10 reasons to look forward to December on the SMS blog

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We know many of you are sad about Handmade Holidays coming to a close.  We’ve had fun too.  But rest assured, we still have a few tricks up our sleeves and lots of inspiration to share.  Here are 10 good reasons to stop by while you’re enjoying your morning coffee (or evening wine.  Or hey, your afternoon eggnog!)

10.  Be in-the-know about new fabric and patterns.  We have new collections arriving throughout December.

9.  Find out first about Sew,Mama,Sew! sales.

8.  We’ll post the Ultimate List of Stocking Stuffers for Crafters!

7.  Be inspired by amazing handmade gifts from all over blogland.

6.  Read highlights from our Handcrafters’ Holidays blog meme all month long.

5.  See photos of fantastic gift variations inspired by Handmade Holidays tutorials.

4.  Enjoy the feeling that you’re not alone in your handcrafted holiday frenzy; we’re all sewing away, hoping our gifts will be just right for loved ones.  (And on time.)

3.  Add your photos to the Sew,Mama,Sew!  photo pool for your chance to win a gift certificate to Sew,Mama,Sew! (and so we can “Ooooh” and “Aaaa” over your work!).

2.  Comment for your chance to win a $25 gift certificate to Sew,Mama,Sew!  That’s right, we’ll be continuing our gift certificate give-away, drawing 2 names every Friday from the previous week’s comments.

1.  And the number one reason?  More tutorials!  We couldn’t sleep well without telling you about a few fantastic tutorials we missed in November.  They are brilliant, so leave a little room on your project list!

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134 Responses to 10 reasons to look forward to December on the SMS blog

  1. WannyD says:

    I just found this blog via some long-winded route that started with Angry Chicken. I got my first sewing machine for Christmas, have gathered together all the scraps of material I can find for practice and am rearing to go. Just needed some inspiration and simple ideas to get me started. There’s so much in here. Brilliant of you to put it all together in one place. I can’t wait to start on baby blocks for my friend’s unborn baby and the cute little stuffed owls, but to be honest, I want to make everything in here. I forsee a small-fortune spent on more material and some frustrations and mistakes ahead, but if I can make some half-decent replicas of some of these ready for next Christmas, I’ll be very happy.

    Thank you very much for some beginners inspiration!! xx

  2. Johanna I. says:

    So many great ideas, so little time. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Amy says:

    I loved the handmade holidays feature. I eagerly looked forward to logging on for inspiration. I can’t wait to see what you will do in the future. You made me a faithful SMS blog reader!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this, I look so forward to this every morning, my little dose of inspiration, I don’t want it to ever end!

  5. Samantha says:

    These tutorials have been so much fun! I’m glad there will be more.

  6. Linda says:

    Thank you, thank you thank you! These creations and ideas have been wonderful!! I will truly miss this feature, but I look forward to what you creative ladies do next (no pressure! ; )

  7. Tessie says:

    Wow! I just discovered this site thru Stumble Upon. Very fun! Oh, I see so many things I want to make here! Thanks for a fun, useful, and inspiring website!

  8. Mary says:

    I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for November’s tut’s and ideas. You have made my Christmas project like so easy and fun. I have really enjoyed this month and look forward to everything coming up in December. THANKS!

  9. kim says:

    More???? WOW!!! I can’t wait!!!

  10. Lynn says:

    I can’t wait to see the new stuff! I have been delighted by the tutorials this month.

  11. Vickie says:

    I hated to see November end, but can’t wait for December! Sounds like lots more fun!

  12. Molly says:

    I can’t wait. I’m finishing my first mitten ornament and I hope I can figure out how to post a picture!! I plan on making a garland out of them, they are adorable.

  13. Heather says:

    I am so sad to see the tutorials go, but I know december will have more great things!

  14. So many nice ideas! Thanks for all!

  15. Lisa says:

    I just found this blog a couple weeks ago and I’m having so much fun with all these great ideas! Thank you so much for having this SMS blog. It’s really going to make gift giving (and making) a real treat this year. 🙂

  16. Sally says:

    This is the best crafting website! We are so lucky…..

  17. Michele says:

    You guys rock! I’m so happy that I found this Blog!

  18. Pearl says:

    Always good reason to drop in for inspiration and a fabric fix!

  19. Liz says:

    Not much could top the 30 days of tutorials, but I’m looking forward to what you all have planned.

  20. Concha says:

    You really do a GREAT job!!Thanks for making us feel warm and cozy 🙂

  21. Kathleen says:

    Yea! More goodies in December! I thought I was going to go through withdrawls without more tutorials — they’re almost addictive!

