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Occasionally we get emails from people who don’t sew, but love the fabric we carry. They want to know where they can buy things that are made with our beautiful prints. I’ve pointed them to shops that I know, but it would be so much better to have a list of stores they could visit. That’s why we’re starting the SMS Shopping Directory. It will have a prominent place on our blog and our store side navigation.

If you are a customer of SMS and you make and sell things with the fabric you buy from us, send and email to  We’ll add you to the directory.  (Not everything in your shop has to be made from SMS fabric.)

Katie Jump Rope Bag by Beth


Now, the free fabric!  This week we’ll give away one yard of fabric to SIX people.  We’re starting to get our creative juices flowing for Kids’ Clothes month, so tell us about one of the following:

  •  A great garment for a boy or girl that you’ve seen on another blog.

  • Your favorite online kids’ clothing store.

  • Your favorite sewing pattern for kids.

  • Or, if kids’ clothing isn’t part of your universe, let us know about a project that you’ve seen lately that you absolutely love.

 Have a great weekend!

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118 Responses to SMS Shopping Directory and Free Fabric Friday

  1. Christiane says:

    I am new at sewing clothing. I have made quilts and other knick knacks. My husband even bought me an embroidery machine that I am dying to do more projects with. I have two small boys 1-1/2 and 3 —- and the problem I see is that there are no cute custom clothing for boys. I am just not into the whole “john john” thing. I would love to make some cute pants and tops for my boys. Maybe something with an embroidered or appliqued object on it. Where can I find cute patterns for boys? Pants, Shirts and any other pattern. There are so many cute things for girls and I think our little boys get left out!!!! I’d love to hear your ideas!

  2. Joanna says:

    I just started sewing so don’t know much about patterns yet, but to buy my daughter’s clothes at the Children’s place. I am hoping to make her PJ’s from now on.

  3. Angie says:

    I really like Old Navy for some clothing. I had a 20% off coupon and got quite a few things (basics) for my daughter and niece very inexpensively. I think the quality could be a bit better, but sometimes you have to go with the price. I like the service and the fact that you can return or exchange it at any store.

    Thanks for letting me get my two cents in….Angie H.

  4. Haley says:

    I recently found and fell in love. So many people sharing creative ideas has been great for me. I am particularly in love with someone’s post about making a man’s shirt in to a little girl’s dress. It can be hard to find great fabrics where I live (though I just found sew, Mama, Sew today… sooooo excited!), but guys’ shirts with cool, funky patterns are a snap. I love the idea of reusing something in a new way.

    I’m all for “cute” kids’ clothes, but I love finding things that really look different. (I am so digging the black and white fabrics I found on your site!)

  5. Samantha says:

    Patterns from the “Big 3” pattern companies frustrate me to no end because I think the facings and finishes they use end up looking cheap and “homemade” and the fit is questionable. I prefer patterns by Children’s Corner, Bonnie Blue, Maja, and companies like that. They usually use linings or bias bindings and the results are so much nicer–“handmade” rather than “homemade.” And if you look at the “boutique” clothing that is selling well, almost all of those designs could be achieved with one of these patterns, just making modifications here and there with tiers or ruffles or shirring–things like that. They are classic patterns, but when done with updated fabrics and fun details, the look is modern and fun. I love being able to sew for my kids because I can put them in clothing that is fun and fashionable, but appropriate for their age. Nothing bugs me more than trying to make kids grow up too fast by dressing them like adults.

    And for those who are looking for good boys’ patterns, the companies I mentioned above have good options for boys. I also like looking at Kelly’s Kids and Ragsland catalogues for inspiration because I know I can get the same look with my Children’s Corner patterns.

  6. Erin says:

    I love the clothes made by Right Bank Babies…

    I love the way they mix bright and funky fabrics. I especially love the whole idea of the reversible dress. (And I just found and ordered a similar looking pattern from SewBaby. yay!)

