that I don;t know. I would like to do some fun things like totebags or quilts.

  48. Diana says:

    handbags,summer pool totes,summer outfits for my daughter and of course more skirts!!!!! also whatever craft bug grabs me at that momment!!!

  49. jessi says:

    this summer I have so much to do – a christening dress for a new niece, a lunch bag for my hubby, probably some more skirts, and oh yeah – stuff for my etsy shop. I’m sure I won’t be able to keep up and the summer will fly by.

  50. Holly says:

    I want to try the “t-shirt pants” for my toddler – they look so simple and comfortable! It’s also high time that I make my nearly two year old daughter her own quilt, and I’d like to try some stuffed toys, and at least one skirt, and some little girl dresses, and my laundry room could use some new curtains, and the wall above my fireplace has been asking for a wall hanging for six months now, and I definitely want to try a tote bag or two…Do you think summer could be extended this year?

  51. meg says:

    Aw, you’re killin’ me – I can’t wait to see the Joel Dewberry fabric! Must make room….

    Well, if it’s summer, it must be time to start thinking about Christmas! Got a few aprons cut and ready to go, and 2 quilt tops that need their backs and middles. And stacks of home dec projects! This summer’s gonna be a fun one!

    (By the way, skirt month was lots of fun. Thanks for the extra encouragement it provided!)

  52. Dj says:

    I’ll be making aprons, more wrap skirts and some shirts to go with my new skirts.

  53. Jane says:

    This summer I want to make an I Spy quilt for my granddaughter.

  54. Mary says:

    I have a stack of sewing projects lined up. Barcelona skirts+apron, a couple from the Sew What Skirts book, clothes for my daughter (including a kimono), purses galore, plus placemats, napkins and coasters for my dining room after I finish reupholstering the chairs. Oh my! That’s a lot of sewing!

  55. Jen says:

    Ohhhh, hire me as a buyer! lol Seems like a fun thing to do…

    I really did start a skirt…then got really, really sick. lol So I’ll post as soon as it’s done (b/c the pattern is incredibly wonky and I’m fixing it to the best of my ability). That said, I finished a dress. 😉

    As far as summer, we’re planning a big, fat, super-fun road trip in the fall, so I want to make some more sundresses, tops, and skirts. There are two sundress patterns in particular I’d love to get to. I also want to make a nice tote for my best friend’s birthday – she ballroom dances and can NEVER have enough totes. If I can, I’d like to make a shirt or two for my hubby that I can embroider fun, retro things on for our trip, too. His mom also sewed, and is my number one source of help since she gave me a sewing machine as a wedding shower gift; he’s a little nervous about homemade stuff – not so much, though, as he sees the things I [slowly but carefully] create.

  56. Autum says:

    I think the summer needs to be about 3 months longer so that I will have time to do all the sewing I have planned. I have patterns for tops and dresses and ideas for skirts. I’m glad you’re leaving the skirt gallery up longer, maybe I’ll get my May skirt done by July 🙂

  57. Alicia A. says:

    There’s always too much on the list to list, but here’s a few:

    I have a set of seersucker jammies to do for the little cousins for our annual lake trip. (can’t wait to snap pictures of that!)

    I’d like to do a little lightweight lap quilt for my daughter’s upcoming big girl bed.

    A courier type bag for myself.

  58. Kari says:

    Quilted tote bags and accessories in fun, summery colors. Some are for friends and relatives, but I need to keep at least one! I can’t wait to see the Joel Dewberry fabric, the preview is yummy!!

  59. Breanna says:

    I hope to actually learn all of the features of the fancy machine my mom gave me. Then I want to make me some new skirts and tops.

  60. Laura says:

    My summer sewing plans are to learn to sew! 🙂 There are a lot of things I’d like to try: aprons, skirts, even some quilting. I have that possibly dangerous “I could learn that!” attitude.

  61. Donna says:

    I’ve got a few “pinny” (spinny, a skirt that twirls) dresses cut out for my 4 year old, need to get those sewn up. I’ve also been working on cloth shoes using a Japanese pattern for room shoes. And my 8-year-old is trying to convince me she needs more stuffed animals…Oh, and maybe a new bag for myself.

  62. mamafitz says:

    i will be making a few more skirts, and at least 2 quilts. i might get a thing or two made for our state fair, to add to what i already have for that.

    i *should* do the damn curtains for my living room too. ick!

  63. Megan Young says:

    I can only tell you about my winter sewing plans down here in the southern hemisphere, but they include a lovely warm lap quilt for all those rainy evenings where I can sit down with hot chocolate and great book; also more skirts for the girls. Skirts are great for any season.

