Free Fabric Friday

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You read that right, it is the return of Free Fabric Friday!  For those of you new here, we often give away fabric on Fridays, selecting the winners at random from that day’s comments.  Before we get to that though, many of you have asked about what we have in store for the coming months.

In January we’ve line up 4 pattern reviews.  If you’ve been looking at some of our new patterns, you might be interested in what our reviewers have to say.  They’ll be reviewing the Sophia Carry-All, the Lotus Tunic, the Eco Market Tote, and the Sunday Dinner Apron pattern.  In addition to these reviews, we’ll be telling you about new products and featuring many of the projects from our photo pools. 

February is Quilting Month!  All month long we’ll be bringing you tutorials, tips, and project ideas.  Whether you’re an expert quilter or a brand new sewist, we hope you’ll stop by for daily inspiration and advice from our guest writers.

Now the fabric!  The winners today can pick any fabric in the store ($9.10 or less), but perhaps they’ll want to choose a gorgeous new Kaffe Fassett print…

or maybe one of these adorable new reproduction prints:

To be eligible to win, simply leave a comment telling us about any craft project you’re working on this month.  We’ll announce the winners on Monday.  Have a great weekend!


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852 Responses to Free Fabric Friday

  1. Al Hillegass says:

    I gotta say this internet webpage is genuinely attention-grabbing, always keep posting fantastic information.

  2. Amado Keany says:

    Hello webmaster I like your post ….

  3. Mindy says:

    I love Kaffe’s fabrics.. Bright, colorful….make great purses that are so original.

  4. amy cost says:

    I have a handy hint for you sewing mama’s out there.
    After I have cut out my patterns, I hang them from a trouser hanger that has 2 clips, and put them in the closest in my sewing rooom. I also attatch the pattern envelope, facing out, so I can simply peruse the patterns, like a filing cabinet.
    It sure beats trying to squeeze the pattern back into the envelope! Which is worse than trying to refold a map!

    Happy Sewing,

  5. Lauren says:

    I’m working on cocktail napkins. The sewing part is simple; it’s picking the fabrics that’s really fun.

  6. Erin Andrews says:

    I was pleased to read this article, keep up the good work.

  7. Elena Boen says:

    My name is Elena, I’m a stay-at-home mom/quilter, and I’m working on 3 quilts this month.

    My e-mail is:

  8. Renee G says:

    I’m working on a block of the month quilt.


  9. D says:

    just starting to look for pattern for a quilt

  10. lilly says:

    That is amazing. ur effort is quit remark abale

  11. pingush says:

    Love it. Love love love it! I think it’s a perfect blend of knitting and professionalism. =)

  12. Jean Fernandez says:

    Hi! I am working on a sun dress for my granddaughter. The top is knitted from a free pattern by Kathryn Ivy and the bottom is fabric. Its just adorable. I would love to win some free fabric.

  13. Dawn says:

    I am making darling backpack purses for my 2 little girls and 3 of their friends!

  14. Joanna A. says:

    Who doesn’t love free fabric. I’m currently working on an Amy Butler nappy bag, as well as some mie tais (baby carriers).

  15. mainard says:

    i was inspired by a recent issue of the blog Rosie Gets Cozy. I am making dishtowels. Am using linen towelling and a cute retro print for seam binding along the edges. Towelling is white with yellow stripes. Binding fabric is yellow with tiny white and brown squares.

  16. Dana says:

    I’m making a purse for my little cousin. She loves bags, just like me. =)

  17. Katie Mitchell says:

    I recently checked out “Quilted Bags and Purses” by Mary Jo HIney at the library. There are some pretty neat bags in there I’d like to make. I haven’t tried the projects yet but I plan to in the near future.

  18. Mia says:

    I have two quilts hanging on the sixth floor of my office. We have an employee art exhibit every year. One is Afrocentric with bright orange and yellow colors, the other is a type of Chinese coin wall hanging. This year I would like to focus on specific projects and put most of my fabric away, because a have a small working area. I would also like to do some more wall hanging to improve my skills.

  19. amandajean says:

    I am wondering if you would like to feature my blog during quilt month.
    I am currently doing a quilt a long. I show step by step instructions to make a quilt block a week for 12 weeks. at the end of 12 weeks I will show some basic steps to help complete the quilt. I have the tutorials for each block (so far) listed in my sidebar.

    for my next quilt a long, I plan on making quilt with star blocks.

  20. Kristen says:

    I’m working on a few different projects… but mainly trying to put together a toaster cover.

  21. Holly says:

    I’m trying to finish two crazy quilts for a set of twin girls born to a high school friend, and I’m hot and heavy into making a big set of felt food for my stepdaughter to go with the play kitchen we got her for Christmas. I’m a little bit addicted to making felt food now!

  22. Holly Elam says:

    Free fabric. I am in. I am in the process of sandwiching a baby quilt I made this week. You can see a picture of the top on my blog. I am also work on a Goose Creek top this week.

  23. Carrie says:

    This is going to be baby blanket month(s) for me as so many friends and relatives are having little ones. I plan to use this photo tutorial ( finally learn proper blanket binding technique.

  24. Linda says:

    I have two weddings in my family this year so I am working on two wedding ring quilts and if I can’t find anything I like (so far no luck, I hate dress shopping) for a mother of the bride and then mother of the groom dress I may be attempting to make that also. Why do dress shops always want to make the mom look old 🙁

  25. Judith Nicely says:

    I’m always working on multiple projects. 1) Most currently are some minor alterations for fellow co-workers needed before end of month. 2) Have a Lone Star Quilt partially quilted but needing final embroidered corner blocks. 3) Have Christmas Panel Wall Handing ready to sandwich and quilt (didn’t finish b4 Christmas came) along with 3 matching placemats requiring final sandwiching and stitching. 4) Received new embroidery accessories (hoops) for Christmas from husband and need to learn how to use them. 5) Working on learning how to use Forums, Blogs, etc. and to upload pictures. 6) Have 4 other quilts awaiting sandwiching, then quilting. 7) Have 2 quilts sandwiched ready to quilt. 8) Have an order for several pocketbooks/handbags from co-workers yet to be started. Also, want to start a new pattern with some Moda Tin Box Sampler Fabrics. I could go on and on, but we all have multiple projects. My goal is to FINISH some of them, like maybe just for me? besides ones folks have ordered.

  26. Jamie says:

    I am working on a quilt for my fiancee and a table runner for my parents.

  27. Brianne says:

    I’m working on curtains and shower curtains for my new house. I’m looking for something unique any suggestions?

  28. Laura Barnett says:

    I’m working on a retro apron for my sis. in law, and then hoping to start making a nursing cover.

  29. Sheila says:

    2 of my daughters have birthdays coming up, sandwiching Valentine’s day (they’ll be 4 and 2). The older one only wears skirts or dresses and is miserable when I make her wear pants. I’m redoing her wardrobe so she won’t have to wear pants as much (or at all!!) and her little sister wants to do everything she does, so it’s double time on the skirt and dress front.

    Thanks for entering me in the Free Fabric Fridays drawing!

  30. Kristin Q says:

    I am working on drating purse patterns to complete for vacation to Mexico next month. I would like to complete some new tops for my 8 year old as too!

  31. Tira says:

    I’ll be working on a simple bag, a table runner and a dress for my 3 yr old.

  32. Elise says:

    I have just ordered the Sophie Bag pattern, the Weekender Bag pattern and the Lotus Tunic pattern all Amy Butler. I have made several cosmetic bags of my own along the lines of those made at LILL Studios.

  33. Crystal says:

    This month I am learning how to sew. I am starting out by making pillows. My fabric collection is nill so any help I can get in starting it off with some awesome pieces would make my day, month and year. Love your blog and I dont know if Im too late.

  34. Cheryl Joines says:

    I have designed and am assembling a quilt for a friend who returned from a 4 year visit in China with a newly adopted daughter and four lovely hand-dyed, hand-woven fabrics.
    The huge loop that she described wove fabric 14 inches wide. I pre-washed all the fabrics.
    Good thing! My washing machine ran endigo blue for two cycles. This is a great website.

  35. Marcia says:

    I just found this blog and I love it!
    I look forward to reading and learning some thing new!
    I love to sew and I can’t wait to read the pattern reviews
    thank you 🙂

  36. Robin says:

    I have made several of the small cosmetic bags-and I gotta say, I hadn’t done zippers since high school–and they turned out really nice–also, made about a dozen mini wallets, and several pin cushions. I love your site, and check it often-the tutorials are so easy to follow. Am planning to make large reversible tote bags for the hospital here for their wheelchairs-to hold their charts. You have gotten me using newer prints than I ever used before–the dot prints and some newer pastels–and they look so fresh. Keep up the ideas-love them.

  37. Autumn Bagley says:

    FFF is such a great discovery! I hope the winner will create something fabulous.
    I started a baby quilt last week and need to finish it by Saturday for a shower gift. Its my first one and I definitely caught the bug thanks to all the crafty bloggers out there. The up coming tips will be so helpful! Thanks!

  38. kylie says:

    This week i am getting busy making something for my friends baby boy who is being born as i type! My friend got a shock last week finding out the little girl was actually a little boy so i wanted to make something for bub and mum to hopefully help with all the shock!

  39. Beth Ellen says:

    I am making the foundation pieced scarf from Denyse Schmidt’s book for my mom for her birthday, and if I love it I may have to make one for myself also…

  40. cc says:

    I just made the coolest gift for my husband – a modified project by Anna Maria Horner –
    stretched fabric over a canvas board – I took a photo of my 6 year old daughter in profile, then painted the negative space on it – really cool effect. Perfect birthday gift for him!

  41. Katy says:

    I’m making a doll for my friends’ soon-to-be-born son. It’s a little boy doll wearing jeans and a “t-shirt” I’ve embroidered with the dad-to-be’s band name, and I’ve embroidered a “Mom” tattoo on the doll’s arm. Looks pretty adorable on a sweet-faced ragdoll.

  42. Linda says:

    This month I have been working on some pajama pants for my son and a red fleece poncho for my daughter.

  43. Amanda says:

    I’m brand new to this blog and excited to be here! I am just now learning how to sew, so my project for the month is picking out a simple pattern and beginning to explore my new machine! I’m hoping to accomplish something simple soon!

  44. Kathy says:

    Just had a friend connect me to your site. Can’t wait for time to really look at it. I work with an average of 35 4-H students every year. Hoping to get some new ideas. We work on purses and bags. Saw some great things here.

  45. Patty says:

    Oh I am so glad to have found this site through a friends blog! I want to start making more of our things, I made my daughters homecoming dress, and my son’s halloween costume this past year, and have seen lots of things I would like to try, but perhaps with the help of this site I will be motivated.

  46. Karin says:

    Gee whiz! I miss a few days on the computer and look what happens! Yay for Free Fabric Fridays! I am still going through all of the wonderful tutorials from November and December. Next Christmas, I will be totally prepared, releaxed and ahead ofthe game thanks to you. 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  47. Jess says:

    I am working on a knitted dolly for my sister-in-law’s neice in Canada.

  48. Ellen says:

    I’m making (housewife style) pillow cases out of batik fabric from the quilt shop. Ahhhh… so smooth.

  49. Valerie says:

    I’m a little obsessed with coffee cozies right now. I’ve been knitting and knitting and knitting …
    But I’ve also been working on a new case for my laptop (not going as well as I’d planned) and some aprons.

  50. LadySnow says:

    Don’t know if I can still enter, but I wanted to add what I was going to work on this month. I need to finish an apron for myself an birthday outfits for my little guy!

  51. Pattie says:

    Wow! Where has this blog been all my life!!! This place is just amazing. I am working on a skirt with my daughter…teaching her to sew…and will begin sewing a bag for each of my daughters which I am making from among the tons of vintage fabric and textiles I have amassed. Glad to be among you all here!


  52. Melissa says:

    My plan is for a fleece quilt with embroidered squares. I dont know when it will be started or finished but its next on the plan for big projects.

  53. Lorrie says:

    What am I sewing this month? Let’s see – here’s what’s piled up on my sewing table: the embroidered section of a pillow I’m planning to make, cut fabric for a jumper, a pair of pants that need altering and a half-finished bag.
    There are lots more UFOs stashed away in the closet. I hate to set goals, but my intention is to USE what I have – and I have a LOT!

  54. Mama Martin says:

    Aprons, aprons, aprons as this is the month to clean & organize!

  55. kat says:

    i love this site! looking at your handmade holiday examples inspired me to make my own shopping tote. i’m using an old, unused printed dishtowel for the bag and am embroidering the handle with 30’s era smiling fruit and veggies. i should finish today or tomorrow and can’t wait to use it!

  56. Blakely says:

    I am working on new Christmas stockings at my parents’ house. I was suppose to have them finished last month, but I got behind on them. I have a good excuse, I was finishing up my Master’s degree. My mother has requested that I get them finished by December 2008 – my goal is February.

  57. Mia says:

    Looking forward to next months quilting here a Sew Mama Sew! I am getting ready to begin my guilds block of the month challenge. As I always say, So many projects, not enough time.

  58. Ruth says:

    I’m working on two doll quilts for my daughters 🙂

  59. Lauren says:

    I’m working on a granny square afghan but want to sew my first quilt this year.

  60. Morgan says:

    I would love to use the fabric for a new tote!

  61. Becca says:

    I’m knitting away on the last piece of my Minimalist Cardigan…hope to finish the knitting tomorrow and start seaming it up!

  62. Tanya says:

    I’m working on a new design of mine in The Jane Austen Collection. I love to make smalll hanging pillows so hoard lot sof fabric. Nice blog!


  63. Fio d'Art says:

    I’m working on wallets.
    Since I’ve discovered your pattern for a wallet, I’ve done 2 and I’m loving it.

  64. Tine Hohl says:

    I might be late, but it is monday 😉
    At the time I’m sewing a big Babyquilt with a photo of the boy in the center.
    Also I sew some happy fishes – they don’t need as much time as the quilt. My fishes do have one or two legs…

  65. rachelle says:

    I am juggling several projects this week, signature dolls for ted & agnes new shop, liberty bunting & a pencil case for my sons birthday

  66. Pina says:

    Recently I sew a few fun things you can see on my blog – a ball, a small pouch. I am still learning how to sew. My next project will be a wheat bag for my mum’s birthday and a fabric box for her as well.

  67. Mary says:

    Just finished a supersoft bathrobe…have several tops and a coat cut out…I want free fabric!!! Mary

  68. jessi says:

    I’m working on some new bag designs for my shop and some banners! Lots of crafty fun for the new year!

  69. Terri says:

    My mom just gave me all these beautiful pieces of fabric. I plan on making lots of totes. : )

  70. min says:

    This month…I’m making more of my #1 fave from your handmade holidays. The crayon rollie! I gave one to my daughter and got so many rave reviews that I think it will be my catch-all birthday gift for all of my friends’ kids. I’m actually hoping to create that same desine into a sort of “boy friendly” apron with crayon slots. Kindof like a work belt with crayons and what not at hand. I was new to your site on the first day of handmade holidays and it has opened my eyes to a whole world of crafty blogging! I’m lovin’ it. Thanks so much.

  71. julie says:

    I’m going to sew my first baby blanket this week. It’s a gift for a shower on Sunday. I hope it turns out ok!

  72. melissa says:

    i’m working on a scarf for myself, started some christmas quilts for next year (e-gads!), and need to start working on some baby stuff: nephew #4 is on the way soon!

  73. Kerri says:

    This month I am working on curtains for my boys’ play room. I am also working on some pillows for my bed.

  74. Theresa says:

    I want to start the year off with finishing some projects that have been hard to face. One is a wall hanging for a family whose wife/mother died after a failed bone marrow transplant and one is a quilt that I began for my dear friend Laura while she was having chemo. Unfortunately she died quite quickly before I could finish, but I want to finish it for her daughter. It would be fun to win some new fabric to brighten up the new year!

  75. Sandy says:

    I am finishing a quilt that didn’t quiet get done for Christmas and starting a couple of thread catcher bags.

  76. susie says:

    I plan on finishing a quilt for my oldest daughter, my first full-sized quilt. I am also working on some new designs for my etsy shop and some baby gifts for my cousin’s first baby, due in a few weeks. She lives in Brooklyn, and will need some warm goodies for the little lamb.

  77. Karin says:

    I have 8 friends (1 is actually my sister-in-law, but she counts as a friend) who are expecting babies and are due in the middle of February. Pretty crazy…guess there’s something in our water! I am making them baby coveralls for nursing, covering a baby carrier, car seat or stroller, or for anytime they want a little privacy for their little one. I am currently searching for affordable vintage looking fabric, so a little treat would really come in handy!

  78. Elizabeth says:

    I am finishing up a few Christmas gifts: 3 pairs of pj pants, and a lap quilt. I am also making a Mai Tai baby carrier for a baby shower next weekend.

  79. Liz says:

    Awesome post! I make handmade decorative pillows…those fabrics would make cute pillows!

  80. Danique says:

    I am making a laptop bag for my mother and I just completed Amy Butler’s Nigella Yoga Mat Carrier and Amy Butler’s Gumdrop Pillow which was a really easy pattern with great results!!

  81. sophie says:

    Instead of a TV, we having a sewing machine at home. I’m itching to start a project using some of those gorgeous cloth and adorning our new home with them!

  82. Jessica Pf. says:

    I am sewing three “Steve the Cat”s from Denyse Schmidt Quilts and two Puzzle Balls from Last Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts. Can’t wait to get started!

  83. Michelle says:

    I’m making a rice therapy bag for my friend Mel using your tutorial!

  84. Kari Wilcher says:

    I made a ton of gifts from the November/Hand Made Christmas tutorials. I made my first quilt, made from my grandmother’s old clothes, using the baby quilt tutorial. I also made crayon roll holders, a paint brush roll holder, an apron, a grocery sack style bag, and mini pin cushions. I even put pin cushions on top of baby food jars..which turned out super cute! I love the tutorials and can’t wait for this month! It’s going to be an exciting year on Sew Mama!

  85. I have some vintage sheets that I’ve been tearing into strips to crochet into a rag rug. I finished one and I am working on a much larger yellow and green one for the family room. I also have some vintage feed sack cloth that I think I’ll turn into a quilt after I decide which pattern to use. By the way, I LOVE this blog! I got some great christmas craft ideas from here, Thanks!

  86. Elaine says:

    Hey y’all! I am going to work on some placemat purses, learn to make a raggy quilt, and make some sort of a gift for my sister-in-law’s birthday. I also want to work on some fabric covered boxes! THANK YOU for your excellent website! I visit everday and I mean EVERYDAY!
    God bless ,

  87. Anna says:

    Make another plastic bag holder. My brother theived mum’s Chrissie present. New wardrobe for the rapidly growing little pixie. New furnisings for new apartment in Singapore!! We have an apartment twice the size we were living in Australia!! Need to fill that space with some crafty goodness!! Place also DOESN’T come with an curtains!??

  88. sarah says:

    Pick me!

  89. Amber says:

    I’m trying to finish my son’s quilt I started for him a long. time. ago. Love the patterns you’ve picked out for review!! Can’t wait to see all you guys have in store for 2008!

  90. Hey! I am a-workin away on a yummy oversized quilt for me and my honey!

  91. K. Anne says:

    My current craft projects (unless you also would consider re-doing our upstairs bath ourselves a “craft” project, lol) are a couple of purses for future gift giving as well as some mitts and hats for the cold weather we’re having.

  92. Tanya says:

    I’m actually working on Christmas napkins that were suppose to be for ’07 but now will hopefully be completed by ’08! Embarrassing to admit but free fabric is involved so….

  93. Barbara says:

    I made 40 napkins for Christmas gifts! My next project – which I’ve already started – is to make King & Queen royal robes for my boy/girl twins – they are going to be sooo excited!!! After that, it’s mother/daughter aprons and a colonial dress for Independance Day!

  94. Vee says:

    I just recently found “Sewmamasew” and I love it!
    I’m currently working on a quilted wall hanging that I should have had completed by now, it’s entitled Whig Rose from the book Simple Blessings.

  95. Alison says:

    Hi, I’m making pillow slips for the couch in my (student-quality) apartment 🙂 New fabrics always help make a place feel homier.

  96. Nikki says:

    I’m de-lurking to celebrate 2008!

    I’m working on a number of projects but the one that’s consuming most of my time is cross-stitched Christmas stockings. I know – January and I’m working on stockings? This year was the first year that my husband and I (newlyweds!) did Christmas morning all by ourselves, and it made me a tiny bit sad that we had to use generic store-bought stockings. It got me motivated to get stitching on the ones that I started for us two or three years ago.

    The pattern has no instructions for converting the finished product into an actual stocking, so the sewing may be the most interesting part of the whole project!

  97. Jody says:

    I am finally going to finish the Diaper Bag (Nappy Bag from Amy Butler) That I started just before Christmas. After making all the Christmas Gifts this year…I wanted something to enjoy for myself! So, a Diaper Bag is in my future! After I complete the Bag, I will be attempting a duvet cover or a coverlet for my bed. Hope it will help sell our house! I am so gratefully for all your great tips. I LOVE THIS BLOG!

  98. Laviyah says:

    I am putting together a list of outfits I am going to sew for my three boys, 8, 6 and 1 and getting some pieces I already have prepped for cutting. Measure a gazillion times and cut once.

  99. Zainab says:

    I’m working on Baby’s Denim Drawstring pants from Last-minute knitted gifts book. Just finished first leg today and started on the second one. And I’m making a baby quilt for a friend as well.

  100. claudia says:

    I’m working on Amy Butler’s new Lotus Tunic pattern using AB fabric, of course! I’ll also be making some pj pants for my children and some fabric organization boxes. I look forward to sewing clothes for my children in 2008 and visiting, shopping and learning from SMS too!

