Free Fabric Friday and Scarf

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Did you see Beth’s excellent patchwork scarf tutorial? We do hope you’ll sew along with us. Here is my version. My girly girl has been in love with the Barefoot Roses group since it came into the shop, so I used this for her scarf.

patchwork side of scarf

As others have mentioned, this would be a great stash-busting project. We hope you use it as an opportunity to try out embroidery, applique, quilting, gocco, or any other skills you’d like to practice. When you’re done, please share it with our photo pool. (There are already a few beauties in there, so go take a look!)

reverse side

Also in case you missed it, you should check out Katie’s terrific review of the Little Jammies pattern.

Comment anywhere in the blog between now and Monday morning to be entered into the pool from which we select five people to win 1 yard of fabric ($9.10 or less). Happy sewing!

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154 Responses to Free Fabric Friday and Scarf

  1. What a great scarf especially since the weather is starting to change!

  2. Kate says:

    Love the patchwork scarf tutorial from the 5th and your version is super cute! This is a great project for my 2nd grader to work on!

  3. Chandra says:

    Love this idea–gorgeous!

  4. javede says:

    That scarf looks great! Have to search through my left-overs now!!!

  5. Mel says:

    I love those scarves. What a great way to use all those tiny pieces of fabric I can’t seem to part with!!

  6. Kari says:

    Cute scarf!

  7. Colleen says:

    Great scarves! I can’t wait to give it a shot myself!

  8. anna says:

    Wow, so many comments. This is a fantastic idea for burning through some stash. Too bad it doesn’t get cold enough here for scarves.

  9. Lynne S says:

    The scarf is beautiful!
    Now i can put my scraps to use!

  10. wayfarer says:

    What a great idea for a scarf!

  11. Mika says:

    I love how scrappy the scarf is and how fresh the colors are. A lot of storebought scarves are kinda boring–one color or one pattern.

  12. KBG says:

    So many ideas, so little free time for sewing.

  13. Sandy says:

    That is a great way to use scraps – my daughter will love it! I also am lovin the barefoot roses fabric.

  14. Beth says:

    I just cut enough fabric to do 1 for my daughter and 1 for my neice. To fun.

  15. Katie B says:

    nice scarf! I love the fabric choices.

  16. Great project thanks. Just starting mine mow! Very inspiring- thanks again\-t

  17. Rita says:

    i never thought of a scarf made in patchwork but it’s a great idea!

  18. Carla says:

    I love the patchwork, and the shabby chic fabric!

  19. Gill says:

    My first visit to this blog, beautiful fabric and idea. Going off to explore the rest of the blog now. Thanks

  20. Angela says:

    Those scarves are just lovely — hmmn, I’m thinking Christmas present ideas!

  21. cj says:

    Cute scarf…..wonder if I have time……I’m still making bags……..LOL

  22. Amanda says:

    I love the scarf. It is added to my ever-growing list of projects I want to do!

  23. Tammy says:

    Both those scarves are adorable!!!

  24. Jane says:

    Lovely scarf…thinking Christmas gifts…hmmmm?

  25. Alisa says:

    Thanks for the great inspiration on your blog!

  26. That is the fanciest scarf I’ve seen! It looks great…makes me want to get my sewing machine out right now.

  27. Lori says:

    a patchwork scarf…never even thought of this before! great idea. thanks for the inspiration (as usual)!

  28. Kacy says:

    I loved the scarf tutorial! I made one yesterday for a friend who lives in Kansas (since I don’t have much use for one in FL!) and I was really excited about it. I took your advice and tried something new–embroidery. I used some pink embroidery thread and monogrammed one end of the scarf and added a little detail as well. I was pretty happy with it! Will post to the group 🙂

  29. Melissa says:

    What a great scarf! I cant wait to get started on mine.

  30. Sara says:

    Scarf is great! I like the sweater idea for the back. Good thinking!

  31. Deana Wells says:

    What an adorable scarf!! I love the fabrics you chose!

  32. Emily Moss says:

    Lovely scarf. I would love to make one just like it!

