Free Fabric Friday; Kids’ Clothes Month; Halloween

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Can you believe it?  Kids’ Clothes Month is just about over!  We hope you’ve been motivated to get some sewing done for the little ones in your life. Next week Beth will be back with some highlights from the Kids’ Clothes Photo Group. In the mean time, please comment in any of this month’s posts for your chance to win 1 yard of free fabric ($9.10 or less.) We’ll announce the 5 winners on Monday.

  • Little Jammies Pattern Review
  • Patchwork Scarf Tutorial
  • Baby Overalls Pattern Review
  • Boys’ Clothes Tutorial Round-Up
  • Britches & Bloomers Pattern Review
  • Little Hip Skirts Pattern Review
  • Patchwork Scarf Sew-Along Feature
  • Little Hooded Jacket Pattern Review
  • Girls’ Clothes Tutorial Round-Up
  • Tips for Modifying Pants Patterns
  • Handmade Halloween When you’re done, head on over to our new photo pool, Handmade Halloween.  Show us your home-sewn costumes and Halloween decor from this year (if you’re on the ball) or years past.   We can’t wait to see what you’ve made! If you need inspiration in the form of fabric, we’ve pulled together a fun collection of Halloween prints in the shop.

    Have a great weekend!

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    85 Responses to Free Fabric Friday; Kids’ Clothes Month; Halloween

    1. Morgan says:

      Oh la la! Count me in! xoox

    2. Tamara says:

      I cannot believe the month is over either. I did not get anything sewing accomplished. Well, I certainly know where to come for inspiration!

    3. Camille Wilson says:

      I just love looking at all the talent, and fun, FUN ideas!!

    4. Angela says:

      Oooh…Halloween! What fun. Thanks so much for all the great Kid’s Clothing Month items!

    5. Anne says:

      Love your blog! Great ideas and I can’t wait to get sewing!

      Anne in SC

    6. Loved the jammie pattern tutorial. Thanks!

    7. Robyn says:

      Oh, there are some wonderful projects in the Kids Clothes Photo Gallery. Wonderful ideas!

    8. Beth says:

      My guy is a bit too small to trick or treat but I may still have to make him a costume. Look at this inspiration!

    9. Leah W. says:

      Thanks for all the tutorials. I love seeing all of the beautiful creations on Flickr!

    10. What a great month…….so many great ideas….such inspiriation

    11. Alisa says:

      I’ve enjoyed your kids clothes month! The pattern reviews were great, as were the blog links.

    12. Coralee says:

      too much fun for words!!!

    13. kara says:

      Thanks for the girls clothes tutorial lineup! There are so many great things that I can’t wait to try!

    14. Becca says:

      I do not have my own children yet, but as I’m learning to sew I’m very excited to make some things for my niece. 🙂 It has been so fun this month to gather ideas for her through your blog. Thanks for the inspiration!

    15. Megan says:

      Very cool website! I’m trying to carve out a little sewing time (and sewing space!) while living with a 2 year old and 9 month old and a husband who works a lot. I’m excited to find such a great resource for making kids’ clothes!

    16. Tammi says:

      The Kids’ clothes month has been my favorite “theme” month. I am going to try several of the patterns and tutorials you have blogged about this month. Thanks for all the inspiration!

    17. Kahne says:

      I have never actually gotten around to making costumes, and this year we’ll be visiting Russia over Halloween so no trick-or-treating for us!

    18. Gosh, where did the month go! I had the intention of sharing so much more, but this month just flew by. Lots sewn up, but no pics. 🙁 It is hard for me to get my girl to take pics now that school has started though. She has no time for me and my silly picture taking! 🙂

      I loved looking at everything that was made and put up in the flickr group though–so many lovely creations!

      I hope you all will do this again. For me, every month is kid’s clothes month! 🙂


    19. jessi says:

      I love what i just got from you – and I’d love to have a yard more of something! Happy friday!

