Carpe Diem Mini Art Quilt
By Kajsa, syko

Kajsa’s art quilt measures 7.5″ by 10″. The cage and text is done freehand by machine and the white fabric is from an old linen tablecloth. Kajsa enjoys using vintage linens and writes, “I like the structure of it, and I love to reuse whenever it is possible. I have even used the mended parts of old tea towels as a base for small art quilts, beautiful work of women from a time when everyday items were cherished! Who would mend a tea towel today?”

She adds, “My name is Kajsa Wikman, I am a mother of two and I run a small business called syko (based in Turku, Finland). I sell my creations in my etsy shop I have gone through a long process of allowing myself to change careers to become a full-time crafter, a long-time dream. The bird quilts (I made a few in the same spirit) are reflections of this. But I guess most of us need to remind ourselves every now and then to seize the day.”

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