  33. Sarah G. says:

    The patchwork scarves are lovely! They’d make great Christmas gifts.

  34. Joanna says:

    Another response to making the scarf warmer…I backed mine (you can see it in the photo pool-the one with the butterflies) with cashmere from an old sweater. SUPER warm and cozy. You can also use a felted wool sweater-merino comes out pretty thin and easy to sew. If you don’t happen to have any old sweaters, you can purchase them for super cheap at your local Goodwill or thrift store. I got a cashmere sweater at our Thrift Town for $3.99!! I also used a layer of batting in between.

  35. brandy says:

    Pretty scarf and even more gorgeous girl! I’m gonna give this a try soon. I think my girls would love these!

  36. Christy says:

    Beautiful scarf! Think I’ll have to try one. 🙂

  37. DML says:

    I love the scarves but I live in Southern California and don’t have a winter: I get excited when the weather finally gets cool enough to wear jeans. I do want to try out patchwork / quilting, though.

  38. Tammy says:

    Beautiful scarves! I’m thinking Christmas gifts!

  39. katie says:

    I love that girly pink scarf! It’s esp. pretty on the model. =)

  40. kara says:

    Love the scarf!!!

  41. Kim says:

    I love the scarf!! We are trying them this weekend!
    Kim 🙂

  42. Joan says:

    A great project– I just love it.

  43. A pretty scarf for a pretty girl :o)

  44. carol says:

    Seeing this in a girl version makes me want to give it a go, the model and the scarf are adorable!

  45. Sabine says:

    Please enter me in your draw if you will send fabric to Canada. I love your blog!

    I am having a giveaway at my blog. The deadline to enter is September 15. There’s no need to read my blog to enter. The giveaway post will remain at the top until the drawing of the winners’ names.

  46. jessi says:

    Winter’s just around the corner and I’m loving these sewn scarves – must make!

  47. Amanda says:

    Those scarves are beautiful..On to my list to make!!

  48. Mika says:

    That scarf is great! I love the Barefoot Roses too. Very nice!

  49. Samantha says:

    Love the fabric you chose! I’m going to have to make one of these…

  50. Fun! fun! it turned out great!

  51. Alicia A. says:

    I HAVE to make one of these scarves. I just have to. : )

  52. Kristin says:

    Janice responds:
    Posted: September 7th, 2007 at 3:58 pm → Edit

    Shoot…sorry for the double post, but I wondered if you did yours at the same measurements as the tutorial?

    I did mine about 6 inches longer, but it is 8″ wide. If you look in the photo though, you can see that we folded it lengthwise, which I think is just fine and makes it warmer. For something lighter, you might want to make it narrower.

  53. Nicole says:

    What a cute scarf (and she looks so happy with it)!

  54. Emily says:

    I enjoyed the jammie pattern review. There’s little better than mom-made jammies.

  55. Pam says:

    That fabric is delicious!!!! and I just love the scarf model! what a cutie!!! And the scarf is very cute.

  56. Kristine says:

    The scarves are so cute! They’ll make for good “lazy” sewing day projects! I might make one my size…

  57. pen & purl says:

    Beautiful scarf! I love the patchwork look, but have yet to try it so maybe something like this would be a good project to start on…

  58. Tammi says:

    I won two weeks ago and it was fun! I am being so inspired by all the pics on the Flicker group- especially by the creative little boy clothes. I think boys are really difficult to sew for, because all the fabrics and patterns seem to be for girls, but there are folks out there making really cool boys clothes! (Did you see the rocket PJs? ) Thanks- I am off to make little pants for my nephew!

  59. Sally K. says:

    oooh. I have some of that fabric line, and wasn’t sure what to do with it. I think I now know!

  60. nova says:

    I think I must make one of these scarves. If not for myself, at least for my son!

  61. Geri says:

    Try Try Try again!

  62. anne says:

    Ooh, that’s a great scarf! I bet that’d be a great beginner project. (Perfect for me, a complete beginner.)

  63. So cute, the scarf and its owner. I will make one for me!

  64. kayla_d says:

    This kind of scarf is especially cozy with a fleece backing. It’s a great Christmas gift that can really be personalized for the recipient.