  64. Roshelle says:

    Your skirt month is very inspiring and this summer I want to attempt a skirt! I would love some great fabric to use as accents or something. Hope I win! I also am wanting to make a purse.

  65. Jen says:

    Skirt month is over already?!?
    For my summer sewing, I plan to make a few skirts, and learn to quilt! I want to make a little baby quilt for a friend who is adopting…

  66. beki says:

    SKIRTS! I have so many planned, it’s ridiculous! I also have a beach blanket and a few bags on the agenda.

  67. Katie says:

    Since I didn’t end up making a skirt for Skirt Month, maybe I’ll get around to it before summer ends!

    Other than that I still need to make the simple blinds for my son’s room so he can stop waking up when the sun rises!

  68. robyn says:

    Ooh – summer sewing plans! I have so many!

    Both the Amy Butler and Lotta Jansdotter books have found a home on my sewing table, so there are lots of projects from there that are already on my list of to-do’s.

    I’m also neck-deep in a pile of baby quilts (5!) for presents for little wee ones all due this summer.

    Add that to my usual craft list and my sewing machine is going to be getting a workout!

    Glad to hear there are new fabrics are on the way. Can’t wait to see them. 🙂

  69. Sandy says:

    More skirts! I think I’m addicted. Plus I plan on working on a cropped jacket for the fall and I think it’s going to take me all summer to get it to the point where I will wear it in public!

  70. Caroline says:

    Thank you for Skirt Month – it really encouraged me to give it a go. But May went by so quickly and I haven’t run out of skirty inspiration yet. May be a skirt month in the Autumn to get some ideas for skirts for the cooler months?

    But over the Summer I hope to expand my garment repertoire – maybe a couple of dresses. And I would love to make a doll quilt – I am seeing them all over blogland and am smitten.

  71. India says:

    Skirt month ws great, specially as it coincided with my foray into skirt making. I’m on a bt of a Japanese kick at the moment, but tradtional, not modern. So, a summer of Hippari jackets on a variety of wieghts.

  72. melissa says:

    well, I got a skirt started, but quit in disgust, so a skirt is still on my list.

  73. Ali says:

    I have the Amy Butler Cabo Halter all ready to get going on. Skirt month really whetted my appetite for making clothes – thanks!

  74. Joanna says:

    This summer, I will continue sewing totes and bags for, well, just about everyone I know! I never got over my fear of the skirt to start one, even though I had a ton of ideas, but I remain committed to try at least one for this summer.
    I also want to try making a few summer jumpers for my daughter who turns one soon. You can see my latest bags, etc. on my flickr page- Joanna’s scraps.

    Thanks for all your hard work making things easier for the rest of us! 🙂

  75. Pieces says:

    Well, I’m making skirts. I had big plans for skirt month and didn’t get any of them finished yet. Maybe by the time fall rolls around…

  76. chelle says:

    This summer I *hope* to make some clothes for my daughter and draft a wrap skirt for me following your great tutorial!

  77. Kate says:

    Oh my, I recently made a list of things I want to make and it is so long! I want to try my hand at making clothes, specifically shirts and skirts for me. And maybe a hat. I’m making my mom an apron for her birthday. And I have a whole bunch of quilts in the works. I hope I actually find time to do all these things!

  78. Stefanie says:

    This summer I am going to bite the bullet and start making clothes for myself. A feat I have been too nervous until now to try!

  79. Sarah says:

    JOEL DEWBERRY OMG! I can’t wait. The previews make me drool!

  80. Mrs.Pear says:

    We are moving next week, so once the boxes are unpacked, hopefully mostly by the end of the month, my sewing schedule is:

    1. finish Edwardian Apron I was given the pattern and material for Christmas that is started.

    2. Stitch up new napkins for daughter’s hope chest for her 2nd birthday that was yesterday. (To go with her measuring spoons and cups)

    3. Sew up winter set – 6 – 8 place mats, 18 napkins, Regency style apron.

    4. Sew bag to hold legos

    Hand Stitching
    1. Continue to work on quilting Broken Star quilt

    2. Work on daughter’s wall hanging. (Hawaiian Appliqué)

    Do you think I might have too much on the go????

  81. Tami says:

    Oh boy…I have been making clothes for the little Miss (17 months) and I. I have a quilt however that has all the fall colors in it that I began last year and then put away. I want to pull it out and finish it up this summer so I can throw it on our bed come October.

  82. I will undoubtedly work on UFO quilts this summer. Either my Hoochy Mama quilt or my CrossWay quilt (nice juxtaposition of titles, eh?) or whatever else my hands grab in my unfinished objects cabinet. My whole sewing room runneth over, really.

