Valentine Ideas

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Have you seen any fantastic sewing- or fabric-related Valentine ideas? Enjoy these great projects and share links for what we missed in the comments!


Sewing Pouch by Viviane, Viviane37

Viviane creates lots of unique and beautiful things like this sewing pouch. We love the look of hearts on linen! Be sure to browse through her Flickr sets for more inspiration.


Linen Ornaments by Lina, Linaloo

Speaking of hearts and linen… These ornaments from Lina would make sweet little somethings for loved ones.


Felt Embroidered Hearts by Sunshine, Sunshine’s Creations

You could also make a few heart ornaments out of felt, like Sunshine! Visit her Sunshine’s Creations blog for a tutorial (one of many).


Heart Flag/Banner by Nanette, Freda’s Hive

Nanette shares her free pattern for this Valentine flag/banner on her Freda’s Hive blog.


Valentine Cards by Sara, gardenhoe

Sara made these sewn Valentine cards for her child to give to classmates last year. She contemplated sewing a button on top of the heart…


Valentine Chain by Katie, new eyes

Katie sewed cardstock hearts together to make this chain. You could use the same technique with your favorite fabrics too (just make little fabric/interfacing heart sandwiches!).


Heart Garland by Michelle, Green Kitchen

Michelle scanned blocks from a favorite, vintage crochet afghan she received as a gift. She turned them into this great heart garland for you to download and enjoy. Visit Green Kitchen for the garland PDF and how-to.

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52 Responses to Valentine Ideas

  1. Nancy says:

    i have just discovered your blog and love it! These are beutiful ideas, as fresh and perfect for 2009 as they were in 2008. I have a lot of diy freebies on my blog, including a valentine denim project.
    Happy Valentine’s Day,

  2. kim says:

    I made my banner today- lots of fun. Thanks for sharing the site with us. Pic is in url above.

  3. Tammy Mattox says:

    I was just wondering what my girls and I could make for friends for Valentine’s day, when I thought of your blog. I knew you would have the inspiration we needed-and of course you did. I think we’ll do the felt hearts, but maybe make them as a sachet. All girls like something that smells good-maybe like lavendar.
    One more thing, my 9 year old was updating her blog last night. She wanted to know how to add a “Friends” link list. After showing her, the first thing she said was, “I’ve got to put SewMomaSew on my list!” Looks like you reach all age groups!
    Thanks again for all the wonderful ideas.

  4. katiek says:

    Thanks so much for including me in your V-Day craft post. The Valentine Chain is so easy and My son’s valentines were a hit at his Pre-K. Especially because I attached the “Cars” Valentine of choice to the bottom of the chain. It pleased the masses :). That reminds me, I need to go ahead and put up my Valentine chains. Here’s another idea that involves your little ones precious hands.

  5. renee says:

    such sweet little projects! i have a few pieces of vintage fabric which will look so cute with felt for those hearts!

  6. Dorte says:

    I love the sewing puch – the hearts and the pincushion and the embroidery – just all of it!

  7. twiggypeasticks says:

    Totally love Linaloos linen hearts, they are GORGEOUS !!!

  8. Chantel says:

    I love that Valentine Chain! Thanks for sharing some great ideas!

  9. terri moore says:

    just put a mini-tute on my blog for a sweet little valentine treat for my sewing friends…you! thanks! =)

  10. Becca says:

    I really must learn to quilt! I’m practically drooling over that flag!

  11. Funda says:

    Yeah, my flag (which will never be placed outside I’m sorry to say) is finished! I did it in pinks instead of red because that is what I had/like.

  12. Nicole says:

    What great ideas! My plan had been to break out the macaroni and glitter glue (and I think I still will for one friend, because she’d find it funny), but I may have to get a bit more ambitious.

  13. Susan says:

    Well, I made this Valentine banner of “the fruits of the Spirit”. As I posted on my blog, Heather Bailey gave me this idea. I really enjoyed making these. I just wish I had had more emblishments to add to the hearts…and maybe some beads too! LOL! Maybe next time.

  14. viviane says:

    I’m so proud to see my sewing pouch here among all these lovely hearts !
    I love Linaloo hearts on linen, I think it will be inspiration for me.
    Thank you !

  15. Ekioart says:

    Such fun ideas! I made a bunch of felt hearts to let my kiddos play with for their Valentines gifts for their friends. I can’t wait to see what they come up with.

  16. Michele says:

    I love the heart flag/banner!

  17. No sewing so far, but I assembled card-amking components in one box, so we can work on classmates’ Valentine Cards over the course of the month. The image of the box is here – My daughter is a first-grader.

