From the looks of our Quilting Month photo pool, we have a shared affinity for “square” designs. The Log Cabin, Courthouse Step and Squares in Squares blocks from Week Three of our Block-Along are really fun and amazing!


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What can you do with all of your blocks?


Zagara made a table runner with guinea brocade and wax print cotton African fabrics.


Anne:made created this log cabin pillow with lots of great quilting lines.


This Quick Log Cabin Throw is comprised of one (very large) log cabin block,
using a nice selection of fabric. For a view of the entire quilt top visit Annieshouse.


You could also make a quilt like “Gayatri”‘s Blossom quilt!

It’s not too late to start your first (second, third… tenth) block! Take a look at the variety of designs from Week One, Week Two, Week Three and Week Four. For inspiration enjoy the Quilting Month photo pool. We’ll highlight blocks from Week Four of the Block-Along on Monday, March 3.