  22. Heather says:

    I have soo been loving this! I have owls flocking around my craft room (although my son swears they look more like pengiuns!!) and so many little treasures getting put together ….

  23. Jennie says:

    Just stumbled upon Sew Mama Sew and can’t wait to start handcrafting some lovely things to give (or keep?).

  24. Reethi says:

    Yay! I loved November’s tutorials, am excited about December.

  25. Lynne S says:

    Wow! sounds great!

  26. Leah says:

    Thank you so much for the tutorials! I’ve created a special folder for all of them and will be making several for gifts. I look forward to December’s posts as well.

  27. Susan says:

    I have absolutely loved November. You’ve inspired me with every single post!!

  28. phobiamom says:

    SMS rocks!

  29. Lisa says:

    This is a great blog & I visit everyday. You’ve really outdid yourself and the tutorials are to die for. I’m having so much fun exploring all these fantastic blogs.

  30. Jeannine says:

    Yay! More good stuff!

  31. LisaAlso says:

    Yeah! More cool things and inspiration to look forward to!!

  32. Krista says:

    You are right. I am sad the November fun is coming to a close. Thank you so much for all the hanmaking holiday inspirations. I’m hoping that 90% of my gifts given this year will be handmade by me 🙂 Thanks again!

  33. Amber says:

    You guys rock!! Thanks so much for this month – it was wonderful. I can’t wait to see all you have in store for December….

  34. sara says:

    Thank you for all the lovely tutorial links! I’ve got so many ideas and so little time to make all these wonderful gifts!

  35. Michelle says:

    Oh, alright, I’ll say goodbye to November. But only because you promised more wonderfulness to come! Thanks for all your hard work, putting together the tutorials and ideas. You all are fantastic.

  36. Samantha says:

    Thank you thank you THANK YOU!! This has been such a great treat and useful tool to have this past month. I can’t wait to see more tutorials.

  37. Kim says:

    Tutorials or not- Ill never stop reading your wonderful blog! Thanks for all the hard work you have put into this site. Its the best little sewing blog Ive come across. Keep up the good work girls (-:


  38. Kari says:

    Mmmmm… eggnog (or my favorite Silk soy nog, sounds gross but it is seriously good)

    Looks like you’ll have lots of goodies to check out while enjoying a cup of nog.

  39. Karla says:

    Thanks for such an inspirational November!
    I look forward to all that December has to offer.

  40. Violet says:

    Yay! I can’t wait!!


  41. Kathryn says:

    I really have enjoyed the hand made holidays tutorials. It’s been like getting a daily present of free patterns everyday for the month. Loads of inspiration, plus new and interesting blogs to read. Thank you so much for all the work you put into it. I hope you’ll do it again sometime.

  42. Janice says:

    Thanks for a great month! I know that was A LOT of work on your part!

  43. kathy says:

    That was so awesome! Thanks for all of the inspiration. I made several xmas/bday gifts in a snap. I’m definitely tuned in for December. 🙂

  44. Beth says:

    Hopefully I can get something done so that I can post them! Thanks again for all the great ideas

  45. Lynn says:

    hurray for more tutorials! Sounds like december will be fun too!

  46. Denny Peterson says:

    I love all the tutorials! I have now “met” so many creative and generous people! I printed out the ones I want to try. I’ve prioritized them in the order I want to go! I’ve even followed up and checked out other blogs and other tutorials and patterns and have gotten so inpired. I’m not much into housework anyway, so I can see that I won’t be running the vacuum or mop until Christmas Eve!!

    thanks so much for putting all of this together. I can’t wait to see what else you have for us in the weeks ahead.

    Happy Holidays,


  47. Gen says:

    I’ve recently started reading your blog and I love it, I just wanted to say thanks for all the great ideas and patterns you pass along

  48. Kristin says:

    Thank you so much for all the lovely links this month. I couldn’t wait until the next day to see what tutorial you’d be bringing us. Thanks very much.

  49. Cara says:

    This has just been too much fun and inspiration! Thanks so much for putting it all together. And guess what – I got gifted a free day – a WHOLE day to sew! WhooHoo! Can you guess what I’m making? Yep, Christmas presents!

  50. Heather B says:

    Yeah! More ideas to keep me crafting through the holidays. Now that’s a great gift!

  51. renee says:

    I’ve really enjoyed the tutorials and am now officially addicted to this website. Look forward to all the great stuff coming!

  52. andrea says:

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work and inspiration. You have helped me advance in the sewing world more than any other source and it is truly appreciated!

