Time to Get Quilting

At last, it’s February!  We’ve been planning Quilting Month for a long time and have so much to look forward to.  We hope you’ll check in often, because we’ll be posting at least once, if not 2 or 3 times every single day! We hope to encourage you to think about quilting (perhaps in different ways) and try your hand at some new skills.  If you’re a beginning sewist, maybe this means putting together some very simple blocks, and if you’ve already been around “the blocks” a few times,  perhaps this would be a good time to experiment with hand-piecing or put together a quilt pattern you’ve never tried before.   Whatever the case, we do hope you’ll sew along and share your photos and the links to your work.

Photo Pool and Permission to Use Photos

We’ve set up a new photo pool just for Quilting Month.  Every week we’ll be posting highlights from this group on our blog.  As I’m sure you’ve read before, we always respect the copyright of crafters and bloggers.  It is typically our practice to contact an artist before we post their photo on our blog.  In the case of mass entries, however, we like to request your implied permission.  That is, by submitting your photo to our Quilting Month photo pool, you are granting us permission to use your photo (with full credit to you, of course) on our blog.   This is all restated in the Quilting Month group rules.  Please let us know if you have questions.

SMS Block-Along

For the next four Fridays we’ll be presenting a quilt block with 2 or 3 variations.  We’ll show your some examples and links to tutorials.  You can make one or all the blocks and share them with our photo pool.  On Mondays (9 days after the block has been presented) we’ll feature some of the completed blocks side-by-side on the blog. 

But the blocks are not just for the photo pool!  Here are just a few things you can do with your finished blocks:

  • Make a potholder.
  • Sew a set of coasters.
  • Swap them!  (If anyone decides to set up an SMS Block-Along swap, let us know and we’ll announce it.)
  • Make one the centerpiece of a bag.
  • Make a quilt–doll quilt, baby quilt, lap quilt, or full-size quilt!
  • Make napkins.
  • Sew them in a row and make a table runner.

Certainly there are dozens of other things you could do with a completed quilt block (or set of them.)  Feel free to comment with your ideas.

Quilting Month Features

We’re thrilled to have a number of illustrious guest writers on the blog this month:

In addition, we’ll have the list of the most frequently recommended quilting books from our readers, as well as a long list of binding resources.  Plus, we’re going to show you a gorgeous quilt every day of the month! (You may as well subscribe to the feed now, eh?)

Fat Quarter Give-Aways

Every Friday we’ll give away two packs of 10 fat quarters from Sew,Mama,Sew!  We’ll randomly select the winners from all blog comments in the previous week.    (Please be aware that our comments are moderated, so you won’t see your comment immediately. )

All right?  Ready, set, sew!