  83. Anne says:

    I am learning to make aprons. I also hope to make some “laundry helpers” to hold clothes pins on the line.

  84. Cici says:

    the to do list is long, hopefully the done list is at least half as short at the end of summer: a few more skirts. Skirt month has me inspired to try Amy Butler’s Barcelona skirt, a dress for dd out of a thrifted sheet, a twirly skirt, some bibs, a few more baby gifts, and a few other whatnots!

  85. Carrie says:

    I’m making presents for my nephew’s and my due in July, niece. She’s the first girl and I am besides myself. I’ve pulled out all the pink in my stash to make a baby quilt and a softie. I’m making Superman capes for the three boys. If I have time, I’ll make softies for them too.

  86. kirsten says:

    what am i NOT making? ha ha!

    skirts, covering roll blinds, quilts, duvet covers, bunting, pillow covers.

    hmm, can you tell i’m redecorating? 🙂

  87. Melinda says:

    I am planning on making some more skirts, an apron, and hopefully trying some children’s clothes.

  88. Lynn says:

    I’m planning on making litter bags for all the road trips we’ll be taking this summer. I am SO excited for the new Amy Butler and Joel Dewberry lines!

  89. Lera says:

    My most immediate summer sewing plan is to redecorate (and paint) our bedroom while my husband is out of town for the next 2 weeks. He doesn’t know about it.

  90. Jen says:

    Yeah, Skirt month was way too short for me. I didn’t really get started until last week, but now I don’t want to do anything else. So my summer sewing plans include lots of skirts, as well as some more frame purses. Can’t wait!

  91. Michelle says:

    I think I’m finally going to have to have a go at making some smocks and summer dresses for the kiddos. I’ve had a stack of patterns just sitting there, but now I feel motivated to cut them out and give it a try.

  92. Angela says:

    Ooh — summer sewing plans. Where to start? Quilts. Pillows for my mother’s couch. A dress for my toddler. Hopefully a skirt for myself (I missed skirt month, but got TONS of inspiration!). Some bags. Oh, and yeah, did I mention quilts?

  93. Jeannine says:

    I have a lot on the plate! First, I am sewing goodie bags for my son’s birthday party. Then, the mom has requested a purse, the husband requested a dog bed (so the dog can stop sleeping on our old bedspread) and some cute little outfits for the boy.

  94. akimbo says:

    This summer it is all about skirts and tops and maybe a ren faire outfit.

  95. Thimbleanna says:

    Summer sewing plans? Working on UFO’s, a few new pincushions, maybe the placemat challenge (?) and really need to get started on a wedding quilt for for a big wedding next spring!

  96. Rachel says:

    Oh, you’re getting the Joel Dewberry fabric! I have been coveting that.

    My summer sewing plans are more skirts, some purses and a bunch of tote bags.

  97. Kristy says:

    This summer I am going to learn to use my machine properly and make some clothes for my girls,a picnic quilt for the garden with some matching napkins and also some totes!It is an extra long summer this year isn’t it?

  98. Personally, I’m dying to make a simple dress out of my new Japanes Straight Stitch Dresses book….but for me, being in the southern hemisphere, it’s more about winter sewing right now!

  99. Heather says:

    I am sewing a strip quilt in pansy colors…purple, yellow, orange, green and blue. Each of the color block has 5 strips of that color. Its a very bright and cheerful sort of quilt.

  100. My sewing this summer will probably consist of sewing some tote bags for my etsy shop and maybe a few other things for that. I also want to sew a few things for myself including at least one summer dress, a few summer shirts, and maybe another skirt or two. (My air conditioning has been broke for a few days, so all I can think about is nice cool clothing for the hot summer weather that we already have!)

  101. joyce says:

    You inspired me to make a couple of skirts but they weren’t done in time for skirt month. I am planning on some landscape quilts or wall hangings this summer.

  102. Jessica says:

    I am working on a kaleidoscopic hexagon quilt from One-Block Wonders. The technique is really fun to do. 67 blocks done and another 30 or so to finish. Then who knows?

  103. dawn says:

    I have plans for two more summery skirts, both with yokes and half circle skirts to just below the knee. Both cotton. One of them is a lime green batik sort of thing with some embroidery and sequins that I got last year on sale. Also going to make the same skirt for mom in chambray. can you tell I’m into skirts this year? Thanks to all you Skirt Month folks!

  104. Ros says:

    We are moving to Texas this summer and our plan is to leave most of our furniture (hand me downs) behind. This of course means that there will be tons of sewing to do, curtains, cushions, bedding and of course some Texas summer clothing too!