    20. Oiyi says:

      I can’t wait until my baby arrives into this world, so I can start making her all these cute clothes and accessories.

    21. Georgi P. says:

      Thanks for the Theme months and the opportunity to share our stuff.

    22. Karen says:

      Thank you for doing what you do. :o)

    23. sarah says:

      I am gonna make a smocket for my little one soon!

    24. Sally K. says:

      You’ve got lots of great stuff to ogle at through all these tutorials!

    25. Emily says:

      I love sewing for my daughter, I will have to try out some of your tutorials from your list! I am fairly new to blogging, so I love this site and it’s one of my favorites!!! Em

    26. Shelly says:

      Thanks for another great theme month!!!!

    27. Kathy says:

      I like the topic! Thank you for the reviews and the links!

    28. Emilee says:

      So many cute tutorials! Thank you so much.

    29. Libby says:

      Thanks for the tutorial round up! Never would I have been able to find all of the those lovely ideas out there in bloggyland. Cute, cute stuff.

    30. meowy says:

      Finished my scarf, made it about 7 inches longer than the kid’s pattern. It’s nice and warm. Waiting till it’s actually cold out before I decide placement of the velcro to keep it latched around my mouth/nose 🙂 Now to get photos of it hehe

    31. Crystal says:

      Man, I just found this website this week…. And I am already in love! Thank you,thank you for everything on this site. I have seen so many things I want to try, and learned a lot!

    32. Love those hints on modifying pants patterns!

    33. Joanne says:

      wow ai better hop on the costume making train and get to work fast. Four daughters four costumes my nights will be busy. Love all the tutorials, I could really use some fabric to make one of them with!

    34. Carolyn says:

      Thanks for hosting this forum for sharing crafty inspiration.

    35. stacy says:

      I can’t wait to see the highlights from the children’s clothes – and I’m even more excited about the Halloween costumes… it’s definitely one of my favorite holidays.

    36. Sara says:

      What great tutorials this month! It’s been so much fun.

    37. Leah says:

      I’ve loved all the kids’ clothes stuff this month and cannot wait for Halloween next month – my favorite holiday. Thanks also for putting together the Halloween fabrics.

    38. Nada Jones says:

      woohoo! Halloween!

    39. Mellissa says:

      This month was great! I loved all of the reviews and tutorials. Thanks.

    40. Geri says:

      love all the kids clothes!!!

    41. cass says:

      is there anything cuter than baby overalls???

    42. earthchick says:

      It’s so inspiring to see these Flickr groups. I’m looking forward to see what people are up to for Halloween!

    43. dianne says:

      Loved this month – thanks!

    44. Sarah says:

      What a fun month! Thanks for all the inspiration!

    45. Carol Ryan says:

      I would love to create a piece of clothing from your stash!! Please enter me. Carol r

    46. Andrea says:

      I have really enjoyed kids clothes month. I have been very inspired. Some of the clothes are just beautifull. I really wish I could find more unique boys patterns out there for sale though.

    47. Pam says:

      I really need to make the jammies for my granddaughter… they are very cute and look rather easy to make. Thanks for sharing the info!

    48. Emily says:

      I really enjoyed Kids Clothes Month. I had a lot more projects I was hoping to get done, but I’m pleased with what I accomplished. I got lots of great ideas from the Kids Clothes Month Flickr group that will be included in next month’s sewing goals.

    49. Jeannine says:

      I have to got a move on with my son’s Halloween costume! Oh well, I guess that means I get to go shopping this weekend!

    50. Deana Wells says:

      I made my son a magician’s cape one year for halloween. I’m excited to see all the creative costumes over the next month!

    51. Tuesday says:

      I live for free free friday 😉

    52. Joanna says:

      I’m starting on my kids’ costumes in my head…but until then, I’m making my son some flannel jammies from a McCall’s pattern I found in a thrift store. Hopefully I can squeeze some corduroy jumpers in for my daughter before the month ends. It went by so fast!!

