November 13 ~ Placemats

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It can be difficult to find just the right placemats but now your choices just got a whole lot better! Each of these tutorials utilize different techniques and they all help you create something beautiful.
Patchwork Placemat
Heather notes that her Patchwork Placemat Tutorial via her blog, TwinMommy Productions, would make great hostess, holiday or housewarming gifts!
Easy Patchwork Placemat & Napkins
Marina used Matrioshka fabric from Sew, Mama, Sew! for her Easy Patchwork Placemat & Napkin Tutorial. Marina’s tutorial is hosted on her “brand new blog,” Wink Designs. She writes that she hopes her site reflects, “…My love of bright color and quirky, fun design for kids. My little business of the same name can be visited at”
Erin created this patchwork Placemat Tutorial on her blog, C and E, after many people fell in love with her original design. Now you can make some of your very own!

Fabric Recommendations

Here are just a handful of fabrics we love for these projects:

Beth’s choice Kristin’s choice Lauren’s choice
spacer spacer

Click the fabric images above to visit the Sew, Mama, Sew! store.

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We respect the copyright of all crafters.
All links and photos from blogs on our Handmade Holidays posts are used with permission.

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53 Responses to November 13 ~ Placemats

  1. Kari says:

    These would be great for the holidays, too!

  2. Lauren says:

    Love these! Love the use of fabric scraps…I’m making them for my new dining table!

  3. Carol says:

    Placemats are the best scrap user-uppers!

  4. Kirsten says:

    Love these placemats! I’m going to make my mama some for Christmas using the bamboo fabric found at sewmamasew shop. We’re bamboo people.

    Thanks for the tutorials.

  5. Courtney says:

    I can’t wait to get started with these placemats … but do I actually have to give them away?!?!

    Thanks for all the great inspiration!

  6. adrienne says:

    Great ideas…Also really easy to add mix and match napkins! =]

  7. Love them all! Especially Erin’s!!! How long do you think it would take me to make 14 of them for my dining room table? Think I could whip them up by Thanksgiving? LOL

    Additional placemat tutorials over at my blog:

    With friendship,

  8. Ashley says:

    Placemats! Nice!

  9. Ally says:

    All of these are super cute … with the past 13 days of projects I have sucessfully made projects for so many of the people on my list… I can’t wait to see the next 2 +weeks worth of stuff.

    I can’t wait to go down into my fabric stash and make some placemats for my Mother-In-Law for Christmas!!!

  10. Tina says:

    ooooh, placemats! I’m making a set of these for Christmas! Thanks for all the ideas. 🙂

  11. Steph says:

    What an amazing site to find! I was just going through my grandmothers hope chest, the one that holds so many memories from my childhood. Rainy days spent in her company, going through her treasured memories. When she died, the hope chest was given to me. Now it holds my fabric stash. Gramma would approve. I was going through, amazed at the fabric I have gathered over the years, thinking of the gifts I could make this year. A year which is a VERY low budget year around here. And wow. I find this site. Christmas gift giving is solved -grins- thank you!

  12. Letty says:

    Love those placemats! Great presents to make and to use up your stash!

  13. Lynne says:

    These are just beautiful. Thank you so much for doing this.

  14. Susan says:

    Thanks for the tutorials. I made some placemats last month and love them. Can’t wait to try something new! Susan

  15. Susan says:

    All of these wonderful ideas have me so motivated! Everyday I get up ready to sew something else that is entirely new to me. I am so excited to try so many ideas and I just love visiting all the different blogs, I feel like I meet someone new or maybe many someones every day.

  16. Alisa says:

    The featured placemats are fabulous. What a fun way to use up scraps of fabric!

  17. Rose L says:

    Thanks for such a wide variety of gift possibilities! Now if I could just find time for it all…

  18. Dana says:

    I’ve officially found what I’m making my grandma for Christmas. Thank for the inspiration!

  19. Sheila says:

    I Love this idea an am so glad I found this site! Last year, I sewed purses/bags for many of the women in the family, but had not started on any sewing yet this year.

  20. Anna says:

    Great designs. How did you know I was wanting to make placemats for Christmas Dinner (forget lunch in 90 degree plus heat) for the little lady’s first Christmas?? ESP?? Let’s hope so!

