November 10 ~ Ties & Belts

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Take a look at these great tie and belt tutorials, then close your eyes and think about fabric options. Doesn’t your mind boggle with the possibilities? Forget “plain,” “brown leather,” “stuffy” or any other thoughts old belts and ties bring to mind. Create special wardrobe additions this year for your loved ones! Start with ties and belts!
Ottobre offers a fantastic Necktie Tutorial (scroll through the options until you see a graphic with a pink tie on the left and a multi-colored tie on the right) in PDF format. While this specific pattern is intended for boys, it could be easily adapted for the adult guys in your life.
Patchwork Belt
Autum does it again with this fun, easy and patchwork Belt Tutorial via her blog, Creative Little Daisy.
Sash Belt
Karen shows how to make this easy (yet sophisticated) belt or sash with her Sash Belt Tutorial on her blog, Altered Cloth.
Easy Toddler Belt
Crystal notes on her blog, My Longest Year, that this Easy Toddler Belt Tutorial is especially great for boy gifts and is also a good beginner project (it takes 20 minutes!). Crystal has the tutorial available in a PDF version in addition to the tutorial post (visit link to download).

Fabric Recommendations

Here are just a handful of fabrics we love for these projects:

Beth’s choice Kristin’s choice Lauren’s choice
spacer spacer

Click the fabric images above to visit the Sew, Mama, Sew! store.

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46 Responses to November 10 ~ Ties & Belts

  1. Jean says:

    These belts are great! And I can’t wait to make a tie for my little guy- maybe one to match his sisters’ dresses!

  2. Isabelle says:

    Love the patchwork belt! Such great ideas – again!!

  3. I’ve made the toddler belt from “My Longest Year”, super easy, super cute, and super popular!

  4. Loopy says:

    Oh! A pattern for a belt! This is just what I needed for a wedding coming up! TY!

  5. Concha says:

    That patchwork belt is always a winner!

  6. anya says:

    ohh! thats absolutely adorable. I just got a whole bag of silky fabric from a yard sale and I am going to make a belt just like that!! thatnks for the idea=)

  7. steph says:

    Love Kristin’s fabric choice there.

  8. Stephanie says:

    sash belt, so up my alley ;0)

  9. Jenny says:

    Great belts. Thank you!

  10. Carol says:

    The only thing that’s getting a belt here are my purses!

  11. nikkapotamus says:

    OH MY! How did you know?!! I’ve been looking and looking for a belt for my super skinny 2 year old. Why didn’t I think to make one? Brilliant. Thank you.

  12. Ashley says:

    Those belts are so cute!


  13. I love any project idea that has “beginner” in the description! Thanks for including some projects for us beginners!

  14. Anna says:

    I made a little belt for my daughter and it turned out so cute!!! Thanks for the link!

  15. adrienne says:

    Finally a good gift for a boy! It seems so hard to find things to make for little boys. I will be making the beautiful sash. What a great accessory for the holiday party scene! =]

  16. amy sharp says:

    loving this site
    I am about to take sewing classes this month!!!! yahoo

  17. Natalie says:

    I love the patchwork belt! I have already started to make one. Thanks!

  18. Pinky says:

    This is exactly what I needed this year. Our budget is limited, so as long as my machine will hold up, I’m all about handmade.
    Thanks so much!

  19. vespabelle says:

    I’ve already decided to make belts for my daughter and also my stepmother! My stepmother’s belt will be like the patchwork belt but I’m going to use grosgrain ribbon with a horse-themed ribbon. (she’s so hard to buy for, but a horsey-themed belt at least be useful!)

  20. OOOh, I love the sash and patchwork belt! How clever.

  21. robin says:

    fabulous! Thanks for all the tutorials and ideas. 🙂

  22. Stacey says:

    The toddler belt idea cracks me up. My 18 month old son needed a belt because even the size 12 month pants fell off of him. I went to Goodwill, bought a very skinny brown woman’s belt, cut it down to size and poked new holes in it with a hammer and nail. The belts shown look a lot nicer.

    I’m totally going to make a patchwork belt for me. What fun!

  23. trose says:

    love the Patchwork Belt another great way to use scraps!

  24. Ekioart says:

    Belts! I’ve been getting tired of the boys little braided leather belts, I’m all geared up for making them some funky fun belts. Toddler pants never do want to stay up. He He.

  25. marcia says:

    Belts and sashes-a cataogory I never really thought of. Of course I do need to up my style a bit! I especially likes the toddler and patchwork belt ideas. I ama thinking, velvet, maybe some brocade…
    Thanks for the inspiration! Marcia

  26. Alisha says:

    I love the patchwork belt. I’ve seen similar belts on other blogs and have wondered how hard it would be to make one. Now I have a tutorial! Thanks!

  27. Missy says:

    I love that patchwork belt and I know I will use that tie idea for my son. I felt kind of bad because I’m making Christmas dresses for my girls and now I can make him a tie to match!

  28. Debra says:

    I love the patchwork one…..I will have to try it!!!

  29. emily says:

    Gorgeous patchwork belt!

  30. Elle says:

    You are the answer to a very serious prayer! Xmas this year is strictly limited to whatever I can create for the masses that make up our family! I stumbled across this today and this truly is a blessing! So far, with just the 10 days, I have been able to get ideas for 18 people! I can’t wait to see what comes up in the days ahead.

  31. Barbara says:

    I made a sash from black raw silk for a pirate costume, but I love it so much I want to wear it with everything. It was so easy to make, and didn’t use much fabric.

  32. Lil' d says:

    Will definitely be making a belt for my scrawny skinny kids – their trousers just don’t stay up.

  33. Javede says:

    I think I will give the sash belt a try as soon as I find some nice fabric for it!

  34. Meredith says:

    Love, love, LOVE the patchwork belt!! I am off to bookmark that page right now! And I gotta say, this 30 days of gifts to sew has been AMAZING so far. It will take me a year, not a month, to do all the things I want to do from your suggestions!

  35. mama k says:

    Just when I think, “Well I don’t think I need any of these tuts.”
    Bam! Toddler belt. My DS needs some of these. He has a pot belly and no hips/butt so his pants keep falling off. LOL

  36. Linda says:

    I had no idea that Ottobre offered these free patterns on their website. Thanks for pointing this out. This is such a fun November of ideas!

  37. toni says:

    I have to admit, crafting for male gift recipients has to be the hardest task. I have been drawing blanks on Christmas gift ideas, but this post has definitely given me some Edison moments! I’m thinking a sophisticated burgundy and gold tie, perhaps with elegant embroidery such as his daughter’s initials? Thanks so much!

  38. Violet says:

    The Manzanita fabric for a toddler belt would look great on my kid!

  39. Ashley says:

    my boyfriend would love a custom tie…..

  40. andrea says:

    that is so strange… customer ordered a patchwork belt yesterday which i made this a.m. and just came to check what today’s project is and there is the patchwork belt. i guess i am one tiny step ahead!

  41. Georgia says:

    Love that necktie pattern–don’t forget to add seam allowances when you cut it out, though. I may have made that mistake once….

  42. Vickie says:

    Oh, I really like all of these! We have a family friend that we buy a tie for every Christmas! However, I am going to make him one this year!!!
    Thank you again for all your inspiration!

  43. mj says:

    I need one of those sash belts in every color!

  44. Helen says:

    Great tutorials – I’ve been off to download the necktie pattern already. I never noticed you could scroll sideways on those free tutorials before! Thanks!

  45. Holly says:

    Love the Patchwork Belt, how cute!

  46. Niki :) says:

    What a great unique idea. thanks for posting that 🙂

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