We’re in Week Three of our Block-Along now and the Log Cabins, Courthouse Steps and Squares in Squares blocks are popping up like crazy in the Quilting Month photo pool. We wouldn’t want you to get too carried away and forget about the beauty of Week Two though (oh, what those diagonals can do for a design!). Today we bring you a small selection of some of our favorite Irish Chain, Shoo Fly and Variable (or Ohio) Star blocks and quilts.


1. wholeclothdesigns, 2. tembilina, 3. Indigo Blue Designs,
4. byrnedoutmom, 5. alissaravelry, 6. davenjilly,
7. kristinglas, 8. RevDeb27, 9. knitsmith
Main page Triple Irish Chain block: alissaravelry

Here are just some of the many examples of blocks from our second week made into fun and beautiful quilts:


“Gayatri”‘s Fairy Tales Baby Quilt with an Ohio Star design.


A detail view of the quilt solihubb made for her nephew using
9-patch and 9-patch variations for a unique Irish Chain effect.
Visit her photos for a wider view.


Here is dickespaulinchen’s Shoo-Fly doll quilt, her first effort at hand quilting (wow!).
You can see more on her Nähsucht blog (scroll down for her entry in English).

What will you make with your blocks?! Be sure to browse through the Quilting Month photo pool to see how blocks from Week One and Week Two continue to evolve into more involved projects. Have you made a block yet from Week Three’s Log Cabin, Courthouse Steps or Squares in Squares tutorials?