Our SMS Block-Along for the first week included three 9-Patch variations. It’s such fun to see your creativity and the variety that comes from different fabric choices in our Quilting Month Photo Pool. Please feel free to add your 9-Patch variations throughout the month. There are already a few beautiful blocks from our SMS Block Sew-Along for Week Two, including some great Shoo Fly blocks. Add yours in today!

Here are just some of the many Basic 9-Patch blocks from the pool, many of which were subsequently cut into Disappearing 9-Patch blocks. Be sure to browse through the Quilting Month pool for more inspiration!


1. kristinglas, 2. tembilina, 3. melissss,
4. pigbook1, 5. byrnedoutmom, 6. knitsmith,
7. RevDeb27, 8. Stockton&Co., 9. alissaravelry
Main page 9-Patch: supa m.b.

We also think it’s fun to see how people incorporate their 9-Patch blocks into more involved creations:


A Disappearing 9-Patch became a new pillow for LHBC Nicole.


Here’s a 9-Patch quilt from Doodlebug Gail.
She turned her original block into Disappearing 9-Patch blocks.


Indigo Blue Designs turned one of her 9-Patch blocks into this bag.


CampFollowerBagLady used Disappearing 9-Patch blocks in this changing pad
(be sure to check out the great quilting with this back detail shot).


Mini_milly04 created a new, beautiful lap quilt from Disappearing 9-Patch blocks.

What will you make with your blocks?!