  101. Kate says:

    I cannot wait to read the pattern reviews. I’m relatively new to sewing and I love it! Sure would love some fabric!

  102. Lisa Boyer says:

    I’m working on a zippered pouch, a quilt, a tablerunner, a pincushion, a shirt, and apron…and if I list any more UFO’s here, I’m going to be too embarrassed to ever come back. I better get to work.

  103. Dayna says:

    I am loving the repro fabrics. Can’t wait to see the pattern reviews.

  104. Chrissie says:

    I love your blog! Thanks for the wonderful patterns and tips – I can’t wait to get going on them! Take care, and God bless –

  105. Julee says:

    Gotta love free fabric! I’m working on making some new ‘green’ grocery bags.

  106. Sarah says:

    This month’s focus is quilting. I am working on a tablerunner and coasters. I am very excited with my new year’s plan–making christmas gifts starting in January! Hopefully, by December, we can all ENJOY the holiday without any rush! Thanks for all your great tips!

  107. etk says:

    I have been working on lots of little lap quilts. I am looking for some fun, new fabrics, too!

  108. Heather says:

    I am new to sewing. I just got a machine from my mother and I am going to work on playing around with it. I really want to making a tote for my crochet supplies. Free fabric on a friday would be perfect!! 🙂

  109. Liberty says:

    Free fabric…wow!!

    I have two projects going right now. First is a Valentine’s Penny Rug. Second is a gingham snowflake-embroirdered table runner.

    Good luck to me!!!

  110. Lindsey says:

    I posted and forgot my project! Im working on a few things 🙂 some aprons for bigger kids and booties with coordinating birp rags as gifts for upcoming births. The kids are very much enjoying their slippers and are very protective of them! And im making a few crayon rolls for my neices.

  111. Mandy says:

    I am so excited to see those pattern reviews, I don’t make much for myself – usually kids! This year I want to try some things for me. I am working on baby gifts for two new babies in our family.

  112. I’m going to design my small spring collection. In 2007 I made 20 bags of all dimensions and color.
    Your fabrics are great and I just discovered you today. Good luck!

  113. Wendy says:

    I’m working on a tote bag and want to start a new knitting project.

  114. cyndi says:

    one of my christmas presents this year was Bend the Rules sewing. Love it! I have my eye one several projects.

  115. The quilting month next month will be great, as I am working on a Cot quilt and want to make a quilt for myself. Some ideas for a quilt for me would be great.

  116. Clair Shearar says:

    I have just found a link to bella knitting’s Scarflet pattern, in linen stitvh, so I am busy with that, as well as some cute cushion cover’s for my son.

  117. elaine t says:

    I’ve just started sewing after receiving a sewing machine as a christmas present. I’m still in the learning process and am currently trying to sew a cosmetic pouch.

  118. Emily V. says:

    I’m working on an apron for my friend right now… and hopefully next week I’ll get started on my very first quilt that I’ve been designing in my head for a few months (you can imagine how happy I was to read that February is quilting month!). Free Fabric Fridays sound great–I’ve just started reading the blog recently so I’m quite excited about all the fun new things.

  119. Carrie says:

    I’ve been commissioned to sew a waldorf style felt crown for a 4 year old’s birthday gift. I like to use cotton prints to decorate my crowns. Also, there are 10 babies being born in the next few months that I need to sew for. I’ll be looking through the archives here for easy to do, but still super cute baby items!

  120. Georgia says:

    Yay for FFF!! I must say, I really wasn’t enamored with the reproduction prints until I saw them in person yesterday and they are GORGEOUS! I must make something with them. I’ll add it to my list!

  121. Jody says:

    I just got a sewing machine for my birthday in October and I am loving to sew! I made a bunch of felt food for my daughter and for gifts and I just can’t stop! I am currently making more felt food and a handbag. I would love to try quilting something small so I am really excited to learn about quilting month!!! Yippee! I can’t wait!

  122. Crista Marie Cuccaro says:

    I received 4 great sewing books for Christmas: Lotta Jansdotter’s book, Amy Butler’s book, Amy Karol’s book and Joelle Hoverson’s book. My project this week is to read these books (for the third time) and decide what i want to make next.

  123. Valerie says:

    lots of pottery and helping my 6-year-old work on her own little product line: she’s selling stamps of her artwork, paintings, sculptures, and tees to raise money for new craft materials for her long hospital stay for her bone marrow transplant in March. We’re giving extra funds to caitlin’s smiles, a local group that makes craft kits for other hospitalized children. We picked out packaging yesterday, utilizing some after-Christmas wrap & ribbon sales…

    and both of us like to sew. hooray for free fabric (or a 1/900 chance at it :)…)

  124. Christy says:

    I’m working on a “smocket” for my little girl. Thanks for all the great tutorials, I just need more hours in the day to squeeze in a little sewing.

  125. Kim says:

    Love the Reporoductions! January will be bringing me : a twirly skirt with altered top, a Valentine bunting, and curtains for our bathroom remodel. Can’t wait for Feb — I’ve been trying to decide on which quilt to make for our famiy room. I just might wait to make that decision until I see your wonderful posts 🙂

  126. Leslie says:

    Projects for the month?!!! I’m embroidering a summer scene to frame, crocheting a hat for me, repairing some baby quilts, sewing a denium rug for my boys & making my neighbor a pillow.
    Thank you for the “Count Down to Christmas” gifts to make. I sewed crayon rolls for all the kids on my list, they were a hit!

  127. Susie says:

    I am going to make some kind of bag…haven’t decided the exact pattern i am going to use, but it is time for a new cute everyday bag!

  128. Ashley says:

    I’m making cloth balls for late Christmas presents for some kiddies I know. I’m also working on some pillows for my dad who’s in a wheel chair.

    Thanks for bringing it back! Woohoo!

  129. Dawn says:

    I love those reproduction prints. So cute. I am finishing up my second Ruby Doll and finishing an order. I hope to make a couple fleece hats tomorrow. It is COLD up here. We went to the zoo and had a blast for about an hour and it was 0 degrees. My kids are pretty tough. lol.

  130. Jenny says:

    How exciting! Another reason to be in love with Fridays!

  131. shannon says:

    I have a couple of birthday gifts to work on this month. A tote bag, maybe a crayon roll, and maybe start on a new quilt too.

  132. Sonya says:

    yippee!! Free fabric Friday!
    I’m working on the darling little baby jacket from Amy Butler’s Bend the Rules. It was my eight year old’s pick for his two yr old sister. New fabric is always fun…
    (pick me pick me!)

  133. Gretchen Bradley says:

    I am going to start on nursery bedding for my brother’s new baby due in June! Thanks again for all the tips and blogs!

  134. Emily says:

    Yay! Free Fabric Friday!!! Woo hoo! I’m currently working on getting well – I hope I can get that project done and not worry about it ANY MORE! I’m trying to get started on my winter quilt swap – and doing the quilt-along with amandajean. Then I think I’m going to be working on some things to sell in my Aunt’s shop, and that’s kinda exciting isn’t it! I need some cool free fabric too… woo hoo! Em

  135. Margaret says:

    I just love this site and try and check it out on a regular basis. My dd and I are continuing to work on making those super easy keychains that we read about during “Handmade for the Holidays.” Thanks for the idea.

  136. Rose L says:

    My husband lost the scarf I made him a few years ago for Christmas while we were traveling for Christmas this year! 🙁 So I will be making him a new one this month… he’s hoping sooner than later, but luckily it has warmed up some here (at least for now!).

    I never got to making the headbands from the handmade holiday stuff, so I’m hoping to get to those too.

  137. Natalie Edwards says:

    I so hope that I am not to late to enter. We have been without power for the last 32 1/2 hrs and I am just now reading up on my blogs. I love so many of the fabrics. I would just love to win.


  138. Amanda H says:

    I am finishing up my first bag (Favorite Things, An Everyday Bag), finishing up the scarf I started knitting, starting a hat that will go with everything (hopefully), making headbands to keep my curly hair corralled, and lastly I am going to be making a bunch of Flea Market bags (Grand Revival pattern)for myself and friends. I’m also going through all of my new sewing books and looking at projects to start. Not bad for someone who just got comfortable with sewing in the last couple of months (thanks to the handmade holdiay tutorials).

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the Eco Market Tote! That looks perfect for our Tuesday afternoon Farmers Market.

  139. jennifer says:

    HI, I am working on pajama’s and smock’s. I am really wanting to make more aprons, children’s clothes, and skirts for myself. I also hope to do some beginner quilting projects, like more coaster’s and doll quilts. I have a dream to make quilts for both of my children, but that will be a huge undertaking!

  140. Ainslie says:

    Great fabric…..I hope I win some!!! I am about to make a table runner for our dining room using Anna Maria’s Bohemian fabric and I’m also working on some bags.

  141. Tammy says:

    I am working on flannel pj’s for DD. And I have plans to clean up my craft room and organize it.
    PS – Loved all the project ideas in November and December. Thank you!

  142. Cami says:

    I just found you…I know hard to believe!! I’m working on baby quilts for co-workers and would love some retro fabric…

  143. stephanie says:

    next up is the door stop from SImple Sewing. hope I finish it in time to use it in the warm weather!

  144. mere says:

    I’m planning on making a couple of little dresses for my daughter this month, and perhaps a little cloth doll. I may also make a new purse for myself since the strp on my old one just broke!


  145. Samantha says:

    I have many projects in the works, but I want to get started first on a signature quilt for my mother-in-law’s 85 birthday in May. For fun I’d like to try one of the 3 apron patterns my mom gave me for Christmas!!

  146. Stacy says:

    I am working on making bags for my little ones and maybe even sneak in a bag for myself too!

  147. Andrea says:

    I would love to make some quilted pillow covers

  148. Kelly Sales says:

    I’m still making projects from those wonderful tutorials from last month! I made everybody a present now it’s my turn. Right after I finish my son’s polar face mask(he lost the last one at the town ski hill), my daughter’s bathrobe out of the fabric she bought on sale after Christmas, my husband needs two work shirts repaired………Heavy sigh. Maybe I’ll tell them my sewing machine broke.

  149. Katy says:

    This month I am decorating my daughter’s room, and she needs new pictures on the wall….so I am doing an applique picture of her and her little brother, one of her with her best ever friend and one of her with her other best ever friend. Now I’ve promised it I need to get working……and get off of here!!!!

  150. Kelli says:

    I’ve been working on a throw quilt for my boys using blocks from a pirate theme swap alternated with a wonky 9 patch block in black and red.

  151. Eva says:

    I have been sewing some hats with the “Eddie cap” tutorial. I want to make also a puppet theater.

  152. I’m working on some new soft furnishing from several craft books I bought. Figure it will use up some of my fabric stash so I can buy more…LOL!

    With friendship,

  153. Saralyn says:

    What a treat! I’ve got bag projects in my future.

  154. Kathryn says:

    I know it’s no longer Friday, but I just have to say I’m so excited about Feb being quilting month. That is one of my goals for this year, to learn how, so I’ll be looking forward to tutorials, especially those geared toward newbies. These theme months are so much fun.

  155. jackie says:

    I can’t wait for the quilting info. Right now I am working on a hobo style quilt for my granny that is into hobos right now! I used old cord pants, old cloth napkins , shirts and any other recycled thing i could find ( as well as some new materials) for the front. The next step is to embroider hobo symbols onto the quilt front. It is taking a long time but my grandmother will love it for sure! Thanks for all your great ideas.

  156. Barbara says:

    My daughter just asked for a drawstring bag to keep her nintndo ds games in – how sweet! So that’s what we’re doing Sunday. Also want to make cat tunnel from In Stitches. Our kitty will love it as he’s grown out of his tiny kitten one.

  157. Shelley Jo says:

    I just love the Sunday Dinner apron pattern. I even did a post about it on my blog today!

  158. Korie says:

    I am looking forward to the Sophia bag review. I have wanted to make that since it came out & I have the featured fabric waiting!

  159. Meg says:

    I am working on the motivation that I need to finish two little baby quilts. These babies are expected to be here in the next two weeks!

  160. Laura Craigie says:

    Wow! How sweet would that be?? I am just learning to sew, but am ready to jump in 🙂

  161. kalin says:

    The project currently taking up the most space in my house, is my first quilt. It’s a 3 rail pattern in two colours. I’m in the last stages of piecing the top together . Then I can take the final measurements and buy backing fabric and batting.

  162. Lesley says:

    I have a trillion projects buzzing around in my head for this year but my priority this week, as I’ve been told (!), is to make a little quilted bag for my 6 year old daughter’s new camera!
    Lesley xx

  163. Tristana says:

    I am starting a rag quilt out of flannels for my DD! I’m changing the color scheme, so it is taking some planning of which fabric colors to use where.

  164. Tina M. says:

    I’m finishing up a Charm Party tote that I started last year 😉

    Today, I got a button at Hancock’s Fabrics that matches perfectly.

    Thanks for bringing back Free Fabric Friday!

  165. Jessica Knight says:

    I love this website!!!! It always offer the most creative ideas!!!! Right now i am working on some stufed elephants and then i want to make gorcery bags!!

  166. Linda says:

    Right now I’m working on a simple little hat on the Knifty Knitter set I got for Christmas, a beautiful knit lace shawl, and a pair of socks.

  167. Gail says:

    I loved your handmade holidays ideas! Right now I’m making doll cradle bedding for a birthday gift this month. And maybe some bibs later, got Bend the Rules sewing for Christmas. I want to learn more about quilting so looking forward to February!

  168. Jen says:

    I am teaching my daughter to sew. After two boys, it is so much fun to share my love of handcrafts with my daughter and she is so excited about it.

  169. Jill DiMassimo says:

    I’m working on some dolls from the Aronzi Aronzo book “fun dolls.” I’ve already done the stripey dog and unmotivated kids since receiving this book on Christmas. I’m really psyched to be working on softies right now, though I also have some Valentine’s project ideas brewing. Love crafting when it’s grey outside and there’s no major holiday to be shopping for!

  170. Katrina says:

    I’m going to be trying my hand at my first-ever apron. I’ve wanted to make one for quite some time, and there’s no better time than now!

  171. Jeanne says:

    Great giveaway! Thanks! I’m working on a small crib quilt for my DD. It’s gone very quickly and I’ll be working on the actual quilting part this week.

  172. Hi, Kids! I’ve been working on an Oriental Lanterns quilt for my DD with blocks I made and traded for in a swap. As she’s a fan of all things Asian, it should be a hit!

  173. Kerri says:

    Hooray! I can’t wait for your pattern reviews; I just got the 2 AB patterns and want to hear the news!
    Thanks, ladies–

  174. Joanna says:

    Did I read that right? 676 comments so far??? Wow, news of a good thing gets around! I have decided to get started on Christmas presents for next year! I plan on doing a lot of embroidery. Did anyone see the latest Pottery Barn catalogue? I don’t shop there, but they had these really great embroidered pillows- all done with french knots. I need to get my hands on some linen!

  175. I *just* learned how to really use my sewing machine over the holidays and am starting to make my 9 month old daughter some dresses! I am having a sew much fun!

  176. Lisa Clarke says:

    I’ve got some new apron designs in mind. I’m thinking linen+patchwork, and I can’t wait to get started!

  177. nicolette says:

    January to me is finishing Works In Slow Progress Month for me. My first WISP is almost finished, there are many more to go!! I love the reproduction prints. I’m working on a quilt with From The Beginnings fabrics.

  178. Dorte says:

    Happy new year! I’ll be chrcking in regualarty after the huge joy of the chrismas months!
    I will be diving into my stash this month – my ambition this year is to reduce!

  179. Kim Kauffman says:

    Oh, how this would be a great push to finish my daughters quilt! New fabric to enliven the inspiration again! Please pick me!!!!

  180. Nichole D. says:

    I so love Amy Butler’s patterns! I’m excited to see you guys review some of her stuff.

  181. Andrea says:

    Oooh! I’m lovin’ those reproduction prints! I’m planning on making a quilt to give away as a wedding present, and those fabrics would make it just lovely!

  182. Amy says:

    I really enjoy your site. I’m a quilter and love, love, love fabric. I have two quilts that I’m finishing up and wanted to start a new one that has hundreds of different fabrics.


  183. Sharon says:

    Happy New Year! I’m looking forward to reading the pattern reviews.

  184. coffeechris says:

    I am working on a doll quilt and tote, would love to win to create in 2008.

  185. Kirstie says:

    I’m more a knitter than a sewist (good word), and I’m planning to start my very first sweater this weekend. I also picked up a copy of “Bend the Rules Sewing” over the holidays, so I may just start up some little sewing projects. I’ll definitely be dusting off the sewing machine to make a double-pointed needle roll, which I need quite badly.

  186. dede says:

    I’ll use it for the Project Linus baby blankets I make. I urge all blanketeers, sewing, knitting or crocheting, to check into this worthy cause. Thanks.

  187. Fran S says:

    Sounds like a fabulous year is coming. I look forward to seeing all you have to share!

  188. amy a says:

    I have soooooo enjoyed this site over the holidays. You have so many great links to soooo many great peoples projects. thank you thank you

  189. Claudia~L says:

    Right now I am knitting purlbee’s Daisy Stitch Hand Warmers. It’s a new stitch to me, and I’m so excited with the fact that I figured it out, and they are looking great. I am sewing a ‘quilt top’ comforter cover for my son’s room. It is inspired by Amy Karol’s easy lap throw pattern with long strips of fabric. I’ve made comorter covers before, but the quilt part is new to me…we’ll see how it turns out. At least he’s happy with my progress.

  190. sharon says:

    love those new repros!

  191. erin rae says:

    I’m making a bunch of headbands/scarves this month. Once I complete the monster DIY project I’ve undertaken (remodeling a bathroom), I’m planning some bigger sewing projects…

  192. jane weston says:

    What am I working on sewing wise…well anything that’s on my to-do list. I’m trying to finish a few quilts and I’m also starting a few too…just whatever keeps in inspired as January is the hardest month for me to get back to sewing.

  193. Liz says:

    I’ll be working on some baby pants from old sweaters. I’ve been meaning to try it for ages, and I’m finally going to sort through the stack of my husband’s old clothes I’ve been saving for this very reason!

  194. Kaylyn Bugay says:

    I’m working on a tote bag and checkbook cover for my sister whose birthday is the end on January. *crossing my fingers I finish in time*

  195. Trina says:

    Sometime this month I’ll probably begin sewing curtains for my new house! I am on the look-out for fabric that would inspire me for my kitchen…I’m in love with Amy Butler prints!

  196. Deanne says:

    I am crocheting and felting another purse.

  197. hi there,

    this month I have been knitiing my daughter leg warmers for ballet. The yarn I am using is partially wool and partially soy….it is so soft.

    also along the soy theme I have been making some soy candles….funny I do not eat soy but it seems to be creeping into my crafting life!

    looking forward to the quilting month as I began my first quilt a few months ago and need some inspiration with it!


  198. Jenn says:

    I’m just learning to sew and I am trying to make each pattern more challenging. Next I’m tackling a roman blind for each of my bathroom windows. I’m still trying to pick out the fabric though, such a big decision!

  199. Gina says:

    I’m trying to get started on 2008 gifts – toiletry bags and soft soled shoes.

  200. Rae K says:

    I am working on a vest from Burda World of Fashion. It is a thin quilted jersey.Love your blog. I might be too late for the Friday contest, but I just saw it. Happy New Year!

  201. ChristineG says:

    Whoops! I was so excited about the quilting, I forgot to say that this month, I am going to hopefully felt a playmat from a new magazine, Living Crafts, and I am making my girls’ dolls some more clothes. (I made the dolls for Christmas).

  202. ChristineG says:

    Oh my goodness!! I am so excited that you are going to be doing Quilting for the month of February. It is my one craft hold-out and I have really been wanting to learn!!

  203. Ann Kantola says:

    I am working on finishing a flannel quilt for one of my daughters.

  204. Christy says:

    Lots going on this month. I’ll be making boxers for my husband, finishing up some baby gifts (actually,that’s this weekend), making Simplicity 3673 as a sew along with the Sew Retro group and trying to come up with inspiration for Craftzine’s Amy Butler Inspiration contest. Whew!

  205. I’m working on a quilt for my husband – he wanted the 12 Labors of Hercules…I’ve never appliquéd before and the quilt looks kind-of child-like but I’m going with that being part of the joy of your wife making you a gift.

  206. Sandy says:

    I am half through making the bunny from the book “Sock and Glove: Creating Charming Softy Friends from Cast-Off Socks and Gloves” that I got for Christmas. My 4 y.o. loves this book and we already made Billy the dog.

  207. WENDY D says:

    I’m working on my first Amy Butler pattern, the Chelsea tote, using an autumnal shaded tweed i bought on Holiday from a small woolen mill in Wales and the reversible side will be some fantastic batik fabric I bought in Ghana a couple of years ago as the colors match so well, and tha fabric are a reminder of some beautiful and personal place I have visited.

  208. geek+nerd says:

    I’m thrumming some mittens right now – but my mom and I just had a complete shopping spree in the Sew Mama Sew store yesterday, so I suspect some sewing is in my future!

  209. Deb says:

    I will be knitting an Orange Bliss scarf for my daughter’s 24th birthday (pattern found on The Blue Blog) except doing it in burgundy. Then I’ll be sorting through purple fabric scraps sent to me by friends to make a purple scrappy quilt.

  210. CaRho says:

    I’ll be working on another apron for my mom this month. I made her The Friday Night Apron by Vanilla House for Christmas. She said, “It’s too pretty! I don’t want to use it for cooking, I’ll just get it dirty!” I then explained to her this is why washing machines were invented, but she still won’t use the apron unless she’s cooking and entertaining at the same time. So, I guess my project this month is to sew an uglier apron heehee…or at least a simpler one.