  7. Carolyn says:

    I was SO INSPIRED when I stumbled upon pink lemonade boutique” this morning! I’ve been looking for ideas and inspiration for childrens clothes and for decorating a baby girl’s nursery. While the site is oriented towards bags and purses I was totally smitten by the fabric/ pattern combinations of various items and now know what direction I want to take with the nursery.
    BTW: The fabric that REALLY grabbed me was “Sparrows/ Light Pink/ Aviary”. SWOON!

  8. jorja says:

    I love Naartjie (totally fabulous clothes at affordable prices…based out of S. Africa) and Squeaker Sneakers–both avail online!

  9. irene says:

    I love those darn Japanese sewing books. I ogle over them at the store, but since I’m still a pretty new sewer and can’t read Japanese, I’ll have to wait until I get a little more experience making clothing before I jump into trying to figure out a pattern in another language. (I have a hard enough time trying to figure out patterns in English!) The pictures and patterns in almost every Japanese book I’ve seen have something I would love to make for my boys. There aren’t any tacky ducks or bears, but just basic cuts and colors that any boy wouldn’t be embarrassed to wear.
    I’ve made some t-shirt appliqués and shorts for my boys using my own patterns, but would love to make more.

  10. dawn says:

    My dear friend Amy is making clothes for her adorable baby. She is using very non-traditional fabrics with very sweet patterns of her own design to come up with a simple yet fabulous look. Take a peek over at

  11. Jen says:

    The first kids’ clothing “sewing” I ever did was inspired by Sally Shim’s appliquéd onesies. So sweet and simple! I love her clean lines and totally unfussy aesthetic.

  12. One of my favorite patterns is Mallory by Children’s Corner. I have enjoyed reading this blog but haven’t participated in any themes but am looking forward to this one. I have a blog that I feature things I’ve sewn and other misc posts at

  13. Shelley says:

    I love getting inspiration from Mini Boden. I save their appliqued t-shirt pictures from the catalog to do my own later. I also love farbenmix and studio tantrum patterns. I’ve bought up a ton but have so far made just one. So many cute things to make!

  14. Amanda says:

    I recommend finding basic patterns for the things your baby or child wears. I think Kwik Sew has great basic patterns and they make sewing with knits easy. I have been doing lots of sewing for my baby boy due any minute and this is what I did. Don’t be put off by the pictures of the patterns in the books because often times when the garment is made in fabrics you love and embellished the way you like, the garment is completely changed. When your comfortable with a pattern or group of patterns try tweaking them to change the look. When your really comfortable use or combine your pattern pieces to make your own garment patterns. I always trace my pattern pieces so that I can do this and then you have a full range of sizes.

  15. stacy says:

    I have a daughter, but she’s reaching the age that she no longer wants me to sew for her. Her favorite store is Limited Too or Justice, although I’m waiting for the day she gets tired of looking the same as everyone else and asks me to make her something original!

  16. Mel says:

    My favorite kids clothing pattern is for basic flannel pants – that’s the only pattern I’ve used for kids clothing, besides halloween costumes. My favorite kids shopping on-line is Gap.

  17. Christy says:

    I like The Children’s Place and Old Navy.

  18. charisma says:

    I just love PEANUTBUTTER & ELLIE

  19. Emily says:

    I love shopping at Hanna Anderson.

  20. Nada Jones says:

    I’ve been eyeing this old tutorial on making kids pants:

    and i loved the appliqued shirts here :

  21. Mandy says:

    The pattern that I have used over and over is a simple A-line dress by Martha Pullen from her Applique Favorites book. I have used it as a dress and a shirt. Another pattern I love for my 4 year old is “Sarah’s Skort” by Children’s Corner. I just made one for her out of cupcake fabric for her birthday and a peasant top (adapted from a bishop pattern) with a cupcake applique on it. So, excited to see all the other posts for more ideas! Thanks!

