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Patchwork Coasters
By Jackie, jckirner’s photos

Jackie made these with painter’s canvas drop cloth and fabric clippings from her scrap bag! She used Suzanne’s Simple Coaster Tutorial in our For the Table compilation.

Baby Shoes
By Irene, Mushroom Villagers

Irene is back with a cute selection of baby shoes. Make some of your own with the Stardust Shoes Cloth Shoe Tutorial from Joanna in our Warm those Toes tutorial compilation!

Log Cabin-ish Pillow
By Dacia, Dacia Ray

Dacia’s back too, with another fun project. We know you’ll enjoy her Log Cabin-ish Pillow Tutorial and you’ll likely want them all through your home!

Handcrafters’ Holidays Meme
Can you tell what Chris is working on for her holiday giving?! Read her meme answers on her blog, Growing Together, and maybe give her some advice on how to use an “obscenely large cutting mat” (because we could all use one of those, right?!). She also has a great Brussels sprouts recipe to share.

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Our Gift to You
You can print our free gift tags for attaching to all of your lovely handcrafted gifts. They read “Handmade with Love” and “I made it for you.” 

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