New Fabric from Prints Charming

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We have a great new collection of fabric in the shop, which you will love if you have a little boy (or girl!) in your life.  The group is called Two Young Street by Prints Charming for Marcus Brothers.   Centered around an amazing retro Rocket print, this mix of reds and blues would make fantastic bedding, jammies, or even a cape!  Prints Charming’s signature sunburst design is great for just about any project. 

Edited to add:  Sorry, everyone.  Of course girls like rockets too!  It’s just that we hear from people all the time that feel there aren’t enough prints for their boys to get into.  I only meant to call attention to that.   Poorly worded, I admit, so my apologies.

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73 Responses to New Fabric from Prints Charming

  1. Crystal says:

    Red and blue are such happy combinations for kids! Can you show us some of the prints that would be more specific for little girls? Thanks.

  2. Jess says:

    Oh what awesome fabrics! It makes me so happy to see yummy boy prints!

  3. Beth says:

    Wow! I love, love, love this fabric. I will be making a quilt for a baby boy who is going to be adopted by some really close friends of mine. I’m so happy to see some fun fabric for boys that isn’t too goofy. Thanks for the post.


  4. Ashley says:

    Love this fabric! I can’t wait to order some and make something for my boys…AFTER Christmas…no more projects until January…no more projects until January…no more projects until January…

  5. liz says:

    oh wow!!! i love this so much! i have the perfect project in mind… will order SOON!

  6. Tinasquirrel says:

    Love this fabric! You’re right that it’s hard to find good “boy” fabric. I want to get some for superhero capes!

  7. Nicole says:

    Those rockets are simply wonderful!

  8. Becky says:

    This fabric is so fun, I think I am going to have to get some!

  9. Spider_knit says:

    Now, _that_ is what I need to supplement my stash when making the toy astronauts for my two little nephews! And my daughter would *love* the red fabric… it’s her favourite…

  10. Nicole says:

    i gasped out loud when this popped up on my screen–so wonderful! my 3yo was similarly impressed. gorgeousness!

  11. Kim says:

    oh that is so adorable, perfect for my little guy!

  12. Jean says:

    These are adorable- I love the rockets!

  13. Amy says:

    Hooray! A cute print for boys! What a great find. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Melissa says:

    Finally some cute “boy” fabrics – thanks!

  15. Laura Covington says:

    I’ve been waiting and waiting for this fabric. So glad to see you guys have it!

  16. Steph says:

    I love that fabric!! Too cute. 🙂

  17. I’ve been waiting for these prints to be available….ooh, I really must stop myself as I want them ALL! They are AWESOME!

    With friendship,

  18. allison says:

    Man, I love that…rhomboid? polygonal? fabric!
    And imagine a dress of the red sunburst! hellooo, dolly!

  19. Bloom says:

    The girls from Prints Charming come up with such fantastic designs – fresh, funky & something different. I am biassed of course since they’re Aussie girls, just like me!

  20. Felecia says:

    OHHHHHH. This is the PERFECT fabric for my nephew! All day long its planes, trains, trucks, etc. Can’t wait to wrap him up in a special quilt. Although, he may have to fight his dad for it!

  21. I LOVE the spaceships!!!!

  22. Maxine says:

    These fabrics are fantastic, especially the one with the rockets!

  23. Amber says:

    I love the rocket material – just too cute!

  24. Amy says:

    Ooh! I love the rockets!

  25. Missy says:

    ooh…too cute fabrics…off to get some!

  26. veronica says:

    ooh, fun rockets!

  27. Water Works says:

    Totally lovin’ this stuff. If I am picked you’ll know exactly where it will be spent!!!

  28. Krista says:

    I love those rockets…too cool!

  29. Edie Crump says:

    I love the rockets! Edie

  30. Anna says:

    I love that rocket pattern. It is sooo cute 🙂

  31. sharon says:

    my only “little boy” is 30+ but he’d still look cute in rock pjs

  32. Sara says:

    How great to see cute patterns for boys!

  33. Lynn says:

    That fabric is wonderful! Can’t wait to try some out!

  34. Ekioart says:

    Wow what fun patterns! I am so going to have to fit some of that into my budget ^-^

  35. Heather B says:

    Gorgeous fabrics! I see pjs or capes for my boys – the rockets would be fun to wear.

