New & noteworthy from our Sew,Mama,Sew! readers:

  • Kim from The Secret Cave of the Sugar Mama wrote to tell us about a new site (still under development). Her husband is developing the site for a company that will offer custom fabric printing. They’ve posted a very short survey about custom fabric printing and if you take the survey (and choose to provide your email address) they promise to let you in on the closed beta version of the site when it launches. Kim writes, “Personally, I’m pretty psyched about the prospect of being able to order up a giant yellow dot printed twill to use for curtains in my living room. I’ve been looking for it for 2 years now and apparently it exists only in my head!” Take the survey at
  • Jennifer of What I Did at School Today is really pleased with the quilt she created for her nephew. She experimented with the quilting and used yogurt containers and lids as templates. Visit her site for details!
  • Jana writes, “I just finished my tutorial for ‘The Jenny Bag.’ It turned out pretty cute…if I do say so myself!” Visit Jana’s blog Lola…again for the tutorial and more.
  • Anat of AD creates writes, “I have a few sewing tutorials in my blog… such as a tutorial for a needle notebook.” Explore Anat’s site to find more great tutorials and enjoy her photos on Flickr.
  • Anna wrote in to make sure everyone takes a look at the mobile swap hosted by Meg of Elsie Marley. She writes, “Check out the awesomeness her swap has inspired. I have really enjoyed this swap!”
  • Crystal shares a how-to for some cute Laced Trimmed Capri Leggings on her Domestic CliffsNotes blog. She writes, “This week I went to The Children’s Place with my kids and saw these really cute capri leggings. They were so adorable but for 18 dollars for two pairs they seemed a little pricey. As I was walking out of the store I realized that I had the skills needed to create something similar for just a fraction of the price. That was reason enough for me to celebrate!” Visit Crystal’s blog for capri details and more!

Edited to add: Toni wrote in to let us know that she has pulled the wrap skirt tutorial from her blog and will be selling it in a series of patterns she is designing. In the meantime you can revisit Bethany’s great Wrap Skirt Tutorial from our Skirt Month…

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