  53. Dede says:

    More tuts! More tuts! More tuts!
    Thanks and Happy Holidays to all you sewing mamas.

  54. Amanda H says:

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Tell me it’s not over….oh, wait! We’ve got today for the last tutorial 🙂 Phew! I have truly loved coming here everyday and checking out all of the new tutorials and ideas. So far I’ve managed to squeeze out an apron, 3 picnic placemats (placemat with holder for utensils) for 3 seperate people, 2 handbands and an elf clog. I can’t wait to start sewing my next little project.
    I have to say that as someone who was an occassional sewing, okay, so it was once a year in the summer for a parade (for the last 13 years), I have actually become excited about sewing and look forward to it, rather than dreading it.
    Thanks for all the inspiration!

  55. Stephanie says:

    I’ve really enjoyed the Handmade Holidays meme in November and look forward to seeing all the creations in December!

  56. Candace says:

    I love, love, love all the projects and can’t wait for what’s in store in December!

  57. Carrie says:

    I am so glad I found your site and have loved rushing to the computer everyday to see what’s new. I have found tons of projects that I am currently working on for christmas gifts. I was feeling sad about the handmade holidays ending, but am looking forward to what you have to offer in the future. You are now on my list of favorite blogs! Thank you for all the inspiration!!!

  58. amy w says:

    I am looking forward to it! I have really enjoyed reading your blog every day for inspiration!

  59. Elizabeth says:

    I have really loved all the tutorials. I am having each of my children make something for their friends! I love this site!

  60. Tina M. says:

    If it’s half as much fun as the month of tutorials has been, I’ll be delighted. 😀

  61. Looking forward to the new fabric collections!

  62. Heather says:

    Yippy skippy! more tutorials, what fun is that?!

  63. Amy says:

    Wow–thanks for the wonderful month of crafty ideas! We love you guys!

  64. Sigrid says:

    I really enjoyed the plethora of ideas and inspiration you brought us on this blog this month! Thank you very much! Sigrid from Germany.

  65. Naomi says:

    thanks for all your great ideas!

  66. Heather says:

    I’m so glad there’s more to come! I have been wondering what would come. I have so loved the ideas for this month!

  67. JenniferB says:

    I have really loved being able to get so many great ideas from so many talented crafters. I can’t wait to find out what the stocking stuffers will be! We are a farm family and on a very tight budget, so I am making most of our Christmas this year (including for my 5 step children and the 7 step-grandchildren) so ideas are very welcome!

  68. Grace says:

    I have so loved this past months tutorials. So many inspiratons. I can’t wait to get started on a whole bunch of stuff. Thank you so much for putting the time and effort into gathering all these tutorials in one place.

  69. Elaine says:

    OOOH! Can’t wait for December – I’ve certainly been enjoying the posts in November so much. Thanks for all of the work you’ve put into this!

  70. alison says:

    More to come in December! You have me dancing with glee! Thanks so much for the inspiration and ideas, I know I’ll keep referring back to the Handmade Holidays tutorials for birthday gifts throughout the year.

  71. Amy says:

    Thanks so much for all the hardwork in putting these tutorials together. I have loved logging on every day to see what new projects were posted. I am looking forward to seeing what surprises and posts December holds.

    Thanks again!

  72. Kerry says:

    I have so enjoyed checking in everyday to see the new tutorials, you do a marvelous job!

  73. Angie says:

    This has been such of a wonderful month. I’ve enjoyed each day coming here and seeing what new tutorials you guys have posted for us. I want to say “Thank You!” for all the work of finding all of these. I don’t think I will ever get crafter’s block again due to you guys. Thanks again!

  74. Shelly says:

    I can’t wait!!!!

  75. Darcy Shepard says:

    YAY! I was getting depressed that November’s month of fun was coming to a close – thanks for more to look forward to!

  76. Robin in New Jersey says:

    Looking forward to the stocking stuffer ideas.

  77. Joyful Abode says:

    I’ve really loved the handmade holidays feature here! It’s been a blast to check out all of the other blogs and their tutorials!

    If you haven’t already filled up with ideas for crafters’ stocking stuffers, please take a look at my handmade (cute patterned) bias tape at joyfulabode.etsy.com . Definitely a great gift for sewers and quilters, and the perfect size to stuff stockings.

  78. Rebecca says:

    I was one of those sad ones-knowing that the Handmade Holidays was coming to a close. I look forward to see what else you might have in store! Wa HOO! Does the fun ever end?!