  22. Bailey says:

    One of my favorite baby clothing tutorials is here:

    It’s a very easy and cool way to make baby pants out of an old shirt. I’m making another pair right now!

  23. Joanna says:

    I, too, am in love with the things that I see people making from the Japanese craft books, but where to find them!!!!??? I also love the things that Soulemama makes. She uses a lot of vintage patterns and uses thrifted as well as beautiful fabrics such as those from *sew mama sew*. Yes, my vote would be any info on Japanese pattern books!

  24. amelia says:

    i love to look to vintage children’s clothing for inspiration. the quality of fabric and construction is so beautiful. i like to hunt at garage sales and thrift store for patterns. i also love to applique and freezer-paper-stencil onto already made children’s shirts.

  25. ia says:

    This really doesn’t fit into any of the categories but anyway: The best thing I ever made for my baby was a kind of back-to-front cardigan (opening on the back) in oil-cloth (the kind of fabric you can use as tablecloths and which has a ”plastic” surface taht can be wiped down easily). It has long sleeves and a big pocket all along the bottom of the front, and it has spared us a lot of laundry as meal times are getting increasingly messy. When he’s finished goofing around with his food, it can just be rinsed of under the tap.

  26. I LOVE all the cute Knit tops and hats that I see custom made for girls but especially boys! I’d love to know where to get some cute printed knits and/or how to work with knit better 🙂

  27. Hope says:

    I can;t believe no one has mentioned Farbenmix( I love their patterns. Mini Boden is also a great inspiration site!

  28. Becky M says:

    I just usually make up my own pattern for my daughters clothes. It makes it much more rewarding when it actually turns out!! : )

  29. shorty says:

    I really like the clothes that I see on Pins and Needles. She does such a wonderful job! I sewed my first dress for my niece and it turned out nicely. Hopefully I will only get better;)

  30. meg says:

    The bluemchen etsy shop has some precious hats for little babies:

  31. Janin says:

    I don’t have any kids of my own yet, but I did sew some dresses for my cousins. I absolutely love the pattern I used. They were from the dutch Bizzkids magazine and reminded me alot of Oilily clothing! I can’t speak nor read dutch, but still managed to sew some of the simpler dresses.

  32. Melissa says:

    I love seeing my daughter in clothes that I made for her. I usually use easy patterns from Jo Anns. I am really excited about reading these articles because I want to increase my skills.

  33. LynnC says:

    I love simple A line dresses. Right now I am putting a smocked panel in one for a friend. The fabric is black with hot pink dots. The smocking is a black spider with a web on hot pink fabric. Adorable! A touch of Halloween without the traditional colors!

  34. Beth says:

    When buying clothes for my daughter, I can’t resist most of the items at Children’s Place. Also love stuff from Gymboree, but won’t spend the $. When I make her clothes it’s usually from McCalls and Simplicity patterns – they work well and are easy to follow. I have been seeing the Ottobre magazine mentioned on a few blogs… When I went to their website and looked at the magazines, I fell in love with the clothes and accessories. I’m just a little hesitant to order the magazine without hearing about how well the patterns sew up. If you could do a pattern review of the Ottobre magazine it would be ever so helpful! I love checking your blog, and our store is great!

  35. rohanknitter says:

    The main thing I sew for my children (all boys) is pajama pants. I’ve also made them all small denim patchwork pillows stuffed with wool from their sheep.

  36. Brenda Lommel says:

    This morning I finally bought a little antique baby gown that I have been eyeing for about a year now. It is exquisite; completely hand sewn with the tiniest little stitches, narrow little french seams, piping around the sleeves, and some delicate little embroidery at the front. A lot of time and love went into the making of this little dress, I just couldn’t bear the thought of it sitting on a dusty shelf any more so I brought it home.

  37. Tammy says:

    Well, I don’t have children, but I have been seeing some adorable pillow case dresses about blog land this summer! It looks like such a fun & simple project!

