Secret Pocket Easter Eggs

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A couple of years ago I started sewing fabric eggs. I love the feel of them and so do kids. When you get some in your hands you can’t help but toss, catch, throw and juggle. Every year I try to replace a few more of the plastic eggs that we use for Easter Egg hunts with cloth eggs. The thing is, you can’t put goodies in a fabric egg…..

…Or can you?

Perhaps if you sew in a secret pocket…

….just big enough for a jelly bean, a coin, or a small friend.

Click here for pdf pattern and instructions.

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85 Responses to Secret Pocket Easter Eggs

  1. Adorable. I wonder if I can fit in time to whip some up for Ostara on Saturday….

  2. Susie says:

    I don’t think I ever replied that I made some of these. They were a big hit with my nieces and nephews.

  3. Suzie says:

    Thank you for the sweet pattern.
    I try to make something
    handmade every Easter &
    this is perfect!

  4. Connie says:

    I have been trying to download the pattern and instructions for the Secret Pocket Easter Egg. When done, I have a blank page. What am I doing wrong? Thank you.

  5. Sarah Ness says:

    So cute!

  6. raajia says:

    great idea! this idea is so lovely!!! Thanks for sharing.

    thank you! thank you! thank you!

  7. These came out so cute. Thanks for posting such a great tutorial. I’ve got pictures of my eggs and a link back to this tutorial on my blog. Check it out!

  8. Carol St Louis says:

    What a great idea. Very sweet too.

  9. michele m says:

    I can’t wait to get started on some of these and I don’t even have kids.

  10. Amanda says:

    This is too awesome!

  11. Evelin says:

    too cute!!

  12. Jan says:

    What a great way to use up bits and pieces. Sometimes I love the print and don’t want to waste even a scrap.

  13. Liz says:

    What a cute idea. How fun.

  14. Jena says:

    How cute is that?!?! How adorable and how creative. I love it.

  15. these are fabulous! i am off to get some machine time when the kids nap! yeah! thanks.

  16. Tricia says:

    I know this is “Soo 2008” But I am making these this year (again) and am SOOO EXCITED!!! I am putting love notes in all of them for the kids!

  17. Jacqui says:

    I have been looking for an egg pattern…..this idea is so lovely…..thank you!

  18. Jac says:

    Such a sweet idea. So lovely. Thanks for sharing!
    : )

  19. LAnderson says:

    Absolutely adorable! I love the peek-a-boo bunnies!

  20. Krista says:

    Oooh, I love these! What an adorably ingenious idea. Pattern is already printed and I’ve cut several out. Hope to sew them up tonight. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful idea/pattern 🙂

  21. Sara says:

    I wish I had found these sooner! A friend was knitting some eggs today that I loved, but I’m more of a sewer. These are perfect. I have plenty of time for next year’s batch. Thanks so much for sharing!

  22. Tatania says:

    That is just the sweetest and cutest idea I have seen in a long time. Love your fabric choice.
    Thanks for sharing.

  23. Brenda says:

    What is feed dogs?

  24. Anna says:

    I love it! I’m Christian Orthodox, and our Easter this year isn’t until April 27, so there’s still plenty of time. If I can manage it with my new baby, I’m totally going to make some for gifts for friends. I love that these would make awesome gifts for kids and grown-ups alike!

  25. RobinE says:

    What a neat idea! So much cooler than those plastic eggs. 🙂

  26. Jennifer Johnston says:

    ok I figured it out 🙂
    for everyone else who is having square egg problems… the pattern provided makes a sort of football shaped egg so if you don’t round your corners/edges really well it effectively becomes a diamond rather than a lozenge, hence the final square. I’m just not that neat when i sew so (in the pattern piece) I made the fat part of the egg shape a little wider, and closer to the bottom of the egg rather than the middle, but keep the pointy-ness of the bottom or it will be a pyramid. and got a pretty nice egg shape.

    Thanks Sew Mama Sew for posting this great pattern, … I’m off to make lots and lots of them!!

  27. SewDelish says:

    Thanks. Have just downloaded the pattern to give it a go.

  28. Emily says:

    These are so pretty! I wonder if i can get one or two made in time!? Lets see, my parents are moving into my basement for two weeks on Thursday. My nephew and his new girlfriend arrive for Easter on Friday. I guess that leaves tomorrow! Thank you for the great little project. I like the idea of adding a few each year!

  29. katy says:

    ooo, erika, good idea to try it with felt, post the results! Thanks for the tip, Kristin! I’ll give it another try. This time without the “help” of my 4 year old 🙂

  30. erika says:

    My first attempt came out square-shaped, too. I used a thin muslin fabric, so maybe that is to blame. I’m trying again with felt.

  31. Jennifer Johnston says:

    I just tried the pattern, and my egg didn’t come out egg shaped, more square shaped… Is there a trick to keeping it egg shaped?

  32. Florence says:

    I love this idea – thank you for the tutorial!

  33. Solidia says:

    Thank you so much! I saw a pattern for fabric online somewhere but didn’t order it because I couldn’t get it in time. Leave to SMS to have just what I was looking for! 🙂

  34. Kristin says:

    okay, immediately tried one yesterday after posting and it turned out like a cross between a beach ball and a walnut. Where did I go wrong?

    I know exactly what you mean! I had one that looked just like that. I figured out that what I did was flip a piece upside down. The width difference between the top and the bottom of the piece is really very subtle, but once you sew them together, it makes a big difference.