  79. Kirsten says:

    Started 2 sets of oven mitts last night from your tutorial and finished 2 totes. I feel like Santa’s workshop and I love it! Oh, and a shipment of your fabric arrived yesterday afternoon, just in time. I love it…always so exciting when the dog barks and I look through the front window to see the mailman holding up a UPS package, waving it back and forth. I think he likes my excitement too.

  80. Natalie says:

    It’s been an inspiring-whirlwind and I will be back for more!

  81. Brandy says:

    I love the tutorials! I have been so inspired by the handmade holiday postings…sad it’s coming to end but excited to see what is coming!! B.

  82. Lauren S. says:

    i am pretty sure i will be back in Dec, as i already have the blog programmed into my day.

  83. Jenny says:

    Thank good ness you have more to share. I just LOVE getting more ideas!

  84. Toni says:

    I can’t even remember where I learned about this blog – but I LOVE it! I’ve even been getting up early to see what you have in store for us today. Now I just wish I had more time to try out all the wonderful ideas. Thanks blogland – thanks SMS!!!! You’ve got a hooked reader and a new customer!!!!

  85. Maxine says:

    Thank you so much for all the tutorials, they’ve been great and provided me with so much inspiration. Friends and family really do appreciate receiving something that’s been lovingly handmade for them. X

  86. Mary says:

    I’ve been sewing for a long time-longer than I’ll admit! This series has captured me in such a great way. I’ve rediscovered how FUN it is to sew simple pretty things. I used the tutorials as a jumping off spot and ended up creating my own designs for lunch bags, aprons and more! And I’ve tried to spread the joy with my neices who are young Mamas themselves. Thanks for a fun month! Keep up the great work! Mary

  87. missy says:

    I have absolutely LOVED looking at and studying these tutorials and projects! How fun! I’m hoping to make AT LEAST a couple of these wonderful things! Thanks so much!

  88. Maria says:

    Thanks for inspiration, again!

  89. Yippee!!! I am so looking forward to December!

    Thanks for the continued inspiration!

    With friendship,

  90. Lynne says:

    Thanks for all the tutorials such great ideas!

  91. Kerri says:

    This is the best month ever on SMS. A daily inspiration! Thank you~~

  92. Antoinette says:

    This has been just the best crafting month! It’s so inspired and inspiring. The tutorials this month have been brilliant and I’m on my way to building a lovely little collection of handmade gifts for Christmas – totes, bags, crayon rolls, 2 Ruby dolls, hair accessories, pillows…Oh my goodness, for once I’m actually getting organised for Christmas ahead of time! What a wonderfully generous bunch the crafting community is. Thankyou so much for all your great ideas!

  93. Teddi says:

    Thank you so much! I was getting sad to see all the great daily tutorials come to an end – now there’s more fun to look forward to…thanks for keeping us inspired and busy!

  94. Jennifer H. says:

    Yeh!!! The fun won’t end, I was seriously sad today as I realized only a few more days existed for this months theme. I have loved looking everyday, and have made a few things so far. Thanks!

  95. Christy says:

    I have picked through, and printed several of the different tutorials you linked us up to over the last few weeks, created a fun notebook for reference, and found some wonderful crafters out there to keep up with! All this is thanks to your efforts, I stumbled on to your sight via Bloglines (ugh, but grateful just the same) and am glad to have found y’all! I live east of Salem, and it was a couple of weeks into the Handmade for the Holidays, before I realized y’all were outta Beaverton! Now, I will have to come check things out for sure! Thanks again for all our your efforts !

  96. Marta says:

    I am SO glad that you are continuing some tutorials into December. I check your site every day now, and I was sad that they were ending tomorrow.
    I’ve been trying many of the items you have showcased, and thanks to you, I am having a completely handmade holiday. (A first for me!)
    Thanks again for your great ideas and beautiful site.

  97. Jenna says:

    i have been so inspired by your tutorials and crafty goodness! i had to laugh when you wrote, “morning coffee or evening wine” because those are the two things i am usually drinking when i read your blog. too funny. and i can’t wait to see what else you have up your sleeve! 🙂

  98. hensteeth says:

    You are my favorite sewing room buddy. I appreciate all you do.

  99. Erika says:

    Please leave these tutorials up forever. They are so inspiring and something I hope to reference well into the future! Thank you so much for the handmade love.

  100. Lisa Clarke says:

    You totally sucked me in. I only got up to #9 before I was in the shop spending money. Can’t wait for my fabric to arrive – I am so looking forward to making my Santa skirt 🙂

  101. Sara says:

    I have so appreciated your handmade holidays blog. I stumbled onto your blog thru craftzine.com and I have fouind a world I didn’t know existed, Yippeeeeeeeeeeee!!