  38. rhembein says:

    I am flattered to see someone mentioned ME! WHOA! COOL! Thanks!!

    My answer would actually be homemade or handmade clothing is my favorite. But, lord knows I have a love of shopping too. So, Gap too specially this fall/right now!).

  39. Heather says:

    Being the mommy to twin boys and lover of all things girly (go figure) I have always had a hard time finding boy clothes that make me look twice. These shirts however are just adorable and Courtney is fabulous to work with!

  40. D says:

    gap kids and crew cuts which is J crew for kids

  41. Becky says:

    My kids are grown but when they were young I sewed for them constantly. My favorite thing I ever made was for my two oldest when they were 3 and 5. I made them matching sailor outfits, shorts, shirt, tie, for Easter one year. We are talking 1988. I also loved them in sunsuits and made a lot of those. They were so quick and easy and could be done with little fabric. I used to do applique on plain $3 sweatshirts to make them unique. I just enoyed sewing for them all the time.

    So that is my “kids clothing” experience. I’d love to be included in your drawing. Thanks. I enjoy your site. I might be de-lurking here. Can’t remember.

  42. katie says:

    I love Frannie by Children’s Corner. It’s a little lined (with the option of making reversible) A-lined dress for girls. It can also be worn as a top with pants. I have made it at least 3 times for my daughter and will make many more, I’m sure!

  43. Korie says:

    My favorite girls sewing pattern is Simplicity’s New Look 6695. Classic jumper & pull on pants, nothing exciting, but I have made a ton of these! They are great for summer or winter, paired with pants or not. I also love the Ottobre Design patterns, they are so inspiring!

  44. jessi says:

    I am in love with a a new to me website for kids clothes – Olive Juice Co.

  45. danilion says:

    i’m not a mom, but i think that Cookie Mag is a great publication for moms with style. I love reading the site just for their good recipes!

  46. Christie says:

    I love the smockette pattern over at the mayfly, I know you featured it in your fav tutorials, but I think it is a great project for someone who is new to sewing & with the right fabric can look very special!

  47. Lynn says:

    Ok, so not so much into kids clothing yet, but I’m going to throw my hat in with the mini-boden people. Gotta love Boden.

  48. Bridget says:

    I’m going to a sewing get-away next week so I’ll have plenty to share after that but I was getting my patterns and notions ready when I came across my absolute favorite little girls peasant shirt pattern. It’s McCall’s pattern #3417. I modify it to make it longer in the torso if I’m making a shirt because I think it runs a tad short. It always comes out so cute and even makes adorable p.j.’s!

  49. sharon says:

    I love making dresses …. and am inspired by the designers featured at

  50. Katie B says:

    I’d love to find a really good pattern and fabric for little boys. I found one good pattern from Burda, but everything else seems so cheesy. Hopefully someone here will offer some good suggestions!

  51. Sally Hess says:

    OOOh! Kid’s clothes! I was just at Kwik Sew dot com yesterday and was eyeing the hooded jacket in pattern 2994. So cute! It even comes with the appliques for either starts/moon or cars! That’s my project for this fall, since my little one will need a not-too-heavy fall coat!

  52. Deana Wells says:

    I love the look of a pillowcase dress…very classic, non fussy…super cute! I also like decopage jeans.

  53. dawn says:

    Well, one of my favorite child’s patterns is one of my own. It has a crossover bodice with self fabric frogs, gathered slit-on-the-sides skirt, and elastic pants underneath. I made this one only once, for my daughter. Uploaded a photo here:

  54. amelia dofelmier says:

    The other day I saw a onsie for a girl with some tulle sewed on the front as a little tutu. I thought it was adorable.

  55. Jennie says:

    Kids are definitely not a part of my universe quite yet, but…something cute a friend’s mom made for her high school seniors when they went off to college – she turned all their high school t-shirts (sports teams, drama productions, marching band, etc.) into a twin-size patchwork quilt to go on their beds in their college dorms. Not exactly “clothes” persay, but a fun way to recycle old clothes into something special.