  211. Ruth says:

    I’m going to attempt to sew clothes for my daughter for the first time, and I’m hand-quilting a lap quilt. Plus I’ll probably throw in a few clothing refashions.

    Question: Are non-US residents eligible for FFF?

  212. Lynne H. says:

    I am working on crocheting a baby afghan for our first grandchild, due very soon! Then I hope to get started on sewing some spring clothes for myself!

  213. Sarah Latham says:

    This month, the first which is ment to be a start, is being an end, finishing up ufos and planning new beginings for the rest of the year.
    Though I am also comerdering my husbands garage stealing his tools and making a small thin upright box with figilre cut outs, for the loo paper rolls as my loo has no storage at all. I went in and stole the jigsaw today (incidently The one I brought him for christmas – now thats forward planning ) and tryed my hand on it.

  214. danielle says:

    I am creating a new burlesque outfit for an upcoming show! I’m also putting together a mod pattern and want to create it in several different fabrics. AND, I want to embed unique fabric in my resin jewelry! I know, too many projects to count…but that’s a REAL crafty girl!

  215. Amanda says:

    I just bought Amy Butler’s In Stiches and I plan to sew the Patchwork Handbag, hopefully I will get started this weekend on that. I also am planning on sewing some cloth grocery bags. I am still looking for the perfect fabric though. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  216. Laura says:

    Yay for Quilting month! I can’t wait to see the helpful information that will be posted!

    This month, I have several projects to work on. I am making 3 skirts for my mom, a dress for my daughter, and I’d like to start a quilt for….drumroll please….. ME!

  217. Thea says:

    I found this site during your November projects, and I have really enjoyed it! I am currently sewing a lunch sack that came in a Japanese kit (thank goodness the diagrams are good, because I have no idea what the directions say!) and knitting some mittens!

  218. Jenna says:

    i need some fabric for my addiction….my name is jenna. and i’m a fabriholic. 😉

  219. Lynn says:

    I’m working on two quilted baby blankets (everyone’s pregnant this year!) and did some beanbag chickens and rice-filled neck warmers for Christmas, as well as a small outdoor-themed quilt for a wedding gift and another black-and-white quilt for my teenage daughter. And I just got a new sewing machine for Christmas, so now I’m trying to learn how to hem pants correctly. I knitted a white scarf for my daughter, and fuzzy freen ones for my grandma-in-law and friend in Australia and crocheted an iPod cover for myself and a dorky hat with earflaps for my husband, who wanted one to wear hunting (both out of burgundy yarn with color flecks). I also made two other baby blankets and a Christmas quilted wall hanging, and turned some of my old practice quilt squares I had lying around into 4 table runners.

    My hope is to learn to sew clothes (especially skirts) and pillowcases and do something other than a straight stitch. I have fabric to make valances for a couple of the rooms in my house, and would like to make myself some placemats and pillowcases, too. Oh, and…yet more quilts for my sister-in-law and niece and nephew.

  220. Bets R. says:

    I’m new and I’m shy and I’m nervous and excited to try my hand at making some sublime wee bits of fabric goodness!

  221. Shelley says:

    I’m so excited about quilting month! I made my first quilt a couple months ago and am completely obsessed!

  222. Angela says:

    Wooo Hooo — love free fabric fridays! This month I have three mini quilts to do and a tutorial to put together for a bag I made as a Christmas gift. Other than that — hmmn, I have another bag that’s perking in my brain and some knitting I’m working on. Geesh, I’m getting tired thinking about this already!

  223. Vickie says:

    I finished an apron made from a kitchen towel from Target for my niece last week. This week I will be making oven mitts and pot holders for my mother-in-law’s birthday in February. So many projects, so little time.

  224. Kieny says:

    I love the reproduction prints. I’m quilting two wall hangings at the moments and I am finishing the borders on a lap quilt.

  225. Sandra says:

    I love Kaffe fabrics! This blogging is new to me – I have never written before! I am making coasters, napkins and a table runner uisng circles for a class I am doing next week. I made so many gifts for Christmas that I put these projects off, and now I am paying for it! Who needs sleep?

  226. Kristine says:

    Current quickie project is a new sewing machine dust cover for my mom’s old machine. Hopefully I can get a bag that I’m dying to make with some gorgeous Loft 1800 fabric done by the end of the month, too. And the biggest project is finally upgrading to a new sewing machine!

  227. Leigh says:

    I am working on a county type applique quilt for my hubby.
    Also finishing off an elf and a doll.
    Plus a few bags and things…..

    need to get started eh??????

  228. Plush Pals from a book called SOFTIES. Some use felt, some are crocheted.

  229. Terri says:

    My sewing machine is at the shop, too. So while it’s being fixed, I’m folding and ironing the hems on a set of napkins, and happily planning a new blouse.

  230. Jamie says:

    I am currently knitting a baby blanket from YARN GIRLS for my sister-in-law, and I also have a knit scarf for my son on my to do list, as well as a baby quilt, some cute chenille backed bibs and some projects from Bend The Rules Sewing, which I just got for Christmas – yay!!!

  231. CJ says:

    I can’t stop making aprons!! but I’m thinking about giving the nappy bag a try, but making it a knitting bag instead of diaper tote.

  232. Erin C. says:

    I just stumbled upon your site from the Angry Chicken blog (Amy is a delightful writer). I’ve been slowly going through your archives, and I love this place! I’m new to crafting. Very very new, but I’m completely enchanted with every aspect of it. I turned 21 this year, and instead of drinking or partying, I’m teaching myself to knit, and crochet, cross-stitch, and embroider, and sew. And papercrafting, too (bookbinding, origami, and other small paper crafts). I am particularly fascinated by finding ways to incorporate fabric and paper together in projects right now. Like vintage fabric nestled between carved (I guess this is called paper cutting?) card stock for bookmarks. Or creative gift tags. Or homemade birthday cards with fabric accents sewn in.

    Keep up the good work here. I really enjoy reading about all the crafts there are!

  233. Nicole says:

    I am new to your site and love it! I am a stay at home mom of two little boys and really enjoy quilting, crafting and sewing of any kind. I just need more hours in the day to fit it all in! Thank you for the creative inspiration.

  234. Jamie says:

    Baby bibs, pillows, and dolls, that’s about it for me. Can’t wait!

  235. Alisa says:

    Is this for real? I am the 606th commenter? Wow – your site is very popular, and I know why! You are doing a great job. Thanks.

  236. Ekioart says:

    This month I’m working on three dolls I’ve had the pattern for thats been waiting until after my Christmas gifts were all finished. Now that the holiday seasons over, I’m itching to jump into making them ^-^

    Oh and I picked up some very lovely suede the other day, so I’m planning a few smart new pillows for my tired couch!

  237. Annmarie says:

    I have three of the four patterns you are going to review! I have made the Lotus Tunic- it was great fun and next I plan to do the sunday apron to use up a bit of fabric laying around so I can, of course, buy new fabric!!

  238. Katie S. says:

    I’m quilting a baby quilt for a friend’s baby due on Jan 14th!

    Please enter me in the drawing for free fabric. 🙂

  239. SmilynStef says:

    I’ve been working on glass bead magnet sets for gifts, as well as thank you card and sympathy card sets.

  240. I had planned to make a Raggedy Ann, life-size, doll for my niece for Christmas but knee surgery got in the way. So now I’m planning to make this month as a late Christmas/early birthday present.

  241. danica says:

    Sewing for this month? Oh, so many ideas. After recovering from the Christmas lists, I’m trying to figure out what to start out with. A shirt for me? Shoes for my niece? An apron for my mother? Hmmm. Can’t wait to start!

  242. Leah says:

    No sewing this past week – on vacation at the beach… Hope to start sewing after I clean my sewing room from the Christmas sewing race. 3 weeks to sew something for my sons birthday!

  243. Celeste says:

    Yesterday I made a small handbag using the pattern from Favorite Things. Next I want to make a wallet to match.

  244. After a few months of gift making, I’m gathering up steam to return to a few wips. I really like to have a lot of things going at once so I have a lot to choose from when I have a moment or two to devote. I have a white linen based quilty wall hanging, with patterned fabric circle cut-outs arranged in vertical lines in progress that I’m excited about. I’m also reworking, and reworking, and reworking, a fabric cover and notebook for my monthly calendar that I designed myself (on the fly). I’m doing a lot of learning as I go with these and other projects because I’ve found that it’s how I learn best. Patterns will come later I think when I understand, at a fundamental level, why all those sewing rules are there to begin with (such as seem allowance, ironing, etc.)

  245. amandajean says:

    I am working on a quilt that has a slice of nearly every piece of my fabric that I own. (it’s a spectrum quilt….such a fun project!!)

  246. norththreads says:

    This is so exciting! Im currently working on my own repurposed fabric totes with a tie knot top!

  247. Stacy T says:

    YAY it is Friday!!

    I am working on Sewing Newborn clothes for baby #4, A GIRL!

  248. Heather K. says:

    My sewing machine is broken, so I won’t be doing much until it is fixed. Then I will continue making shopping bags for our upcoming Roots & Shoots group. We are not using paper or plastic this year. Instead we are bringing our own bags.

    I also need to make an apron for my sister by her birthday. I sure hope there isn’t a long wait at the repair shop. Cross your fingers for me, but then uncross them before sewing. I mean really, who can sew like that?

  249. Samantha says:

    I’ll be working on a kneeling cushion and some little artists cases using the Craft Apple pattern.

  250. Heather says:

    Beautiful fabric! I’m just starting to teach myself how to sew with the new sewing machine my husband gave me. I’ve been working on some simple curtains for our kitchen. I’d love to make something fun with some cute fabric though!

  251. Mama Urchin says:

    I gave my husband a box of fabric for Christmas with the promise to make him a jacket. That’s on my agenda for the month.

  252. Diane says:

    I love this blog, and am excited about the quilting month as it is my favorite way to spend my sewing time. =)

  253. Teresa says:

    Since my college age daughter is home for the school break she has moved back into her room. Since school had started I had converted her room into a guest/sewing room. My sewing machine and corresponding work surfaces are now covered with her things so not much sewing going on. I do have an apron planned and am knitting. I am looking forward to quilting month as that is yet another love of mine.

  254. Racheal says:

    I’m making a patchwork scarf…which will be brilliant if it turns out anything like the way I see it in my mind! We’ll see 🙂 I love the color combo–tomato soup and slate grey

  255. emily says:

    I have to say, I just tried the baby shoes from one of the holiday tuts and they came out awesomely! It is going to take me a few months to get through all the projects though.

  256. I have recently bought a WHOLE LOT of fabric, so I have a lot of purses I’m going to make. First, though, I want to make a dress for my daughter to wear – she grows so quickly that I don’t want her to outgrow it before I even finish!

  257. Kim H. says:

    oooh you gals have the cutest stuff 🙂 I just finished making the grocery bag dispenser from handmade holidays and next I’m making a child size apron for my 2 year old boy who loves to help mommy in the kitchen. After that, i’m gonna make a baby blanket for my niece/nephew arriving in June

  258. Toni Coward says:

    I have SOCK MONKEYS coming out of my ears!!! Been making one for each of my nieces and nephews in advance for their birthdays in 2008…lots of fun but I ‘m about ready to move onto a new project now!

  259. Jennifer says:

    I am working on stamping greeting cards, as usual… oh and reading crafty blogs (but I know that doesn’t count as a “real” craft)

  260. Melody says:

    Love that fabric! I’m a knitter, but I just got a sewing machine for Christmas, did a few totes and not I’m looking at aprons & baby blankets..the tutorials are FAB. Thanks for a great site.

  261. Wendy says:

    I’m working on my very first sewing project–a very cute and hopefully extremly simple A-Line dress for my teenie cricket. Wish me luck as I’m the ultimate sewing newbie w/no patient or crafty relatives able to give me advice and i’m really going to need it! no worries, i’ve set my expectations low and bought extra fabric.

  262. Karen Doyle says:

    I am really new to sewing, but I am working on a dress for my daughter’s baby doll and some felt food for her new play kitchen.

  263. Eunice says:

    I’m working on a cross stitch kit- O’Tannembaum

  264. Liz Reese says:

    Free fabric Friday. Count me in! I’m new to this. It sounds very exciting!

  265. whitney says:

    you just reminded me I have a bunch of fat quarters in retro prints – maybe I will work on a quilt with those this month, or wait until quilt month for some inspirations. I am actually working on lots of Christmas crafts, getting ahead for next year!

  266. Carolyn says:

    add my name to the contest 🙂 can hardly wait for the February quilting tips, etc.
    Thanks for all your hard work!

  267. I love the reproduction prints. What a neat contest!

  268. Hannah says:

    Beautiful fabrics! I hope I win!

  269. Libby says:

    I just received my fabric a few days ago and it’s beautiful and pleasing. Thank you for offering such wonderful selections.

  270. Melanie says:

    I’ll be cutting out the pieces this afternoon for a(nother) crayon roll for a little friend of ours having her 3rd birthday party on Monday. Then I have grand plans to whip out a couple of bibs and a soft hat for a friend’s new baby.

  271. Estelle says:

    I am working on a few reversible handbags for my friends and smaller ones for their little girls.

  272. Anya T. says:

    I’m working on a charm tote out of bright orange/purple/lime green fabrics and can’t wait to finish it!

  273. carol says:

    I’ll be making valentine’s day aprons for my sister, granddaughter and a couple of friends from lovely “heart” fabrics I’ve been collecting.

  274. Karen Waldie says:

    Today I started dyeing my own fabric for a nested round robin that I am taking part in with my fabric dyeing forum. The quilt will be based on the colours I’ve chosen for my colour wheel and each month a different theme will be chosen for the border that will go around a central piece that I’ve designed.

    Another blogger posted your url in November and I have been following along ever since. I really appreciated all of the great Christmas ideas that people sent in and thank you for such a great site.

  275. Deva says:

    I am working on early birthday presents – wallets, tissue holders, lunch bags. And a bag for me. =)

  276. Penny says:

    I just finished up 3 crayon rolls, am getting ready to make an art tote and then onto some tampon rolls…. figured teen girls would really appreciate them 😉

  277. Eva says:

    i’m working on a plush bunny and raccoon simultaneously 🙂 i hope to be done with them by this weekend. i might crochet a shawl for them too. i’ll post them on my blog

  278. melissa says:

    i’m working on some mini notebook holders for the girls in my bookclub.
    i found the tutorial and pattern here!
    thanks again!

  279. Linda Jamar says:

    I’m currently working on matching nightgowns for my niece, Laura, and her Samantha doll. Then, I need to get busy and begin on my daughter’s wedding gown. I finished one wedding gown in the fall for my oldest daughter and my younger daughter got engaged a couple of weeks ago, so I’ll be busy working on her dress soon!! Not sure that you can call that a craft project, but it will definitely be handmade and custom designed!!

  280. Lori Seaborg says:

    I am finishing up a tote for my 10 year old daughter’s knitting. Next, is one for me! 🙂

  281. Jennifer C. says:

    I browsed your fabrics today, and I can’t wait to see who the winner is…I am definitely looking closely at the Kaffe Fassett prints! They are soooooo gorgeous! Love this site, been hooked since November’s Handmade Holidays, and I’m already planning next year’s gifts!

  282. Jane D says:

    I’m mostly interested in knitting and spinning, but this month I thought I’d give stitchery a try. I bought a nice kit and immediately sat down to learn a few basic stitches. I’m looking forward to sewing something pretty on an old linen shirt.

  283. I am currently plowing through 11 pairs of little boy undies. Fun fun fun. :p After that, I am dying to make ME some pretties!!

  284. Jennifer G says:

    I am waiting on pins and needles (no pun intended, well, sort of) for my sewing machine to be delivered, and then I am going to make my daughter an apron to hold her things. And then I will make something else. And then. And then.

  285. Rachel says:

    Yesterday, I started and finished the knitting tote featured in Stitch and Bitch. I bought a shower curtain and pillowcase at Odd Lots months ago that look quite nice as a tote bag now. The pattern doesn’t call for lining, but the shower curtain fabric wasn’t substantial enough itself to be a bag.

    Also, I’m still trying to finish knitting an earflap hat for my husband. Hopefully I’ll finish before Spring.

  286. Bess says:

    i’m working on a doll for my daughter. but, i’m also eyeing those fabulous bag patterns. so much to choose from! heaven!!

  287. LisaAlso says:

    Wow! What a response to your fabric giveaway! I haven’t jumped back into crafting since the Christmas rush, but next up will be a project to try out Michael Miller fabrics new Ruffle Rac trim. It will be available in this month, but they sent me a sample to try! Now I just have to figure out what I want to make with it!

  288. Grace Sheppard says:

    Working hard to get my twins’ quilts finished before their 2nd birthday – meant to have those for them when they were born…

  289. Linda F. says:

    I’m always working on papercrafts. And I’m STILL crocheting an afghan. opefully, I’ll get around to a tote or 2!

  290. Shannon H. says:

    I’ve always got a crafty project going, but right now I’m knitting up some fingerless mitts from some of my handspun alpaca.

  291. Dana says:

    I am working on a baby hat and look forward to moving on to ta few cute bibs.

  292. Stephanie says:

    I’m working on a three-years-in-progress scrap quilt from a mound of scraps my Grandma passed on to me. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish it this year!

  293. That Sophia Bag pattern looks so cute! I did a bunch of late night sewing for Christmas so I need a little break but right now I want to make bags and hats.

  294. mama k says:

    PS I’m working on sewing ring sling baby carriers this month.

  295. mama k says:

    LOVE the new repro prints!

  296. Alicia says:

    I am planning to make a little tablecloth for my sons play table. I know he’s a boy and boys don’t use tablecloths but I’m thinking if I use a print that is boyish and call it a “mat” then maybe my husband won’t give me a hard time. ; ) The table has seen better days and could really use some sprucing up!

  297. Hi- I am new here. I am working on making towel poncho’s and baby clothes this month and the cute booties that I found from your blog from the Michael Miller link. I also am going to try to make some Sock and Glove animals for my nieces.
    thanks for having this blog, it’s so cute and makes my Friday afternoon go by faster.

  298. Kirsten says:

    I just – like, 5 minutes ago – finished crocheting myself a winter hat (my first!). In a minute, I’m going back to work on some of those draft protecter things you put in front of a door to block drafts in winter, which I am making from the legs of old jeans. Then…. well, I’m one of those people who always has at least 14 different projects going (so I never get bored). Quilting some of my finished tops? Doll clothes? Knitting a scarf? Finishing the tote bag? More felting? So *many* possibilities.

  299. Pat says:

    I am trying to finish several projects that I didn’t finish for Christmas!!

  300. Linda Cox says:

    I’ve been wanting to make an apron out of vintage fabric. I have a vintage pattern that I got at an estate sale. Those reproduction fabrics would be great !!!!!!!!!! Just want to say…….love, love, love your blog and all your ideas!!!!!!!!

  301. EmmyLizzy says:

    I’m pretty much making one of everything from Bend the Rules Sewing, which was the best Christmas present ever!

  302. Tam says:

    I’m working on curtains for my son’s ocean-themed nursery.

  303. Jessica says:

    I am sewing up all of the awesome things FOR ME that I loved as I sewed up Christmas gifts from your November festival of sewing! :)))) On my list include- bags, heat therapy bags, table runner, and padfolio. 🙂

  304. Kelly says:

    You guys have such a wonderful website!

  305. Dawn says:

    Wow that’s a lot of comments!!! I have a bunch of things that I am starting this month:
    -A quilt for my sil’s birthday
    -A few stuffies
    -A whole bunch of knitting and scrapbooking!!!

  306. Jessica says:

    I’ll be working on late Christmas presents…mostly totes and pouches.

  307. Courtney says:

    I’ve just completed a fleece baby sling for my nephew and now I’m working on the crayon roll I saw on this site a while back. FUN!

  308. Carol says:

    Hard to just talk about one project, but here goes: I’m trying to finish up a crossstich I started as a Christmas present for my dad. It’s like now that the pressure is off, it’s sort of gone into a holding pattern. I’m also experimenting with new knitting stitches and new bamboo yarn turning the samples into washcloth gifts.

  309. Allison says:

    I’m starting my first-ever knitting project–a scarf! And I’m a novice seamstress, but I just got “In Stitches” for Christmas so I’m looking forward to trying something small from there…like the potholders.

  310. harmony says:

    I’m working on some toddler sized knit hats for a friend.

  311. Amie says:

    I bought myself a brand new sewing machine two days ago. And I still haven’t taken it out of the box yet! I got a little emotional, as my old machine was handed down to me from my great grandmother and I am still very attached to it. So, my first project in over a year will be a simple shoulder bag to break in my new machine. And then I’ll be moving on to the backlog of projects I had started before my previous machine passed away. Wish me luck!

  312. Anna H. says:

    I am sewing some flannel jammies for my husband.

  313. jennifer tuttle says:

    Free fabric????? Oh yes, please 🙂 I am sitting down right now to begin cutting quilt blocks. Your site has encouraged me to branch out and start a few mini quilting projects. So, starting a flannel rag quilt then baby quilt. Just finished the eye mask and neck warmer and going to attempt a box bag. Thanks for your help and looking forward to quilting in Feb. I look forward to a new tutorial and inspiration every day!!!

  314. adri says:

    I’m trying to make a quilt before my niece comes… She’s due on Feb 1st… I still have a long journey!

  315. Sheryl-lyn says:

    Love the new fabrics! I am working on several sewing projects. A sampler quilt done as a swap with friends, a new apron for the winter and a bag for my daughter to carry her college books around in.

  316. Elaine says:

    Once I get all of the Christmas decorations put away (goal for this weekend), I’ll set up my sewing machine again. Plan to make some coasters and the quilt from Bend the Rules Sewing (it’ll be my first one so I can’t wait for February and quilt month!). Have been eyeing some of the reproduction fabric for a top for summer.

