In addition to seeing the great gifts in the photo pools, it’s fun to see the happy recipients of your talent! We love all of the smiling faces, and we hope all of your handcrafted gifts were received with as much joy.

Appliquéd Apple Shirts
By Fiona, dearfii

Fiona made these appliquéd shirts with felt and fabric, and sewed them on with a raw edge. Fiona has five children and the heat of Australian summer to embrace, so she has big plans for “elephants, birdies and flowers” on t-shirts in the near future.

By Heather, Apples on a Stick

Heather made this scarf for her happy sister. We love the contrasting, red topstitching (designed to match her red coat) and the other scarf details you can find here. You can find more from Heather in her heatherhalesDESIGNS shop in the new year and on Flickr.

By Monique, The Lint Knitter

This is actually Monique modeling an apron she made for her friend, but we’re sure her friend had a big smile when she saw the great colors, bias binding and vintage flair of this apron from a McCall’s pattern. Learn more about the apron on Monique’s blog, The Lint Knitter, and be sure to take a look around for some of Monique’s year-end creative highlights.

Red & White Scarf
By Amy, read this and tell me what it says

Joel is happily modeling a nearly-completed (ice storm casualty) scarf for Christmas. Learn about how Amy’s life changed for the better (with a little sewing and knitting) in her Homemade for the Holidays post on her blog.

By Amy, {my life is perfect, even when it’s not}

Amy made aprons for her happy nieces as Christmas presents. She adapted one of our Apron tutorials and we really love the addition of ribbon ties! Learn more about the aprons and Amy’s holidays on her blog, {my life is perfect, even when it’s not}.

By Magdalena, Handy Hands’ Corner

Magdalena’s little boy looks pleased with his new coveralls! She (smartly) built in some extra wiggle room for this fast growing boy. Enjoy all of the things Magdalena knits and sews for her little one via her Flickr site.

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