  65. MrsHaley says:

    I need all the practice I can get with my (very beginner) quilting skills. The scarf is just the right size to be not too daunting!!!!!!

  66. Laura says:

    As someone new to sewing, but a veteran knitter, it would never have occurred to me to *sew* a scarf. How cute! I’m going to have to try this!

  67. zannestar says:

    This is so sweet! Perfect for those scraps and cold little necks!

  68. karla says:

    very pretty, love your site and blog!
    keep up the good work!
    have a great weekend!!!

  69. Wendy says:

    It looks so cozy! I love the Barefoot Roses collection, too. I want to try a little bit of embroidery on linen for mine.

  70. melissa says:

    how darling—and simple enough for a beginner like me!

  71. Janice says:

    Shoot…sorry for the double post, but I wondered if you did yours at the same measurements as the tutorial?

  72. Janice says:

    Beautiful! I bet she is so thrilled 🙂

  73. I love the Barefoot Roses Scarf! My princess would really like one – and I would too!

  74. Laurie Stone says:

    It’s too hot here to ever wear a scarf! But wouldn’t it be great with some of that mink fabric? I’ll have to move north!

  75. kirsten says:

    way cute! i made a similar patchwork scarf a couple of weeks ago – too fun! more in the future for sure.

  76. Ashley says:

    I’ve got a grown-up version underway! Thanks for reminding me that I wanted to make one of these 🙂

  77. Lori says:

    What a cute idea! Looks like a great place to practice learning embroidery!

  78. veronica says:

    yeah for scraps!

  79. Kathryn says:

    I love the tiny little squares in your scarf, like mosaic tile with lovely little roses.

  80. Bridget says:

    Great scarf. I love the fabric selection.

  81. Alice says:

    I love the scarf and I can’t wait to see what other tutorials come up this month. I’m itching to sew from my daughter, but I’ve got to get through the stack of other sewing projects.

  82. Tuesday says:

    Okay, I LOVE scarfs, and I am SOOOOOOO looking forward to the cooler weather so that I can whip up a few more! Heck, why wait…I should whip one up now and then I”ll have them ready at JUST the right time (as in, as SOON as it’s cold LOL)

  83. Natalie says:

    What a great way to use up all those little pieces of scrap fabric. Chelsea’s idea of using silk and embroidery to make an adult-version of this scarf is inspiring! Thanks, Chelsea!

  84. Stefanie says:

    My goodness the free fabric Fridays have gotten popular! And your little one has GREAT tastes!

  85. Kristin says:

    Practicality question: how warm are these scarves? Because I live in Wisconsin, and it is freakin’ cold here.

    I used quilt batting in the middle, so I think it will be pretty warm. You could double-up the batting or use wool inside and cotton on the outside.

  86. april s says:

    the scarfs are such a cute idea! I so love the embroidery and applique – good job!

  87. Sheri K. says:

    I love the scarf idea, but wonder if my daughter would actually wear it. I guess if I made it and she wouldn’t I could just wait until next winter to try again. Perfect timing with the scarf tutorial though, I am trying to get projects done that can be used this winter, and this makes a great addition to my agenda. Thanks!

  88. dianne says:

    Ahhhh… another great idea for Christmas! Thanks!

  89. Beth H says:

    The patchwork scarf is so cute. I’m thinking of making a few for the kiddos up north, but unfortunately we won’t be able to partake…Florida winters aren’t quick scarf worthy…darn!!

  90. Lourdes Aleman says:

    I really want to make a patchwork scarf. I love the totutorial and especially the use of one color with different pattern fabrics.

  91. Erin says:

    These are really cute. Too bad we don’t live where it’s ever cool enough to wear scarves!

  92. Lisa says:

    That one looks so different from the red one!

  93. Zoe says:

    Wow – that is really a precious scarf! I love the patchwork detail that went into it! Beautiful.

  94. samantha says:

    beautiful scarf. i might do one this weekend!