  56. Mikki says:

    I haven’t made a lot of kids clothes. I just started sewing about a year ago and my girls are now in high school. I do make some REALLY cool pajama pants that they love and I’ve been working on some really cute drawing cases.

  57. Addie says:

    My baby will be here in a few weeks, and I can’t wait to start sewing for him or her. So far I have lots of handmade goodies from other people, but I haven’t made anything for my baby yet. I’ve gotten lots of ideas from the comments above, though. Thanks!! 🙂

  58. kirsten says:

    lately I love making pants out of t-shirts. there are a couple of tutorials for that – and a cool one for making one out of bandanas.

  59. kayla_d says:

    Speaking of kids stuff, I love the baby quilts over at by small means, and she has an etsy shop! I love her loopy quilting pattern. Here’s a new one:

    And I love the fabrics used in this ‘notetaker’ at Pink Chalk Studio:

  60. Phoebe says:

    I don’t have kids so I don’t have any first-hand experience with these, but the japanese patterns books have some of the prettiest dresses for little girls. Not too cutesy and frilly, just simple and clean looking. I love them.

  61. Janice says:

    To add on to my previous comment, those looking for boys sewing ideas (crafts and clothes), there is a flicker group “The handmade crafts for boys pool”, Here’s the link:

  62. amber says:

    I have been using the tutorial here to make little tops for my girls…
    and also the skirt one too…
    The tutorials are so great and show every step clearly!!

  63. Michelle says:

    I think the “smocket” is really the cutest and cleverest thing ever, seen at and attributed to Amy at

  64. capello says:

    the smock on the mayfly — totally adorable.

  65. Beth says:

    I’ve been looking for those elusive boy patterns! I like a modified version of this hat pattern: See & Sew pattern B4764, and agree with Jeannine on the coveralls (minus those ducks!– easy, fun pattern and good fit). I haven’t tried these but I think a kimono-style shirt would be darling on my little guy.

    For girls I love the Simplicity Easy-to-Sew 5691 smock and would like to try a twirly skirt.

    The Baby Stuff pattern is on my list to buy…

    Can’t wait to check out all of these fun links! Thanks!

  66. Katie says:

    My first child-sewing project is going to be emboidery/applique on t-shirts and onesies for my three little boys!! I’t gonna be fun!

  67. Dawn says:

    The Jcrew “crew cuts” site is an adorable online kids clothing store.

  68. Bean says:

    Ooh, I’m going to have so much fun with this month’s group! I love making dresses and skirts for my daughter, and one of my favorite patterns is the “Scrap Bag Tier Dress” from SewBaby! in sizes 1-6x –

  69. Janice says:

    I’m in with the Miniboden group too 🙂 I also love, love, LOVE Pumpkin Little’s clothing. You’ve featured her here before and her clothing just has such a sweet, innocent and feminine flair to it. Just beautiful. Look HERE:
    and HERE:

    I wish I could afford to commission her to make something for my daughter, but for now I’m trying to replicate it, lol! Not nearly as good as hers though 🙂

  70. Sara says:

    i really like the shirred dress tutorial from Kuky Ideas. Great for a child or an adult.

  71. Erin says:

    I also shop Lands End, as well as L.L.Bean, for my son. The clothes stand up well to a lot of rough wear.
    I saw some really cute Hawaiian print shirts for boys on display at a quilt shop by my Mom’s house (by the beach, of course). I bought some fabric but haven’t found “the” pattern for the shirt yet. I’m looking forward to Kids’ Clothes month!

  72. Lisa D. says:

    When my twins were little, my mom made a ton of bibs with bright fun quilting cotton on the front and terrycloth on the back. They were great bibs and very cute, too!

  73. Jessi says:

    I think these silkscreens are very funny And I also really like but I don’t see many clothes on it. It’s still fun to browse through though.