  35. katy says:

    okay, immediately tried one yesterday after posting and it turned out like a cross between a beach ball and a walnut. Where did I go wrong?

  36. Christine says:

    Ooh! How clever. I love these.

  37. Kristin Lawson says:

    So cute! I am thinking of enlarging the pocket a little and adding a little matching flap that either snaps or velcros shut. That way I can put something a little bigger inside 🙂

  38. Water Works says:

    This is totally wonderful. I can’t wait to get my machine back from the repair shop and get started. I’ll have a whole bunch of them for next year…ready to hide a little treat.

  39. Tina says:

    Great use for scraps! I have some cute wet felted wool eggs, might need to add some fabric eggs to the hunt as well!

  40. micki says:

    you are seriously brilliant!

  41. Lisa says:

    What a fantastic idea. These are absolutely adorable and I’m sure the kids are so delighted to seek them out in the grass. Great project!

  42. Dani says:

    That is adorable. I was all upset that my 4 year old came home from kinder today having finally learnt about the existence of the Easter bunny and Easter eggs. Now I’m kind of excited.

    But only because he still doesn’t realise that Easter eggs are meant to be chocolate. I guess he’ll find that out next year.

  43. Michele says:

    Cannot wait to make some…perfect timing too…there’s still enough time to crank out a dozen on the sewing machine!

  44. Kathy says:

    Too cute, LOVE this idea.

  45. Shawna says:

    What a great idea!!!!

  46. amanda h says:

    Okay, that is seriously one of the cutest things I’ve seen in quite awhile! Can’t wait to make some!

  47. CArol says:

    Really cute. My granddaughter will love finding a surprise in the secret pocket.

  48. Joan says:

    Great project and great photos.

  49. Amy W says:

    I love it! I wonder how many I could whip up by Saturday for our church’s Easter Egg Hunt. The kids would so love these. Thanks!

  50. Well look how cute those are! Really gets your mind thinking.

  51. Kate says:

    So. Very. Clever! A pocket!!! Sometimes its the simplest things…

  52. Carrie says:

    Great idea! I was going with the wooden eggs, but then I can’t add a pocket.

  53. Dawn says:

    Thanks so much for the pattern…

  54. kathy says:

    Beautiful. Now to make a batch for our church’s egg hunt! 🙂

  55. Kris says:

    Thanks so much – we have a beautiful ceramic basket – that’s empty! DD and I now have a lovely project for tomorrow!

  56. katy says:

    is the pattern the same without the peek-a-boo pocket? i’m intimidated by that part and would like to try a basic one first.

  57. Brodeuse says:

    This is great. thank for the pattern. I still have few days to make some.

  58. katy says:

    LOVE it!! Great for a table center piece too- thanks for the super project idea

  59. Kate says:

    Wow, what a wonderful idea! I LOVE these! 😀

  60. Amanda says:

    This is so great! i’ll have to make some of these! 😀

  61. debra says:

    Oh how cute! I love them. Those are so much prettier than the plastic ones 😉
    Thanks for sharing.

  62. Carrie says:

    How cute are these!!! Hope I can make some free time this week to whip up a few. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  63. Tori says:

    These are great! Thanks for the idea!!

  64. Annie says:

    Oh my! This is such a cute idea. I might really have to make a few- my daughter loves secret pockets-what can possibly be better than a secret pocket. I mean really!

  65. Lisa says:

    I had been looking for a cloth egg pattern. Thank you! I just wish I could have started them a week or two ago. I would love to replace our plastic eggs with these!

  66. Lindsey says:

    those are too cute

  67. Heather says:

    OH MY GOSH — they are the cutest thing EVER!

  68. punchanella says:

    oh thanks for this tutorial! i’m always looking for ways to make non-egg eggs for easter. 😀

  69. sarah miller says:

    brilliant – and so much less aggravating to find around the house post Easter. I will have to make a few – dozen.

  70. Mellissa says:

    Really cute idea, and I love the use of the Sis Boom Basics fabric.

  71. So cute! Thanks for the pattern!

  72. Marcia says:

    What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

  73. stephanie s says:

    great idea!!

  74. Julie Six says:

    Such a wonderful alternative to those nasty plastic eggs. Thanks for this wonderful idea.

  75. Melissa says:

    These are great! I can see how they would be so much fun. Thanks so much for sharing the pattern.

  76. Polly says:

    You know, that if you just have a few of these in your Easter Egg Hunt special prizes could be awarded to those who find the fabric eggs!

  77. This is really the sweetest not kidding! Love that bunny poking out….May I use to promote you guys??? Thank you for all your support of the Bell Bottoms line..I’ll send plenty of folks your way…be well…my best, Jennifer

  78. Apple Cyder says:

    Such a great, great idea! Love those little bunnies…. Thanks for posting this.

  79. Jen says:

    So cute! I don’t even have kids to hide eggs from and I want to make these now.


  80. Frieda says:

    This came at a great time for me. I was just looking for something to put in my bowl on the table for Easter. I can’t wait to go make a few.

  81. Kristin says:

    LOVE THEM!! I am going to give them a try.

  82. Molly says:

    I have been looking for a stylish easter egg craft. This one is perfect!

  83. Lorrie says:

    So adorable!

  84. Delaina says:

    AWESOME! What a great way to use scraps! Thank you!

  85. Sarah says:

    So sweet! What a great idea! Or you could sew two halves and fasten them with a velcro flap…maybe the eggs could even be a little hollow in the middle. So many possibilities for this!

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