Block-Along Highlights ~ Irish Chain, Shoo Fly & Variable Star

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We’re in Week Three of our Block-Along now and the Log Cabins, Courthouse Steps and Squares in Squares blocks are popping up like crazy in the Quilting Month photo pool. We wouldn’t want you to get too carried away and forget about the beauty of Week Two though (oh, what those diagonals can do for a design!). Today we bring you a small selection of some of our favorite Irish Chain, Shoo Fly and Variable (or Ohio) Star blocks and quilts.


1. wholeclothdesigns, 2. tembilina, 3. Indigo Blue Designs,
4. byrnedoutmom, 5. alissaravelry, 6. davenjilly,
7. kristinglas, 8. RevDeb27, 9. knitsmith
Main page Triple Irish Chain block: alissaravelry

Here are just some of the many examples of blocks from our second week made into fun and beautiful quilts:


“Gayatri”‘s Fairy Tales Baby Quilt with an Ohio Star design.


A detail view of the quilt solihubb made for her nephew using
9-patch and 9-patch variations for a unique Irish Chain effect.
Visit her photos for a wider view.


Here is dickespaulinchen’s Shoo-Fly doll quilt, her first effort at hand quilting (wow!).
You can see more on her Nähsucht blog (scroll down for her entry in English).

What will you make with your blocks?! Be sure to browse through the Quilting Month photo pool to see how blocks from Week One and Week Two continue to evolve into more involved projects. Have you made a block yet from Week Three’s Log Cabin, Courthouse Steps or Squares in Squares tutorials?

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56 Responses to Block-Along Highlights ~ Irish Chain, Shoo Fly & Variable Star

  1. Autoglass says:

    Cool blog.

  2. Judy Kay says:

    Very nice quilts

  3. Stacy T says:

    Gorgeous!! Quilting month has been so inspiring!!

  4. Deborah Fair says:

    I was surprised again, to see one of my blocks here (#8). I’ve actually decided these blocks are a little dull, so I’m experimenting with cutting them up, as in the disappearing ninepatch, and repositioning them. I’ve only gotten a little way, but you can see them on the flickr group, and at my blog, I’m thinking I need to add a dark or bright contrast somewhere to spark these blocks up even a little more.

  5. Kate says:

    These are fantastic! I need to use up my ‘extra bits of fabric’ that I know we all have, making these! These are very reminiscent of the quilts my grandmother use to have in her house when I was a little girl. Ahh good memories! I love this blog, it always reminds me of the good things in life! 🙂

  6. Meredith says:

    This is so great. I’m working on quilting 2 ‘space’ theme quilts for my boys and had never quilted before. I also homeschool. I decided the best thing to do, would be to cut out all the materials I have and let the boys create their own quilt. They’ve been moving quilt blocks around for days and taking pictures of ‘their’ creations. Imagine my sons (and my hehe) surprise to find that the blocks they’d ‘created’ already had names!
    I’d seen the ‘disapearing 9 patch’ and figured it’d be a good way to hone my non-existant quilting skills (I’m a sewist) while they figured out what they wanted. So here I am, doing the block along, and didn’t even know it until last night! Now to upload the pictures!

  7. Becca says:

    The colors and fabrics are so inspiring!

  8. I am so envious of all the talent I see here!! What a wonderful job you have done with each quilt. Such inspiration….I should be trying instead of surfing 🙂

  9. Maggie says:

    I just have to say this is so addicting. I’ve put up three blocks this week – all three of the log cabin blocks shown. Thanks for the tutorials and encouragement!

  10. Ellen says:

    Why does quilt month have to be the shortest month of the year? I could see this topic going on for a long time!

  11. Lindsey says:

    I too love the color choices. These are amazing. I may have to go from making clothes to quilting!

  12. Sam says:

    Adorable! I love the color choices, esp. the binding. I’ve been hand quilting for a while but am currently attempting my first freehand hand quilting–this gives me real inspiration!

  13. Christine says:


  14. Trish says:

    Oh my gosh I just adore dickespaulinchen’s doll quilt! I HAVE go to find time this week to burn up the sewing machine!!! I’m loving all of this quilting inspiration! Thank yo for doing all of this!

