Do you have your copy of Bend the Rules Sewing yet?  The amazingly talented Amy Karol has written a must-have book for anyone who enjoys sewing.  I love Amy’s Angry Chicken blog, so when I got my copy of the book last week, I dug right in. 

Bend the Rules Sewing

This is a terrific book if you’re just learning to sew.  I think Amy has a way of writing that is almost like she’s channeling the wisdom of previous generations.  She has the kind of confidence about what she’s doing that my grandmother had when she taught me to do needlework.  Amy is certainly a modern authority for today’s crafty generation.  Pay attention–she has great advice!   You’ll find a thorough list of essential notions; advice for buying a sewing machine; tips for setting up a sewing area; plus very good instructions for basic sewing skills like attaching bias trim, securing a button, and hand sewing.

If you are an experienced stitcher, you’ll likely skim through the definitions and advice, but we can all appreciate the extremely cute design templates and instructions.  There are enough good ideas in here to cover your whole holiday gift-giving list (which you’ve started on, right?)  I’ll be making a Pleated Beauty Handbag and Swing Swing Smock for sure.

Perhaps my only criticism of this book has to do with the expectation that was set up by the subtitle “The Essential Guide to a Whole New Way to Sew”.  Nothing revolutionary here, just good clean advice and instructions. 

The title of the book is handed down from Amy’s grandmother.  As she put it, “you have to be good enough to know when you can bend the rules.”  So, tell us about your sewing rules.  Are there rules you never bend?  Are there rules you consider flexible? Still learning the rules? All comments here will put you in the pool from which  we randomly select the winners of Free Fabric Friday.  We’ll be giving away 1 yard of any fabric ($9.10 or less) to 5 lucky winners!

PS–A big, warm congratulations to Amy and her family on the arrival of the beautiful new baby!