  317. Jen says:

    Those new repro prints are adorable!

  318. Leslie says:

    I am working on some baby gifts – quilt and bibs

  319. daniela says:

    i’m in process to patch my torn up pants….
    and already dreaming of new projects

  320. Marlana says:

    I’m going to be knitting socks and a cardigan and, hopefully sewing a purse from Bend the Rules Sewing. I don’t know if I’ll get around to sewing the purse this month or not.

  321. Bethany says:

    I’m finishing my Christmas manger scene. Oops! It will be ready for next Christmas. Also, I have tons of friends having babies so bibs, blankets, and balls galore… If I could get into clothes sewing that would be awesome (I have Sew U in the mail). Free fabric would be great!!! Pick me!

  322. Ruth says:

    I absolutely love the reproduction fabrics–they would be so useful for making doll clothes. I’ve gotten back into making dolls since I have a new granddaughter to enjoy them like my kids used to!

  323. Beth says:

    I’m working on a Minnesota Twins t-shirt quilt for my dad… and I have several unfinished quilts in progress. 🙂

  324. Nancy says:

    Thanks for the return of free fabric on Fridays. My current project is a couple quillos for my grandkids.

  325. Yvette says:

    I am in the middle of a quilt, 2 tote bags and some 18″ doll clothes … and my daughters have a list of things for me to make next – good think I like to sew!

  326. Joan says:

    I can’t beging to tell you how much I love your website. It has inspired me!!! Over Christmas break I sewed a patchwork jacket for me. Then I decided I didn’t have anything to wear with it so I made a matching skirt. This weekend I’m using one of your tutorials to make a bag to go with the jacket and skirt. Thank you so much.

  327. Stefanie says:

    Cant wait for February!

  328. Vashti says:

    I’m working on a rag quilt for my son…very masculine prints/colours. Also working on some cat softies for my sister in law’s birthday. My daughter is just learning to sew as well, and she’s working on a small rag quilt for our new baby due Feb 5th!

  329. Kathy says:

    Hi and thanks for the opportunity to win some free fabric. I am working on a few different projects. One that I am particularly excited about is this cool tote bag. I used Dacia Ray’s tutorial. It is quilted on the front half and on the back I made a cell phone pocket out of layers of felt. One of the layers has an embroidered a design on it. I also used a vintage button, from my grandmother in-laws button box, for the closure. I can’t wait to finish this bag and send it off to my friend Joan as a surprise present.

  330. Danetta says:

    I am so glad I found this today.
    I took a quilting class this fall and am working on some quilts for my family. My daughter requested an apron for her birthday middle reproduction fabric with the purple and green flowers is calling her name.
    Thank you for doing this for us!

  331. Cyndi says:

    Still working on the same project! HAH! Lots of hand applique…

  332. Helen says:

    I can’t believe how many comments there are! I want to win! I am working on making 3 floor pillows from Amy Butler’s book.

  333. Alex says:

    I’m just finishing up a pin cushion that looks like a little 1930s woman taking a bubble bath. Next will be either a half eaten gingerbread man ornament that I can’t get out of my head, or a zombie sock monkey.

  334. Jodie says:

    I am working on a patchwork dog bed/pad quilted with bone shapes.

  335. Lisa says:

    Looking forward to quilt month ideas while I make a quilt for my grand daughter.

  336. kathy says:

    Tried to start knitting a pair of socks for my husband, but once I finally got the cast on done, I found out that I had mis-copied the instructions. There went an hour’s worth of work! Think I’ll clean all the presents that haven’t found a home yet off the sewing table and do a pillow or two for the couch!

  337. Edie says:

    I just finished up refurbishing a sewing basket that I bought for $3.00 at the local thrift store. I’ll have a photo on my blog this weekend I hope. Now I’m just starting a new baseball cap and a Christmas ornament (late? I’m not late! I’m early for next year!). And my WISP (work in slow progress) is a small wall quilt designed to hold a photo, as a gift for a friend’s marriage (July of ’06, okay, this time I AM late!).

  338. sarah says:

    this month, I’m going to really buckle down and start a butterfly applique quilt and butterfly wall hanging for a friend’s baby due in March. I gave her some stuff (wallhangings, blankets, swaddlers, etc) for her twin boys who just turned 2, and I want to be able to spoil her little girl. It looks like it will be pink, purple. and yellow butterflies with white and green backgrounds. My big decision is whether to cut into my 30s reproduction prints or go with something a bit brighter…i really, really love my repro prints…

  339. Lesley C says:

    I’m currently working on a few projects from “Last Minute Patchwork Gifts” and I’m loving the Joel Dewberry Chestnut Hill collection as well as my Moda scrap collection to complete my little gifts.

  340. Lyndsay says:

    Ooohh. I’m excited. I just finished a quilted purse and am getting ready for my next project.

  341. Jennifer says:

    Since I took my machines to the shop today for a good old cleaning and service, I am busy crocheting!!

  342. Kathy says:

    I’m working on coasters using one of the patterns from the Holiday countdown. I love this site!

  343. Claire says:

    I’m making a softie for my god daughter’s birthday, it’s a domestic goddess moopy made out of vintage and new fabric. It’s almost done, you can see it here:

  344. Beth says:

    I’ll be working on finishing up some UFO’s around here so that I can get to work on a new quilt using Edyta Sitar’s batiks!!!

  345. Stacey says:

    I worked on sewing the crib set for my soon-coming little girl

  346. homejewel says:

    I’ve got two projects in the works: one is to recover some cushions for 2 wicker chairs. The other project is to make a cover for my serger so my little toddler will not be tempted to change the tension dials!

  347. Jill says:

    A long, old-fashioned, white cotton or flannel (I haven’t decided yet) nightgown for myself. I’ve wanted one for years and have been unable to find something suitable for purchase. Being the quick genius I am, it finally occurred to me to just make one. Zing! Ta-da! Voila! And all of that. It just seems such a cozy, pampering thing to make for myself – you know…to where while I cuddle up in a blanket and read a Little House book.

  348. Morgan says:

    i am going to be making some coin purses that i saw in one of the tutorials!

  349. edina says:

    Love your site! I haven’t decided what I’ll be sewing next – either a bagsket from the foofanagle blog or a bag from Amy Butler, Celine Dupuy, Lotta Jansdotter, or Amy Karol.

  350. Andrea says:

    I’m thinking about starting a quilt for my niece this month in pink. I’d also like to try making a bag.

  351. Dana says:

    This site is such a bad influence… Too many good ideas! I’m (still) working on a half square triangle throw that I need to finish for a “Christmas” gift.

  352. Vicki says:

    I am working on an apron again. This time for an overseas friend using an Australian icon fabric.

  353. Ana Fonseca says:

    I’m working on pillow cases for my kids.

  354. Sharon Gollman says:

    Since the holidays are over, and I have finished my Christmas sewing, I am organizing the projects for the next few months–a bag or two, perhaps a quilt, and some aprons for my daughters’ and granddaughters’ birthdays. I would also like to sew some boxers for my sons (a big hit at Christmas) in some zany fabrics, and pj bottoms for them as well. And I do need new place mats for my kitchen and dining room. Do I sound too ambitious? I hope not 🙂

  355. Hashi says:

    I’ve been crafting up a storm since Christmas — fabric scarves, a beanie, a messenger bag, a passport wallet, an apron, and today, some beaded stitch holders. I’ve decided that, as I go through the year making birthday gifts, I’ll also make an extra something for the same person and put it away for Christmas. Wish me luck! While I’m in full-on holiday/crafting mode it seems an easy achievement, but I know as the year progresses I’ll get bogged down in life and work. Next project: a robe for hubby.

  356. Meg says:

    My craft projects for this weekend is a ragrug and making some crochet washcloths.

  357. Amber Graham says:

    I’m working on a blanket for my friend’s new son, Oscar.

  358. Kate - the Odd Duck says:

    I’m working on lots of pencil rolls and bags. Fun!

  359. Erica says:

    I will be teaching about 12 girls how to sew at our next Keepers at Home meeting on the 18th of January. They will be making potholders and heat therapy rice bags (nice and simple to start off with). We are also starting a home for single moms and teen girls (we are missionaries in Mexico) and the first thing we are teaching is sewing and hoping to set up an internet business to begin selling products that they make. Many of my ideas have come from your blog here over the last two months since I found you. Thanks for your help with our mission!! Blessings,

  360. gail says:

    i’m working on some pink slippers and finishing up a purse, my first. what fun it would be to win some fabric.

  361. Andrea says:

    This month I will be working on bags to take to the grocery store b/c I am sick of all those silly plastic bags and b/c I found some cute purple and white fabric half off at our local Wal-Mart that is closing their fabric dept ( I could rant about that for hours but I won’t). Now that I found this site, there could be many more projects on the horizon too!

  362. Heather says:

    I finished a quilt and some bibs from Bend the Rules. I am moving onto some clothes for my daughter from Ottobre. All while trying to stay awake in my third trimester…

  363. Lola says:

    Yeah!!! Quilting is one of my obsessions (i have many)! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!! Thanks for all of your hard work keeping us busy and happy!!

  364. boogiemum says:

    I’m going to be working on some cat costumes for a local children’s theater, a wallet for my friend’s birthday, and a small bag for my son to carry all of his asthma medications.

    I just love those reproduction materials!

  365. Jenny Goldsmith says:

    I have only just found your site and I am in love! I come and see what is new everyday. I live in Australia and feel like all you crafty bloggers are a world away from me. Free Fabric Friday sounds great. My house has Fresh Bed Friday! Ha! My new years resolution is to learn how to knit…but until then it is doll making and quilting on my horizon. 🙂

  366. Lisa Eichholtz says:

    January should be a busy crafting and sewing month for me.

    I organize a Girl Scout craft night every month, and next week we’re making gel candles — so I’ll be playing around with that a bit in advance to make sure that everything will work out.

    I have tons of leftover Christmas sewing to do — aprons that became apron kits when I gave them to my girls, ditto on pajama pants…..and a long overdue quilt for eldest daughter who has been away at school since late August and is STILL waiting for us (younger daughter and me) to finish her purple and teal quilt. It is a scrappy quilt (I’m a fat quarter/charm square hoarder) made with friendship stars and card trick blocks. She is currently in Italy, giving us 2 weeks to finish this masterpiece so she can bring it with her when she returns to her dorm at the end of the month! Send me fast sewing vibes…

    Lisa E.
    Louisville, KY

  367. anita says:

    Hi, I will be working on a baby quilt for a friend’s second son. I’ll be using the dog fabric from Heather Ross’ lightning bugs and other mysteries fabric line. I’ll be using the simply baby quilt pattern from the vintage spool by Verna Mosquera. I’ve made this pattern several times and just love it!

    Happy Friday!


  368. Tara says:

    I’m starting my very first quilt, it’s a gift for my best friend’s wedding!
    I’m also super excited about the pattern reviews, as a new sewer, I need some good advice!

  369. Liz says:

    I am making a baby blanket and bunting for my friend who just had a sweet little boy- I am using Michael Miller (?) polka dots fabric(blue, green, red) with red courderoy and blue minkee as accents. I love the fabric and hope the project turns out well!

  370. kirsten says:

    oh, what don’t i have planned for this month?!? actually, though, i’ve been looking at various lavendar/yellow reproduction prints for my daughter’s curtains – what a timely post! 🙂 off to check your link.

  371. i have been working on some spring/summer items for myself and my girls. tops, skirts, bags…
    i LOVE the reproduction prints! so cute!!

  372. Teri says:

    I received Amy Butler’s In Stitches for Christmas and just finished a patchwork version of the apron in the book. I’m live in New Orleans so now it’s on to making Mardi Gras costumes–any ideas??

  373. Lisa says:

    I’m actually sort-a in between projects at the moment. I just finished a set of 8 placemats for a relative and am debating between making some totes and making houseshoes for my 2 year old. I’m also in the middle of a little dress for her that she’ll wear this summer. It’s an adorable sleeveless dress with a ‘red with white daisies’ fabric. 🙂 I’m on a sewing high at the moment because I really just started learning to sew about 6 weeks ago and have completed 3 projects! (all 3 I got from this site!)

  374. Sheila says:

    Ooooh, I love the Kaffe Fassett prints and I am looking forward to quilting month as I have just completed my first quilt top and want to take the next step of binding and batting and machine quilting.

  375. Ashley says:

    I just started and finished the Quilted Fabric wallet from that*darn*kat yesterday. I followed the tutorial that you linked to in the handmade holidays posts. I am in love with this wallet and for a beginner sewer the instructions were great and easy to follow. I am looking forward to making some shopping bags and maybe a skirt this month.

  376. Sheri Kimlinger says:

    I’m crocheting an amigurumi doll for my little girl…it is taking forever, but is turning out super adorable!

  377. Kathy says:

    I’ll be finishing a quilt pink quilt we started at the hospital where I work as an RN. We had folks sign blocks, made an applique center pink ribbon panel, and I need to put it together and get it up at the hospital to display.

  378. Adrienne says:

    I’m thinking about starting my first quilt! Scary!

  379. Alissa says:

    Like others, I have started my first quilting project ever with a “quilt of the month”-type kit. I’ve always done clothing construction, so as easy as the pattern looks, quilting is definitely new and different. I’m looking for fabric to back it. It’s beautiful in reds, browns and greens.

  380. Jennifer says:

    I’m working on a blouse for myself (and using the adjustable dress form I got for Christmas 🙂 ), refashioning some older tees, headbands for my daughter ala Amy Karol, and many totes (I signed up for the Morsbag swap on swap-bot). Oh yes, I also desperately need to clean my sewing area.

  381. Julie says:

    I am doing a teatowel swap and a valentine mini apron swap on I will also be working on a red and white yo-yo quilt!

  382. Hi! I am making aprons, a purse, and getting ready to make kitchen curtains for my daughter’s college apartment! Also working on jammies for grandnieces.

  383. Lara says:

    I’m finally doing some sewing for me, me, me! After making over twenty Christmas gifts, it’s time to do a bit for myself. I badly need new clothes!

  384. danna osen says:

    in janurary will be making my 3rd amy butler frenchy bag, abd most importantly starting on my the
    “hundred wishes quilt” for my second granddaughter from China. i found your site just in time for the christmas tutorials and could not wait to check every day to see what was new….

  385. Red says:

    I’m doing a lot of maintaince sewing (ie: patching pants, hemming pants and skirts), sewing a octo stuffie, planning curtains for the house, and trying to figure out what to sew with the 8 meters of silk my brother brought back from Thailand.

  386. Amy says:

    I just bought fleece to make hoodies for my boys, and hope to get going on them soon. First, though, I am working on making a few things for my Etsy store. I use felted wool (salvaged from old sweaters), and old clothing (or leftover fabrics) to make little zippered bags, knitting needle bags, etc.

    I also knit, and will soon be starting socks for a prayer swap I’m taking part in.

  387. Michele says:

    I cannot wait until February!

  388. Lisa says:

    Looking forward to all the quilt projects you’ll be sharing! Can’t wait.

  389. Mindy says:

    I’m embroidering floursack towels. As well as, knitting a hat.

  390. Kirsten W. says:

    I have plans for two little throw pillows (fabric TBD) for two new-to-us chairs and to sand and repaint a little table I have to go between the chairs. Also – I have a half finished scarf that I’d love to finish knitting before it gets warm again!

  391. Ginger says:

    I’m working on a wall organizer to go beside the phone over my desk.

  392. Jane Johnson says:

    Yeah I’m learning to sew at age 53. You can teach an old dog new tricks. Thanks for the recent compilation of projects. Best. JaneJ

  393. Debbie says:

    I am going to start looking for fabric (and courage) to make tote bags for year-end gifts for teachers.

  394. Katie says:

    I just got my first quilting book and I think this weekend I will be working on my first quilted project, a potholder. Perfect timing to start for February’s Quilting Month! Besides that, a clutch purse and a couple of vintage dress patterns that have been calling my name since November are on this month’s list!

  395. Kristine says:

    I’ll be working on a RubbleWork Scarf from Pink Chalk Studio. I purchased the pattern before Christmas to make a few last-minute gifts but didn’t get around to it…hmm, maybe time to make something for myself.

  396. Esther says:

    I’m working on (1) a pink tulle tutu with sparkly pink ribbon and pink and white rosettes for my niece, (2) a cherry-print fabric wallet for my girl friend, and (3) unravelling an old scarf (which I ran out of yarn for, and when I went back they were no longer selling it) and knitting a hat out of it – a beautiful soft merino wool, charcoal black.

  397. Karen says:

    I’m going to make a couple of Star Wars floor cushions for my boys and a wallhanging for my youngest before they go back to school, thank goodness we’re on summer holidays, it just might get done! : ) Thanks so much for all the effort you put into the Handmade Holidays, there are so many great ideas that I know will keep me busy for the rest of the year.

  398. lealou says:

    Fun! I’m working on baby craft projects for an upcoming shower and I think I will also make myself a table cloth and some napkins!

  399. Char says:

    I am working on a shoulder bag. I am using AB Gothic Rose burgundy (main), lime oxford stripe (straps), and okra seeds (lining) fabric. I like to keep my sewing simple. I’ve created remedy wallets for homeopathic remedies, but not a whole large bag. So, wish me luck!
    I am also making a very simple blanket for ds’s toddler bed. I would love to make a project apron for him, too. Hummm… sounds like I need a bin projects I’ve started – hopefully not the type that ends up forgotten in the basement!

  400. Carol says:

    I’m a newbie here but enjoying it. I’m starting finally, on the birth sampler for my new first grandchild. So much fun!

  401. Rachel says:

    My project this month is to get my new sewing machine set up, and crochet a cunning hat for my friend.

  402. Jessica says:

    My project this month is my sewing room makeover. I made curtains, repainted, hung pictures…I still want to decorate a bulletin board, and sew covers for my machines. I’m excited to have a pretty place to sew!

  403. Carrie says:

    I’ve got several projects in the works this month…a valentine’s dress for my daughter, a purse for myself, a couple of aprons, and then whatever other projects I can squeeze in. I still have a huge list of things to make from all the great tutorials I’ve found here. Love the featured fabrics and can’t wait for the pattern reviews!

  404. Two knitted sweaters for twins due next month.

  405. MichelleW says:

    I am finishing up a pair of pajama pants for one of my sons, and a sewing machine cozy for me. I had a lot of fun free-motion stippling the fabric for it, but now I think I cut it a little too skinny. If I could only remember my dh’s mantra: measure twice, cut once. Oh well. I am going to fight with it a little more and then either succeed or consider it a fun stippling experience.

  406. sara says:

    I just finished a small messenger bag and will be returning to a quilt I’ve been working on for a while now.

  407. jerri says:

    I’m working on some totebags and aprons.

  408. Norma says:

    Seems like everyone is having a baby around here so I’m sewing up burp pads and appligueing onesies with fabric. 🙂 Thanks for the 30 days of Christmas ideas. Luv’d it.

  409. andrea says:

    wow, the competition is growing by leaps and bounds!!!! everyday i am trying to work on something new… so far i have created 3 new handbags, some from patterns, some from scratch, some adapted. look forward to the sophia review. dying to try it but am somewhat intimidated. 🙂

  410. Becky C says:

    With two babies due for co-workers this month, it’s all baby things…finish two baby quilts, knit two baby sweaters, and make a couple of softies (for babies).

  411. Kathy says:

    I’m working on some adoption dog jackets and cat mats for my local animal shelter.

  412. Sarah Hovan says:

    I’m working on a crib size quilt (my first one ever!) and an apron for my best friend. Also have several friends having babies, so I’ll need to whip something up for them. This website rocks!

  413. Colleen says:

    I plan to start working on a quilt for one of my daughters. I also want to sew a sleepingbag for both of their American dolls. Why buy doll bedding when you can make it yourself, right?!!!

  414. Diana says:

    I love your blog! I get some much inspiration from it. THANK YOU!

    This week I’ve been working on soft baby shoe/slippers. My sons cold feet needed help and I figured there were probably some other cold feeted babies out there too.

  415. Rachel says:

    Since both my girls got American Girl dolls for Christmas this year, I foresee myself and my mom making innumerable skirts, blouses, dresses, and trousers for these new additions. Granny picked up a set of antique doll bunk beds that also need some quilts and pillows and shams. Can you tell that I’ve always wanted one of these dolls for myself? 😉

    I also think that I’ll be making a few of the rice heat therapy bags, they seem like they’d be great for preheating the bed on these frosty January nights.

    And I’ve GOT to knit myself some fingerless gloves now that I’ve outfitted the rest of the family. Mommy always comes last, huh 😉

  416. My friend Nikki and I are commenting because we are frickin’ hoping to win some free fabric!!! I also ordered the Sunday Dinner apron and LOVE IT. So does Nikki.

  417. Janelle Harvey says:

    I will make a fabric “inspiration board.” On it, I will post all my crafty ideas, blog print-outs and magazine clippings. That way, I won’t forget about all the plans I try to keep in my head; they’ll be right there, over my sewing table.

  418. Janelle Harvey says:

    I am planning on making a fabric “inspiration board” to put over my sewing table. On it, I will post all my ideas, magazine clippings, and blog print-outs. That way, I’ll always have some crafting ideas ready.

  419. Holly B says:

    I am working on a doorway puppet theatre for my 3 year old niece. Looking for a beautiful multi stripe with solid-ish coordinates that inspire me!

  420. maggie says:

    Hi. I am currently working on some new christmas stockings for next year. This is the perfect time to buy christmas fabric at a discounted price. I have recently taken advantage of your discounted price on some fabric for the trim of the stockings.
    Thanks for putting this give away together, what fun!

  421. Cayce Wolfe says:

    I just learned how to knit, so I’ve been learning a few nifty stitch patterns with the hopes of starting a scarf soon.