  15. I’m very happy that my small shoo-fly-quilt has more lovers than only me, thank you for all your kind compliments! I really wanted to do something like this small quilt since some time and am totally thankful that the quilting month has motivited me to do it now (and to finish it!), and trying handquilting was exciting and fun! Thank You, SewMamaSew!! Regards, Katharina

  16. supa says:

    oh wow. that last shoofly quilt is stellar. I love it.

  17. Char says:

    Wow… I just took a trip through the flickr set for the quilt-along. That is so inspiring! so many different possibilities!

  18. Angela says:

    So fun to see everyone’s different take on this!

  19. Lil' d says:

    Great work.

  20. Susan F. says:

    The Sew Mama Sew Month of Quilting makes our world a very small place, how great to see the beautiful quilts made by people from around our world. Thanks for searching for them and sharing them with me for one!

  21. Rose L says:

    Wow – the hand-quilting is amazing. So beautiful.

  22. Christina says:

    I am always so impressed with everything I see!

  23. Joanna says:

    I dream of hand quilting something as beautiful as the shoo-fly doll quilt!

  24. Katie says:


  25. Bronwyn says:

    For a real beginner this is all so inspiring and so achievable thanks for the inspiration.

  26. Suzanne says:

    Very inspiring!

  27. They are all wonderful! I’m really behind in the quilt along. Hope to check up this week!

  28. danna osen says:

    These fabrics and designs just make us feel good….

  29. Allison says:

    These are great! Very inspiring!

  30. Leah H says:


  31. Kate says:

    It’s amazing to have such great detail in such a small project. I love it!

  32. Jennifer says:

    You inspire me! I love sewing clothes but have never made a quilt before. If you (or anyone else) have any suggestions for a “first quilt” project can you let me know? I need something that is very self explanitory that would not frustrate a new quilter. Any tutorials, books, or patterns to recomend? Feel free to post in my comments sectionon on my blog.

  33. Cocoa says:

    I’ve been really drawn to the Shoo Fly blocks that have been posted. I think the ‘bug’ has bit and now I want to do a whole Shoo Fly quilt!

  34. Amy W says:

    WOW! Love all the great blocks. Seems like all have been busy!

  35. Nicole says:


  36. Louise says:

    I always think it is so interesting to see how the same block made by different people can be made and arranged in so many different ways. Great job everybody.

  37. Carrie says:

    It’s so wonderful to see all the great work that everyone is doing. I love to see all the different fabric choices…I’m getting lots of inspiration!!!

  38. Julia D says:

    I am so envious of all this wonderful creative productivity! How fun.

  39. Amy Hodge says:

    Amazing! I am loving quilting month!

  40. erin says:

    I have to catch up!!!

  41. Michele says:

    Wow…there are so many great pictures to look at!

  42. alison says:

    These were so much fun to make. I can’t wait to put together some log cabins now! Thanks again for this fun-filled month of quilting! 🙂

  43. Amanda says:

    I especially love the rainbow colors of dickespaulinchen’s Shoo-Fly doll quilt! These are all lovely. It still amazes me how much time and effort it must take to make these quilts! Someday I would like to make one, probably for someone else. I’m sure they would love it. Even if it were horrible, they would see how much I cared for them, to have spent so much time and so much effort into making it the best that I could.. 🙂

  44. Thank you again for sharing a group of the projects together. It’s very neat to see how everyone interpreted the blocks.

  45. Sarah says:

    Love that last Shoo-Fly quilt, the colors are fantastic!

  46. Deb says:

    Thank you for posting these patterns.

  47. Jacquie Gering says:

    Wow…such great work and fast workers. I’m still working on my disappearing 9 patch from week one.

  48. Melissa says:

    they all look very nice!

  49. Mellissa says:

    Beautiful examples!

  50. LadySnow says:

    I have always loved the Ohio Star patterns.

  51. Sandy says:

    great samples! i need to get to work on quilt blocks!

  52. Barbara says:

    I wish I had time for quilting right now. It’s all so inspiring!

  53. renee says:

    i love how simple variations change the whole look.

  54. Cassie Ogle says:

    Nice work!! I see some really lovely fabric that I need to hunt down 😀

  55. britt says:


  56. Carol says:

    I love love love the organic quilting design on the shoo-fly quilt – too wonderful!

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