February 7 ~ Quilt of the Day

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Optical Squares II
By Amy, happythings

Amy created this interpretation of Kaffe Fassett’s Optical Squares design (from Passionate Patchwork) for the Kim Family Auction. This was her second quilt inspired by the design; the first can be seen here.

It is a 36″ square wall quilt created with yarn dyed shot cotton. The quilt was machine pieced and quilted, and hand-bound. Visit Amy’s Quilts photo album and prepare to be amazed and inspired. Amy is scheduled to share some of her quilting wisdom with us this month, so we can all look forward to her upcoming article!

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37 Responses to February 7 ~ Quilt of the Day

  1. Betsy Pratt says:

    Absolutely stunning!! Gorgeous fabric choices for a really nice pattern. Keep up the great work!

  2. Amy says:

    Thanks you all – you are making me blush. And to clarify a few things — yes – the blocks are 9 inches finished made from 4 triangles of striped shot cotton fabric. Cutting and sewing does take a bit of patience and precision but I’m no master so it really can’t be THAT hard. There are some bias edges involved so you do have to handle a bit carefully. The real trick and the real fun is getting the right combo of fabrics and laying them out in a design that flows. (And Amanda — he makes lots of shot cotton stripes in blues/teals/aquas! I’m stockpiling with the idea of making one in that colorway someday.)

  3. how beautiful!

    With friendship,

  4. rachel says:

    wow! That’s amazing.

  5. Amanda Kenny says:

    Wow! I’m pretty picky about quilts, but this is BEAUTIFUL! The only way I could love it more would be if it were in teal shades… Someday. Someday.

  6. Gretchen says:

    wow! that looks like it took a lot of patience! I hope I can produce results like that!

  7. Kieny says:

    Absolutely love this quilt! The colours are stunning.

  8. heather w. says:

    WOW!!! The bright colors and stripes are fabulous

  9. Kathy says:

    This is one of my favorite quilts that Amy has done. I smile every time I see it!

  10. Nada says:


  11. Lil' d says:


  12. Cassie Ogle says:

    Simply stunning! I love it!

  13. Melissa says:

    lots of movement within this quilt!

  14. Katie says:

    Wow that sure is psychedelic!

  15. Rose L says:

    Wow – this is beautiful!

  16. Claudia~L says:

    beautiful colors!!

  17. Sarah says:

    Oh my gosh, this is fantastic!

  18. Gina says:

    I love the color, this is a great quilt!

  19. Maria L says:

    Amazing! Love the warm colour and the amazing design!

  20. Sam VanDerPuy says:

    At first this looks super complicated, but really its just triangles of strpied fabric set in a square right? I love it, the colors are gorgeous!

  21. Alisha says:

    It’s mesmerizing. I love the little bit of green in there.

  22. skmparis says:

    great quilt! i love those colours!

  23. Stacy says:

    Um. WOW. It looks so tedious with all those strips!



  24. Emily says:

    How pretty!

  25. froghair says:

    I love how the colors and pattern combine to make a mezmerizing, but not obnoxiously busy whole. Thanks for sharing this one!

  26. Water Works says:

    I have admired Amy’s blog and creations for a long time. She’s awesome at eyeing fabrics and combining colors/ patterns. This is such a fabulous piece!

  27. It´s stunning! Great design and wonderful colors!

  28. Kristi Van Os says:

    Two words – Simply Gorgeous

  29. Michele says:

    the first and second designs are both amazing!

  30. mj says:

    This is where accuracy really pays off!

  31. Shelly says:

    Is this easier than it looks?! Wow very cool!!

  32. Julia D says:

    I really like all those warm, rich colors! Beautiful!

  33. Deb says:

    Amazing quilt!

  34. Teddi says:

    Looks like it took lots of time – but most of all precision! Beautiful and lots of detail!

  35. Regina says:

    Wow – so striking. Each time I look back at it my eye is drawn to a different area.

  36. Carrie says:

    Very cool design! I love how there is so much depth to it…the longer you look at it the more you see.

  37. alison says:

    That’s a fabulous quilt!

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