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By Eva, +Eva+

Eva created the first hat from Steph’s tutorial that we’ve seen since our Gifts for Warmth compilation. Isn’t it fantastic? Eva has a great selection of handcrafted Christmas gifts, and they can all be viewed on her Flickr site. In addition to our various “warmth” tutorials, don’t forget about Irene’s Eddie cap tutorial.

Tissue Totes
By Kate, handmade kate

You should most definitely visit Kate’s blog, handmade kate, to see her amazing selection of handcrafted Christmas gifts and happy decorations! If you still need some cute, little gifts like Kate’s tissue totes, revisit our For Your Purse or Pocket tutorials.

Handcrafters’ Holidays Meme
Stephanie’s daughter, who can be seen earnestly decorating their Christmas tree in this photo, has a busy mama. Stephanie has been baking up a storm (enjoy her recipes for Cranberry White Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies and Peanut Butter Bon Bons), sewing great gifts and running her Providence Homemade shop (40% off and she’ll ship today). Enjoy her meme answers and more on her Providence Handmade blog.

Nikki posted a recipe for the monkey bread her family had every Christmas morning as she grew up. She’ll be missing her parents this year (they’re in Mongolia) and many others, but she’s making gingerbread ornaments, dancing to Bing Crosby with her daughter and doing more to make the holidays special for her family. Read more on Nikki’s blog, Fancy That.

Kelly is knitting five scarves, three hats, two shrugs and one cardigan to give this Christmas, and she’d love to receive some yarn! Each year she has a themed Christmas dinner (last year’s was German, this year’s is French) and she takes great joy in giving handmade gifts. Learn more on Kelly’s blog, Lefty’s frogging… again!

Mini Notebook Cover Tutorial
By Kristy, Knitting After Hours

Kristy shared her Mini Notebook Cover Tutorial with us and we thought we’d, in turn, share it with all of you! Enjoy the tutorial and the other great gifts Kristy is creating. For more related tutorials enjoy our Reading & Writing compilation.

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