  74. Mrs.Pear says:

    I have the pattern and am just looking for fabric to make my daughter Sense and Sensibilities 1914 Girls Dress. It is so sweet and I cannot wait ti make it! Trimmed in eyelet lace of course!

  75. Kari says:

    I haven’t tried any of their patterns, but there are many unique, boutique-style patterns on They would look super cute in many of the fabrics from Sew Mama Sew.

  76. Shelly says:

    I love the Amy Butler Gum Drop Pillows. I think they would be great for kids or adults.

  77. laeroport says:

    One of my favorite things to make for my daughter – and for her to wear – is a circle skirt. So easy and it has that great twirly power. No pattern – I just measure the lenght I want it and use a yardstick and a disappearing ink fabric marker to mark my cutting line. I use bias tape at the top for a tie casing and at the bottom for the hem.

    P.S. I received my order today and can’t wait to start using it. Thanks for the quick and friendly service.

  78. Jennifer says:

    My current favorite sewing pattern is Simplicity Sewing Pattern for Dummies #4206. I’ve made the skirt, the top, and the pants. It was an easy pattern and I love the clothes. It all looks really cute on my 6yo.

  79. Just made this Giraffe t-shirt this morning and have lots of ideas for more! (can be seen here ) Having twin boys it is hard ot find anything that is cute so I guess I will attempt to take matters in my own hands!!! I drew the giraffe and appliqued him to the t-shirt.

  80. Nicole says:

    I don’t have a lot of kids in my life to sew for right now, but I saw a blog review lately of the cute pinafores here:

  81. Nikko says:

    I love to shop Lands End for my boys. They are decent prices (especially if you find stuff on clearance or damaged) and hold up for multiple hand-me-downs!

    I can’t wait to see what fun ideas you have for sewing for boys!

  82. Sally K. says:

    I’m loving all the children’s patterns in the Amy Karol book. The bibs are just fabulous. I’m seeing them all over the place in blogland.

  83. Lynne S says:

    I have been making children’s headbands for a while now. I just made up my own pattern.
    However, I think Heather Bailey has a headband pattern on her site that could be adapted to children.

  84. Jean says:

    I love the clothes from Janie and Jack which are way beyond my price range- but luckily and thankfully I have my mom who loves to dress her grandkids and is great at scoping out sales but as cute as they are my heart melts a little bit more when they wear the clothes I make for them.

  85. Chelsea says:

    This cute website has adorable clothes for all ages (including for the kids who are 5-10 years in my future). I have seen cute pinafore dresses made from pillowcases, too (perhaps wardrobe refashion?). Perhaps you could include designs that are adaptable to adult clothes (like ones that use shirring, etc) since I think a few of us fall out of the kids clothes idea.

  86. Adrienne says:

    First, let me just say that you have the most WONDERFUL fabrics in the universe. Ok, that said, my favorite childrens clothing boutique would have to be Oilily. Their clothes have the most vibrant colors and patterns available. They offer clothing for newborn, toddler, & boys & girls! Moms can even get some pretty hip clothing from this shop, as they offer a wide assortment of womens clothing and accessories too. You can check it out at

  87. katrin says:

    I don’t have a kid of my own, but (very!) occasionally I sew for my nephew, who’s 15 months now. I really like the patterns from “Ottobre kids” magazine – they fit great and they provide a wide range of sizes. A big plus for me is that you can mix and match many patterns.
    The last thing was a short-sleeved dress-shirt for him, and now that it’s getting colder I’ll be sewing a little jacket for him. I got a very soft fleece fabric with a cute comic-print which will be just right for him 🙂

  88. Diane says:

    My kids (both boys) are 16 and 23 years old so sewing for kids is over for a time. BUT, I look forward to the day I have a granddaughter to sew for (okay, or a grandson). I love the Laura Ashley childrens patterns that McCalls has and have already bought a few to save for later. They are just so cute!

