Pattern Review ~ Lotus Tunic

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This review was written by Kati; she really enjoyed making the Lotus tunic with cap sleeves and plans to wear it to upcoming weddings. Enjoy her review below and her introduction.

* Please note that the design includes patterns for the Lotus tunic, dress and cami. For a view of the sleeveless Lotus cami click on the “View Larger Image” link under the pattern image.

Amy Butler Lotus Tunic & Cami
There were several different options to create this garment. I chose to do the tunic length with capped sleeves.

From the pattern: Modern, feminine designs perfect for every occasion! Sweetheart neckline with subtle curves gives this tunic it’s “signature” style. Make yours with or without sleeves.


Lotus Tunic by Katie, kate, i design

Fabric Recommendations
The pattern recommends muslin for the lining, but I had nylon lining available, so I decided to use that instead. I prefer the way it allows the cotton of the main fabric to lay, and this way I don’t have to worry about it bunching as much when I wear it.
You can find a list of materials via the Lotus Tunic & Cami in the store. Click “View Larger Image” below the pattern image for a full view of the back of the pattern.

I used Amy Butler’s lotus wall flower pattern in sky for the main fabric, and the oxford stripe in green for the accent fabric. I used nude colored nylon fabric to line the entire dress. I also used a gray invisible zipper to match the main fabric.

Overall Design 5 stars
This design is very flattering on several different body shapes, which is why I decided to make it. There’s also a lot of versatility to the pattern, and because I like the way the top of the dress fits, I am planning on making a cami for the summer. Also the sweetheart neckline is subtle, and yet very fashion forward which was part of it’s appeal.


Written Instructions 5 stars
Amy provided mostly clear instructions, but as a newbie, I definitely needed to refer to the glossary several times. The definitions in the glossary were very helpful and were a large part of the success I had with making the dress. I can see how this pattern would be great for both beginners and experienced sewers alike.
Diagrams / Images 4 stars
I would like to have seen more pictures, but the ones that were included added a lot of value.

Pattern Pieces 5 stars
The pattern pieces were very clearly labeled for sizes, quantity needed and name of the piece. Most of the pieces are used in several of the garments, which helps to keep everything organized.

Overall Level of Difficulty Intermediate

PRLT1.jpg title=

Detail showing the top with cap sleeves.

Modifications + Tips
Make sure that you measure your torso and adjust the pattern as needed. Next time I make this, I will use more of the accent fabric for the side panels, just to spice it up.

Overall this pattern was a great experience for me, and I learned a lot about apparel construction and design. I think it definitely stretched my skills as a sewer, but that made it all that much more rewarding when i put it on and it fit!

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29 Responses to Pattern Review ~ Lotus Tunic

  1. thanks danette! i tried this a couple years ago with very little sewing experience under my belt. i had major problems with the sweetheart neckline and gave up eventually. i may go back and try again…

  2. danette says:

    For anyone making this tunic who isn’t savvy with technique – beginners or crafters like me who don’t sew clothes often – you need to know something about the sweetheart neckline. It’s hard for me to tell from the picture, but it does seem like you had some difficulty with those corners as well.

    Here’s the trick I discovered in making the cami (not sure it is a prob with the lining version) – on the pattern, you are told to snip into the seamline at the juncture of the facing and the upper bodice after you sew those two pieces together – when it comes time to sew facing to exterior – use that snip as your guide and sew from the exterior side with the facing as the bottom layer – from underneath, stick a pin in at the point where it would hit the seam line – because you’ve stopped short of the seam line with your nip) – make a little mark with disappearing ink on the side you’re sewing from and use that as the pivot point there at those corners. – when you flip it out, you’ll need to iron flat but it shouldn’t pucker and tuck.

    Maybe others have a better tip or didn’t have that problem.

  3. Anna says:

    I cut out my test muslin last night and was surprised at the excessive length of the bodice–17 inches from nape to waist? That needed some adjusting for sure? With that issue resolved I hope it comes out the way I want . . .