  105. Holly says:

    So many summer plans – a quilted wall hanging for my Grandma, a lap quilt for my mother, baby presents galore, several totes and bags (for me!) and I may even attempt a skirt or two! What a wonderful way to spend a summer!!!

  106. Becky M says:

    My summer sewing plans…I have a Amy Butler purse pattern that I would like to do. I also want to try making some clothes for my daughter. I just checked out Joel Dewberry’s fabric. Oh my – I’m saving my money already! My biggest goal though – is to attempt a zipper. I will definitely use your tutorial. Wish me luck! : )

  107. Keri says:

    Since my boy is at grandma’s ALL summer, I’ve got all the time in the world to sew. Things on my list:
    1. Cute summer tops/skirts
    2. Cushion covers for my chairs (replacing the ugly brown ones – yuck!)
    3. Placemats
    4. Probably a million zippy purses (because they’re super-fun)
    5. And 1000 things I haven’t even THOUGHT of yet!! lol
    Oh and aprons! Crap – I gotta go! I’ve got too much to do!

  108. Sarah says:

    I missed making a skirt during skirt month because it went by so fast! So, hopefully, this summer will see some new skirts leaving the sewing machine. There is so much inspiration for that here at your blog!

  109. Kristine says:

    Skirt month was so much fun! I’m hopefully going to make a cute off the shoulder shirt and also use some of my scraps from my skirts to make some fabric headbands. I want to make a dress from this pretty fabric I found, but I’m kinda scared to. Oh, and I want to make my mom a new apron, but I haven’t found the right fabric for it. I also have to sew my sister’s HS graduation presents still, and that’s in a couple weeks! Yikes! I haven’t even laundered the fabric! Gotta get my butt moving…

  110. Jennifer says:

    I am making a 9-patch quilt top and a bunch of clothes for my toddler daughters! I also got some skirt patterns to try.

  111. Bwth says:

    This summer I want to make a sock monkey for the babe, along with tons of other goodies for his upcoming room decoration project. He’s a year old and we haven’t decorated a speck….I guess it’s time to get crafty!

  112. Carmen says:

    This summer I’ll be working on two quilts, some totes, an apron and a bohemian skirt. If I can get my act together, that is, and not get sidetracked by all the lovely weather!

  113. Rachel says:

    I have big plans. First I need to organize my fabric. Right now I can’t see my fabric. It hides in plastic containers. So It will get a more visible place to inspire me. Then the rest of the summer will be about baby gifts. I need to make a ton. Right now, I’m leaning towards a couple of quilts, bibs, and burb clothes. Oh I almost forgot – Tote Bags. These will also be gift. I’ve got all the supplies. I just need to get to work.

  114. Celeste says:

    More skirts! Skirt month definitely doesn’t end with the close of May for me. I’m new to sewing, and skirts are the perfect project for honing my skills. And they’re wearable too 🙂 I’d also like to tackle some aprons. Fun!

  115. Megan says:

    I have such huge plans for summer sewing! And I’ll probably get only two or three of them done 🙂 I didn’t get organized in time to participate in Skirt Month, but I’d like to tackle some kind of skirt – and I know just where to look for inspiration! I’m also hoping to finish a couple of small quilts that have been in progress for far too long… I guess I need to get busy!

  116. Sibyl Scott says:

    I am making a quilt for my hubby for father’s day—almost finished. Will be making more skirts–thanks for skirt month, got me going on that. Making some table toppers for my dining room table. Love those 5 inch square charms. Also loads of making Bible totes for a fund raiser at church.

  117. Oooo! great sale!!! I missed skirt month so I can’t wait for a new theme!

    Summer sewing plans? FUN! I want to do a bit of sewing for ME and my kiddos! don’t always have time for that. I will also be trying LOTS of new stuff! Patterns, techniques, ideas – really going outside “my box” 😉 I will also be working on my designs for FALL – yippee!!!

    Can’t wait to get my hands on some Joel Dewberry and Amy’s new line as well!!!

    I’ll be watching for those to pop up on your site!

  118. julie says:

    Would love to make a tote this summer and a twirly skirt for my daughter!

  119. April Curry says:

    What a GREAT blog! My first time here, great tutorials! My plan for the summer is to sew a few aprons I’ve been working on designing. I also have a ton of table cloths to finish for my Sister in laws wedding in July. I’m on the hunt for great Amy Butler fabric for a table cloth for myself 🙂 I’m also thinking of attempting toddler dresses for my 2 year old daughter for the first time… very nervous.
    Anyhow, great site!! Can’t wait to come back and I’m off to explore it more now 🙂
    Take care,

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