Twinkle Quilt
By Malka, a stitch in dye

Malka’s quilt measures approximately 36″ x 36″ and was made with her own trademark mix of commercial, discharged and hand-dyed fabrics.

Malka adds, “I machine pieced and quilted it. All the circles were created using a shibori technique called itajime. I cut fabric (some commercial, some my own hand dyes) into squares and then clamped a plexiglass circle to both the front and back of the square. I basically made a sandwich with the fabric in between two plexi circles. I then discharged (bleached) the fabric. The plexi keeps the bleach from seeping into the circle area. Sometimes, after discharging, I overdyed the squares into another color. Once I had enough squares, I started piecing them together. My idea/inspiration comes from how much I love commercial fabric, but I want to find a way to incorporate my love for dyeing and surface design. I think that totally drives my work.” If you are not yet familiar with Malka’s beautiful quilting, please make a point to visit her a stitch in dye blog. Malka’s work is amazing.

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