  89. Alison says:

    I love the online kid’s store They have great boy’s clothing and they ship to Canada too!
    There is a great little skirt on this blog that any 2-6 year old girl would love:

  90. Angela says:

    My favorite store would have to be the gap. Its classic and the kids clothes don’t go out of style. Now do I shop there? Not directly. I purchase all our gap clothes for a quarter at garage sales! 😉

  91. Karie says:

    Looking at all these cool sites makes me so want a little girl, they just dont make anything all that cute for boys… and I have 3 of them. Luckily I have a neice and I can make her all the cute things… My favorite thing to make her are the sundresses that have the 3 tiered ruffels on them, the kind of look like the skirt that Nicoke posted above… makes me want to make her one of those for the fall. Or even for her birthday.

    My favorite clothing stores for the boys are totally original as well, it has to be Old Navy, and Gap, their clothes seem to hold up to the boys, I have passed down most of the clothes from my oldest to the younges as well as them being used by friends inbetween my sons using them…. I really hope with the September Kids Month of Clothing there will be some cool boy ideas! I would love to make my sons some clothes.

  92. Natalie says:

    No kids here, but my sister is getting married and she’s been talking about having a child for ages, so I suspect I’ll be making some cute stuff for the little one in the near future. I’ll be sure to check out all these wonderful links/tutorials/projects when I need inspiration…

    I absolutely adore this zakka bag – especially since I’ve got way too many empty baskets around the house:

  93. Meghan says:

    I don’t have any children–nor are there any children in my immediate family or close friends. However, there are plenty of children’s clothing patterns that I find adorable. I just wish they would look so cute in a women’s size 8! I particularly like all the baby kimono-style tops I’ve been seeing on Flickr lately. Everything is cuter when its tiny.

  94. Ana says:

    I haven’t been sewing enough to say a particular pattern is a favorite, but I do love Hanna Andersson and Mini Boden for inspiration. And I’m loving checking out all of the links people are mentioning. I definitely want to try the tiered skirt tutorial from kuky ideas. Thanks, Nicole!

  95. Maia says:

    I love looking at rhembein. She has the makes and designs the most amazing children’s clothes. I like the “Ornamental Dots” outfit, especially!

  96. Stefanie says:

    I absolutely love this site for picking up kids patterns

    It is more of a boutique style but it always gets my imagination going!

  97. Jennalou says:

    oh… love fff!!!

    I don’t even have kids… but if I did I would TOTALLY buy tons and tons of stuff from my favorite kids shop Lemons and Lollis!! She makes just the most beautiful kids clothing and accessories. If I had a little girl I would have bought all of the Eva dresses because they are just to die for. She is also coming out with a highly anticipated boys line for the fall… which I’m sure will be just fantastic.

    Check her out at:


  98. Maxine says:

    Others have already mentioned the Mini Boden site but the clothes there are lovely

  99. mj says:

    I’m looking for an excuse to make the smock in Amy Karol’s new book!

  100. Celeste says:

    I’ve just been making up patterns as well–I’ve got a babydoll-waisted top in mind I’m dying to try out for my almost-one-year-old daughter. Being a newbie, baby clothes have been a great way for me to try out various sewing techniques since babies are easier to fit and I’m dealing with less fabric.

    I’m really looking forward to this theme!

  101. Valerie says:

    I do love MiniBoden, and although this other one is not as original, I love simply because the shipping is only $5 no matter how much you buy, and you don’t have to go into their stores to dig through the messiness (at least the Old Navy stores around here are always messy). I am inspired just from reading the above comments to go check out the patterns they mentioned, and I also want to start putting some cute robot and such appliques on tshirts for my toddler son. There just aren’t as many cute clothes out there for boys as there are for girls!

  102. Ann says:

    My favorite place for kids and baby clothes ideas is Sew It Up
    They offer kits for baby and kids clothes. My favorite pattern is the Katie by Petite Poche
    A simple jacket and hat with vintage style and easy to make.

