Sneak Peek ~ County Fair by Denyse Schmidt

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In the comments for yesterday’s interview with Denyse so many of you expressed excitement about her new fabric line. We’re excited too! Here’s a sneak peek at the collection just for you. It’s a home dec weight fabric, all in beautiful new colorways. Can you find the Patchwork Promenade cheater cloth?

For more information be sure to read through our interview with Denyse and look for County Fair at Sew,Mama,Sew! sometime shortly after the collection debuts at Quilt Market in April. Don’t forget that we still carry lots of Denyse’s beautiful Katie Jump Rope right now!

Images posted by permission of Free Spirit Fabrics.

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52 Responses to Sneak Peek ~ County Fair by Denyse Schmidt

  1. mj says:

    There are some really great ones here! It’s an interesting trend that a lot of designers are doing home-dec lines.

  2. alicia says:

    love it!

  3. Karen says:

    she is one of my favorite fabric designers!!!!

    LOVE IT!

  4. Janey says:

    OOOH I want one of each.

  5. Amy says:

    just beautiful!!!!! I might need to get my hands on some of this! Might…nope I must!

  6. April feels really far away right now!

  7. Solidia says:

    Very pretty!

  8. Larici says:

    Beautiful colors, blues and yellows … my favorites this winter.

  9. Maxine says:

    Ooooh I can’t wait!!!

  10. Violet says:

    I can’t wait… They look wonderful…even the cheater cloth!

  11. Katie says:

    gorgeous! top right is my favourite.

  12. Gina says:

    These are very nice! I can’t wait to get my hands on them!

  13. Michele says:

    Love it, love it, love it!

  14. mikawendy says:

    Very neat! These would be great in projects on their own, or in projects that also use reproduction fabrics (similar colorways & feel).

  15. Lovely! I want one of each 🙂 I am ready for some springy fun projects!

  16. michelle says:

    Lovely! Can’t wait to get my hands on these!

  17. Carol says:

    Hopefully I can talk my shop into carrying this!

  18. lauren says:

    Oh, I cannot wait!!

  19. Georgia says:

    Very nice! I like them even better than the originals!

  20. Cassie Ogle says:

    Very lovely!! I really love the one on the top right.

  21. Rose L says:

    Ooh – what a square cheater cloth. I must get some! 🙂

  22. Deb says:

    What beautiful beautiful fabrics!

  23. LadySnow says:

    Those prints are great!

  24. Melissa says:

    I spot the cheater!

  25. erin says:

    I LOVE all the polka dots!

  26. Stacey says:

    so pretty…..i love all the color combos!

  27. Carrie says:

    Wow…beautiful fabric. Can’t wait for these to come out…I’m already imagining all the wonderful things I can make with these!

  28. Brandy says:

    he he, cheater cloth. It’s all so fun! I think I’ll have to start saving up so I can purchase a bunch ^-^

  29. Sarah says:

    Gorgeous!! I’ll definitely add these to my collectioin – aptly named since I can’t seem to find a project “worthy” of them!!

  30. And I’m not supposed to buy more fabric??? And just use my stash?? LOL.

  31. heide says:

    There are just way too many new gorgeous fabric lines coming out in the next few months… I have no idea how I’m going to fund my upcoming splurges!!! I seriously might need to get a second job just to support by fabric habit.

  32. Maria L says:

    Beautiful colours!

  33. Lil' d says:


  34. Suzanne says:

    I know what to put on my birthday wish list… 🙂

  35. Amber says:

    Oh my goodness – these are beautiful!! And I so agree about the “cheater cloth”…way to pretty to be called that. Can’t wait to get my hands on this!

  36. Emily says:


  37. Stephanie says:

    Can’t wait for that cheater cloth to come out!

  38. Emily says:

    Very cute! I’m already thinking of ways to use these

  39. They are all just lovely. Can’t wait!

  40. Love it! Thanks for the preview!

  41. Regina says:

    Ack – I NEED these!!! NOW!!!

  42. meg says:

    I can already tell I’ll need to get my hands on some of these. I love that more and more designers are putting out dec-weight fabrics. They’re so useful!

  43. heather w. says:

    pretty =)

  44. Ellen says:

    Can’t be in the stores soon enough!

  45. Angela says:

    Some nice prints! Love the crazy squares.

  46. Julia D says:

    Aak! It’s so beautiful!!

  47. Andrea says:

    YEAH YEAH YEAH! I must get some!!!

  48. Amy says:

    Wow, there was actually a sharp intact of breath here when the picture loaded. Going to HAVE to have this. Birthday gifts, anyone?? 🙂

  49. Mellissa says:

    Absolutely perfect! My mind is already a flutter with thoughts on how to use these.

  50. Mealy says:

    Absolutely love it. Can’t wait to buy some!

  51. Amy says:

    Oh, very nice! I think we should rename Denyse’s “cheater cloth” though…it’s way too cute to have a negative name 🙂

  52. Annika says:

    Oh my — it’s all lovely!

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