We have lots of girls’ clothing tutorials to share with you later in the month, but luckily we found some great boys’ clothing tutorials too. It can be tough to find a good tutorial for great boy clothes, don’t you think? Here are some of our favorites:

Chef’s Apron
This darling chef’s apron tutorial would definitely work for either a boy or girl. We love Mary Beth’s blog Supafine! and all of her creative sewing, so much so we’ve featured her before on the blog. Those featured maternity shirts have given way to a cute little boy, joining big brother and bringing lots more for Mary Beth to add to her blog with her customary (fantastic) wit and writing. Mary Beth notes that the photo with the pattern shows it with one layer of fabric, not two, and with a looped neck strap instead of neck straps that tie. Be sure to visit Supafine!
Easy Kid Pants
Kathreen’s tutorial for easy kid pants really is just that… Easy. Her post starts out: “I am always being asked how I can whip up 20 kids pants in a day. It’s easy I say. They say, ‘I could never do it.’ I say anyone can…” Kathreen doesn’t update Handy Home Projects anymore (the site with the tutorial from 2005) but you likely know Kathreen from her current blog home, whipup.net.
Easy T-Shirt Pants
Whitney was inspired by Kathreen’s tutorial and a tiny happy post. She shows how to make some easy kids’ pants out of old t-shirts. Visit her tutorial here. Whitney and Heather’s blog, Rookie Moms, has the tagline: Two geeky girls’ guide to the first year of motherhood. Visit and enjoy!
Super Cape
We doubt there’s a boy (or girl) around who wouldn’t love their very own cape. Kate created this cape tutorial when she made one for her boy’s new dress-up collection. Kate writes, “I blog about my craftiness (mostly quilting) when I’m not chasing after a mischievous two-year-old. Sometimes, the blogging is sparse and the chasing is frequent!” Visit the gateway to Kate’s blog, custom quilt orders and Etsy shop at KC Quilts.
Freezer Paper Stencils
Amy from Angry Chicken always has the answers to children’s clothing. This is one of our favorite, easy tutorials for freezer paper stencils. The sky’s the limit with plain shirts, freezer paper, fabric paint and a little inspiration. Be sure to check out the comments for suggestions about good sources for inexpensive tees. Amy really doesn’t need introduction, of course. You’ve checked out Bend the Rules Sewing by now, right?, and you likely enjoy all of her amazing work and words over at Angry Chicken. Then there’s the mail order, KingPod shop, Tie One On… We love all of Amy’s ideas and creations!
Bandana Pants
These bandana pants are cute, easy to make and cost-effective too! Stefanie created a fun and easy-to-follow bandana pant tutorial; she says they can be made in about fifteen minutes. Visit Blue Yonder, Stefanie’s blog, for her world of crafting, “mama life,” homeschooling and more.
Dishtowel Apron
Boys need cute little aprons for all of the cooking help and art projects in their days. Here’s another great tutorial for an apron. Randi’s dishtowel apron tutorial makes it fun to grab a favorite dishtowel, add some bias tape and create a few for the kids in your life. Visit Randi’s blog, i have to say…, for more tutorials, Etsy shop goodies, lots of great links to blogland finds and more.

So… Whip up twenty or so pairs of pants (!), start stenciling, add a cape and an apron or two and you’ve got yourself a fantastic “boy” wardrobe. Let us know in the comments if we missed a great tutorial good for the boys in our lives. There are also lots of great patterns for boys (or suitable for both boys and girls) in the shop. In addition to the Baby Overalls pattern (reviewed so nicely by Christie) and the Little Jammies (don’t forget Katie’s great review), we have: baby jackets, a whole collection of Favorite Things Baby Stuff, hooded jackets (review coming soon!) and some cute little vests.

You could also always make a few patchwork scarves for your favorite little guy (and for our sew-along!).