  18. kristen gilmore says:

    valentine chain is fantastic! love it. thanks for putting all of these ideas together.

  19. Sarapheena says:

    I have been meaning to try sewing on paper. Now I have no more excuses… Let’s see what I caome up with!

  20. oh my…I love Michelle’s hearts! How creative. Great links!

    I posted some Valentine sewing tutorials on my blog last week:

    Happy Sewing!

    With friendship,

  21. Heather says:

    Thanks to katie for sharing the link to martha’s site for the felt fortune cookies! They are awesome! I am making a few of them for my valentine!!

  22. Heather says:

    I love the heart chain! I’m thinking of making some to hang up at work. It always brightens up the patients faces to see decorations up!

  23. Karie says:

    awww…. all these ideas are awesome! maybe I will make the fortune cookies for the kids in my sons classes…. I love these kinds of crafts!

  24. Jessica says:

    What great ideas!

  25. Crystal says:

    Great ideas! I can’t wait to create some valentines treasures!

  26. April M. says:

    How adorable! I’m going to try the heart chain out of fabric heart sandwiches.

  27. kirsten says:

    fun stuff! love gardenhoe’s idea.

  28. Joy says:

    STill trying to figure out all the photo stuff — I’m still new here!

  29. Joy says:

    This is an easy project my daughter and I did when she was about 8.

    We made wire hearts and then strung colored glass beads on thinner wire
    and wrapped them in and around the heart. We hung them on thin red
    ribbon to make sparkly, colorful sun catchers!

  30. Bev says:

    I love the heart chain too! It take me back to earlier days of crafting with my girls.

  31. Christine says:

    Ooh! Ooh! I love the linen hearts by Linaloo. Way too cute!

  32. Pina says:

    That Valentine chain is really cute. Great ideas, thanks!

  33. michelle says:

    That chain is so cute — reminds me of those Scandinavian mobiles that I forget the name of.

  34. Liz says:

    Such cute ideas! I think I will plan the cardstock garland as a project for my daycare kids! That seems right up their alley. Thanks!

  35. Libby says:

    I love all the ideas. Decorating a little tree with the linen ornaments for a valentine tree and using the heat garlands and chains. All great ideas to get in the mood for Valentine’s day.

  36. Samantha says:

    Love all the hearts! That sewing pouch is lovely.

  37. Heather K. says:

    I am making a fabric bouqet of flowers for my Grandmother in law. She is in the hospital with a dislocated shoulder. I want to send flowers, but know that it will end up being a mess of dead plants for her to clean up, so I came up with some cute puffy fabric flowers to send her. I’ll post pictures when I’m finished.

    I love all of the ideas here so far.

  38. Meredith says:

    Oh I love them all! Thanks for all the links!

  39. sunshine says:

    sorry you have a link wrong under sunshine’s heart that first link isn’t to any of my blogs. That link just isn’t who made the blue heart.


  40. Anna H. says:

    All so creative and charming! I always look forward to getting inspired in different ways when I come visit this blog.

  41. Sally Hess says:

    Oooh, I love them all! Now that my son is 3, he’ll be doing stuff at school. I had assumed we would purchase some for him to give, but these have inspired me!!!

  42. andrea says:

    check out heather bailey’s blog for a great valentine idea! it is sooo cute.

  43. Andrea says:

    Lots of lovely ideas to look at and get inspiration. this year i have had a go at making some Valentine hangers for colleages at work. I have also made some cards. I think that this time of year lends itself well to lots of fun ideas with pinks, reds, purples, hearts etc. Take a look.

  44. Stacy says:

    Adorable, great ideas.

  45. Funda says:

    Thank you so much for the Valentine ideas. My baby girl was born on Valentine’s Day and I love making things to celebrate her very special day!

  46. i adore the Linen Ornaments. So pretty

  47. Kristin L says:

    Great ideas — I especially like the heart chain.

  48. Tina says:

    I’m thinking of making Valentines bookmarks with felt for my boys to hand out to classmates this year. No links! I was just going to do it from my head. Love the little embroidered heart ornaments though. May have to try some of those as well.

  49. froghair says:

    what thoughtful ideas! I’ve not been known to do much Valentine crafting before, but these ideas sure get the creative flow going!

  50. Courtney says:

    I LOVE the little birds on the ornaments! Sooooo cute!

  51. Katie says:

    I really like the chain of hearts. I can’t imagine making a quilt flag and actually hanging it outside to fend for itself against the elements!! For Valentines this year my husband and I are going to make felt fortune cookies for our nieces and nephews. I bought some puffy paint so we could put initials on the cookies so that each child can have different messages. I’m really excited about it and I hope my nieces and nephews like it.

    Here’s the link:

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