From Beth: Annika’s busy with lots of wonderful adventures in writing, parenting and crafting. We were excited she had time to make the lovely Emmeline Apron from Montessori by Hand (and that she told us all about it in her Emmeline Apron Review). Enjoy Annika’s intro below, her Through The Looking Glass blog and her tips and raves in her apron review.

From Annika: I’ve been sewing off and on my whole life. My mom is a weaver and seamstress and I think fiber love must be genetic! (My great-grandmother owned a yarn store many years ago, too.) I knit constantly and sew as often as my assistant (Sammy, who is almost two and likes to turn the wheel on the sewing machine) allows me to. I sew on the simplest Kenmore that Sears had in stock when I needed a machine. I relearned the art of sewing from Amy Karol’s book Bend-the-Rules Sewing, and I tend to leave projects to the last minute.

I’ve been writing professionally for about three years and am currently shopping around a craft book proposal and several screenplays.

I blog about life, parenting, crafts, and being a writer at Through the Looking Glass.