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  • Tutorial ~ Lining Tutorials

    Jul 18 | Sewing + Quilting Tips | | with 14 Comments

    Autum from Creative Little Daisy‘s done it again (You didn’t miss her Zippered and Slip Pocket Tutorials, did you?)! Here are two different ways to add a lining to a bag, brought to you by Autum:   Lining Tutorial, number one There are various ways to put a lining in a bag; I am going […]
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  • Tutorial ~ Zippered and Slip Pocket Tutorial

    Jul 17 | Sewing Tutorials + Patterns | | with 14 Comments

    Many of you know Autum from her fabulous creations and her blog, Creative Little Daisy. We’ve long enjoyed Autum’s sewing and asked if we could share her tutorial on Patchwork Bags early this year. For Bag Month we asked Autum to share a bit of her sewing expertise with us in the form of a […]
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  • Pattern Review ~ Grand Revival Flea Market Bag

    Jul 16 | Products, Sewing Inspiration | | with 10 Comments

    From Beth: Robyn made two beautiful bags from the Grand Revival Flea Market pattern. She used Denyse Schmidt’s Spotty Geranium from the Katie Jump Rope line in one of her bags (more information in her Fabric Recommendations discussion). Enjoy her pattern review and be sure to check out Robyn’s introduction too. Pattern Grand Revival Flea […]
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  • Introduction ~ Robyn

    Jul 16 | Contributors | | with Comments Off on Introduction ~ Robyn

    From Beth: Robyn creates fantastic items from fabric all the time so we were thrilled to get her take on the Grand Revival Flea Market Bag. Be sure to check out her review and lovely bags (she made two!), and also visit Robyn’s blog mintyfresh. Robyn sells the results of her fabric addiction and experimentation […]
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  • FFF Winners

    Jul 16 | Contests & Giveaways | | with Comments Off on FFF Winners

    Thanks for sharing all your online sewing resources.  There were a lot of great ideas!  The winners of one yard of fabric are Christie, Susan Christine, Shannon, Jessi and Jill.  Check your email, ladies.  Congratulations!
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  • New & Encore Prints ~ Free Fabric Friday

    Jul 13 | Contests & Giveaways, Products | | with 125 Comments

    It was a delightful blog week.  Weren’t those tutorials (1 and 2) perfect?  Thank you, Lisa! And I hope you didn’t miss Rachel’s excellent pattern review.  How are your bags coming along?  We’re receiving some fantastic contest entries and the Bag Month Flickr group wows us every day!  The UPS guy made a number of visits […]
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  • Featured Bag Month Resource ~ U-Handbag

    Jul 12 | Etc... | | with 1 Comment

    Any true Bag Month effort here on the Sew, Mama, Sew blog would be empty without help from the incredible resource of, based in the UK. Lisa Lam, founder and proprietor of U-Handbag, has created the preeminent source for all of your handbag fashioning needs. U-Handbag is a wonderful resource for all things bag-related. […]
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  • June Flickr Pool Winner

    Jul 12 | Contests & Giveaways, Sewing Inspiration | | with 1 Comment

    Dress by Donna, Purple Kappa The June winner of the SMS Flickr group prize is Donna of Purple Kappa. She wins a $25 gift certificate to Sew, Mama, Sew! Donna has a fresh, new blog (don’t you want to click over to know what the significance of Kappa is?– Hint: look on her right sidebar) […]
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  • Tutorial ~ Bag Straps, A Variation

    Jul 11 | Sewing + Quilting Tips, Sewing Tutorials + Patterns | | with 12 Comments

    From Beth: Lisa’s back, with this variation on her first tutorial for a basic strap style. Enjoy! For a variation on the basic strap style, cut the fabric at least 5″ (no less, but you can do it wider if you want). Because the strap will eventually be sewn up folded length-wise, to reduce bulk, […]
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  • Tutorial ~ Bag Straps

    Jul 10 | Sewing + Quilting Tips, Sewing Tutorials + Patterns | | with 12 Comments

    You asked, and we cajoled Lisa into doing two fabulous bag strap tutorials for us all! We’re sure you remember her inspiring work, but while you’re thinking of it be sure to browse through her Flickr site and Pink Lemonade Boutique blog for more of Lisa’s beautiful bags. This is the first of Lisa’s two […]
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  • FFF Winners

    Jul 10 | Contests & Giveaways | | with Comments Off on FFF Winners

    It was a delight to read about your rule bending.  We should start a Naughty Stitcher’s Club.  I’m not much of a prewasher myself–I do enough laundry as it is.  For those of you who hate trimming and ironing seams, you would love a serger.  It definitely changed my life! The winners of one-yard of […]
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  • Pattern Review ~ Stash and Dash Bag

    Jul 9 | Products, Sewing Inspiration | | with 5 Comments

    From Beth: Rachel, from Creative Quilt Girl, made two Stash and Dash bags from Katie Jump Rope Daisies Geranium fabric. She likes the result and we do too! Read her pattern review and don’t forget to check out her introduction too. Pattern Stash and Dash Bags by Amy Butler Description Small bags for life’s essentials. […]
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