Occasionally we get emails from people who don’t sew, but love the fabric we carry. They want to know where they can buy things that are made with our beautiful prints. I’ve pointed them to shops that I know, but it would be so much better to have a list of stores they could visit. That’s why we’re starting the SMS Shopping Directory. It will have a prominent place on our blog and our store side navigation.

If you are a customer of SMS and you make and sell things with the fabric you buy from us, send and email to kristin@sewmamasew.com.  We’ll add you to the directory.  (Not everything in your shop has to be made from SMS fabric.)

Katie Jump Rope Bag by Beth


Now, the free fabric!  This week we’ll give away one yard of fabric to SIX people.  We’re starting to get our creative juices flowing for Kids’ Clothes month, so tell us about one of the following:

  •  A great garment for a boy or girl that you’ve seen on another blog.

  • Your favorite online kids’ clothing store.

  • Your favorite sewing pattern for kids.

  • Or, if kids’ clothing isn’t part of your universe, let us know about a project that you’ve seen lately that you absolutely love.

 Have a great weekend!