  422. Regina says:

    Those prints are great. My lineup of projects includes a Miranda Bag by Lazy Girl Design – all for me – a bouquet of petal pouches, and a February countdown/birthday calendar (advent style) wall hanging.

  423. Molly says:

    Last year I bought an Amy Butler In-Town Bag purse pattern. I am finally going to make a few using denim from my son’s old jeans and I need some REALLY cool fabric for the linings!!

  424. Manon says:

    wow what a great Idea.

    I can´t get enough of this page here. We don´t have such cool ones.

    XO Manon

  425. Debbie Ruotolo says:

    I just found your site and I love it.Well I am fininshing up a picture quilt for my Pastor & his wife , the sunday school classes drew pics and we took pics over last few yrs. It got really bigger than we wanted but more and more pics were added. I can’t wait to give it to them. Also my grandaughter learned to sew and she wants to put together a quilt herself. also need to make a few more quilts for my grandchildren and friends this yr. Hope I have time:)
    I am enjoying site and looking at different things people have made.Great idea!! give aways too!Hope I win,could use more material lol

  426. Felecia says:

    I can’t wait until quilting month!!!! Right now I’m working on a baby quilt for my new nephew. Also want to get a jump start on gifts for next December!!!!

  427. michelle says:

    This month I’m working on re-usable fabric gift bags for next holiday season with the clearance holiday fabric and ribbon I picked up…. that is if I can bear to wait to use some of the new fun fabric I received as Christmas gifts!! 🙂

  428. Alicia says:

    I’m knitting right now – a Lucy Bag – a wool bag pattern by two old bags.

  429. A reader for awhile, but a first time commenter. Most of my current projects are knitting related (hat, dishcloths, etc.), but I’ve also made several ‘original’ bookmarks in the past two weeks using my limited sewing skills and Mary Engelbreit fabric! They turned out really cute!
    What a great give-away!
    Amy O.

  430. Jane says:

    I’m making a changing pad and burp cloth for my friend’s new baby! If I have time, I’ll also make another re-useable grocery sack!

  431. sue says:

    I need to start working on a tote bag for my boyfriend’s mother. Her birthday is in a few weeks but I’m undecided on what fabric to use for her. She’s an elementary school art teacher so I definitely want it to be fun. Maybe a bunch of different fabrics with patterns in the same color scheme??

  432. C. O'Brien says:

    I’m going to be doing some work with felt and embroidery this month and I’m really looking forward to it. Thanks for all of the inspiration on the blog!

  433. Natalie says:

    I am sewing two corduroy skirts this weekend. The fabric is washed – just need to find the time. One will have a little hand-embroidery on it. I also hope to get some knitting done – namely two projects that were supposed to be Christmas presents. Oops!

  434. Bethany B says:

    Oh, I like the repro fabrics. I got two such fabrics for Christmas from a quilting store and just love them. I’m having a lot of fun deciding what sort of projects to make with them. I wasn’t as aware of those until recently, but I like the idea of vintage styles for fabrics a lot.

  435. Harriet says:

    I have so much that I want to sew, and “sew” little time! I would love to sew up some tote bags or something along those lines. I also want to sew some dresses for my 2 girls!

  436. Nichole says:

    Thanks for the great holiday posts and look forward to more great inspiration from SMS in 2008!

  437. Valerie says:

    I’m a beginner sewer and I’ve been practicing on the artsy clutch by upsizing it and making it into project pouches for knitting projects. I’d like to make a couple more this month to give to people.

  438. Coralee says:

    projects this month include a wallet gift, a new scarf for me and I’m attempting to design a new purse for my mom.

  439. Jess says:

    My new project is going to be a receiving blanket set for my boss! I have a TON of flannel that I have bought and need to do something with!

  440. Natalie says:

    I’m working on a couple of projects this month. I’m making some hanky’s for valentines day, a blanket for my daughter, and some bibs for my son.

  441. Judy B says:

    I’m looking forward to making a lap quilt for my mom. I’ve ordered the fabric…should be arriving on Monday. Can’t wait!

  442. Rose says:

    I’m going to be making some kids’ size tote bags inspired by my local quilting shop owner giving my 3yo son two fat quarters. Also a simple flannel’n’fleece quilt for a friend who’s about to have a baby; a pouch sling for the same friend; some kids’ size pouch slings for the older siblings of that baby and another one coming soon; more felt veggies and an oven mitt or two for my kids’ kitchen. And maybe, just maybe, I’ll get a start on the king size quilt for our bed for which I just purchased all the fabrics. My husband designed the quilt top based on a mathematical curve, and my goal is to have it done by August, so I’ve got some time. Oh, and also making some pillows/cushions with some Aran cable squares I knit a few years ago. And I’ve got some knitting projects going on too that I should finish — a sweater for the 3yo and socks for the 1yo.

    My goodness, that all sounds so ambitious laid out like that. I guess it’s going to be a busy month. No wonder I can’t keep up with the housework. 🙂

    And there’s so many *more* ideas already rolling around in my head, and lots of inspiration for even more here and elsewhere in the blog world…..

  443. beki says:

    Hooray! Gosh, I’m working on all sorts of things, mainly baby gifts for some upcoming bundles of joy.

  444. Chris Aiton says:

    Today I got both Bend the Rules Sewing and Sew It Skirts from my local library. I will sewing up a storm. Really enjoy your blog.

  445. Christy says:

    I currently have two new appliques laid out to put on messenger bag flaps. One is a over-sized rose and the other is a snowy mountain scene. If I could convince my youngest not to pull on the iron cord so I could get the interfacing on them I might actually get them done this month.

  446. Kristin says:

    I’m binding a wall hanging where I finally mastered machine quilting my first undulating feather and piecing a four-patch wall hanging for my bedroom.

  447. Paige says:

    Hi! I’m currently making a flannel nightgown for my daughter, age 2. I’m using fabric that I found at a local thrift store.

  448. Belinda says:

    I have enjoyed reading your blog so much! I’ve sewed two bags so far. This month my project will be to sew a couple of skirts. Thanks for the inspiration!

  449. Julia Molewyk says:

    I am looking forward to your pattern reviews, especially the one for the Lotus Tunic. I am working on some scarves, doll clothes, and my first sewing project for myself – a fleece, hooded vest. Thanks for the inspiration, tips and tutorials on your sight. And free fabric? I would love it !!!

  450. tasha roe says:

    that sophia bag is darling!!! cant wait to see the new reviews! 🙂

  451. Jennifer says:

    I am working on some crayon rolls for some two year olds I know who are going to be greeting new siblings soon. I’m so excited to see that you have quilt month coming up because I just bookmarked your blog on my mom’s computer when I was visiting at Christmas, and that is her specialty–she will love it (and I will, too.)

  452. Kate says:

    Quilting away with lovely Amy Butler fabrics, can always use more for the next project!

  453. I’m still catching up on my holiday sewing! I have aprons, tote bags, and baby dresses to sew. I’m especially looking forward to mixing and matching some of the funkier stuff from the stash to make interesting baby attire.

  454. Casey says:

    Oh yay, I love the new repro prints!

  455. Jen says:

    I am working on a quilt for my husband and lots of little things…oven mitts from Denys Schmitt, baby elephant from Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts, a new bag for me.

  456. Elizabeth says:

    How fun! I’m working on some purses and I would like to start a quilt

  457. jenn says:

    I’m working on some throw pillows for my guest bedroom that we just re-painted. Also, I’m thinking of making a few tote bags for some friends’ birthdays coming up! I love love love this site. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  458. Mique says:

    Wow over 350 comments- hope you choose me. I will be working on more baby blankets, burp cloths and I hope something for me!!!

  459. Jessica Hood says:

    The only craft projects I’ve started to tackle this month so far is scrapping my ’07 pictures that I’m so behind on. I plan to get started on some embroidery projects soon!

  460. Joyful Abode says:

    I LOVE those reproduction prints.

    This month, I’m working on some appliquéd baby blankets along with some new apron styles.

  461. Christi says:

    Right now I’m knitting dishcloths while my machine is in the shop. Hopefully in a few days I will be working on napkins, aprons and sprucing up some plain white dish cloths. I’m also trying to come up with a simple curtain for my laundry room.

    I’ve fallen in love with this blog! I only found it a few weeks ago. Soo much inspiration in one place is dangerous to my crafting and sewing budget!

  462. nikkapotamus says:

    Oh my goodness! You guys are so great! I was totally inspired by your Month of Christmas Crafts-even if it is a little bit late. I am currently working on my quilt (hooray for Feb!) with the most delicious fabrics from the Urban Garden collection. I’ve also just finished an apron for my daughter from the Dick and Jane fabric which I spied here not too long ago.
    Thanks for all the great tips and tricks and free giveaways.

  463. Anne says:

    Beautiful and cute fabric. I’m working on a purse, scarf, and aprons (new to sewing since August 2007). Question/Recommendation request: My daughter wants clothes for her stuffed animals, a couple of which have come from a popular “workshop”. Any recommendations on easy patterns or tutorials for doll/stuffed animal clothes? Thanks.

  464. Barbara says:

    My plans this month include pin cushions, tote bags, and other fun little things for my shop. Now that the holidays are over, I’m bursting with ideas to start off the new year!

  465. Inger Vermij says:

    Gelukkig nieuwjaar/happy new year!
    Oh, I love the new purple reproduction print fabric. I’m working on a log cabin cushion cover. Thanks a lot for the great ideas of last month!!!!!

  466. Kristin says:

    I am looking forward to the tutorials. I will be making the Chelsea Tote this weekend with my new pattern and fabric from you!

  467. Joanne says:

    Ohhhh, I can’t wait until February Quilting!!! This month I’m thinking about whipping up a few dolls.

  468. I am working on a handbag for my SIL and hoping to finish a grey wool suit that I started in September!

  469. Shelba says:

    I am currently working on 2 quilts. Both “baby” quilts. And I’m appliqueing on onesies. This is what I’m working on, but I have a dozen of things I’d rather be working on!

  470. Lisa says:

    I’m working on a couple of things:
    1. crocheting a baby blanket
    2. knitting some baby booties/socks/clothes
    3. sewing a boppy cover
    4. sewing a new purse for me

  471. Mirza says:

    I hope to stitch up a robe for by DS and DD that I did not get to before Christmas. I also want to get started on placemats for my kids that teach them how to set the table.


  472. froghair says:

    even with four quilts in progress, I am considering what sort to make for a newly engaged couple: contemporary or traditional?

  473. Jennifer says:

    Free Fabric Friday!!! Yippee!!!!

    I’m currently working on all manner of baby things. Burp clothes and bunnies are next on the list. First I have to clean all the Christmas project leftovers off of my drafting table. And I’m knitting a baby blanket as well. My sister-in-law is having her first in February and my second babe is due in April! And there are many more baby projects to come…

  474. Mrs. Pear says:

    I LOVE this feature!

    I am currently working on turning a charm package and some scraps into two half aprons! One is done, and the second one just requires some minor adjustments!

    I am also hoping to sew a couple dresses for my daughter!

  475. Sarah says:

    I’m working on the Amy Butler tunic i just ordered. Can’t wait for the pattern reviews this month!!

  476. Taia says:

    I am waiting for my machine to be fixed and returned so I can sew up a couple of pillows for my cousin who will be off to college before I know it. After that, I will be whipping up a couple pants for my friend’s son and then I’m ready to begin quilting again. Too much to do and all too fun!

  477. Shauna says:

    Thanks for your fun and inspiring site! I’m starting my first quilt this month.

  478. Elizabeth says:

    I’m working on dust ruffles for my kids’ beds. Too much fun! Elizabeth

  479. Heather B says:

    My daughter will be turning 6 in a few days. For favors, I’m working on notebook holders with pencils from your handmade holiday tutorials. I would also like to make her special “6” tee. Plus, I need to finish my youngest knitted sweater. That’s only the first 2 weeks of January!

  480. Anne says:

    This month I’m trying to quilt for the first time. I decided to start small with a baby quilt for a coworker. Fortunately, the baby isn’t due until June so I’ll have plenty of time to fix all of my mistakes before the baby shower.

  481. Katie says:

    Oooo, oooo, oooo! Me, me! I’m decorating my kitchen and am thinking I’d like to use some repro prints to jazz it up. Otherwise I’m working on Bonnie’s mystery quilt…and dozens of UFOs are hanging about spying on me….watching over my shoulder to see what (who?) I pick to work on first! LOL

  482. Katie says:

    I can’t wait for the new pattern reviews, especially the Amy Butler ones. I think my next project is going to be a Frenchy shoulderbag as well as some pillows for my living room.

  483. Pauline says:

    Lots of projects here…the hand quilting on a stip quilt for the end of my bed, some drawstring tops for my daughter and clutch bag for my sister.

  484. sarahk says:

    Can’t wait for the Sophia bag review! I’m really wanting to make this!

  485. Cynthia says:

    Oooh, quilting month! I’m knittong a cardi for my baby, and am waiting for fabric to start my first quilt. For the rest I’m making a few seasonal dolls for my table, and need some other idea for that, I can’t come up with anything yet though!

  486. Stacey says:

    I just started cutting strips of fruit- and vegetable-themed fabric for a quilt I’m making up as I go along. I’m excited that I have fabric printed with artichokes. How cool is that!? I’m also researching white work embroidery to work on a project while watching all the Jane Austen movies on Masterpiece Theatre.

  487. Kate says:

    Lots on the go and pending….Currently working through heaps of Rowan knitting patterns and continuing my quilt as you go class.

  488. D'Lane says:

    I have been sewing for a year. I went with my husband’s grandma to a quilt display. It inspired me to learn to quilt- there is such a rich heritage there. Grandma gave us a quilt she made as a wedding gift. Maybe I can do the same some day. I look forward to quilt month.

  489. Mary says:

    The Lotus Tunic is on my list for this month, actually. I may also try to get the Barcelona Skirt done, but we’ll see.

  490. gwen says:

    i’m making bibs from bend the rules sewing…the necks are a bit small for my chunky 21 lb FIVE month old, but hopefully tonight after the kiddos are in bed i can adjust those.

  491. kara says:

    I’m going to attempt some smocks this afternoon and a water bottle holder for the little guy.

  492. Sharisse Dunn says:

    I loved the Handmade Holidays stuff so much, but had my gifts already planned. SSOOO, now I’m going through my stash and starting projects for next year. I want to make totes, lap quilts, table runners, and so much more. Sure could use some free fabric to jump start the “creative juices”! I look forward to the coming year and all of the inspiration here.

  493. Linda says:

    I’m working on a “couch quilt.” We need something to snuggle under while sitting on the couch, and it’s time to put away the Halloween and Christmas themed ones. (I realize Halloween was a while ago, but try explaining that to a 2-year-old who loves pumpkins. It was a nice contrast to the Christmas decorations.) So, I’m pulling reds and pinks from my stash and am looking forward to a weekend of sewing.

  494. Melissa H says:

    This month I vow to finish the handbag that was supposed to be a Christmas present but it went all wrong (I saved it, it just needs to be finished). I also have several fleece hats and an apron on the table not to mention a Crochet lap blanket. The aprons are my favorite as I refuse to spend $24 on a vintage apron that I know I can make myself.

  495. Vintage Grrl says:

    So many beautiful fabrics! Definitely something from the Amy Butler range I think. So bold!!

  496. Susan F. says:

    With the New Year I am more excited about sewing than ever, partly because my daughter and her husband gave me a gift certificate to Sew Mama Sew. I just keep going to your store and looking, I can’t make up my mind just yet. I made four aprons for Christmas presents and they were received so happily that I think my next project will be just that if I can make up my mind and choose a pattern and fabric. Since Christmas I sewed Peanut the elephant and a child’s clutch ball from the book Last Minute Gifts, so many ideas, so little time.

  497. MrsPages says:

    I just found your blog and have spent days going through the Archives! Awesome stuff! This month I am trying to design and finish a fabric magnetic towel holder!

  498. Laura says:

    Those reproduction prints are beautiful! I’m currently working on an apron for my seven-year old niece. Thanks for your website/blog.

  499. Toni says:

    I’d like to try an apron. Maybe a different type of purse. Definitely a skirt for myself.

  500. TheBon says:

    I’m spinning more than anything else right now, although my couch does need new throw pillows so that may be on the agenda soon.

  501. Arlette says:

    I’m making a very feminine pincushion which starts off with the traditional tomato shape base. I’m using two coordinating fabrics, one for the top piece and one for the bottom. Before tufting, I’m adding ricrac to the seam and will topstitch it with embroidery thread to add a decorative element but to also keep it in place. After tufting, I’m adding a coordinating felt flower to the center and attaching a round puffy fabric center which will be used to keep sewing needles in so that they won’t get lost in the base of the pincushion. I’m adding a confetti topping of shiny little seedbeads to the top half of the cushion. I have already made and given one as a gift for Christmas and it was well received. I love fabric with a passion and coordinating and using several prints and patterns together is what I live for.

  502. Marie says:

    Getting to those projects which were inspired by Christmas creativity but put on the backburner so I could finish all the gifts by Dec 25! Including but not limited to: lunch bag for my husband, birthday crown for my youngest daughter, baby gift set for a friend due in April, Roman shades for the dining room, several tea cozys, and a growing list of requests from my oldest daughter!

  503. Kimmie says:

    How fun and how generous…thank for throwing me into the drawing.
    I think some spring pants would be lovely…one of my six kids would be thrilled! (hmm, maybe I need to rethink that project 😉

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  504. Sandy says:

    I’m working on quilted notebook covers. I quilted my own fabrics, each notebook has different fabrics and different quilting motiffs. They are fun, easy, quick and I know they’ll be loved. Happy New Year.

  505. carol says:

    I have lots of stuff in the works, mostly lunch bags, aprons and vintage dishtowel totes but first I have to repair a 30 year old stuffed platypus for my nephew’s baby!

  506. melissa s. says:

    I’ll be working on all the projects I wanted to do last month but couldn’t b/c I was overwhelmed with Christmas. Thanks for all the inspiration last month!

  507. Karen says:

    I love the new reproduction prints! I’ve been finishing some jewelry/beading projects and want to start working on a new scrappy quilt.

  508. Dawn B. says:

    The new reproduction prints are adorable! I hope to have 2 sewing projects and 2 crochet projects completed this month. The Amy Butler Kimono bathrobe from her In Stitches collection is first on the list!

  509. Mary Lou says:

    I just finished making a crochet hook case adapted from the tutorial mentioned last month. Your site is great. Not only do I find things here I want to make but every link I follow to other blogs has something I really want to make. I’m also working on a neck warmer. Thanks for the inspirations.

  510. Laura says:

    I am working on making pleated handbags from Amy Karol’s Bend the Rules book. I am also going to try making an apron for myself, perhaps using a Vanilla House pattern.

  511. Chris G. says:

    I just finished an Open City Tote and now the sewing bug has hit me. I signed up for a beginning quilting class this month, so I am looking forward to quilting month in February.

  512. April says:

    I am working on pillows for our couches to coordinate with the valances. I have all the materials, just need to get started

  513. Anna T says:

    Silly me, I must 1st finish Christmas presents. I just completed a knitted toy for my daughter (can be seen on the mochimochiland flickr group) and am part way through a knitted snake for my son (also a mochimochiland pattern). After that I can start on some items actually meant for 2008 like a fleece neck gator and a little flannel lovey blanket or tag blanket for my daughter. Maybe I’ll even give thought to what Christmas presents I want to make this year. Wouldn’t that be something?

  514. Amanda says:

    How Exciting! I’m making a duvet cover and would LOVE any of the Amy Butler fabrics.

  515. Christy Statz says:

    Hi, I just received oilcloth in the mail and I am excited to try it out. I have always wanted to sew something with oilcloth, but until recently, I have only been able to find “picnic table” print. I also want to say that I sew enjoyed your tutorials during December. I looked forward to them everyday.

  516. Jeri Mihm says:

    I’ve got a Christmas bulls-eye quilt top that I just finished setting together and its ready to load on the longarm. I’ve also got borders cut for two other recently-sewn quilt tops, then they will be quilted too!

  517. Lora Rogers says:

    I am crocheting a fire-engine red scarf right now, and I am about to make a ring pillow for my neighbor’s upcoming wedding. I would love some new fabric for a quilt or bag! I love your site and check it every day for new ideas! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  518. Christina says:

    I’m currently working on a lap quilt with all thrifted flowery fabrics as well as something to keep my midriff warm as I wait outside on my daily commute in freezing Norway….

  519. Ollie says:

    Yeah!!!! Free Fabric Friday!!! WOO HOO!!!

  520. erinmalia says:

    i’m already thinking about next year’s christmas gifts. pretty sad, isn’t it?!

  521. Violet says:

    I am starting on a baby quilt for our newest nephew will make his debut the end of Feb. The quilt is based on the chocolate and turquoise colors from Manzanita, though I’m missing a minor third color. It’s my first quilt so I hope I’m able to finish it.


  522. Chelsea says:

    I’m making a pair of flannel-lined corduroy pants for my daughter. I made a pair in December and they are really useful for playing outside in the winter!

  523. Sequana says:

    I’m working on a few things this month. I have a quilt on my frame right now. Then I have at least three challenges……the Take It Further one, an Exquisite Corpse challenge, and a challenge on Fibre & Stitch that requires I use scraps from my stash. Plus, I’m making fabric flower chains for one of my walls.

  524. dianne says:

    OK – I’m really serious this year about making Christmas gifts, so I am trying my hand at fabric boxes. I figure it will give me plenty of time to rip them apart and start over . . .

  525. Jenn says:

    Free fabric? Oh wow! I just recently found this site from a blog that I read and I find it to be very informative! I’ve already found quite a few projects to start on in the up-coming months!

  526. sarah says:

    yay – gotta love free fabric! :o) i just started the quilted wallet listed in your hand crafted holidays tutorial list (tutorialized by that*darn*kat). i’ve been wanting to try making a wallet and this one is a great way to use up a bunch of my fave scraps!

