There are some absolutely incredible bags already entered into the Big, Big Bag Month Contest. Is yours one of them? We’ve had questions about whether it’s too late to enter (enter away!…) and if it’s OK to enter a bag if you’re based in another country (no problem!…), and we just want to make sure you remember some of the really important stuff:

• Fantastic prizes
• Deadline: Monday, July 23rd

(Alert, alert: that’s next Monday! Weekend sewing plans, anyone?)
• More details here.

We, personally, think you should just try to enter! We’ve got some great judges who will most definitely look at and enjoy your bag. Very fun! Here are a few bags we’ve enjoyed lately in the Bag Month Flickr Group. Take a look, enjoy, browse some more and then enter a picture of your own bag.


Weekender Travel Bag by Monique, The Lint Knitter

Monique’s been sewing for just about ten months and has “fallen in love with it.” This bag is from the Amy Butler Weekender Travel Bag pattern, and Monique has a great discussion on her blog, The Lint Knitter, about the good, the bad and the ugly of her bag construction (very fun and informative!). Enjoy Monique’s work and photos on her Flickr site.


Bagsket by Suzanne, foofanagle

Suzanne created this “Bagsket” design and then wrote a tutorial to top it all off. Lucky us! Enjoy her blog foofanagle, the tutorial (on the right sidebar along with additional tutorials) and Suzanne’s Flickr photos as well.


Wizard of Oz Travel Bag by Hope, Going Sew Crazy

Hope stays busy at home with her two girls. Since she learned to sew two years ago it’s become an “all-consuming passion!” Hope’s on a bag kick lately, so be sure to enjoy more of her work on her blog Going Sew Crazy and her Flickr site. This Oz travel bag is Hope’s own design.

They look great, right? We can’t wait to see yours.