  21. Dani Perry says:

    Woot! Now maybe I can do some cool patchwork placemats and coasters of my own! Love the 30 Days of Gifts To Sew! Thanks for helping this crafty challenged gal!!

  22. Vickie says:

    I love these! The patchwork ones are great!
    Thanks again for such great ideas!

  23. Cocoa says:

    We love using placemats at our house. These are great projects I can work on with my girls who love to sew.

  24. Kymm says:

    Wow–this is the motherlode of crafty goodness! Beautiful, useful stuff. Thank you for the inspiration!

  25. Michele C says:

    I am enjoying your easy projects, especially the linens at this time of year. I have been trying to teach my friends to blog and directed them to your site from my blog. Now that I realize you are a fabric store too, well, I guess I’ll be SHOPPING here as well as coming your site for ideas!

  26. Michele C says:

    I’m enjoying your easy projects, especially these table linens in time for Thanksgiving. I am trying to teach my friends to be bloggers, and I directed them to your project list from my blog. Now that I see all the great fabrics your store has, well,…. I guess I’ll be shopping here, too.

  27. Kristine says:

    Those placemats are beautiful! So many things I want to make this month….

  28. Samantha says:

    Great designs! I’m loving this month’s theme!!!!!!! And I love Beth and Kristen’s fabric choices. The brown-ness is great and I can’t decide between the roses and the fruit. Cool!

  29. Anna says:

    I’ve had placemats on my project list for a YEAR! Hooray for tutorials!

  30. Andie says:

    I am loving… loving…. loving all this….what is so fantastic is the introduction to SO many wonderful blogs that are new to me…

  31. Mel Williams says:

    Hmmm. Do I dare try patchwork again? After so many disasters I’m quite apprehensive but these placemats are so gorgeous!

  32. Jennifer says:

    I love the placemats. I am working on curtains for my sisters kitchen, and now I can make placemats to match.

  33. GREAT gift idea!

  34. Christy says:

    Oh I love the easy patchwork placemat & napkins! You guys are great for putting together
    the 30 days of gifts!!! Thank you!

  35. Ekioart says:

    That patchwork place mat is very cute.

  36. Missy says:

    How am I going to get all these projects done? I want to do them ALL!!!!

  37. Lynne H. says:

    With all the beautiful fabrics to choose from, the possibilities are endless for this project! Lovely!

  38. Heather says:

    Oh…I LOVE Erin’s placemats! I’m going through Christmas fabrics now so I can make some for the holiday!!

  39. beat nooney says:

    These are adorable! This is the perfect project for my left over curtain fabric! Thanks!

  40. debra says:

    Cool….I think they all look great!!!

  41. Loopy says:

    These are so cute! I love the patchwork… the fabrics really bring it all together!

  42. Andrea says:

    These are lovely ideas and go brilliantly with the coasters yesterday! I think I will have a go these with Christmas in mind. Excellent idea for November having lots if ideas daily.

  43. steph says:

    Those are very nice. @Lil’d – I have a fear of patchwork too. So many more stitches!

    Like all the fabric choices today!

  44. Lil' d says:

    Maybe it’s time to overcome my fear of patchwork.

  45. Karyn says:

    Placemats have been on my To-Do List for quite some time. I think these will give me the push I need. Thanks!! 🙂

  46. mj says:

    These are all great tutorials and these blogs are all new to me!

  47. Kristin says:

    I’m always looking for projects that use up fabric srcraps! I wasn’t too excited about placemats, but once I saw the pics, I think I might have to try these. So pretty!

  48. Ivy says:

    Great ideas I am making one today to go with the coasters I made yesterday!

  49. Alisha says:

    I can’t decide which one to try first — I love them all!

  50. alison says:

    Love all of these placemats! These tutorials make it look super easy to make placemats.

  51. Esther says:

    These are all great but I particularly love the autumnal colours Heather has used on hers 🙂

  52. Holly says:

    Yay, placemats! I’ve been waiting for this one!

  53. Kacy says:

    Wow! These are all fantastic! Can’t wait to try them out! I think they would make a great & unique gift for someone too.

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