  4. I am making this right now! I opted to not use a contrasting fabric for the accents, but I like the way it turned out on your project. Thanks for the review!

  5. Christine says:

    Good review. I like the colors used on this one.

  6. Annie says:

    Has anyone tried the Anna tunic/cami/dress? I have the pattern but haven’t had a chance to dive in yet. I’d love to hear feedback/advice before I get started.

  7. marietta says:

    this was a great review – i am a big fan of the amy butler bag patterns and have yet to do any of the apparel ones. It was nice to see a body closer to mine in the review 🙂 Gives me a more realistic view of whether i think it will look good on me. Next payday, this pattern is mine! Thanks

  8. Bravo! You did a fabulous job! I love the design and your fabric choice….makes me want to try my hand at this pattern. Thanks for your review!!!

  9. Mellissa says:

    Great job with the sewing and the review. Thanks!

  10. Libby says:

    I love it. I have been considering this pattern and the reviewer has convinced me to try it. The question is should I use muslin or nylon for the lining?

  11. Becca says:

    Great dress & great review!

  12. Myra says:

    I am with Andrea; the sewing of the dress looks great, the fabric looks great, but it needs a more A-line skirt. You still did a wonderful job of sewing and choosing fabric. I like the bodice area, though.

  13. Sarah says:

    That is a beautiful tunic it looks lovely on you, and a great review! I have had my eye on the pattern for a while now and this review has encouraged me to buy it. Thank you!

  14. You did a great job! I really like the fabric that your used. I’m not really liking the tie around the middle.

  15. Kriszta says:

    I must say, I did not like this design. On the envelope the one what the modell wears is not fitted at all, it needs at least a FBA. Yours is much better, the neckline stays nice. I am sure the cami version will be even better.

  16. Mika says:

    You did a great job! It looks lovely!

  17. yours fits much better than mine. I have only made a muslin to test the sizing and it is waiting for adjustment. I think I need to go down a size, (which is a nice idea!) thanks for a great review

  18. Amy says:

    so cute! I want to make me one now!

  19. Kristin says:

    Nice review! It looks great.

  20. Andrea says:

    I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t find this flattering to either the model on the pattern envelope or the dear reviewer. I think the other person who mentioned it being “apron-like” is right on the money. No offense at all! Clearly, time, energy & beautiful fabric has been used, and hey, who cares what some lady on the internet thinks! 🙂 In other words, I think it is an unflattering design, not the fault of the capable pattern reviewer.

  21. Crisanne says:

    I saw this pattern online the other day and loved it. Glad to hear it isn’t as difficult as I feared.

  22. Stephanie says:

    Great review. The tunic looks great on you. I’ve been meaning to sew this for a while.

  23. Michele says:

    Love the fabric she used! Tempted to purchase the pattern and make one for myself!

  24. Anary says:

    Great tunic! beautifully done. Thanks for this great and helpful review.

  25. Katie says:

    Looks really cute! I love this pattern and totally want to make it up.

  26. Amanda says:

    I REALLY love this Beth! It is beautiful! GREAT review also! 😀

  27. Jody says:

    That looks great! I also made the Lotus Tunic a few weeks back and I looked for a tutorial then and didn’t find any, so i was happy to see this! (my pics are at I saw that you mentioned using the accent fabric for the side panels. That is what I did and maybe it was my fabric selection, but I feel like my tunic has a very apron-like look to it because of that! I was thinking of making one with solid fabric next time! Also, my fabric seemed too bulky. Anyway, this was my first piece of clothing (not including a few things for my toddler) and i found it pretty tricky. I was happy with my exterior and the lining came together ok, but putting the two together is where all of my problems began. I used a muslin for the lining and i found it too thin…it seemed to gather too much. Anyway…thanks for the tutorial!

  28. kate says:

    it looks beautiful! GREAT review Beth! 😀

  29. Jemellia says:

    I like it!

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