  36. Barbara says:

    Just looking at those fabrics gives me ideas!

  37. Susan says:

    So cute, I can almost hear the Jetsons talking in the background. Would make such an adorable quilt.

  38. Louisa says:

    Thanks for sharing the great fabric. I’m getting a pretty darn long list of things I wish to buy. I sure hope that my family have been picking up the hints I have been dropping about wanting a gift certificate to Sew Mama Sew for the holidays!

  39. i do have boys! loooove those fabrics!!

  40. Lil' d says:

    I love the red and white fabric. I’ve got to wait and see if I get any money for Christmas first, though.

  41. Stacy says:

    I struggled to find fabric for my son’s quilt, this is adorable and versatile, great for a growing boy!

  42. Amy says:

    The colors remind me of some very cool 1960s bedsheets I love. Great fabric.

  43. Claudia~L says:

    Good boy prints are hard to find. I just love the last one!

  44. Clarissa says:

    Gorgeous fabric!!!

  45. Erin H. says:

    Wow, these are really cute! Thanks for letting us know about them.

  46. Perpugilliam says:

    Wow! Just a little sexist, isn’t it, saying that only boys would like the fabric? FYI, girls like space themes, too.

  47. Sally says:

    Very lovely – I like the abstract print the best but the rockets are very cool.

  48. Grace Sheppard says:

    Love that red sunburst – though I saw snowflakes. Must be the time of year.

  49. heather t says:

    OOH! Rocket fabric! I know what I’m buying if I win the gift certificate! (And maybe even if I don’t.)

  50. Joy says:

    Sometimes it can be hard to find a good print for boys but these are great! Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I really like the Scraps print a lot!

  51. Stefanie says:

    I saw a preview of this fabric on a different blog and I am so excited to see it has arrived! WOOT!

  52. Julia D says:

    These are fantastic!

  53. Michele says:

    So great…now I need a little boy!

  54. LisaAlso says:

    Very cute! Now I wish someone I know would have a boy!

  55. Amy says:

    love the rockets! I need a boy!!!

  56. renee says:

    I love those! The first two especially. It’s so rare to find boy prints like this! Ordering this right away!

  57. Molly says:

    I absolutely love these prints!! I have boys and I can picture many things made out of these fabrics. Bravo!!!

  58. rere says:

    Very cute! for girls too.It’s not just boys who dig spaceships.

  59. Jennifer says:

    There is definitely a little boy in my life who could use some stuff made with those Prints Charming fabrics! And I love them too!

  60. Christie says:

    yup. these are awesome

  61. Jeannine says:

    Yay! Boy fabrics!

  62. Janice says:

    I LOVE the idea of doing an astronaut cape!!!

  63. heather w. says:

    i LOVE the spaceships! I have two boys and I love finding cute boyish fabrics!

  64. Mrs. Pear says:

    I love the Hearts and Whimsies ~ Two Young Street!

  65. Georgia says:

    I am so buying this! I can never find boy-appropriate fabric (that isn’t camo or some sport theme)! Thanks!

  66. Claire says:

    Super cool, this fabric is definitely going on the wish list!

  67. alison says:

    Love these boy fabrics! With 2 boys of my own and a nephew to sew for, I love it when I can find fabric the boys would like. It’s so much easier to find girl’s fabric.

  68. Donna says:

    You are getting some wonderful fabric into the shop, I think it might be time to make another purchase!

  69. mamafitz says:

    those are darling prints! oh my, i am going to have to plan something…..

  70. kirsten says:

    oh, wow! i love when they come up with good ‘boy’ stuff!

  71. Deana says:

    The sunburst red/white fabric is FANTASTIC! I wish I saw this before I ran out to the big box fabric store and just got some plain red for christmas aprons.

  72. Amy says:

    This is so unbelievably adorable that it actually makes me glad for the first time that all my friends seem to be having little boys instead of little girls. There always seem to be such cute things to make for girls, but this is a fabulous little boy print. Thanks!

  73. Eva says:

    can’t wait to order some fabric for you guys… unfortunately will have to wait till next year- xmas gifts put a hole in my fabric buying budget 🙁

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