November 8 ~ Whimsy

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Donuts, cupcakes, bunting and the little house of someone’s dreams? These gifts are bound to bring a smile to any recipient’s face. Whimsy = great holiday giving.
Fabric House
Esther’s Fabric House Tutorial helps you make the best little cottage ever. Esther is working hard to launch her London Mummy shop (click in to be added to the launch mailing list) and currently sells Anne Claire Petit crochet items via her London Mummy blog. Take a peek at the other things she has in stock here!
Felt Cupcake
Juliet’s Felt Cupcake Tutorial via her blog, hoogli art, helps you add “a little sweetness to your life” without any calorie guilt!
Festive Bunting
Beth’s Festive Bunting Tutorial is a great addition to a playroom or child’s bedroom. Beth’s bunting via her blog,, can also add a festive atmosphere to upcoming holiday parties and would be a great gift for families with young children (help start a new birthday tradition!).
Chocolate Felt Donut
Julie posted her Chocolate Felt Donut Tutorial on Craftster and 27,000+ views later there are lots more (fun & playful) donuts in the world. Make one today!

Fabric Recommendations

Here are just a handful of fabrics we love for these projects:

Beth’s choice Kristin’s choice Lauren’s choice
spacer spacer

Click the fabric images above to visit the Sew, Mama, Sew! store.

More Handmade Holiday ideas:
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76 Responses to November 8 ~ Whimsy

  1. stéphanie says:

    i love the first house i think that i’ll make it

  2. way too fun! i wish i had more hours in the day for the whimsy projects!

  3. These are adorable — especially the donut. Thanks so much for hosting this! It’s inspiring!

  4. Melissa says:

    Thank you sooo much for the house tutorial because I’ve been looking for a pattern similar to this to make my nephew his Christmas gift. I plan on opening this up to make it a soft sided house with stuffed animal family to give to him but his will help me in getting started on the outside at least. Thank you.

  5. Alisha says:

    The bias tape tutorial hidden in the bunting tutorial was very helpful!

  6. tara says:

    Oh! a little plate of sewn sweets and a house tea-cozy would be the sweetest gift for a little girl who loves tea parties!

  7. MaryBeth says:

    I love the bunting! That is on my list to try out this winter. Very cute! I especially like how she used it to decorate her craft booth!

  8. Aloutka says:

    I love the house, and bunting, and post 🙂 lovely and so inspiring.

  9. Anna says:

    I can not WAIT to make the bunting!!!! I’m going to make it with our local university’s colors and hang it for the tailgate!!! WOOHOOOO!!! Go BSU!!

  10. Isabelle says:

    Love the little house! So inspiring!

  11. Silversara says:

    These are just soooo cute!

  12. melissa says:

    I just saw the bunting this morning and made about 12 feet of it in under 2 hours to decorate the cake table for my son’s 4th birthday party tomorrow. Excellent! And I already had about 9 ft of gingham bias tape I’d made for a project long ago! Thanks so so much!

  13. Tracey Brown says:

    Oh my gosh, these are so cute!! I see lots of gift potential here, and in ALL your posts! Thank you so much for all the inspiration!!! Congratulations on the Bloglines award! That’s so cool!

  14. Deb says:

    love that cupcake! and donut! thanks for posting!

  15. Sarah says:

    that donut looks so yummy i could eat it!

  16. Lynn says:

    We have always tried to have a handmade holiday. These ideas are great. I love the banner thing for birthdays!

  17. Sandy says:

    Oh – I love the idea of Christmas bunting to hang up around my windows!

  18. lindsey says:

    i just discovered you…. thanks for all these lovely handmade christmas present ideas! now all we all need is a little more time to get them done… 🙂

  19. Georgia says:

    I just really want to eat that doughnut….

  20. Rose L says:

    The “sweets” are so cute. My son will love “baking” cupcakes in his play kitchen!

  21. Tristana says:

    Festive Bunting is for me! Thanks for all the great creative ideas to get our minds going!!

  22. Rachel says:

    Thank you so much for this! My 5 year old daughter and I have spent a very happy day making this as a Christmas present for Grandma. It is her first major sewing project, and it is simple enough for her to make. She loved stuffing the chimney the most. I am doing the embroidery for her, but she has done all the sewing. She’s pretty proud of herself. Thank you for sharing this!
    From Rachel who is all the way Down Under!

  23. Megan says:

    That little house is just wonderful!

  24. Deb G says:

    Certainly making the bunting and a house too!

  25. Carol says:

    The bunting is pretty neat, plus the flags could be made in different shapes!

  26. Anna says:

    Love the whimsy. Thank you for arranging all these fantastic tutorials for us.

  27. lisa says:

    Thanks so much for all of these great ideas, I love checking in everyday to see what bit of inspiration you are offering.

  28. Ekioart says:

    Love the bunting! I think that would make a fun project for the boys and I. Let them pick out fabrics and then make them some for their room. How cute!

  29. jody says:

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all the items today!!! Which to make first…such fun!

  30. Kristine says:

    Loving the donut…might have to make myself one…

  31. Jane B says:

    Finally a donut I can enjoy guilt free! This has move to the top of my must make list, right next to the little house. Adorable!

  32. Julia D says:

    Thak you!! AND Esther (London Mommy) for sharing such wonderful ideas!! I think I’ve finally found my Christmas village!! Must find wintery roof fabric.

