Plain Spoken
By Thirza, unionpipes

We couldn’t resist another Plain Spoken quilt, especially after learning a bit of the story behind Thirza’s quilt. This was her third quilt and she feels it’s the first “proper” quilt she’s created!

Thirza writes, “My mum has been quilting for years and recently asked me to look up a quilt related question online. While I was searching I came across quilts and patterns I had never seen before: not the ‘old fashioned’ blocks I was used to seeing. It didn’t take long to stumble across the Modern Quilt-Along website and purchase The Modern Quilt Workshop. I wanted to make one of those beautiful quilts for my new baby due in December. When I got the book I chose the Plain Spoken: simple, straightforward and very pretty. When I ordered my fabrics, I went for greens, blues and purples. Boyish, as we thought we were going to have a boy, but still suitable for a girl. And, I got so much fabric I decided to make a small quilt from the same fabrics for each of our daughters. Eclipse for the eldest and Confetti for the youngest.

The cutting and piecing was easy enough. It took a while to decide on the quilt pattern. I didn’t want to do stitch-in-the-ditch or straight lines and went to look online. emptybobbin of the Modern Quilt-Along did a lovely quilt with concentric circles that I really liked. However, I didn’t want to just copy that, so I looked online for circle patterns. Between all crop circle designs I found wall art of a slightly 70’s circle design which I really liked. With help from our diner service (!) I drew different size circles and machine quilted the whole thing. The baby was to be born on the 11th of December by elective section. On the 10th of December I managed to sew the binding unto the quilt and pack it in my hospital bag! I haven’t started on the other two yet, but I’m hoping to get to that pretty soon.” For a better view of Thirza’s assymetrical circle quilting view the back of her quilt.

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