  527. emily says:

    i am doing curtains this month for our house that we remodeled in one of the flooded neighborhoods in new orleans. the natural light has been great the past 5 months . . . but really looking forward to having window treatments!!

  528. Michelle M says:

    Sooooo Sew exciting news for you!! And for me too!!
    I am currently working on custom made patchwork purses!! Love the feel of freedom it gives me to pick any pattern I want to do!
    Thanks for having such a stellar site for me to expand my sewing horizons!

    Michelle M.

  529. Stephanie says:

    I am currently working on tons of baby items for my pregnant sister. Focus this week- a quilt.
    Don’t we just love new babies to sew for? I know I do!!

  530. Jessica says:

    I’m right in the middle of making my Sophia Carry-All. It’s easier than the Weekender bag but still has many, many steps to it.

  531. Janice Rehmeyer says:

    Hello, Please count me in for the Free Giveaway Friday. As soon as my time gets free, i will start on a Doll Quilt. I really enjoy your blog.

  532. Mary says:

    I stumbled across your site during the holidays and looked forward to the daily posts… I’m a novice sewer, but recently bought Bend the Rules Sewing and have tried the zip pouch and no cash wallet. The next project on my list is the scalloped baby blanket… one of those Reproduction fabrics would be great for a little girl I know!

  533. Ellen says:

    Now that the holidays are over… I finally have time to make a few draft snakes! There are at least 3 doors/windows in our house that are letting in cold air! I’m gathering up some scraps to make a colorful snake!

  534. mary says:

    I’m working on some leftover things I couldn’t get done before Christmas: some needlecases for my knitting relatives, a few pincushions, a felt crown, a tote bag…. And whenever I have just a little bit of time I’m making embroidered button hairties inspired by one of my favorite Japanese craft books! Can’t stop creating!

  535. renee says:

    Love the reproduction prints. I just finished my first quilt and am looking forward to starting another so am excited about the quilting information to come!

  536. Ayala Levinger says:

    At the moment I am making a diaper-bag for my niece. she just had twin baby boys.

  537. analilia says:

    i’m working on several gifts for five different people. i’m making scarves for three people for their birthday. one is knitted and two are crocheted. another one of the birthday girls is gonna be two years old and i haven’t decided what to make for her, yet. maybe a set of fabric memory game, like i’ve seen some other crafty women make. and for my friend having a house warming, i also haven’t decided what to make for her. maybe a couple of log cabin pillows, a hostess apron, or a set of coasters.

  538. Alicia H. says:

    I’m working on window treatments for my daughters room. Looking forward to those pattern reviews.

  539. Rosemary P. says:

    Consider me entered!

  540. Ngoc says:

    I’m been working on some bags using an Amy Butler patterns . . I was hoping you would do a review of her new Anna Tunic . . . maybe in the future?

  541. Jeanelle says:

    Really loved all the wonderful ideas for the holidays! I hope you will post some Valentine’s Day crafty stuff. I could use some inspiration!!!!

    Happy Times!

  542. Sarah says:

    I have to say, Amy Butler patterns are BEAUTIFUL but hard for me to understand.

  543. floribunda says:

    who wouldn’t want free fabric! My current goal is to finish up several unquilted quilt-tops so that I can donate them to “Blankies for Grownups” or the women’s trauma center for returning soldiers. Then I can start NEW quilts!

  544. Teresa says:

    I am working on a quilt that was supposed to be a Christmas present for my husband. I fell behind on my sewing in December, so I am trying to catch up this month!

  545. Jodi Phro says:

    I’d love some free fabric!! thanks for such a great blog.

  546. I am excited to see your reviews of patterns this month!

  547. Shelley D' says:

    I was going to work on the Sunday Night Dinner Apron but now I think I will wait for the reviews. Instead, I will make a pink bathrobe this weekend with Heather Ross’s pink “van” fabric and line it with pink flannel with white polka dots-
    Shelley D’

  548. emily f says:

    i am working on a small, beginners quilt and my fabric stash is rapidly decreasing! love your site.

  549. Becca says:

    I’ve got two projects-I’m working on hand quilting a quilt for our neighbor(must have something to do whilst watching tv) and I’m piecing a scrappy Delectable Mountains quilt on the sewing machine.

  550. Judy D. says:

    i’m making a baby quilt for a co-worker’s baby who is due to arrive very soon!

  551. Stephanie says:

    I am working on numerous projects right now, a couple of jackets and I also started some christmas gifts for this coming year. I plan to give out tissue holders to the women and crocheted hats to the men.

  552. Sarah says:

    I am the proud new owner of Lotta Jansdotter Simple Sewing and I’m going to be making a simple tote. Am actually going to use the freezer paper idea to put my own touch to the bottom half. I’m also making simple flannel pants for my kids and doing a ton of knitting. Such is my life. Love your site!!

  553. I am planning on making a slip cover for my new Bjorn and making a couple of skirt for a special little girl. Then, with all the time I will have left at the end of the month, I will try and make something for the Amy Butler contest. Wow, so much sew to do.

  554. Shelly says:

    Looking forward to the reviews! The last couple of months have been great on SMS. Thanks for all of your hard work.

  555. Laura says:

    Yeah Quilting! I can’t wait. Just bought Bend The Rules Sewing and want to make the quilt for my son!

  556. Vanessa says:

    I am getting a sewing machine for my birthday next Monday. I am then re-teaching myself how to sew starting with a spring skirt and hoping to start a quilt for my husband and I-hopefully that will be done by our one year anniversary!

  557. Bean says:

    Eeee, I love the new repro prints you have in!! RIght now I’m working on a sweet little doll quilt for a swap I’m in, and my next project (still in the sketching phase) is an embroidered & appliqued genealogy / family tree wall-hanging for my grandfathers birthday in April! I can’t WAIT to start on it!! 🙂

  558. Becky says:

    That reproduction fabric is great! I have just finished a quilt top for my husband and I’ll be starting another one soon.

  559. Amelia says:

    I’m looking forward to the quilting tutorial. I’ve been thinking about learning to quilt for a few years and have decided this is the year! I’m getting ready to cut out curtains and pillows for our family room. Free fabric? This is my new favorite site!

  560. Megan says:

    I’m having trouble deciding *what* I want to make, with all of the options from last month’s tutorials. Very impressive!

  561. i’m working on getting together with a girlfriend once a week to work on random projects. last week it was sleep masks and kitchen towels…

  562. nettie says:

    I have my fingers crossed, there is nothing i love more than fabric!

  563. nessa says:

    Ugh, what am I *not* working on? Seriously, all my inlaws were born in January and February so it’s still non-stop gifting around here: a baby smock; a biscornu; a knitted quilt (just finishing it up!); blocking a shawl; a soft baby toy.

    At least I’m meeting one of my goals: more crafting in 2008!

  564. Steph says:

    After making one bag from the holiday tutorials… I have requests from everyone else for one! So this month will be a month of bag making. Plus some grocery bags for myself… with all this sewing I thought to make myself some pretty bags for groceries and do my part to save the world from a few hundred of the plastic beasts this year.

  565. jessica says:

    I plan to work on curtains and some napkins.

  566. Roo says:

    I’m starting my first sewn garment…. a pair of birthday dungaree’s for my Godson. He will be one in February.

  567. Lori says:

    I am working on making a new diaper bag for myself since I have left mine somewhere…anyone seen it?

  568. Doreen says:

    Ohhhhh…the Scattered Flowers on Green ~ Storybook Kids V would be great for the dress I’m going to be making for my daughter!!

  569. LauraJ says:

    I’m working on 3 swaps with include some patchwork quilty items. 2 are Valentine themed and one is Holiday themed. All are due January 30th!

  570. rachel says:

    I am working on an apron with an empire waist–my pregnant belly keeps bumping into things and staining shirts while cooking. I really love this blog and I have made so many projects from your November tutorials!

  571. meg says:

    I’m finishing the hand sewing part of the binding on my first quilt in 20 years! My basic 12-year-old quilting skills are still there, but I’m really looking forward to your quilting month in February to pick up some new tips.

  572. Tabitha says:

    How exciting. I got hooked on this site during “Handmade Holidays” and I’m now addicted.

    I”m working on personalized, quilted wallhangings for my daughters. I’m going to print some photos onto fabric using Bubble Jet Set (1st time user) and fashion it into mini quilts for Valentines Day.

  573. Carrie says:

    I’m working on a tote/vanity bag for a girlfriend’s bridal shower. I’m making it with lots of pockets and filling them with wedding day emergency stuff. So far the stuff list includes: Saftey pins, double stick tape, needles pre-threaded with white and black thread, static-gard, tissues, a breakfast bar and mini botte of champaine. being the only sewer in my extended family, I’ve been pulled out of many weddings to fix problems….

  574. AnnieB says:

    I am a regular lurker but an offer of free fabric has smoked me out fast!

    I am working on a dress for a rag doll my mother made me 33 years ago. I need some inpiration. Repro fabric might just do it for me…:-)

  575. Jana says:

    I am in the process of clearing up after the Christmas frenzy. I really enjoyed your tips and suggestions during the past holiday season. Right now I am catching up on some necessary knitting for my family.

  576. Sharon says:

    I am making wide leg lounge pants from Amy Butlers In Stitches for my daughters and I and am also starting to cut out pieces for a quilt. I hope to finish up some tote bags this week for a friend’s birthday. I always seem to work on several projects at the same time -adult ADHD I guess!!

  577. Moneik Harty says:

    I’m busy making three lapsize Yellow Brick Road quilts for my 2 bridesmaids and flowergirl in my upcoming wedding.

  578. Stephanie J says:

    I got my first sewing machine for Christmas. I’m really quite excited!

  579. Beth says:

    I am currently making those adorable cloth baby shoes that you linked to the tutorial. I have a baby shower this weekend and those are just the ticket. I’ve made two pairs: one in wool & fleece and one in corduroy & fleece. When they’re done I hope to put them up on my blog and in the cloth shoe flickr group. Thanks the wonderful work you’re doing here!

  580. Mama-E says:

    yeah!!! FFF… woot!

  581. Alexandra says:

    Im working on Azalea from burdastyle in black and white linen, very soft. I´m also planning a black linen top with som assymetry in the neckline. Oh, and peparing for project spectrum.

  582. Kathryn says:

    For my New Year’s Start I am working on Chatelaine’s Hawaiian Mandala (cross stitch with silks on 32 ct Silkweaver handdyed Jazlyn with silks, beads, and gems). This is an online class in 12 parts that will probably take me more than a year to finish. But if you don’t start, you won’t finish.

  583. Susan Fisher says:

    I’m working on a few projects. Wee Wonderful dolls. One for my daughter and one for my son. I’ve also got two pillow case dresses for my nieces and I am going to attempt a dress for myself. I just love this site/blog!

  584. Tricia says:

    I’m hoping to start on a couple of baby quilts – I’m sure there will be some good tips for me during quilting month!

  585. Meg says:

    I’m new to sewing, and this blog is such a wonderful source of inspiration and easy projects! This month I’m going to work on another pair of Wide Leg Lounge Pants from In Stitches (I made a pair for Christmas and loved them so much I want to make a pair to wear year-round), and also try some projects from Bend-the-Rules Sewing (a holiday gift!). And I’ve got my eye on the Anna Tunic from Amy Butler, too.

  586. Christy says:

    Oh how I love this website!!!

  587. I’m working on a liturgical calendar wall hanging/quilt that was inspired by a color wheel quilt I saw in a book recently.

    Please enter me for the fabric. Thanks!

    BTW, the Dec. posts were great! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication.

  588. Bethany says:

    I’m working on a birthday gift for a little girl – some art supplies in a drawstring bag, I think. I’m also working on an apron for a friend.

  589. Johanna I. says:

    I’ll be working on a simple cover for my sewing machine from the book “Sew Everything Workshop” and possibly an early start on next year’s Christmas presents – reusable shopping totes in cute fabrics for all the ladies in my family (mom, mother-in-law, and 4 sisters-in-law). Winning a Free Fabric Friday would certainly be a big help! Thanks for continuing such a great giveaway!

  590. Sue Cahill says:

    I made one of those resolutions to finish my UFO’s. The same resolution every year! I’m working on finishing a cathedral window quilt I started a few years back, all hand sewing. Actually it’s a good project for my lunch hour and watching tv at night so I am making some progress already.

    PS. I love all the fabrics, I have to wipe the drool off my chin.

  591. rachelle says:

    I just made my first nursing cover. It was fun!! Makes a great gift.

  592. Melissa says:

    Fun! I’m a knitter that’s new to sewing, but this month I’ll be working on a fabric banner for my son’s first birthday.

  593. Maxine says:

    Looking forward to the quilting month, I’m new to the art so would love some help and inspiration. Also looking forward to the pattern reviews and especially interested in the review on the Lotus Tunic.x

  594. oh, and i’m working on some of the car organizers featured on your site. i’m using the dick and jane fabrics.

  595. Karen says:

    after JUST finishing 3 quilts for others, I’m happily knitting myself a cardigan 🙂

  596. Robin says:

    I must hurry to finish my current quilt project as I am sure to find something I can’t resist in February.

  597. Kathleen says:

    I’m working on reorganizing my sewing space. With the amount of fabric and books I have jam packed in there I have no room to create!

  598. i loooove the reproduction fabrics!!!

  599. Kristi says:

    How fun- so glad it’s back!

  600. Emily says:

    I just started exploring your site a few weeks ago and I love it. This month I want to make some eco-friendly bags to take shopping with me.

  601. collins kilgore says:

    I am working on the wee wonderfuls bunny for a new niece or nephew coming soon! I am also working on a Barcelona skirt. I will also be making the pet bed in the Bend the Rules Sewing book out of the Urban Chicks fabric.

  602. I want to make a cute Twirly Skirt for my daughter.. and I LOVE the repo prints!
    must find money to buy!

  603. terri mac says:

    I just finished a chenille baby blanket using the tutorial you linked during Nov/Dec, and now I’m working on curtains using this tut from two straight lines

  604. Apriljoyous says:

    I’m about to cut some grey ponte knit fabric for this dress: I’m looking forward to the Lotus Tunic review, as I hope to work on that later this month..who knows, I might get to use some prize fabric 🙂

  605. Annie says:

    I’m working on a shirt for my husband. It is his overdue birthday present from earlier in December and it is my first time doing a project this big.

  606. Collette Rand says:

    I want to finish up a baby quilt. I got sidetracked with appliqued t-shirts for all the nieces and nephews. And wallets for friends. And travel tissue holders. And shopping bags. Okay, so I get easily sidetracked!

  607. orata says:

    I’m currently working on knitting a pair of Kate Gilbert’s Bird in Hand mittens (available at I look forward to the pattern reviews!

  608. Meredith says:

    Oh you guys are just so awesome!! I’m kintting a delightful little laced-patterned hat for my sweet 11yo daughter. I’m slated to cut out and sew three pairs of snowboard motif pj pants for my three boys too!! Wish me luck, and thanks for the try today!

  609. Sarah says:

    Wow, Free Fabric Friday draws so many comments!!!

    This month I am working on *more* baby presents – at least one quilt, plus some receiving blankets and embellised diapers and onesies. I’m at the age where all my friends are having kids!!

  610. Karen says:

    I’m making pajama pants for my 2 daughters & myself for Valentine’s Day, so I’m in the market for something froo-froo-girlie-girlie!!

  611. Alice says:

    How exciting, can’t wait for the reviews.

  612. Katie says:

    I’m going to begin work on a table runner and some throw pillows. Lap quilts soon!

  613. Joy says:

    I am making a little birdie wall hanging and hoping to start on a quilt here soon (wonderful for the winter months)!

  614. Maria says:

    I got so much inspiration from your posts in November and december, moved to a new house on December 15 and got an embroidery design program for christmas. So I’m working on several things: A knitting needle roll up, pillows for my living room, a bag holder and an apron and I’m slowly working on designing my very first embroidery. Oh, and then there is the Woodland scarf I’m knitting, with the yarn my 10 yo son gave me for Christmas… so there’s no need for me to get bored over the week-end 🙂

  615. Pam says:

    I’m working on a quilted table runner this month. Love the fabrics posted!

  616. Bea says:

    This month/week/day I am working on knitting socks. I’ve got a quilt that is almost all the way quilted. A few small squares to finish and then its ready for the wash and using. YAY! I did promise my sister that I’d make her an apron and haven’t done it yet so I am looking forward to seeing the pattern review.

  617. Holly says:

    I’ll be working a pair of camo pj pants

  618. PS This month I am working on cute baby pants, plastic bag holders, adult pj bottoms, bibs, and covers for my new bolster pillows.

  619. Aimee Davis says:

    I am getting ready to start working on gifts for new moms (3 new moms in the next 2 months!)…I’ve got 2 diaper bags to make, plus I found a great pattern for those little bags that hold a diaper and a wipes case and then I want to try my hand at one of Hillary’s (Wee Wonderfuls) baby doll patterns to throw in there too! Whew! Lots of sewing to come.

  620. Please choose me. the fabric I find here in Ottawa is thoroughly BORING compared to your lovely prints.

  621. Tiffany says:

    I am in the middle of a quilt for my daughter, and started a dress for her first birthday party! I am becoming more and more inspired by all these projects people are working on. I am so grateful for my kiddies nap time, because it always means sew time!!

  622. Dani Perry says:

    I am working on a stuffed monkey for my one of my niece’s (just have to add a few little touches) and then I am going to finish a stuffed frog for my other niece! Of course, I have loads of other ideas in my head…..

    I sincerely hope I win because I have been dreaming of one particular fabric for quite a while and you all are one of the only shops that still have it! Not going to say what it is…..don’t want to jinx it!!!

  623. Nicole says:

    I’m working on a couple market bags right now. One of our family New Year resolutions was to stop bringing plastic bags home. I think three more bags should help us succeed!

  624. kirsten says:

    I’m making a very regal tea cozy and matching fabric coasters…a late Christmas present for my dad who is coming to visit on tuesday. He’s of VERY British stock. After that I’ll make placemats and coasters for my mom and a tea cozy and coasters for my Gran who I’m going to visit on the other side of the country end of the month. I like the whole spread out present thing…more time!

  625. Heather says:

    I’ll be making a wellness package (like the one featured on 1/2) for my sister-in-law’s birthday. I hope to use Plant Life Blue ~ Sophia by Robert Kaufman paired up with a nice neutral. Can’t wait to do this for her!

  626. Trina says:

    I am getting ready to do a wedding quilt for my best friend.
    Her wedding is in march.
    I am not planning anything fancy just some 4×4 squares, but she will love it none the less.
    And I LOVE this blog!!!!

  627. I am working on a frilly apron for my friend the craft diva. it’s her xmas present, or was supposed to be anyway.
    I’m not much of a seamstress. so, i am working up the courage to follow a pattern that might be a bit beyond me.
    if anyone has pattern secrets, please feel free to email me at
    ciao, lovelies

  628. Mandy says:

    I have several projects inthe works: 2 quilts, baby clothes, curtains, and the fella got me paints and brushes for christmas, and i am now wondering what fabric I want to work on!

  629. Rebecca says:

    Currently I am working on a quilt from my grandmother-in-law’s fabric remnants. She died this past summer and I am putting together the final quilt from her stash. Looking forward to February at Sew, Mama, Sew!

  630. Becky says:

    I am using the Handmade Holidays Tutorials to start on Birthday presents for 2008. Right now … today … a coaster set. Oh, and I’m knitting an afghan for a recipient Christmas 2008. Maybe for once I’ll be ahead of myself.

  631. ainhoa says:

    I’m working on a tote bag. When it’s finished i’ll begin with one cushion.

  632. Robin says:

    I’ve been working on updating our “couch”, which is actually an old iron bed. I am recovering the round bolster pillows used as the backrest and making some throw pillow covers. I’ll definitely be looking for some tips and tricks on your blog!

  633. Celeste says:

    Well, I was working on another bonnet for my daughter using the Kingpod pattern…until my machine broke! 🙁 So off to the repair shop it is…and I’m trying to keep busy with embroidery!

  634. Jessica says:

    I’m creating foam furniture for my toddler. It’s going to be so much fun!

  635. amy m says:

    wow on the comments!
    projects for january are as follows:
    1. I picked up some clearanced christmas fabric, I plan to make two or three sets of napkins for next year’s holiday celebration (doing things early this year!) tutorial by chara michelle
    2. I also plan to make 1-2 aprons with the same christmas fabric for next year. instructions in bend the rules sewing, book i got in november and haven’t had much time to do any projects!
    3. maybe placemats but I doubt I’ll get to them…

    quilting month! cool! i am just getting interested in quilting and hello, perfect timing!
    I can’t wait to see the pattern review on the amy butler bag, I have her book as well but haven’t done any projects in it yet… its so darn CUTE!
    and the apron… love it.
    And those reproduction fabrics… omg.. LOVE! they are the cutest darned things. I might have a little one coming along in the future and those would make for adorable crib bedding!
    I’m also knitting two baby hats, finishing an adult hat, and working on a pair of felted slippers for my brother.
    I think I have more than enough on my plate to stay busy!
    I’m going to read all these comments now!

  636. javede says:

    I recently brought some cheap corduroy skirts at a sale and plan on machine embroider them and adding some ribbon to the bottom.

  637. francesca says:

    valentine’s aprons!

  638. Terry H. says:

    I’m making a little pouch with an elephant face from a pattern in a book a received as a Christmas present, The Crafter’s Companion.
    I love this site and found so many helpful tutorials here!

  639. Helen says:

    I love those reproduction prints!
    I’m currently working on a moleskine or notepad wallet and organizer in natural Linen lined in an Amy Butler print.

  640. Funda says:

    I plan to start a purple quilt this year and I would love to have some of that reproduction fabric to go in it! How adorable.