  103. Kathleen says:

    I love the patterns from Very cute for babies to tweens!

  104. sarahk says:

    I tend to go for vintage patterns (at least lately) for my girls. I have to many favorites to name ( I tend to go a little overboard when I sew). I love mini-boden for an online shop, never bought anything from them, but they definately inspire me!

  105. Amy says:

    My favorite online seller of kids’ clothes is Boden, mainly as inspiration. I’ve made my daughter two tee-shirt dresses with tiered skirts after seeing them in Boden’s print catalog. I also keep their pages of appliqued tees as ideas for future projects. Another good source of kids clothing ideas is Fashionable Fabrics’ link to “Handmade Inspirations” at

  106. DML says:

    I’ve just been making up patterns as I go along for some quick n’ easy summer tops for my daughter. She’s two, so they don’t have to be extremely durable, as she’ll grow out of them soon enough. The best part is that I can make her a top out of just a scrap of material as she’s just a little thing. The kid’s patterns I’ve seen in my local shops seem a little too frilly for me.

  107. Becky says:

    I have a vintage McCalls (copyright 1941) pattern that I got off ebay that I have been thinking of making for my daughter to wear for her first birthday.

  108. Jeannine says:

    I also love shopping at Hanna Andersson. The clothes wear like iron.

    I really, really want to sew adorable things for my son. The problem is the lack of adorable patterns for little boys. There are scads of wonderful, adorable patterns for little girls, though.

    I have made him a set of shortalls that I put on him nearly every week. I will have to make him a long pair for when the weather gets a bit cooler. It is McCall’s pattern M4756 (without the appliqued ducks)

  109. Elaine says:

    I really like jumper 425C from . I have made this several times for my girls and love it. I will post a couple of pics on my blog.

  110. My kids wear lots of tie tyed tees – so I love Dharm Trading for undyed blanks!

  111. Linda says:

    All my kids have grown up and left the nest so kids clothing is finished here until grands come along, but I’ve just spent the last couple of weeks making these wonderful bags that I found on a french blog.

  112. Nicole says:

    Here’s a link to one of my favorite kids’ tutorials — it’s for a tiered patchwork skirt from the kukyideas blog..

    I would love to find pinafore tutorial. I’m hoping to make some but can’t find “the” pattern.

  113. Emily says:

    I haven’t entered the realm of sewing for kids, yet. But with more and more of my friends popping them out, I’ve been looking at ideas for baby shower gifts. I really like all the online tutorials (at places like for making your own baby sling. They’re practical, but you can make them really ‘hip’ by using beautiful fabrics.

  114. Clair says:

    I have to say the Mini Boden is my favourite children’s clothing store. The quality is excellent & the clothes just brilliant & wearable. And they have just introduced an adorable Baby clothing section. So hard not to buy it all! 🙂 Clair

  115. andrea says:

    It’s not exactly kids more for infants but the soft sole shoes from stardust shoes are absolutely adorable and I have made & sold a few. I also love those little pinafore dresses that criss cross in the back.

  116. Meredith says:

    Well I won last week, so I’m not expecting to win again! But I love the idea of a link to items made with the gorgeous fabric you sell. AND I have to chime in…my favorite kids’ online clothing store is Hanna Andersson…cute, durable, adorable. Not always in my price range, but sales time, and I am there!!

  117. Toni says:

    I don’t have just ONE favorite pattern for kids. I will say that my favorite all around patterns StudioTANTRUM patterns. Extremely unique and very versatile.

    Toni 😀

  118. Keri says:

    Okay so I know this is really NOT what most people will be dying for, but for anyone out there who likes punk/rock & roll babywear, try (or even the regular stores in the mall). They carry a lot of baby onesies and their t-shirts often come in child sizes too. I can’t even walk past it in the mall because my son (who is 7) always wants to go in there and his grandmother is already complaining that every shirt he owns has skulls on it. 🙂

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