  33. erin says:

    Good stuff, yet again.

  34. Jean says:

    ALL of these are so adorable! I love them and can’t wait to fill my (and other’s) houses with them!

  35. Jane says:

    I was actually looking for directions on how to make bunting flags like that! I bought fabric a while ago to make one for my friend’s baby shower that I’m hosting next weekend! Now I don’t have to spend a ton of time figuring out how to do it! Thank you!!

  36. Bethany says:

    Oh those look so yummy! I wonder if they’d increase cravings for sweets, though. That might not be good! Ah, I’ll make them anyway.

  37. Arlene says:

    another great day of ideas. Keep up the good ideas

  38. jodie sylvester says:

    Thank you for all the fun ideas!!


  39. Oslofia says:

    I think that the November gift ideas that you share everyday is the best idea ever!!! The first thing I do in the morning, is to go to this site and see whats next 🙂

  40. kara says:

    Love the house! I’m having so much fun making felt food! I am making a felt cake today!

  41. Karyn says:

    LOVE the festive bunting. What a fantastic idea.

    (Today’s post is too cute for words. Seriously.)

  42. Love these! This might be my favorite too:)

  43. Cute doughnut! I am really enjoying your Handmade Holidays ….. you have certainly sparked the sewing bug in me again for gift giving this Christmas.

  44. Joyce says:

    I love this whole series! I’m going to make some felt cupcakes for a friend who just put up kitchen curtains with cupcake fabric.

  45. Violet Westergaard says:

    This is my favorite day yet!!! Don’t know how you can top this.


  46. Christie says:

    I love these. I know my kids would love any one of these. I love the banner idea especially to celebrate a birthday or holiday. Thanks so much for posting these.

  47. Rachelle says:

    I cant wait till my little girl is old enough to play with play food! I will have to bookmark these sites

  48. Heather says:

    November is becoming my favorite month! Every day I look forward to what’s next. Thank you!

  49. Jennifer Christine says:

    How cute!!! 🙂

  50. vespabelle says:

    Last year, there was a tutorial floating around the blogs of little trees. I can’t find them now, but they’d go GREAT with the little houses!

  51. Laura says:

    oh my, my 2 little girls are going to LOVE the cupcakes! I’m going to have fun making all sorts of shapes and sizes and colors of them. What perfect stocking stuffers!

  52. Emily says:

    I see many seasonal houses in my future. What a great decoration. The buntings are awesome, too. Why is there not more time in the day? I need to craft!

  53. nikkapotamus says:

    I just wanted to say congrats on the Bloglines award, that is in fact how I found you. I am having such a lovely time looking through all your previous postings. I am in love with the little felt donut, and I’m definitely going to be making some ecclectic buntings for future garden parties.
    Thank you so much for this wonderful site!

  54. adrienne says:

    I really like the bunting…this can be made to be very festive and ultra personalized on the cheap! =]

  55. Louise says:

    Just found your site this week and just love it. Great ideas!

  56. Amy says:

    That little house is so incredibly wonderful! I love the felt confections too 🙂

  57. jennifer brenneman says:

    I am loving the handmade holiday theme! It is so inspiring! I’m ready to quit the day job and just make, make, make!

  58. Mindy says:

    The donut is so sweet!!!

    Thank you for taking the time to do all of this! I am loving it!

  59. Stef says:

    These projects are all great! Thank you so much for sharing them with us. Of course, now I have more things to put on my ever-growing list of projects…

  60. Loopy says:

    Ooo! I see Gingerbread Pillows in my future!

  61. jenclair says:

    I’m so enjoying this series dedicated to making handmade gifts. Thanks!

  62. Janice says:

    Could this post be any more full of cuteness? 😉 You guys are doing such a great job!! Thanks so much for all your hard work on this!

  63. Samantha says:

    Some of these would be great for a child’s play kitchen! Absolutely adorable!

  64. Maxine says:

    What a lovely little house, think I might just have to have a go at that, and the bunting is an excellent way to use up the leftover bits of fabric from other projects. These projects are so inspiring!

  65. Ashley says:

    I like the bunting…very ecclectic.

  66. kirsten says:

    wow, this is great stuff!

  67. Samantha says:

    Holy moly! This new site is like a morning drug for me!!! I’m IN LOVE with the little house………. and every other craft you show day after day!! I passed the site around to friends and they are excited too.

  68. Anna says:

    I am loving this tutorial collecting that you are doing. Whimsy just may be my favorite (because who cares if it doesn’t fit!).

  69. Vickie says:

    I love the them all, but I really love the house!!! So very cute!
    Thanks again for all the tutorials!

  70. emily says:

    That is the most gorgeous bunting I have ever seen! And with my beginner skills I just might be able to pull it off. Very fun!

  71. Kristin says:

    I love the little house! Must try one of those.

  72. Tina says:

    Fabric house! Squeeee! I have a ton of felt and would love to make one of those for a friend.

  73. Lil' d says:

    I keep planning on making some play food for my daughter. I was going to crochet it, but it would probably be a lot quicker to sew it…

  74. Jean says:

    Adorable little house! Love the theme of Handmades links… Thank you!

  75. gebah says:

    i love the cottage….if you don’t add the bottom it would make a great tea cozy…

  76. Oh my goodness! I adore the little house. I will definitely have to make myself one of those.

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