  95. Amy in Georgia says:

    This scarf project looks to be exactly the right size for me. I don’t think we’ll even need to wait until it gets chilly to wear since I’m going to use light-weight cotton. Fun!

  96. gatorgirl says:

    Beautiful scarf!

  97. Sibyl says:

    Those scarves are darling. Might have to try one for the couple cool days we have here. I know my girly girl would love one in blue colors.


  98. I love how I can access my fabric scraps to make a scraf. With all my scraps I can make my kids at least two scraves each.

    By the way I really liked the review of Katie’s Little Jammies pattern….I feel brave enough to try it myself.

  99. AMY says:

    The scarf pattern is too cute. My little girls will love their scarves!!!

  100. Lesley says:

    So Cute!!! Lovely little gift idea for my niece…

  101. Beth Novak says:

    Forget the kids…I want one!

  102. heidi says:

    love the scarf!! making ones for my gals as we speak!

  103. beki says:

    I’m definitely going to make one of these scarves – fabulous!

  104. Shannon H. says:

    Oooh! Pick me!

    I’ll have to look into sewing up a scarf for my 3 year old…

  105. sharon says:

    both scarves are great! can’t decide whether to be inspired or intimidated. 🙂

  106. stacy says:

    Beautiful scarf!!! I wish it would get cooler here so I could start wearing some!

  107. meg says:

    one of these days (or months or years) I might just win.

  108. Linda says:

    A great tutorial, and looks wonderful in so many different fabrics.

  109. Mrs.Pear says:

    I have been so encouraged to get back to sewing lately!

    We have confirmed that the sewing machine survived the move when we mended a dress. So now I am eager to get back to it! And an extra yard of fabric would be put to good use!

  110. Megan says:

    I can’t wait to give the scarf a try! I need to find some boy-ish scraps in my bin for my son, though… Hmmm…maybe this is a good excuse to buy *more* fabric….

  111. meg says:

    I love the little patchwork scarf tutorial. Your version turned out great, and the recipient looks very pleased! Now let’s see if I remember this idea come Christmas. . .. 😉

  112. Phoebe says:

    Practicality question: how warm are these scarves? Because I live in Wisconsin, and it is freakin’ cold here. The scarves are super cute, but I’m just not convinced that a scarf made of cotton fabrics will be very warm (yes, I could use wool fabric, but then it would sort of clash with whatever jacket I’m wearing–it would look especially odd with my puffy North Face jacket, no?). I generally need big thick wooly knit scarves to keep warm.

  113. Linda Lehn says:

    Very cute! I love these fabrics as well! I have some scarf ideas boiling around in my head, but not sure I have time to complete them, LOL.

  114. Jill says:

    Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Barefoot Roses! Oh my gosh! I love those colors!

  115. Liz says:

    What a great way to use up some scraps! I am definitely going to give it a go. Yours turned out beautiful!

  116. Emily says:

    She looks so cute and trendy with her new scarf!

  117. Heather says:

    I’ve started my scarves (two boys = two scarves) and hope to have the pictures on the in the photo pool this weekend!!
    Speaking of the photo pool…..I LOVE the scarf with the tree applique!! Just darling…

  118. Chelsea says:

    I love how this design can be transformed in so many ways. Would look beautiful in silk with those old crazy quilt stitches — and quite sophisticated, perhaps as evening wear for adults? Thanks for the tutorial and inspiration!

  119. Oiyi says:

    The scarf is adorable. I need to make one!

  120. Karie says:

    Those scarfs are sooooo cute!! I just might have to make them for my 3 boys and all the nieces and nephews for christmas/birthdays… they are just wayyyy… too CUTE!

  121. Jessica says:

    I love the rosy fabric…so girly!

  122. Alicia says:

    I do have a slight obsession for pink – what a great idea to put it all together

  123. Heather says:

    The scarf is beautiful! If only I lived in a cooler climate.

  124. Vickie says:

    Very very girlie and lovely scarf…I’d like to make one for my girls too…but I am starting with the Britches and Bloomers pattern I recieved in the mail today! woohoo! I LOVE my fabrics from your store…you rock!

