November 7 ~ For Your Purse or Pocket

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Each of today’s items would be a great stand-alone gift, especially for some of the older kids and friends on your gift giving list. You could also tuck a little gift card into a wallet or tuck any of these items into a tote or purse (tutorials coming November 17th). A customized wallet with just the right number of pockets and the perfect fabric choice would be a dream for many! Everyone needs a tissue holder (especially at this time of the year!) and we love a good keychain. Enjoy today’s great tutorials!
Quilted Fabric Wallet
Katie’s Quilted Fabric Wallet Tutorial from that*darn*cat creates a wallet with a “place for everything.”
Super Easy Keychain
Autum’s Super Easy Keychain Tutorial on her blog, Creative Little Daisy, will make you want to add a keychain to every gift you give this holiday season.
Super Cool Wallet
CraftBits is a multi-author site full of lots of great, crafty projects. The CraftBits Super Cool Wallet Tutorial incorporates contrasting pockets and Velcro closures.
Tissue Holder
Nicole of Craftapalooza shows how to use a reusable template in her fun and easy Tissue Holder Tutorial.

Pattern Recommendation

If you’d like to try a pattern, we suggest this one:

Stash & Dash Bags

Fabric Recommendations

Here are just a handful of fabrics we love for these projects:

Beth’s choice Kristin’s choice Lauren’s choice
spacer spacer

Click the pattern or fabric images above to visit the Sew, Mama, Sew! store.

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All links and photos from blogs on our Handmade Holidays posts are used with permission.

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60 Responses to November 7 ~ For Your Purse or Pocket

  1. Candace says:

    I really like the keychain tutorial – thanks! And Beth I love your fabric choice. City Park is beautiful!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been making wallets lately and these ideas are so cute and inspiring. I think a few people will be getting tissue holders and key rings this year. Thanks.

  3. Jess says:

    Thanks for all the great ideas!

  4. Kim says:

    Hey! I used this Craftapalooza tissue houlder TUT last night and made 3 of them in just a few minutes. One for myself and one for each of my girls. They loved picking out their own fabric too….sigh….my little seamstresses in training! LOL!


  5. Hashi says:

    I made Katie’s quilted fabric wallet last night, and it turned out great (after I’d unpicked it and removed the studs — ack — and put them back on the right way). I am totally loving these tutorials … thank you!

  6. Those keychains are adorable and I think I might actually be able to make them! 😉

  7. Jodi Leo says:

    These are so awesome! I am feeling so inspired! I don’t know how I will find the time to try them all, but I am going to give it a shot! Beautiful work, Ladies! Jodi

  8. Lynne S says:

    HOw cute and handy

  9. Annette says:

    Very inspiring! I love the tissue holder!

  10. Kristie says:

    Love the wallets! And the tissue holder looks super easy. I’ve already made a key chain from creativelittledaisy’s tutorial and that was a piece of cake — I’ll definitely make one to match every purse I make.

  11. meredith says:

    thanks SO much for the wallet tutorial – i have been looking everywhere for a great wallet pattern!

  12. Mary E says:

    I found your blog through Lisa at Domestic Diva’s Disasters. I’ve informed the gals at, to come here and enjoy the 30 days. I’m so glad I found you – the totes, keychains and wallets are all going to become Christmas gifts!

  13. andrea says:

    tried to make the wallet… came out uneven. piece of advice, make sure everything is very even and straight, othewise when folded it just looks sloppy!

  14. melissa says:

    i’m combining the tissue holder, key chain, a tote bag and zippered pouch for a knock out gift for my sisters!!! hooray!! may even make my own lipgloss as a great addition!

  15. Jenny says:

    Great ideas. Love those wallets!

  16. Linda says:

    Oh I am so happy I found your wonderful site and the great tutorials on all these fab gifts to create!! I have of course bookmarked them all!!!! thanks so much for doing such sensational projects to help us with our Christmas NON shopping!!! I love them!! Hugs Linda

  17. Maya says:

    Hi – I saw this this morning and wanted to make sure you saw it. I’m not seeing an email address on your site.

  18. Pat Sloan says:

    I just found your blog… great stuff!! I have a video up on my blog about pin basting your readers might enjoy
    pat sloan

  19. amelia says:

    the first quilted wallet really does have a pocket for everything! such a great tutorial.

  20. Amy M. says:

    I love the tissue holder. They will make perfect stocking stuffers!

  21. Tammy says:

    I sub to your blog with Bloglines, and read with interest the article that Michelle posted a link to. I came to share the link with you, but she beat me. 🙂 Congratulations, and thanks for the fabulous blog!

  22. Amanda says:

    Off topic but I just saw on Bloglines that you guys made a huge jump! Congrats!

  23. Anna says:

    Love today’s tutorials too. I have been busy stiching up a storm and will need SERIOUS sleep during December…. I think I have discovered that you can burn the candle at both ends and in the middle too. Thanks for the FUN! You are even getting my husband (who is never interested in any crafty blogs) interested. He is making gift lists for me to make!

