Fantastic new fabric for your projects!

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Sorry to interrupt our regular holiday programming, but I have to tell you about some amazing new fabric….

Admittedly, Lauren and I get giddy any time the UPS guy drives up, but this time we were actually counting the days until our order arrived.

AH just released a new collection, Fashion for the Home. As the name implies, it is home-dec weight cotton, which they are calling “oxford” but feels to me more like denim. It is 8.7 oz per square yard, which is nice and sturdy, but not too, too heavy. It is 45″ wide. This fabric would be absolutely perfect for grocery totes! (They’re on your to-make list, right?) It would also be wonderful for winter-weight skirts, pillows, pot holders, placemats, aprons…oh, just about anything! And just check out the prints–fabulous is all I can say. If you are making something that requires a fabric a little heavier than quilt-weight cotton, this is a wonderful option.

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60 Responses to Fantastic new fabric for your projects!

  1. Celeste says:

    Wow! I can already picture tote bags in my closet! 🙂

  2. Debbie says:

    Do you recommend a tote bag pattern?

  3. Samantha says:

    I love those fabrics! I can’t wait to get some. I can see some great totebags in those fabrics.

  4. Susan says:

    Just beautiful, want to get my hands on some of these.

  5. Kris says:

    Oh the fabric on the chair is just to die for!

  6. Natalie says:

    So hard to pick one. I love them all!

  7. Claudia~L says:

    what great fabric – i also love the green.

  8. Heather says:


  9. emily says:

    Oh man. I want to do my whole house!

  10. natasha roe says:

    just adorable!! I cant wait to make some bags out of that goodness!

  11. Samantha says:

    Awesome florals!

  12. Sandy says:

    Perfect for tote bags and door stops!

  13. Julia D says:


  14. Mette says:

    Wow, great fabric!

  15. Kensie says:

    Oh wow, those are beautiful!!!!!

  16. Georgiann says:

    Wow! I spent yesterday at 3 fabric shops looking for just the right fabric for new curtains for my bathroom. And there it is on that chair! Just what I was looking for!

  17. Lauren S. says:

    the fabric on the chair makes it look like a million bucks!

  18. Kati says:

    Any recommendations for a skirt pattern for this wonderful new fabric?

  19. meredith says:

    I am in love with these fabrics. I was just thinking last night that I need to make grocery bags – the green is perfect!

  20. lesley says:

    I love the prints! and love AH! Can’t wait to see the projects made with these!

  21. Jane says:

    Seriously?? I just committed to finishing the projects for which I already have fabric!! And I am loving making grocery totes right now!! I will have to get sewing so I can order some more fun fabrics!!

  22. marcia says:

    Ohh! These new fabrics are totally inspirational! What do I order first??? What do I make first?

  23. Michele says:

    I love the prints!

  24. ainhoa says:

    I love all of them!!!

  25. Love it! Very bold.

  26. Lynne in NC says:

    Wow! this is the perfect fabric for my teenage niece’s new room. Especially the black and whites. Bed pillows, floor pillows, accessories. Thanks!

  27. Michele C says:

    I love the black and white graphics. I’ve been looking for that for some home dec projects.

  28. carol says:

    I can imagine the UPS man’s fright as he approaches the door.
    Gorgeous fabric!

  29. Laurel Lyon says:

    I wonder if this would work for a 1950s skirt suit? I just got a pattern…

  30. Linn says:

    ah, just lovely….

  31. Helen says:

    Those new fabrics are beautiful! Something to add to the wish list 🙂

  32. Becca says:

    That chair is gorgeous! All of the fabric is beautiful! Making a list of new projects…

  33. Leigh says:

    oh ah! I just found your blog and it is fabulous. The fabrics are great!

  34. Lindsay says:

    Beautiful! And I love it when there are things that ‘match’.

  35. Katie Hoefle says:

    These are gorgeous!!!

  36. Kristine says:

    I love love love Alexander Henry fabrics! Wheee!!

  37. Shelley says:

    Thanks for the heads up – those new fabrics are must haves!

  38. OMGOSH – It’s LOVE at FIRST SIGHT – This is definitely on my list!!

  39. Teddi says:

    the black and white prints are yummy!

  40. Serena says:

    I want that chair! It’s gorgeous!

  41. Coralee says:

    oh my goodness! this would be perfect to recover my couch with!!!

  42. kim says:

    what a great chair! Would rock in the stripes too I bet

  43. Kathleen says:

    I saw Noguchi this morning and wondered where it came from. Now I know!

  44. oooooh, i want that chair in my house!!!!!

  45. Libby says:

    These are great. Wonderful colors and design.

  46. melissa says:

    i was just dreaming up some black and white prints…and there they are! perfect…

  47. Joy says:

    Yippee how wonderful!!! I do love Alexander Henry prints!

  48. emily says:

    ooohhh . . . i love all of them!

  49. Shelly says:

    I love it!!!!

  50. Beth Workman says:

    When I was a kid, we had a couch covered with fabric just like the orange and brown floral. It was my favorite spot in the house. When my parents ditched it, I protested and sat on it while it was out on the curb!!! I don’t know if I’d cover a couch with it now, but I may have to get some just for nostalgia sake.

  51. irene says:

    Yay! It’s here, I was looking for it the other day when I heard you guys were getting some. Now, I can order some of my own. Thank you!

  52. Amy M. says:

    These fabrics are fantastic! I’ve been looking for just the right fabric for potholders, and I think I found it. I’m so excited!!

  53. Amber says:

    I just love the green – really pretty!

  54. Amy says:

    Oh, that’s amazing….all I can think is new purse!

  55. jenclair says:

    So bright and cheerful! They would, as Rose, mentions, make great grocery bags–a project that is on my “to do” list!

  56. That would make great material for grocery bags! Love the black and white prints.

  57. Stefanie says:

    Oh it all looks so pretty!

  58. beki says:

    OMG, I LOVE those! I love working with that weight of fabric, especially for bags.

  59. Cheyenne says:

    I just had to gasp when I saw that chair! Stunning!

  60. Holly says:

    Wow I love the green!

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