  125. Maxine says:

    What a great idea. They would make lovely presents for a few people I know!

  126. Risa says:

    Your scarf is beautiful. It looks like your daughter likes it too!

  127. Holly says:

    This would indeed be a great stash-busting project…and goodness knows I need some of those! I’m thinking sophisticated black and white…

  128. mj says:

    Oh fun scarves! My first sew mama sew order came this week. Now I just need to find time to sew it up!

  129. Sarah says:

    Very cute and cheerful scarf!

  130. Emilee says:

    Beautiful scarves! So much fun to make. Flannel would make these nice and cozy.

  131. Becky says:

    I love all the scarves. I have never sewn one before, just knitted. But this would be so fun to try.

  132. Lisa D. says:

    Pretty scarf! I love those fabrics too.

  133. Michelle says:

    Wow, that is gorgeous. It’s been hovering around 113 degrees here all week, and now that it’s finally only 97, I’m going to sew scarves all weekend.

  134. Concha says:

    Oh my, that scarf is fabulous! What an eye candy!! I want to make one for myself too 🙂

  135. Jeannine says:

    Those are adorable. My son is a bit young for a scarf (2) but I would love to make one for when he gets older.

  136. Kathleen says:

    Oh the scarf os really beautiful in that fabric! I love it!

  137. Shelly says:

    I love those little girl scarves – they are terrific!!!!

  138. Nikko says:

    The scarf turned out so great. Too bad we don’t have much need for scarves in Texas. I’ll have to make one, anyway, to use up scraps if for no other reason!

  139. Christy says:

    What a great way to use up remnants!

  140. Sara says:

    those scarves are cute. there’s a pattern for one in the denyse schmidt book that i was planning to make someday. but i must say–i’m a knitter and crocheter and it almost seems like sacrilege to *sew* a scarf.

  141. Kate says:

    I’ve already started my scrappy scarf and will finish it sometime next week. It’s sharing my brain with too many other projects!

  142. D says:

    I am going to try again.

  143. Lynn says:

    Your little girl is adorable. I may have to make an adult sized one for myself! Now just to pick the fabrics….

  144. sarah says:

    Can’t wait for more kid’s tutorials!

  145. Shelley says:

    What a cute scarf! Bet your daughter loves it. I may have to make a few of these for gifties!

  146. Jill says:

    Thanks for passing along that tutorial…it seems like a great thing for those of us who are, um, fabric pattern/color coordinating impaired!

  147. Johanna I. says:

    Please pick me. Love the blog!

  148. Joanna says:

    I had a lot of fun making the patchwork scarf and can’t wait to make more! Thanks for the great tutorial, Beth! You can check out my scarf in the Flickr pool or on my blog. I am looking forward to the next project!

  149. Valerie says:

    Ooh, pick me, pick me! Um, pretty please…

  150. Jessi says:

    I think the scarf is terrific. And I am definitely saving the idea for a later date since I have my hands full with curtains for the new apartment right now (Link to curtain progress: )

  151. Lisa says:

    It is amazing how different a pattern can look with a change of fabric. I like the idea of the patchwork scarf, but LOVE the girly look of yours. One just needs to open the mind to the possibilities, right?

  152. Christina says:

    Oh, what a lovely romantic scarf you made! You have totally inspired me:) I’m definitely going to try this scarf out as soon as I’ve finished my master’s dissertation…..another 7 days:( I might make one for my 10 year old little sister and one for my 7 year old niece as I have a lot of scraps which I believe would work great on this project. But I should really finish a baby quilt I’ve started as well and….I only have 3 weeks until I move to another country. Gosh, what I am doing? I should be packing/writing not thinking about various crafty things to do;)

    All the best,

  153. meowy says:

    Those are the cutest scarves! I think I need to make some for my brother’s kids. Keep them warm and snuggly through the winter. I love that fabric in the one the little girl in the striped shirt models, looks like pillow case fabric (which is good! I love printed pillow cases hehe)

  154. Helen says:

    These scarves are just beautiful. I’m definitely making one for my little girl!

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