  24. Amy says:

    I just stumbled onto your handmade holidays tutorials and – WOW – all of them are terrific. Today’s projects would make great stocking stuffers 🙂

  25. Rachael says:

    EEEK!! This is a dream come true for my scrap drawer, I’m so excited. BTW- you lovely folks here warranted an article in Bloglines news tonight about how Sew, Mama, Sew! is the biggest mover (790 spots) this week.

  26. Julia D says:

    I just found this and am SOOO excited. What a fun thing. Thank you for spreading the holiday cheer!!!

  27. Sarah says:

    This is somewhat unrelated to the post itself, but I just noticed on bloglines news that your blog moved 790 spots to be in the bloglines top 1000 blogs. Wow! Congratulations are in order I think. 🙂

  28. Michelle says:

    Did you all see? You’re famous! How incredibly cool is that? You should be so proud, you’ve got a fantastic store, a fantastic blog, and utterly amazing ideas! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  29. Carol says:

    I think the suggested pattern is a great idea – I always use the makeup bags you get for free for buying cosmetics, but a fabric makeup bag would be much more personalized and could match my purses. An eyeglasses carrier is also a good fabric project for purses.

  30. Pam says:

    LOVE the tissue holder tutorial. Someone gave me one as a gift a few years ago and I still carry it everyday. 🙂

  31. Violet Westergaard says:

    Love the first wallet, now I just need to learn how to quilt.

  32. stacy says:

    I love the tissue holders – I really need to make some of these for myself (and gifts)… I keep seeing them online and they are so cute! Thanks for the link.

  33. Tara says:

    Exactly what I need this week! And a perfect gift with a tote bag!

  34. Oiyi says:

    That fabric wallet looks so cool.

  35. dangermom says:

    Is it just me, or is craftybits down? Anyway, I’m loving the new projects every day! I just made two of the quilted wallets the other day and they turned out great.

  36. KushKush says:

    All are so cute- Many Thanks!!
    I must try the first wallet…

  37. Kittenster says:

    I have made the cute little wallet before. I used a snap on it instead of velcro and I use it to hold business cards.

  38. Rebecca says:

    thanks for the wallet patterns – such a cute idea!

  39. Shannon says:

    This is great! I look forward to seeing the new projects each day. Now only if I had time to make each of them…

  40. Laura says:

    I’m definitely making a few tissue holders for EVERYONE on my list! Well, maybe not my husband, but all the ladies anyway!

  41. Tina says:

    Love the lovely keychain. Keep these fantastic ideas coming 🙂

  42. adrienne says:

    Autumn’s keychains are perfect as a special bonus in a tote. I also really like Katie’s quilted wallet. I am so loving Handmade Holidays! =]

  43. Jean says:

    Yay- I am excited to see the key ring tutorial- I have always wondered how these were made- really cute way of using leftover scraps!

  44. Kelly says:

    You girls have done it again!! Another set of GREAT projects!!!!!! I want one of everything FOR ME, forget gifts, haha! Now if I could just get this one nagging UFO out of my way….

  45. Ashley says:

    I love that wallet up there. I think I may have to make that.

  46. Loopy says:

    Yes! A new make-up purse for my bag would be awesome! I’ve got to get crackin!

  47. Holly says:

    Those keychains are great! Definitely going on my project list.

  48. Heather says:

    Love this. I’m making tissue holders for stocking stuffers and to put in some teacher’s baskets I’m making. Love the fabric choices too!

  49. love the fabric choices once again! i’ve been meaning to look around for a tissue holder pattern. thanks for including it!

  50. Lil' d says:

    I love those key chains

  51. alison says:

    The wallet ideas and key chains are great ideas for teens on my list. The tissue holders will be a hit with the grandmas this year!

  52. Isabelle says:

    Another great entry!! Love the keychains, what a nifty idea.

  53. Stephanie says:

    Another wonderful tutorial! Thanks!

  54. Ekioart says:

    Cute! Easy stocking stuffers and great gifts to go on top of a present. I’m really enjoying the ideas sprouting from here!

  55. Vickie says:

    Now these are great! I love them! I think all the girls on my list could use something from today’s wonderful tutorials!!!
    Thanks for providing these for us!!
    I am having so much fun!

  56. Lisa NYC says:

    Another TERRIFIC set of ideas! I especially love Katie’s Quilted Wallet! I REALLY need one of those!

    The Easy Key ring is clever! I would have never thought of that! Thanks!

    With friendship,

  57. Barbara says:

    I just have to say how fabulous these tutorials are. I’ve been looking in every day and everything is so wonderful. I’m determined to give handmade this year. I’m loving these wallets and I know my daughter would badly need one of the key chains. Thank you.

  58. Arlene says:

    Thanks for reminding of some ideas from the past and adding new ones

  59. Kacy says:

    Beth-Love that fabric choice!

  60. earthchick says:

    Oh, you got my number with this one. Every time I take the boys out, I think “I need a tissue holder.” And then I think, “I need to make a tissue holder.” Now I can! Thanks for linking the tute.

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