Announcing… The SMS Tutorial Contest!

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The crafty community here on the web is an inspiring, exciting place to explore and learn. We absolutely love it when generous sewists share techniques and ideas through tutorials. Do you have a great sewing pattern, technique or skill to share with the world? Perhaps you’ve been meaning to write a tutorial, but haven’t found the time. Well here’s a little motivation…You can enter our Sew,Mama,Sew! Tutorial Contest!


  • Four winners will receive a $25 gift certificate to Sew,Mama,Sew!
  • Tutorials must be *NEW* tutorials posted on a blog or Flickr site between April 1st and midnight on April 26th, 2008.
  • Tutorials must be sewing-related.
  • Entries will be judged by the SMS staff. We’ll be looking for creative projects and clear instructions.
  • If you’d like to let your readers know that you’ve entered the contest, you can use our contest button above and link back to this post.
  • Email a direct link to your tutorial to, subject line: Tutorial Entry.*

Edited to add: It’s fine to submit multiple entries.

*As you know, it’s our policy to request permission to post photographs. To facilitate our ability to share tutorials with readers, your emailed link for this contest will provide implied permission to use a tutorial photograph on the SMS blog. We will share tutorial entries on the blog throughout the month so be prepared for some new readers!

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40 Responses to Announcing… The SMS Tutorial Contest!

  1. Mary says:

    This is such a great idea. I can’t wait to see all the tutorials that come from this. I have posted a tutorial on making fabric postcards at:

  2. BethieB says:

    I did it. I bit the bullet, wrote a tutorial and sent the email…is it wrong to finally feel like a real blogger (outside of myspace) and sewer on the same day? lol Thanks for this awesome contest!

  3. I just posted my first try at a tutorial, and a couple bloggers encouraged me to give your contest a try. My tutorial is for peiced quilt labels.

  4. Leah says:

    This tutorial works best if you use cloth diapers and like baseball. But if you don’t use cloth (but still like baseball), you could use it to make cute burp cloths or something.

  5. jennifer bowen says:

    oh this looks so need to bad i dont have tutorial for that dont even know what it is all is well if your giveing a way some thing i realy like to try to win it so that i may have one too and well i realy love to sew and i could do so if olny i had a way to get the things i need to get back in to it but any ways if i can take part just let me know and well i will thanks

  6. Dallas says:

    Awesome. I was just thinking of posting a tutorial. I’ll be sure to now.

  7. Jackie says:

    This is just the thing to finally motivate me to turn one of my patterns into a tutorial! I’ll get working on it – how fun!!

  8. Charity says:

    I’ve got three up so far! And more planned. Thanks for the motivation to pull out the camera. I’m making this stuff anyway, I may as well share it with others! 🙂 🙂


  9. min says:

    ok…I don’t see any code for the button to link my tens of readers to your site! I’m happy to send my entry in today for my travel tissue holder. Makes good use of scraps!
    Thanks and I can’t wait to see what other tutes appear here.

  10. Charity says:

    I already have a handful of tutorials on my website (embellished felt wool applique, pintucked piece-stripping, vintage paper flowers and others), but I had a whole list of new techniques I wanted to try this month, so this is perfect! I’ll be tracking this closely and look forward to participating.


  11. carolyn says:

    i’ve got a wonky ” post-it note” quilt square tutorial up on my blog…

  12. Sloan says:

    Do I need to be a member of this blog community? Should I print the rules for the contest?
    If I need to be a member how do I sign up?

  13. Emily says:

    Yay! I just did one today for a sit-upon with my daughter! – check out the link!!!


  14. Melly says:

    So are videos acceptable? Just checking, I’d love to do a video of something….

  15. Oh, poo! I was a few weeks too early when I posted mine. But it’s still up on the blog, if you’d like to take a look!

    I will have to consider my next one, and fast!

  16. Linda says:

    Is there a code for the button?

  17. A sweet kick in the pants that I needed. Thanks! I’ll be in this!

  18. Linda says:

    Well this is probably the nudge I needed. Hopefully I’ll have the tutorial up in a couple of days time.

  19. Amy says:

    Oh boy! This will be great! i am not sure if I have the time or an idea right now but I would love the chance to look at them all!

  20. Doris says:

    Hi. I don’t know how to do a tutorial myself but I sure enjoy looking at everyones!!! thanks!

  21. Ana says:

    This is the best news I’ve seen in blogland in ages! MORE tutorials! I can’t wait to see all of the fantastic things people enter.

  22. Lizzie says:

    Are we allowed multiple entries or just one?

    I have a bias binding tutorial on my blog now and I keep thinking I will put up a few more but haven’t gotten around to it. This is a great incentive!

  23. oonaballoona says:

    okay, i am coming out of the lurking closet for this! i’ve enjoyed your blog & everyone’s creativity so much (made my christmas, literally) so i’m a bit nervous that my tutorial will pale in comparison… but here goes 🙂 thanks for the contest & inspiration!

  24. Debra says:

    How exciting!!! I can not wait to see all the great tutorials.

  25. Mary Beth says:

    I too was thinking about doing a little tutorial. Don’t know if I’ll get to it, but it’s interesting timing!

  26. girl says:

    How cool!

  27. Beth says:

    I have learned so much from tutorials! I made one last month for a envelope to hang on the back of a chair, I know it won’t count since it was done last month. Here is the link if anyone is interested.

  28. Mellissa says:

    This is going to be a really exciting contest.

  29. Serena says:

    Ooh, I cannot wait to see what’s in store!

  30. Amy says:

    What a great challenge! I’ve been wanting to do a tutorial – here’s that extra push to get me started! Thanks! 🙂


  31. Meg says:

    So, when I saw SMS I thought it meant best at writing tutorials over Jott or Twitter or another SMS type translation gadget. Too much time teching, but worth checking out Jott & NTEN at

  32. andrea says:

    love, love, love tutorials!!! can’t wait to see them.

  33. Stacy says:

    Very timely! I was thinking about writing a tutorial for a little girl dress. This will give me some incentive to get it finished this month. 🙂

  34. Jessie says:

    Yay! Count me in!!

  35. I’m not clever enough to prepare a tutorial – but I’m really looking forward to seeing them all on here – there are some VERY clever people out there!

  36. Cocoa says:

    Ooooooo! I have a couple ideas up my sleeve. This will be so fun!

  37. apple cyder says:

    Hmmm. I have two things I have been considering writing up but haven’t had a chance yet. Hopefully this will give me some incentive….

  38. Helen says:

    Great idea! Very timely for me, as I was just thinking of writing a tutorial for my blog this week. I love seeing tutorials and general tips on other people’s blogs, so I thought I might have a go myself.

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