Today we have a little Meme Madness! The Sew, Mama, Sew! Handcrafters’ Holidays blog meme is so much fun, and it’s great to see so many of you contributing your holiday traditions, gift sewing projects and recipes too. Today we’re highlighting of some of your holiday recipes because there’s slight hope of time for ingredient lists and grocery runs this weekend, right? With the holiday party season in full swing we thought you’d appreciate some new, yummy treats. Add your favorite dish (and answers to any number of the meme questions) today, and tomorrow we’ll be back with more featured projects, tutorials and inspiration. Happy Hanukkah to all of our readers celebrating the Festival of Lights!

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Zingy Xmas Chai Tea
Claire shares her Zingy Xmas Chai Tea Recipe and her answers to the meme questions on her blog, craft schmaft. Claire is making some of her hand-blended Chai Tea (from the recipe) for gifts, a new stocking with Heather Ross fabric for her little baby born less than a month ago (Congratulations, Claire!) and she shares some great traditions in her post (volleyball in the pool after lunch on Christmas Day!).

Espresso Shortbread & Citrus Shortbread
Søren shared the cutest recipe cards of all time for her Espresso Shortbread and Citrus Shortbread Recipes. She shared handcrafted gifts she’s working on for loved ones with a great discussion of how, as an artist, you become used to giving handmade gifts. Søren feels reinvigorated with the Handmade Holidays tutorials and has a big list of items she’s working on for holiday giving. Enjoy the cute cards (read all of Søren’s answers to our meme questions and then download the cards as a present to you at the bottom of her post) and have fun browsing through Søren’s blog, rivermade.

Chocolate Gravy, Cheese Balls & Cheese Boats
Teddi shares some of her favorite, family holiday treats with her Chocolate Gravy, Cheese Balls and Cheese Boats Recipes. As Teddi writes, “Don’t knock it ’til you try it!” Teddi also shares lots of other family traditions and thoughts on gifts (what do you send a young French man in his early 20’s?) with her answers to the meme on her blog, TLC and more. Check out her Olivia crayon roll gift!

Sweet Wafers
Doreen found a yummy Sweet Wafers Recipe link this year. She and her son maintain, “They’re not good… They’re delicious!” Enjoy Doreen’s successful baking experience (with help from her son, the Sugar Man), her Christmas trees and the start to many gifts on her blog, My Creativity Journal.

Savory Strudel
Kate shares her family’s favorite Christmas time main dish with her Savory Strudel Recipe (from the cookbook A Vegetarian Christmas). Be sure to browse through her blog, Basil Bush, as Kate mentions it’s fairly new and she’d love visitors. You might stumble on fun things like her Homemade Dog Cookie Recipe or a Reversible Dog Scarf Tutorial, if you (and the puppies in your life) are lucky!

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