    53. Risa says:

      I can’t believe it’s already time for Halloween!

    54. My son wants to dress up like Merlin and I am excited about trying to sew him his costume. I will have a back up, just in case.

    55. Kristine says:

      I can’t believe September is almost gone! Costumes are always exciting to see though!

    56. Mymsie says:

      I ♥ Free Fabric Friday!

    57. dottycookie says:

      Thank you for all the wonderful patterns and ideas this month – I shall be very busy!

    58. Lynn says:

      Oh how exciting! I’m looking forward to seeing halloween costumes!

    59. Shelley says:

      Thanks for all the great ideas!

    60. Chris says:

      I love the jammies pattern! My children love soft jammies, so I’m definitely going to give it a go!

    61. Natalie says:

      Love those cute little jammies! Anyone got a pattern for an adult version…LOL

    62. Michelle says:

      I just noticed all the *Christmas* decorations going up at some of the stores. Uh, guess I’d better get on the ball for Halloween, then, hmmm?

    63. Maxine says:

      There have been some great tutorials this month, plenty of inspiration!

    64. sharon says:

      what great kids clothes

    65. nang says:

      all these wonderful kids projects — so cute!

    66. veronica says:

      YAY for Halloween theme month!

    67. brandy says:

      So much inspiration!

    68. Alice says:

      The timing of the pants modifications was beyond perfect and so helpful. My friend and I had been sewing pants for our daughters and couldn’t figure out why they weren’t fitting properly (no ‘T’ in the pattern). I had no idea that’s what T meant – thought it meant ‘Toddler’ or ‘Tyke’.

      Thank you, perfect timing.

    69. sarahk says:

      No, the month can’t be almost over! I’ve still got more clothes to make!

    70. Tammy says:

      I seriously want to make the little hip skirts for my sisters, but we’ll see if they approve. They are older (9 and 11) and very fashion conscious. LOL

    71. Jill says:

      I posted a skirt on the flickr (Kids Clothes) group yesterday. Now I need more fabric – pick me!

    72. Johanna I. says:

      I guess I’m first. I could totally use the fabric – I’m starting on Christmas presents. Specifically, my mom has requested an Amy Butler bag. Thanks for all of these chances to win!

    73. andrea says:

      I was wondering if anyone has a mitten pattern that would work well with the patchwork scarf pattern. thanks!

    74. meg says:

      put my name in the hat!

    75. amelia dofelmier says:

      I just love all of the great ideas on this site. They are all so clever and adorable.

    76. Valerie says:

      I would LOVE some free fabric, who wouldn’t?! Your store has such a great selection, and I really enjoy ordering from you. Those extra touches like putting a button in the packaging, etc., really make it great!

    77. Sam. says:

      Ugh, I only wish I had the talent (and gumption) to sew kid’s clothes!

    78. Keri says:

      Wow – is the month already over?!!!!! Can’t wait to see some of the Halloween costumes. This year The Boy requested a skeleton costume he’d seen in a magazine, so I think my costume sewing days are over. But maybe the dog would like one………..hmmmm……..y’all gonna do something for pets? 🙂

    79. Heather says:

      I have really enjoyed the tutorials and themes. Thanks for all the work you put in! I can’t wait to see the crafty Halloween goodness.

    80. Mika says:

      No way I’m the first..But I LOVE all the tutorials this month. So much inspiration!

    81. Jessica says:

      I could sure use some free Halloween fabric!

    82. Shannon H. says:

      OMG! I so need to make some jammies for my girls. And Halloween costumes…And….

    83. erinmalia says:

      halloween is reason enough to have kids, especially if you sew. maybe the dog will have to do until then.

    84. Kim says:

      I love the kid’s clothes tutorials. They’re great.

    85. samantha says:

      i cant wait to try the little jammies pattern. the hip skirts is also something my daughter would love. i need to stock up fabric for the long cold winter sewing days. thanks for the reviews!

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