  641. Lindsay says:

    Oooh…free fabric! And such cute designs, too! Also, I must say I’m looking forward to Quilting Month! I’ve only dabbled in quilting (which is pretty much the only kind of sewing I’ve discovered I can do without someone looking over my shoulder telling me what to do next), but I enjoy it so far and look forward to learning more.

    Speaking of, the project I’m currently working on is a quilt — a rag quilt. I’ve been hoarding scraps of fabric salvaged from former project leftovers and old clothes, and have been working on assembling it all together.

  642. Ruth Janssen says:

    I’m goin to finish up the quilt that my granddaughter designed while visiting for Christmas. She is 15 and she designed it, picked out the fabric and we both worked on it and got the quilt sandwich done. She started tying it and I will finish it and send it to her.

  643. Danielle says:

    Yay for quilting month! One of my goals this year is to make each of my kids a quilt, can’t wait. I’m working on making several different garlands right now. For myself & some friends and then some for my etsy shop I will be opening soon!

  644. Lori says:

    I’m hemming some cotton knit pants for my son and refashioning a men’s shirt into a better-fitting women’s shirt for myself. It’s going pretty well. I’ve only attached the right sleeve twice and think I’ve figured out how I should do it right the third time. (Does that mean the left sleeve will only have to be sewn in once? I’m hoping!) I’m planning on adding some feminine touches to the black linen, but need to get both sleeves on first before I make my final design decisions.

  645. Lala says:

    One of my New Year’s resolutions is to be more “adventurous” in my crafting/sewing… Your blog has provided me with many WONDERFUL projects to tackle this year!!! Thank you… the fabric Friday sounds fun!!!


  646. ~liz says:

    I’d love some of that reproduction fabric for a few girlie bags I’m making this month! Hopefully from the Bend the Rules sewing book…

  647. I’m working on two crochet hook clutches from the Craft Leftovers pattern as gifts for friends. I’ve also got an apron in the works, and I’m starting a new round of sewing classes this month. Yay! 🙂

  648. Erica says:

    Can’t wait to see what the new year brings!

  649. Cat says:

    I’m working on a baby quilt for a friend (which I’m co-quilting with another friend). Amazingly enough, I was just taking a break from looking for a pattern for a gym bag (I just started kickboxing!) and flipped over to your blog only to see the Sophia Carry-all up there–that might be my perfect gym bag! Thanks!

  650. Rachel says:

    I’ve been working on Roman Shades for the dining room. I have a historic home so I picked a very rich gold material.

  651. Erin says:

    Aprons, aprons, aprons! I’ll be working on some new patterns I have. I also want to takcle making a small handbag with a zipper.

  652. Laura B says:

    I have been lurking here for a couple weeks. I absolutely love this site, it is the best site for resources for new projects and great ideas.
    I look forward to more fun projects in the future!

  653. Katie says:

    Wow! Great giveaway! This month, I’m working on a quilt and bodysuit for a nephew that’s soon to arrive. His name has been picked out so I appliqued the first letter onto a bodysuit and then appliqued his initials on the quilt. I’m quite excited about this one because it’ll be my second attempt at quilting. I’m thoroughly looking forward to February!!

  654. rachel says:

    I’m working on the amy butler sophia bag with different fabrics for different parts. They all go together nicely so I think it’ll come out well and it’s a great way to use up some scraps.

  655. Melissa says:

    I’m just learning how to quilt – I would LOVE to win!

    Crossing things…Melissa

  656. Christine says:

    I am working on so many things this month! I just drafted a clutch pattern, and I have about a million ideas for fabric combinations that will be adorable. I’m also working on felt coffee cozies for my friends since it’s hot coffee season here in the cold, dreary Pacific NW.

  657. Amy says:

    More totebags and patchwork scarves. I’m enjoying the new fabric squares on the clothesline 🙂

  658. Dabni says:

    I’m making myselt a lunch bag to carry my midday meal to work in. It’s my new year’s resolution and I’m going to use the tutorials from November to do it in style! I’m thinking about using Nigella fabric. I’m really excited about it!

  659. Lynn says:

    I would like to make myself a small bag. I have sewn exactly 7 things so far. I am just a beginner, but I will get there! I have yet to make anything for myself so that was part of my goals for 2008!

  660. Avlor says:

    I’m about 2/3 of the way through my insanity project – making an otedama ball/beanbag set for each kid in my son’s class (this involves hand sewing for me as I’m not as confident w/ my machine – though I have figures out how to do part of the sewing on the machine). Found directions for the game online and will intro the kiddos to the game at the next class party. Looking forward to being done and buying new fabric to replace what I’m using up. 😉

    My hubby has been teasing me with all my little otedama ball fabric bits that I’m one step away from being a quilter. I can’t wait to tease back now that I know that next month is Quilting month! (/evil grin)

  661. heather w. says:

    wow free fabric?! nice!!!

    i am currently working on making some potholders for my mother’s birthday and i’m always working on tings here and there for my etsy shop =)

  662. Misty says:

    My husband just got me the Sophia Carry-All for me for Christmas after I discovered it on your site. I’m really looking forward to reading the reviewer’s thoughts on the pattern and trying it out myself. Thanks for all the great tutorials in December!

  663. sara says:

    Free fabric!?!?!? Yea, I’ve died and gone to heaven!

    I’d love to see a segment on making things with recycled fabric. I take shirts too short for my daughter and dresses she’s outgrown and put them together to make new dressess. I embellish and edge with new fabrics and trims.
    Great way to save resources and reuse favorite clothing items!

  664. Tamara says:

    As a new reader, I’m really excited about quilt month. I recently bought some charm packs to make a disappearing 9 patch quilt, which will be my first foray into quilting.

  665. Free Fabric Fridays are the Best! 🙂 Now that x-mas is over it is so fun looking at everyone’s amazing crafts and picking some out for birthdays to come! Thanks for the “inspiration compilation!” -Laura

  666. sally says:

    potholders, lots ans lots of potholders : )

  667. Chris Worthy says:

    I happened upon a wonderful auction house find last week — boxes of vintage fabric, buttons and patterns. My project for this month is to finish unpacking, sorting, washing (where applicable) and ironing this new stash. Then, I am starting slipcovers for two tired chairs in my sunroom. After that, I am digging into vintage fabric. It will be nice to have fresh new projects underway in anticipation of spring!! (Yes, I know it’s only January…) 🙂

  668. shelli says:

    hi! I’m working on Amanda Jean’s Quilt-a-long, and you can see pictures in my flickr pages – I LOVE the repro prints, and they’d look perfect with the blocks I’m working on.

  669. Monique says:

    OMG I absolutley love your fabrics (the one I do have ) is still untouched I almost want to frame it 🙂
    Here’s to a great NEW YEAR , 2008 let’s make is great!
    Corny I know but I intend to……………………


  670. Tasha says:

    This month, I’m working on some cute baby shoes–a gift for my brand new niece.

  671. hollie says:

    i am going to try the weekender bag…fingers are crossed…

  672. Bonnie says:

    THose reproduction prints are adorable. I really really want to make a quilted project!

  673. Anna says:

    I’m doing the finishing work on some cross-stitch sewing accessories I’ve made. And I’ll probably put a little time into the Amy Butler weekend traveller bag I’m making for my sister’s birthday.

  674. Crystal says:

    Hello, I just love this site. I am really inspired by all of the lovely projects.

  675. Valerie says:

    I discovered this blog not long ago….it is great! I love it.
    I working on a flower pincushion.

  676. Angela says:

    My goal this year is to finish a bunch of projects I’ve abandoned over the years. I just finished three softies from the book “Sock and Glove.” They were extremely fun.

  677. Amy says:

    I just won last week, and got my fabric yesterday. I think I might be in love with my new fresh fabric! Thanks! What are the chances of winning more?!?! Who knows, but hey! Why not?

  678. Michelle says:

    Baby gifts on the brain: Receiving blanket, burp cloths and bibs due by next Sunday, and some knitted items for February… Lots of friends having babies, glad all I have to do is craft!

  679. stephanie calkins says:

    I am working on making some pants for my 8 month old. I plan on making a lot of stuff i’ve seen in the last couple months on your blog and tutorials! I Love this site!!!!!

  680. hollie says:

    I’m going to attempt the Amy Butler weekender bag…wish me luck… : )

  681. Silversara says:

    I’m working on some pajama pants from Amy Butler’s In Stitches book for a friend as well as a couple of purses as late new year’s presents (all using variations of the Velma Bag)

  682. Brecken says:

    I am working on a remind-me-of-home wall hanging. And next on my queue (once I get enough fabric) is remind-me-of-grandma twin size quilt made out of reproduction fabric (so this would help!)

    Hurray for quilting, and the lovely ladies who taught me how!

  683. Liz says:

    I am working on finishing up the projects that I put on hold to do my holiday crafting. I also need to sew a baby blanket.

  684. Amy says:

    Free fabric? Awesome!! I just started cutting out the pieces for the Amy Butler Weekender Bag and am settling in for a long project with that one, as I keep hearing what a bear it is. Also, I am taking a beginning quilting class this weekend. By the end of the day Sunday I will have a small but completely finished quilt. I have done one quilting project but cheated and didn’t do any piecing for the top, so this will be my first real quilt. 🙂

  685. stacysews says:

    I’m so excited about the Sophia carry all review – I can’t wait to try this pattern out!

  686. Mary says:

    I’ve got two projects in the queue for January – a vintage re-issue dress and a Victorian Fans quilt by Kaffe Fassett. The dress will be finished for sure, but the quilt may carry over to February.

  687. Jennifer says:

    I am anxiously awaiting some material to get started on a baby quilt for our newest little one. I can’t wait to get started!

  688. Martha Ellen says:

    I am working on my wedding dress!!! I need to fix the zipper 🙁 and maybe take the sides in a bit so that I have more of an hourglass figure rather than a box on top of a skirt figure. Also am looking for patterns for my matron of honor’s dress. Christmas was way too crazy this year, I am glad it is over so that I can concentrate fully on this wedding. Love your daily sewing inspirations!

  689. Rebecca says:

    I actually just posted about a dress make-over I did. If you want to hear about it (and see lots of pictures) just go to my blog at

    Love Free Fabric Friday-though I have never won. Perhaps in the new year? 🙂 Rebecca

  690. Lynn says:

    I am looking to finish a quilt for a sew along that was supposed to be done at the end of 2007.. better late than never!

  691. Chantel says:

    I didn’t think about checking out the library for sewing books! Great idea thanks Kathleen!

  692. i’m aspiring to making some quilted wallets from the tutorial in your handmade holidays group. My big project for Christmas was the quilt from Bend the Rules – used the Full Moon Forest Fabric for my son and it turned out awesome! So now… dare I enter into more quilting projects? We will see…

  693. Amy says:

    Free Fabric Fridays?!?!? What a great idea! I found you over the holidays and have visited your site daily for inspiration. This month I am working on a new cover for my daughter’s bed and am going to try my hand at making aprons.

    Happy 2008!

  694. Pinjing says:

    What a fun idea! I’ve recently gotten into sewing again, and I’m going to try to make some tissue holders this week.

  695. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been procrastinating… but today I HAVE to cut and sew a birthday bag for a friend. Most likely the Amy Butler Uptown.

  696. Elizabeth says:

    THANK YOU for providing such an amazing resource.

    I just started back with my machine over the weekend and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this site and it has given me so much inspiration that I’ve already knocked out a few quick projects and have several others in the queue that will be getting started as soon as I run to get more fabric 😉

    Next up is the Tokyo bag from S.E.W. Sew Everything Workshop and then I’m lusting over Barcelona from Amy Butler

    Thanks again!

  697. Carolyn says:

    I’m working on curtains. Just plain panels. Not too exciting, but needs to be done… How about a craft wanna be? I’m dying to start a quilt. Hopefully that’ll be the next up.

  698. I’m working on way too many projects to count! I’ve really been wanting to get back to a cherry quilt I started a year or so ago though…

  699. Pink Sky says:

    I’m working on a doll quilt and a crochet ripple blanket. I’ve a bunch of projects I can’t wait to get started on!

  700. Jennalou says:

    I’ve been working on my knitting skills. My grandma just taught me how to make mittens so I’m currently obsessed with making mittens and scarves to match.

  701. Gloria says:

    I’ve just been introduced to this site and it’s a treasure trove of ideas. I simply love it and will start looking here first for gift ideas and beautiful fabrics. I’ve become a fabric snob and want to have as many different prints as possible…some just to look at and feel!

    I’ve been pretty busy with the holidays and I’ve got a ton of projects that I’ve started and “hidden away” while I entertained the family.

    I think over the weekend, I’ll just do the “eeny, meeny, miny, moe” method of choosing which project to “get back into” or maybe do some shopping to start a whole new project instead!

    Love the site and will visit often. Thanks.

  702. Cocoa says:

    Projects this month include a couple of rag quilts, some felt covered hair clips, and then reorganizing my fabric closet!

  703. Mika says:

    I’m working on my “Do this in 2008” sewing list. I want to try some of the great tuts ya’ll showed last month and work on some new designs for playmats and such.

  704. Holly says:

    I’m working on a Dresden Plate block that will become a throw pillow for my bed. It’s my practice run before I tackle an entire Dresden Plate quilt for my daughter’s “big girl” bed. I’m thinking repro fabrics…

  705. Janice says:

    I’m working on a sunday go-to-meetin’ dress for my daughter 😉 , also finishing up a tote and have some little stuffed monster pillows to work on.

  706. Lacey says:

    I love to look at all the things ya’ll post about. This month I have many projects in the works. Currently I am making smocked baby bishop dresses. After that I plan to start a new pair of Pajama pants, and a hat. I loved the Holiday tutorials. They have been very inspirational.

  707. Melissa says:

    I am working on a small purse. Also small stuffed animals.

  708. Kim U says:

    I’m mostly working on knitting right now, but I’m hoping to sew Peanut the elephant from Last Minute Patchwork + Quilted Gifts. I wanted to make one as a Christmas gift, but due to time constraints I made some turtles from Bend-the-Rules sewing instead.

  709. Brigette says:

    I”m working on a Denyse Schmidt quilt for my son. It’s coming along slowly but it’s coming along! I’m also working on a couple of Note Takers for presents for 2008. Gotta get started early. 🙂 I can’t wait for the review of the Sophia carry all- I really want to make it.

  710. Lia says:

    I’m working on my second of the ‘no cash’ wallets from the Bend the Rules Sewing book. I made myself one and I love it. This second one will be a gift for a friend. If I finish this, I’m going to start work on some purses I have planned.

  711. Deborah Tepen says:

    Starting a New Year’s resolution to finish on all those “started” projects.

  712. Gen says:

    I’ve just started sewing again and I have to say I love your site, thanks

  713. Monika says:

    Well, the sad truth is that I’m going to be finishing up some p.j. pants for my boys that I had hoped to give them for Yule.

    That, and I’ve got some very exciting wool art ideas bouncing around in my head.

  714. Lindsey says:

    Im just really starting to get into sewing. Partly becuase of your site! IT has been so much fun so far. and i love sharing the things i make with people 🙂

  715. Amy W. says:

    I’m making an apron to thank my future mother-in-law for inspiring me to learn how to sew!

  716. Lahni says:

    I would really like to make an apron. I could definitely use some new fabric to inspire me!

  717. Meghan says:

    I’m hoping to finish my first garment from a Burda World of Style magazine. It’s a bit daunting at the moment, but I’m sure it will go fast once I get started.

  718. Maggie says:

    I’m going to be making a wellness pack with the heat and cold packs tutorials you listed previously for my SIL’s birthday – it should help with her pregnancy aches and pains. I’m also looking for time to get to making my ottoman(s) or would that be ottomen? from the pattern by Amy Butler. I love your site by the way! So much inspiration.

  719. Becca says:

    I’m still working on my Christmas craft project . . . my youngest daughter’s stocking. I didn’t get it done for Christmas this year for the second year, so I’m determined to not put it away with the Christmas things but finish it up. Just some handstitching left on the front and then I can sew the front and back together with their linings. I can’t wait to see the finished product!

  720. Hi! Just gone totally mad buying 11 pairs of stripy socks to make sock monkeys! Please include me in the draw though as I’m really a fabric girl! Lucy x

  721. sara says:

    Free Fabric Friday what a great idea. I can’t wait to see what this year holds for sew mama sew.

  722. Talya says:

    i’m working on my first-ever baby quilt — it’s been taking me forever, but i hope i’ll wrap it up in january!

  723. Kristin says:

    I am a purse addict and will probably make more this month. I am also working on the wall pocket from the tutorial I found on here. I made one for my mom for her b-day and she loves it.

  724. gatorgirl4325 says:

    I’m finishing my AB Chelsea tote, working on a light jacket (for me!) and making more Wellness Bag Sets for my family.

  725. Jessie says:

    I don’t have any projects in progress yet. I have a few ideas as to what I am going to craft. I do have a pillow I need to embroider. My best friends have birthdays a week apart and since they are married, making one family gift is perfect: A pillow with each of their cartoon faces.

  726. Ann says:

    I’m working on knitting another baby sweater for my new granddaughter. I’m also sewing diapers for her. I’ve made (with help from my friends) 45 fitted diapers in 3 sizes so far. Working on size medium now. Just got the Flea Market Bag pattern and I’m looking forward to making it.

  727. Andi says:

    I am currently obsessed with heat therapy bags. I made 3 for gifts, but want some for me, my husband, my dog…. yes, I am obsessed!

  728. Annika says:

    This month I will finally finish the quilt I’m making for my son. The backing fabric arrived yesterday! (You guys ship so fast. Thank you.) I just have to wash it and then do the actual quilting and the binding.

  729. Melanie says:

    I’m still trying to finish up holiday gifts. Too many good ideas, not enough time. I’m finishing up a needlepoint project today, working on a fleece DS cozy and blanket tomorrow, still have some crocheting to do, a bunch of mini pincushions and marble magnets, and for myself I’m finishing up some cloth napkins, a dress, and an apron. Whew! This will be a busy month!

  730. Alissa says:

    Thanks so much for the give away. Your site is one of my favorites and I find myself at it for ideas, and tutorials. I’m currently working on finishing up a baby quilt – it’s turning out wonderfully!

  731. celeste says:

    I’m focusing on embroidery this month. Right now, I’m working on a needlecase – a very old fashioned design with carnations. I’ve signed up for a design challenge so I’m thinking up ideas and will need to stitch it up by the end of the month. And I have a Jane Nicholas stumpwork project to finish too!

  732. Amanda says:

    Yesterday I found a bag of cut fabric squares at a thrift store for a dollar. Seems like someone had a quilt in mind. Looks like I’ll be finishing what they started.

  733. Jenny says:

    I’m working on finishing knitting a sweater for my mother-in-law and sewing a baby sling for Baby #3 due at the end of the month!

  734. Heather says:

    I am looking forward to seeing the Eco Market Tote. I like the scallop detail at the top edge. The Kaffe Fassett prints are beautiful. Heather

  735. Dawn says:

    I’m due in February with our 5th child so I just got all the supplies to make some burp clothes and I want to start working on a diaper bag with a matching wallet from one of the holiday tutorials. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  736. Kelly says:

    I just ordered AMY BUTLER’S “IN TOWN BAGS”, along with some Joel Dewberry fabric. Can’t wait to start!

  737. Lori says:

    I making a carrying pouch for my niece’s new magnetic dress-up doll set. One of those reproduction prints would be perfect!

  738. Shannon Burchard says:

    After making a hat and skirt for my kids, I am now hooked on sewing again. Next in line is a skirt for me.

  739. Jocelyn says:

    Thank You for all those great tutorials for the holidays. I made the purse tissue holders, 16 to be exact! I also made three doll quilts,two doll sheets, three doll pillows & two doll nighties! Oh and one tea cozy! In a record one week! Whew, time to oil the machine and roll up my sleeves for for something new. I think I am going to start an apron next or maybe one of those cute headbands. Can’t wait till February for quilting tips! Your site is awesome! Hope you have a Happy New Year!

  740. Emilee says:

    What a great prize! I’ll be working on a front-buttoning yoke top with coordinating pants for my 22 month old daughter. And, hopefully, I’ll be making a messenger bag.

  741. I’m going to work on some more coffee cozies with this fun pirate fabric- fleece- that I found. I really liked the ones I made for Christmas.

  742. Emily says:

    I’m working on 7 bridesmaids and flower girl gifts- garment bag, tote, zippered pouch, tissue holders, and heat therapy bags. I’m also working on my ring bearer’s pillow and tons of crayon rolls for the kiddies (about 40). I hope to be finished with all of this by mid Feb.

  743. AndreaLea says:

    My 4-year-old son has been interested in sewing lately so I think I’ll take a short break from knitting/crocheting and make some pincushions with him.

  744. hannita says:

    I found a cute cat doll pattern while thrifting over the holiday. I’ve cut out the pieces and embroidered the face so this weekend I’ll sew her up. Can’t wait to get her done.

  745. Sarah says:

    Over Christmas break my mom gave me tons of little scraps of fabric she’s been collecting over the years (most fabulously vintage). She had every intention of crafting with them, but her wrists have been aching for years so she gave them to me. I think I’ll make little patchwork wallets (since it was mostly scraps).

  746. Jan Doyle says:

    I’m starting on advent calendars for next year!! I saw so many cute ones on your site, I have not made up my mind yet, but I have bought the fabric! I will be ready next Christmas! Jan

  747. redheadedhowler says:

    I am working on a little teething ring soft animal for my boy. It has a wooden ring (from Casey’s Wood) for teething with a little soft mouse or bunny (haven’t decided yet) attached. I may put a jingle bell in — or maybe not.

