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We have a wide variety of Create & Celebrate notes to share today, including tutorials, giveaways, contests and more!

  • Tricia wanted everyone to see a craft blog she enjoys, Craft Schmaft. She’s not associated with the blog in any way but thinks it’s a fun place to browse. Visit and enjoy!

  • Stephanie writes, “I would love to share something that I created to celebrate my daughter’s third birthday! I used the Twirly Skirt tutorial from House on Hill Road and also made her a decoupaged art supply case.” Here’s her daughter, twirling away! Find the twirly skirt tutorial link in our Girls’ Clothes Tutorial Round-Up and visit Stepahie’s blog, Providence Handmade, for more!

  • Liz would like you to take a look at a resource for tutorials she found recently: Just Tutes. She writes, “All of the tutorials on her blog are so great. I can’t wait to try them all!”
  • Lisa started a “Sewing Room Organization Challenge” for the new year on her blog, The Domestic Diva. She writes, “I currently have six different ‘chapters’ listed on the sidebar of my blog.” Maybe you’ll be inspired to do a little tidying!
  • Meg from elsie marley is hosting a mobile swap this month and the sign-up deadline is this Friday. She writes, “It’s not limited to mobiles made of fabric, but does by no means exclude them. Here are the details:
    If you would like to make and receive a mobile for your home email me at elsiemarleyblog AT gmail DOT com with the following information:

    1. name
    2. email address
    3. website (if you have one)
    4. mailing address
    5. favorite colors
    6. whether the mobile is for a baby’s room or not

    That’s it! The mobile can be out of any kind of material using any design you can think up. Sign up by Friday, January 18th and I’ll send you your partner’s information the following Monday. I’ll try to arrange it so you send to one person, but receive a package from another–just to mix it up. Packages should be sent out by Wednesday, February 20th at the latest.

  • Terri recently started her purple and paisley blog and posted a Scrappy Heart Tutorial just in time for Valentine’s sewing. She writes, “I am fairly new to the sewing/quilting world… I am overwhelmed by the sheer ‘niceness’ of this whole new creative world that has opened up to me.”
  • Myam created a Fender Guitar Bag Tutorial for you to enjoy. She says the bag is a lot of fun to make and also adds that she’s from Cebu, Philippines. Myam writes, “We’re about to have our world-famous Sinulog Festival (in case anyone is looking for a vacation destination)!” Visit Myam’s blog, Bored and Crafty, for more.

  • Stefanie is having a giveaway for her Artsy Momma blog in celebration of her 200th post. She writes, “I am filling a box to the max of all sorts of crafty goodness (mostly fabric)… Sign ups go on until January 17th.” She’d like to hear what you enjoy reading about, so visit and let her know.
  • Lisa sponsors a monthly “color challenge” on her Polka Dot Creations blog. She writes, “It is open to any creative medium, but since most of my contacts are polymer clay artists like me, the entries are often dominated by clay. I’d really like to see more diversity, and since sewing is my own recent obsession, I’d particularly like to see more stitched items submitted.”

For information on how to submit your own Create & Celebrate items, please visit this post.

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22 Responses to Create & Celebrate

  1. OMG!!! she is absolutely precious in her little twirly skirt! i LOVE her red pig tails!! okay, off to check out craft schmaft…

  2. Myam says:

    thanks for featuring my fender guitar bag tut 🙂

    man, that little girl is adorable!

  3. Claire says:

    Thanks so much for mentioning my blog! I’m about to start on a big project… Around the world in 80 toys. Sock toys inspired by different parts of the globe. I have to say you guys do a wonderful job of bringing crafters together, I really love the links that you post and the ideas you come up with for submissions. That guitar is seriously cool!

  4. Stephanie says:

    Thanks for sharing my creations! It’s been so fun to look through today’s links – I especially enjoyed the sewing room challenge and the mobile swap! Thank you guys so much for your commitment to inspiring us!

  5. Funda says:

    Excellent links! Thank you so much.

  6. Love all the great links!

    thanks for the mention of my sewing room organization challenge!

    Wishing you all things good in the New Year!

    with friendship,

  7. micki says:

    wow! so many fabulous ideas! I have a feeling I’m going to be up late finding new projects to do!

  8. heather w. says:

    great post! i love all the links. thanks =)

  9. Margaret says:

    you guys are the bestest. thanks for the goodness!

  10. Jenny says:

    That guitar bag rocks!

  11. Stacy T says:

    Such great links, thanks! 😀

  12. Georgiann says:

    Wow! Today’s post just sent me on a hour-long joy ride through the most amazing projects and ideas. Off to create something! Thanks!

  13. Christy says:

    Thanks so much for the links! I’m working so hard on getting my sewing/crafting area organized and cleaned up. It’s on the back side of our living room so everyone that comes to my house sees it… awful! It doesn’t help that hubby is re-doing the walls and I keep having to move stuff around. I can definately use the Domestic Diva’s help!!!

  14. terri moore says:

    thank you so much for mentioning my blog…and thank you for your site…i’ve learned so much and “met” so many wonderful people…thanks again!

  15. Libby says:

    I have to seriously take some time to sew for my little granddaughter. There has been so many cute skirts and etc tutorials. Plus your britches and bloomers pattern.

  16. Kim H. says:

    I think I know what I’m making my guitar hero obsessed sister for her birthday now!

  17. Mean Mommy says:

    Great post today! So many awesome links. That twirly skirt model is adorable. 🙂

  18. amypardo says:

    I love the tutorial on Just Tutes for the little girls dress made out of an old t-shirt! Too cute. I am going to raid my husbands t-shirts and see what I can make!

  19. Crisanne says:

    That little girl is just so precious in her twirly skirt! Thanks for the fun links!

  20. so cute!

  21. Liz says:

    Oh, holy cow…. that guitar bag seriously rocks (pun very much intended (-; )!!!

  22. Lisa Clarke says:

    Thanks for the link! I’m looking forward to seeing all kinds of beautiful items submitted to the color challenge flickr group 🙂

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