    I’m looking forward to delivering handmade holidays to all my family and friends. Thank you!

  102. Nancy says:

    The tutorials this month have been fantastic and a real motivator for me to get the sewing machine back in action! Thanks so much. Looking forward to seeing what you have in store for December.
    Eggnog anyone?


  103. Christie says:

    you guys are so geat!

  104. Serena says:

    I’ll definitely be checking in!

  105. Amy says:

    A huge thank you for this wonderful month of ideas. They’ll keep me busy long after the holidays! I’m looking forward to your December inspirations.

  106. Amy says:

    I may have found this site due to the Handmade Holidays, but I think it is a keeper!

  107. TheBon says:

    I have loved the tutorials every day, especially the recommended fabrics at the very bottom. I’m looking forward to see what December brings!

  108. Yvonne says:

    Looking forward to more inspirational ideas from your blog! I will be posting photos tonight of the cute ribbon headband I made for my daughter. It was so easy!!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Yvonne :o)

  109. Eva says:

    wohoo! i’ll definitely keep on checking back… i put your site as one of my favorite links 😉

  110. I’m so glad I found this blog. The tutorials are amazing! I have already made about six crayon rolls. We gave one as a birthday present today along with a journal and all the kids ooooohhhed and aaaaahhhhed over the crayon roll. I can’t wait to try some of the others!

  111. Alissa says:

    I was disappointed when I got an error when trying to log on this morning. I realized I’ve attained some sort of addiction to looking at other people’s ideas and handiwork. The good news is, when I couldn’t log on, I went to work and finished a toddler belt from one of the earlier tutorials you posted. Thanks for all the fun ideas!

  112. sharon says:

    i never doubt for a moment that there’ll be a reason to check in

  113. Libby says:

    That’s fantastic. I have my eye on some of your material for future projects and I can’t wait to see what new fabric you bring in.

  114. melissa says:

    HOORAY!!!! oh geez, this has become an obsession. but a REALLY good one. i’m actually making lists, gathering supplies, and CHECKING THINGS OFF! and they are great. thanks for the inspiration, motivation, how-to’s and more!

  115. Kensie says:

    I have loved everything you guys have come up with, can’t wait for some more!!!

  116. Avlor says:

    Cool! I loved reading the Handmade Holidays. Looking forward to what December holds. 😉

  117. Beth Workman says:

    Awww… this is going to end? You’ve turned me into a blog junkie, and gotten me sewing up a storm! Thanks for this great collection of information. I’m really proud of what I have accomplished (and will!) for my all handmade gifts. I will continue to be a daily reader.

  118. Tricia says:

    So many great reasons!

  119. AGM says:

    Yours is the one I look forward to most each day! LOVE the tutorials. I keep telling myself to get OFF the computer, and start DOING them.

  120. Amy says:

    Sewing tutorials and eggnog; life doesn’t get much better 🙂

  121. Pamela says:

    What a treasure Handmade Holidays has been! Looking forward to the extra tutorials in December. Thanks for sharing such neat sources of inspiration.

  122. Coralee says:

    sounds like a lot of Blog love is still come!

  123. kara says:

    Great! I check daily to see what I need to add to my sewing list!! Glad to hear there are more tutorials on the way!

  124. Delaina says:

    Thank you for all your hard working – cheers to you all!

  125. Kirstie says:

    I’ve really been enjoying all the wonderful ideas and inspiration. I’ll be sticking around for a while!

  126. Margaret says:

    Yea!! So exciting to hear there will be even more inspiration and tutorials. Thanks for all the wonderful work you do.

  127. Joy says:

    Still so much to look forward to! Wow!

  128. Shelley says:

    This has been such a fun month to check in here everyday! I have really enjoyed it.

  129. Megan H says:

    YEA for tutorials!!! Thanks for the ideas.

  130. Sam. says:

    Just a quick thanks for all the holiday gift making inspiration ladies!

  131. laurie says:

    I’ve enjoyed your tutorials and getting to know more people in blogland.

  132. Monique says:

    Wow you have a lot planned! Can’t wait to read the feeds on those upcoming posts! Keep up the inspiration and information!

  133. Laurie says:

    Each morning, I breathlessly log on to find oodles of projects for my itchy fingers. Must it end in December??? Keep the inspiration insanity coming!! Log on, crafters! LOG ON!

  134. Megan says:

    I’ve been so inspired by the tutorials you’ve posted! Glad to know there are a few more to come, even in December.

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