  748. Maria says:

    Right now a shirt for my son (from an old man’s shirt) and a jacket from my small daughter: I already started making spring and summer clothing 🙂

  749. MamaLuvins says:

    I’m new to this blog, and new to sewing as well, and I would love some cool fabric to flex my creative muscle with!! I’m going to be working on Valentine’s gifts for my two kids this month, and perhaps some cute little clothes for the new baby I’ll be having this summer. Great work here, and thanks!!!

  750. Wendi DM says:

    What project am I working on? Well, I’m considering learning how to knit socks this weekend at a Stitch-N-Bitch session at my local yarn store OR I’m going to work on some jewelry projects. I just cleaned out two bins of my beading/wire/pendants to keep only the best of the best. I have some cute jewelry designs for Valentine’s Day gifts.

  751. meredith says:

    so far this month i am working on a crochet scarf. the ends are the flower block on the cover of the crochet for dummies book and the rest is brown. the white of the flower is the lion brand white that has the glitter in it (not sure of the colorway name at the moment) when that is done it will be on to more sewing – an apron and a bag are planned for january!

  752. Tammy says:

    I’m working on an apron that I’m making from vintage apron fabric. So fun! 🙂

  753. Emily S. says:

    I’m taking the plunge and making my first quilt. I’m sure I’ll need February’s quilt month tips to help me correct everything I did wrong! 🙂

  754. Christa says:

    I’m working on my first few sewing projects! I am currently finishing a Valentine’s skirt for my daughter (16 months) and am going to start a carry-all bag next week! I have little to no fabric since I am a beginner so I would love to win!!

  755. Heather says:

    I can’t wait for February! I’m a relatively new quilter (3 years) and love getting hints and tips that I can use. Right now, I’m working on a denim rag quilt and a photo quilt. And I’m just starting a block of the month club for 2008.

  756. melissa says:

    i’m knitting some mittens, and hopefully sewing a purse. it feels good to be done with holiday knitting!

  757. Kathy Sizemore says:

    I am working on a tote bag with the new Bernina (Heidi) my husband gave me for Christmas. I am also finishing the rice heat therapy bags I started before we all got the Christmas flu bug.

  758. Stephanie Pettengell says:

    I love the reproduction fabrics and think it is out of this world that you just give fabric away. But do you post to the UK?

  759. Lynne in NC says:

    Love the fabrics! I’m looking forward to the Pattern Reviews, too.
    After this Christmas, we are going to make more gifts for 2008.
    I have lots of inspiration from the Handmade Holidays Flickr Pool of photographs and my plan is at least one project, (handbag, tote, coasters, or wellness bag), per month.

  760. Maria says:

    Perfect that quilt month is coming up! I am planning to start piecing together a quilt cover for the new down comforter we got with some xmas cash.

  761. Krystal says:

    How exciting! I get so motivated just browsing your site. I’m currently working on a scarf for my aunt’s birthday and trying to copy a favorite pair of jeans and shirt for my boyfriend. I just wanted to say thanks for all the tutorials in November, so many of my Christmas gifts were made using them!

  762. Jeannine says:

    Yay, it’s back! heh.
    I have some projects on the table. A small quilt for my son (in the quilting part now), a cute bag for my cousin (pieces cut out and fused) and a wallet for me (fabric and notions bought). Now to make time to actually do it!

  763. Laura says:

    This month, I’m working on baby gifts! Burb cloths, simple flannel stroller blakies and a crib quilt. I’ve got about 2 weeks before my friend’s baby is due to be born….I’d better get moving!

  764. Adelle says:

    I just subscribed to your feed last week, and WOW! Free fabric? Cannot beat it. Thanks!

    Now the hard part – With knitting projects, I have about 7 going at once. Ugh.

  765. hannah says:

    I am just starting to sew again after a little hiatus! Staying home with my newborn daughter has rekindled my love of sewing. Right now I’m working on curtains and a blanket.

  766. Megan says:

    I’m working on some baby things – blankets, bibs, burp cloths, and the like. I’m currently 36 weeks pregnant, so I’m under a bit of a deadline!

  767. Karen says:

    Beautiful prints! I am planning my first quilt and I think I just found where the fabric will come from. Thank you!

  768. Toni says:

    I am going to have to get that Sophia tote to make for my Sophia. It would be perfect! hehe…

    Can’t wait to see all of the reviews! 😉

  769. Teddi says:

    Hooray for Quilt Month! I can’t wait! I got two brand new patterns from your site: The Boot Slippers pattern and The High Street Messenger Bag Pattern by Amy Butler so I can be a busy busy bee this weekend. I have requested an ‘all sew day’ for my birthday tomorrow so let’s see if I get my heart’s desire for my birthday present!

  770. I’m working on gifts for my secret sister – a few baking aprons for her girls and some kitchen towels and such for her.

  771. mary cruser says:

    Two dresses for my daughters that have been sitting around – need to finish before they become hand-me-downs!

  772. Alisha says:

    I can’t wait for the pattern reviews. I just ordered the Lotus Tunic and the Friday Night Apron patterns. I plan to start with the apron pattern when it arrives and save the Lotus Tunic pattern until I have a little more sewing under my belt. (I’m pretty new at this, but since I live overseas I wanted to order both patterns now.) While waiting — you never know how long international mail will take! — I’m going to make some bibs from Bend-the-Rules-Sewing and some baby shoes from a tutorial featured last November. Oh, and I ordered Amy Butler’s In Stitches. As soon as it arrives, I’m going to make some lounge pants and a kimono robe. It’s going to be a busy month! 🙂

  773. Beth H says:

    Im actually working on the Sophia carry-all with a great Henry Alexander fabric. Im really still a beginner, so its a real challenge, but so far Im loving it! Im intrested to see how a veteran will review it.

  774. Angela James says:

    Oh yay! I’m just taking up quilting and I can use all the help I can get. I’m pretty lost most of the time and it’s so intimidating!

  775. Tricia says:

    I’m more of a knitter than a seamstress, but as soon as I get a bag, a skirt, and four baby hats off the needles (very soon!), I plan to try some projects from Bend the Rules and some new Roman shades.

  776. Miss Sassy says:

    I am working on making a camera strap for my new camera. I’ve also started several Valentine’s Day projects. Thank you!

  777. Wendy says:

    I love the new fabrics:) I also am excited about the reviews!!

  778. Meike says:

    My New Year’s Resolution was to finish off some of the projects (I counted 26 that could be completed without buying anything else) in my many bins of unfinished projects. I have some things that have been cut out and ready to go for years. Hopefully this month, I’ll get to some of them . . . like the cushion covers for our couch (waiting one year), or my black winter jacket (waiting two years), or the teddy bear for a one year old’s birthday gift (hasn’t been waiting, but needs to be done by Feb.). Wish me luck!

  779. Cathy says:

    I recently found your blog and have gotten so much inspiration. I’ve been on a bag-making kick and managed to crank out 8 bags over the past two weeks. I’m really looking forward to your quilting series.

  780. the other rachel says:

    I am clearing out my sewing room, finishing up projects I started in 2007, and using up leftover bits of fabric. I’ve just finished a wristlet purse and a pretty new cover for my planner. Pretty soon I should have plenty of space for some new fabric… 😛

  781. Cindy says:

    I am working on some coffee cup cozies.

  782. Amy says:

    Wow! What a great idea! I have lots of projects this month — WIPs are new slippers for my 4 kids (made from felted wool sweaters, using the Stardust shoes tutorial and enlarging it appropriately), and my version of the corkboard-wall pocket from Craft Apple’s tutorial, both from here.

    Coming up is a couch-reupholstering project (my kids have worn big holes through the cushions, and an ugly-tie bag for a birthday present. Maybe in February, I’ll get back to the queen-sized quilt that I started cutting months ago 🙂

  783. Gillian says:

    I am tackling the Amy Butler Lotus tunic pattern using some Joel Dewberry fabric. I hope it turns out cute!

  784. Helen Gillis says:

    Love your plans to start the new year – I’m looking foward to it.


    Helen in Malden, MA

  785. Angela says:

    I am very new to sewing and can’t believe it, but I am starting a quilt (per my honey’s request) and all month will be adding new baby stuff because a dear friend’s baby shower is coming up. I love the burp clothes and the soft fabric baby squares, so I am attempting those first. I can’t wait to see what happens.

  786. Janey says:

    I’m working on a wall hanging for the four seasons swap among other things. Love this site and what great inspiration. Thanks

  787. anne says:

    Finishing a quilt for my sister made out of her old basketball t-shirts, and making a scarf for my husband. Hopefully something for me too!

  788. Tricia says:

    I have been making a lot of flannel pjs to keep warm these past few days!

  789. sarah says:

    I’ve had an order for 5 doll quilts and a doll and some bibs and things for gifts. I’ll be pretty busy, once my machine gets back from the “spa”!

  790. cz says:

    after taking a break from xmas gifts, I want to make a belt and a rice therapy bag for myself — I wound up using the rice therapy bag I made for my mother a few times before I gave it to her!!

  791. Denise Powers says:

    I will be making curtains for my daughter’s new apartment. She loves the Amy Butler fabric!

  792. Sarah says:

    Yippee! I’m working on a giant pile of baby quilts for my best friend who is expecting!

  793. I’m very much looking forward to your quilting tutorials. I’m going to attempt Amy Karol’s lap quilt from Bend the Rules Sewing. I’m starting there, and if things go well I’ll try something grander. Thanks so much for the inspiring site!

  794. Mauri says:

    I accidentally stumbled upon this blog about a month ago and have since been very diligent about checking the beautiful and fun daily postings. Thanks to the blog, my project list has become 100 times longer (that’s a good thing!)

    Two days ago, to my delightful surprise, I saw that not only is this an awesome blog, but Sew Mama Sew is also a store that sells a great selection of fabrics and patterns. Does it get any better??

    Thank you Sew Mama Sew. This website & blog is absolutely fantastic!!

  795. grace says:

    i’m working on a geographic quilt for my kids – US on one sife, the world on the other.

  796. Candace says:

    i’ll be working on a few tote bags as gifts for my sister-in-laws.

  797. Netter says:

    I’ve got a St. Andrew’s flag sweater to finish knitting for my husband and a messenger bag to finish sewing for my sister. After that, the stash is my oyster!

  798. Tracy says:

    I’ve been enjoying your blog quite a bit since I found it a couple of months ago. I’m getting so many wonderful ideas.

    I always have quite a few projects going; that’s just my nature. I have a couple jumpers for my daughter cut out and just needing the sewing. I made quilts for my nieces for Christmas and have enough materials and squares in progress to do one more for my house. I’m knitting on a shawl, a purse and a doll. I usually have an afghan project or two going also, nice things to work on during chilly nights.

    Thanks for all the great ideas!

  799. amy says:

    well, I just finished a simple apron and I plan to make another, full body one soon! and i want to make a quilt, so i’m looking forward to your posts on that!

  800. Dinah says:

    I’m working on two aprons, a jacket for my teenage daughter and I’m hoping to begin on the Sophia Carry All this month. (I recently bought the pattern.)

  801. Hjordi says:

    Free fabric! Yay! I am working on a catalog bag and a strip quilt…

  802. Jen says:

    Oh, that “Purple Floral ~ Storybook Kids” fabric… I LOVE IT!!

    I’m currently working on a little jumper dress for my 17 mo old daughter. Then a little bag for her, seeing as how she loves to carry the paper grocery sacks everywhere. 🙂 Then I might do my “week of Christmas Crafting” sewing. (One of my goals for the year. No last minute, ‘hurry-up-and-get-it-done’ for me this year!)

  803. Andrea says:

    I’m doing a lot of knitting right now to refill the gift basket for 2008. I’ll also be doing some sewing for my 5yo daughter, probably using my 1st ever Japanese pattern book that I purchased recently. I’d be tickled for some new fabric! 🙂

  804. Solidia says:

    Cool! I’m looking forward to quilting month!! I’m working on doll quilts for the dolls my girls received for Christmas as well as participating in a quilt swap.

  805. emmyjane says:

    After my tote bag Christmas hangover, I’m making baby bibs for my new momma friends (got the idea from one of the handmade holiday posts last month–thanks!)

  806. Solidia says:

    Cool! I’m looking forward to quilting month!!

  807. Lil' d says:

    The plan is to make a coat for my daughter, as she’s grown out of the last one that I made for her. I’m hoping that there’s enough material left to make it.

    I’m looking forward to the reviews – it’s about time that I got the nerve up to attempt to follow another pattern.

  808. Kabira says:

    I’ve only been reading y’all for a few months – I thought it couldn’t get better than the holiday tutorials – but free fabric! I’m in! I’m on a “finish all UFOs (UnFinished Objects) before starting anything new” game plan – right now a crocheted shawl in Noro Shinano – not a granny square design, but ‘reminiscent’ of granny squares. (not fabirc either, but they’re in the queue of UFOs also!)

  809. Bessaroni says:

    I am getting a baby room ready. Baby blanket, pillows (because babies need pillows?) and of course some burp cloths to match. Working on Christmas sewing projects has gotten me re-addicted to sewing. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  810. Michelle says:

    I”m making robes for the kids this month! My first offical sewing project!

  811. Leah says:

    One of my coworkers asked me if I’d make her an apron – any style of my choosing and I’m more than happy to oblige! I’m also doing a bunch of knitting and would like to start work on a new vintage-styled dress.

  812. Brooke says:

    I’m taking on my first hand sewing project – Wee Wonderful’s Olivia doll for my daughter’s first birthday. I’m so very excited! I love all of Wee Wonderful’s patterns and I am sure this will be the first of many I try.

  813. Karmela says:

    after the holidays, this month’s sewing is all for me…well, sort of. My first project will be a bed for my dog. Followed by some curtains for my living room.

  814. Sarah says:

    Ooh, I love the Bo Peep fabric. I am working on organization so I am going to finally sew a holder for my knitting needles.

  815. Karla says:

    Oh Boy, where do i start. Aprons, many new bags for me and friends, pillows, and i really need a crochet hook carrier. I better start sewing.

  816. cindy says:

    I am just learning to sew but I am trying to make a makeup brush holder. Sort of like the pen/crayon holders that I’ve seen here before? 🙂

  817. Karrin Hurd says:

    I am working on Sharon Boggan’s Take it Further Challenge, a Winter Quilt Swap, and
    a couple of round robins, including a crazy quilt round robin.

  818. sherrie says:

    I was lucky enough to receive Bend-the-Rules Sewing as a Christmas gift, and a little bit of fabric might be some great inspiration to get me going on a new project!

  819. Beth says:

    I’m working on a doll quilt for a swap, a wedding gift quilt (if I can part with it), and a couple of skirts from a super easy pattern. Happy New Year!

  820. Amy Penrose says:

    ACK! That reproduction stuff is too stinkin’ cute! Why do I always fall so hard for that stuff? I’ve got some gifts to make for a little “pay-it-forward” project and this fabric may have just inspired some vintage inspired goodies!!!

  821. Cheyenne says:

    Good idea! I’m going to see if they have that at my library.
    My wardrobe seems to be shrinking, so I’m going to make a couple of skirts this month and maybe some throw pillows for my couch.
    Love you SMS! Keep up the good work!

  822. Rachel says:

    Hooray! I took a quilting course this fall and I’m looking for some small projects to keep me going, and help me work my way up to a twin-sized quilt for my daughter. Thanks for all of the Christmas inspiration. I know I’ll be going back to all of those tutorials again and again.

  823. Debbie says:

    Hi, your site is such an inspiration!! I have been and will continue to work on a varity of projects, quilted coasters, quilted notebook cover, some new purse designs, maybe an apron, etc.. I keep my options open when sewing or crafting because I’m easily distracted….LOL. Keep up the good work here at Sew, Mama, Sew!!

  824. Nanette says:

    I’ve been sewing some tutu dresses and purses.

  825. Nicole says:

    I’m knitting a pair of socks with some very bright and cheerful (and warm and fuzzy) yarn.

  826. Linda says:

    January is the month I’ve set aside to try and finish up some of the UFO’s before it all overwhelms me.

  827. MrsBelltree says:

    What wonderful fabrics!
    Currently I am working on 2 very differen sewing projects:
    1. refashioning an old skirt into a new dress. I loved the pattern, but the style was a bit outdated.
    2. making a bridesmaids dress for my sister’s wedding.

  828. Erica says:

    I’m working on finishing up some projects from 2007 first of all. Then my kids have ordered some new doll clothes and my oldest needs new pajamas. I might be dreaming, but I’d actually like to finish a couple of Christmas 2008 gifts each month. I also need to make a few baby gifts.

  829. Laurie says:

    Craft project? Craft Project? I’m still working on putting away Christmas…. sew I’ll put my thinking cap on … fast forward a week…. alter a dress for pregnant daughter…Is that a craft? Make a new bag is definitely a project that has to be done in time for said daughters’s birthday; Feb. 10th.

  830. Whitney says:

    I am working on a bag for my brother’s birthday… that was in September. Luckily he is very understanding!

  831. Christy says:

    I am working on designing some custom clothes for my daughter to wear on our upcoming Disney trip.

  832. Beth says:

    I’m new to sewing and have really enjoyed checking out the projects on your blog. Looking forward to the pattern reviews (and I love those reproduction fabrics!).

  833. tanaya says:

    Quilting month! That is PERFECT!! I just sandwiched together the layers for my very first quilt. Now I need help quilting the quilt and binding it. I am SOOOO looking forward to whatever you have in store for us!

  834. Elizabeth says:

    Yay! I’m so excited for Quilt Month! I’ve been planning to finish a bunch of backlgged baby quilts this month and also want to try my hand at doll quilts.

  835. alison says:

    I’m sewing a headband for my daughter’s friend’s birthday later this month (to match the pj pants I made her for Christmas). Also I am going to start a quilt – something I’ve always wanted to try. I think I’ll try a doll quilt. I may only get the fabrics chosen this month since I want it to be extra special for my niece’s birthday later this year. I learned my lesson this Christmas, and this year I’m starting early for all birthdays and for Christmas, since my list of projects to try gets longer and longer!

  836. Joy says:

    This year I’m resolving to sew more since my Christmas gifts were well received!
    I made some reusable coffee cup covers (cozies?), tissue holders for the purse
    and the great heat packs from the tutorials. I’ve not sewn this much since 8th
    grade home ec! I’m thinking of venturing into some small scale quilting and
    can’t wait to see some of the new projects and ideas!

  837. Judy says:

    For Christmas I made one dishtowel apron, two crayon caddies, one plastic bag holder and all thanks to Sew, Mama, Sew! Thank you for the daily inspiration! This month I am focusing on my charity sewing for babies. With my busy schedule I try to make one infant gown per week. Happy New Year to all!

  838. Erin says:

    I’m actually just trying to figure out what project to start next…I have a sewing machine and Bend The Rules Sewing and just got Sewing for Dummies for Christmas, but I haven’t really done much. I did make 11 of those mitten ornaments for Christmas…and a denim cover for my birth control pills 🙂

  839. Terri says:

    I love those new reproduction prints pictured above! I have pieces cut for two baby quilts – one with a shamrock theme and another with a kitty cat theme. They might end up being quilts for my kitty cats.

  840. Jen says:

    I can’t WAIT for Februray! Quilt month. How fun!! For January though I’ll be working on a black and white quilt. I got a new sewing machine for Christmas so I’ve already been working on it. I’m hoping to have Bend the Rules Sewing from the library one of these days soon so will maybe work on a few projects from there as well!

  841. Valerie says:

    I’m finishing up two (out of three) lap quilts. I’m anxious to be done with them so I can move on to projects for my house!

  842. Cristie B says:

    I have just be introduced to your site in the past month and wow! I can’t keep up with the ideas flowing out of me!! Thank you! This month I am obsessed with thrifting wool sweaters, felting them and making things out of them. I made a elf hat and wee jacket (from Amy Karol’s Bend the Rules) for my niece for Christmas. Now I think I’m making some for my girls and also using all the scraps to start patching together a throw blanket. Fun, can’t wait to see what inspiration is brought to me this year!!

  843. Mrs. H. says:

    So far this week I have made two neck gaiters, one pair of pajama pants, and I’m beginning (and hoping to finish) a pair of lounging pants for me today, all out of fleece. Since it’s being placed on sale where I live, I’ve been sewing fleece all week!

  844. Gina says:

    I have been designing a comforter cover in my head that will be made with a natural linen and some funky cool cottons. I hope to get it out of my head and onto my bed this month.

  845. Water Works says:

    I love those Kaffe prints! I have taken a two week break from my machine to rest up after all those Christmas gifts. I am looking forward to making a jumper for my daughter and attempting those zippered pouches again. I will master that zipper yet! Thanks for all the great ideas and inspiration.

  846. Lisa Kat says:

    I’m currently knitting my first lace piece: the Midwest Moonlight scarf in a tilting blocks pattern.

    For your February quilting month, I would love to see a list of recommended quilting books perhaps with short reviews. There are so many books out there and it’s hard to know which are most useful, especially for newbie quilters.


  847. Jenny says:

    How fun! I’m just learning to sew and am working on a skirt for my 17-month old daughter. I’d love some fun fabric!

  848. Dj says:

    I’m working on aprons and a quilt.

  849. Jessica says:

    I’ll be working on a Hobo-style purse from Diana Rupp’s new book, “Sew Everything Workshop.” I’m also working on some new tea towels and a tablecloth–new year, new linens!

  850. lori says:

    I love those reproduction prints! Those would be perfect for the quilt I want to do!

  851. Kathleen says:

    I was able to get “Bend the Rules Sewing” from our local library, co I’ll be working on a few projects from there, starting with an apron. I’ll also be working with my 7yo — she really wants to learn to sew and break in the cute little kid’s singer machine gradma gave her. Should be a fun month! Doll quilt, anyone?

  852. Sara says:

    I’m working on a small quilt for my bed. I’m thinking about using the Nigella fabric.

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