SMS Contest Tutorial Entries

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We’re off to a great start with our SMS Tutorial Contest! Enjoy these entries and learn how to enter your own tutorial here. Four winners will receive a $25 gift certificate to Sew,Mama,Sew!

Crochet Hook Case ~ Tracy

Reversible Napkin Set with Matching Pouch,
Part 1 & Part 2 ~ Helen

Maternity Belly Band ~ Christy

How much binding do I need? ~ Maria

Waffle Cone ~ Hannah

Freezer Paper Piecing ~ Terri

Stitching Folder ~ Linda

Wonky Log Cabin Block ~ Jacquie

Tote Bag, Part 1 & Part 2 ~ Kerri

Travel Tissue Holder ~ Min

Pin-tucked Strip Piecing ~ Charity

Grandma’s Needlebook ~ Charity

Vintage Baby Shoe Pincushion ~ Charity

Sewing Bag ~ Diane

Everything Bag ~ Erin

How to add a “Peeper” ~ Peg

Circle Quilt ~ Whitney

Sit Upon ~ Em

Double Pointed Needle Holder ~ Ruth

Shadow AppliquΓ© ~ Charity

Skirt from Jeans ~ Christy

*If you don’t see a tutorial here that you submitted before noon on April 9th, please resend your link (sometimes spam filters make emails disappear!). When we receive your entry we always send a confirmation email within a few days.

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440 Responses to SMS Contest Tutorial Entries

  1. Olivia667 says:

    looks like a great book.

  2. Michelle says:

    Great tutorials- I love the belly band – bunch of friends are pregnant, so these would good gifts for the mommies!

  3. Alejandra says:

    I’ve never sewn in my life, I’m actually very afraid of it………but seeing Your tutorials, how you take your time to explain everything step by step really really helps alot, so I shall master the courage………one of this days and get on with it!! (Can’t wait to make my own tote bag).

  4. Yvonne says:

    I don’t have a blog but I have become addited to surfing the sewing blogs. The truth is that each and everyone of the contributors did excellent jobs on the tutorial. The Chrochet Hook Case caught my because of the sweet bow closure. All are throughly enjoyable.
    Thanks Yvonne

  5. Mary says:

    These are such wonderful tutorials. This is a great way to learn new techniques.

  6. Em says:

    I’m so excited to see my tutorial on here! Woo Hoo! I also love the napkin set, and will be making these for Christmas presents this year! I’m so glad you’ve done this tutorial contest, I love seeing all of the ideas!

  7. Jacqueline says:

    Great tutorials – can’t wait to give some of them a try!

  8. jill says:

    On second look, I will definitely be trying the circle quilt and the everything bag with corners, and I like the idea of the sewing bag, too. Thanks for all the great tutorials.

  9. Esther says:

    I bookmarked almost half of these — thank you!!!

  10. Jam says:

    Thanks for all the great tutorials; always wondered how to figure how much fabric I needed for my bindings. Also loved to see all the projects and the fabric choices. I do have a problem in getting my colors together.

  11. Tina C. says:

    how much binding do i need? this is perfect info for me because i’m exactly at this point in making my 1st quilt!

  12. That “how much binding” tutorial is such a great idea. AHA!

  13. Amy L says:

    Love the wonky log cabin. I’ll have to mark this page and keep it in my “idea” box.

  14. Jamie B. says:

    Thanks for all the great tutorials. I can’t wait to try them. It’s hard to pick which one to try first.

  15. Christy S says:

    I love the waffle cone! Not only is it the cutest thing ever, it looks good enough to eat! Love it! Love it! Love it!

  16. Ellen says:

    Thanks for the inspiration. I always enjoy visiting here.

  17. Jocelyn says:

    Love the tissue holders .I made some similar for Christmas gifts and every one loved them. All of these are great.Wow,so many creative gals out there!

  18. Ana says:

    I absolutly love the “Reversible Napkin Set with Matching Pouch”. I must make this for me!
    Thank you!

  19. janalee acereto says:

    way too many cute ideas, how does one choose?

  20. jmbmommy says:

    Love those wonky log cabin blocks!! The tutorial for the everything bag was very good too.

  21. I have to check out the maternity band – I’m right at the place where my pants won’t button anymore. Ugh. Thanks for the tutorial!

  22. Diane says:

    Great tutorials! I can’t wait to see Nanette’s on there! (FredasHive) I want to win some free fabric
    so bad!

  23. Nancy says:

    Fun tutorials and a great giveaway idea. I really like the tree fabrics- very cute.

  24. Renee says:

    Wow! There are so many AMAZING tutorials that I want to try them all…especially the tote and the log cabin blocks! Now I just have to figure out a way to get through all of my grading sooner so I can get sewing! Thanks to everyone who shared their talents!

  25. ayumills says:

    I looked at all the tutorials! They are all great. Most of them are what I have never made and didn’t know how to make. I opened a new blog in English partly because I wanted to give a try to be a part of this wonderful tutorial contest. I’ll update a tutorial soon and enter my tutorial! I’m so excited!!

  26. Deece says:

    I’m new to sewing and I’m loving it. And I love the tutorials! I think I’ll start with the double pointed needle holder, then the sit upon, and eventually I’ll graduate to the everything bag. : )

  27. Valerie says:

    I love all these tutorials. Who needs to take a class? Thanks for sharing these.

  28. Margaret says:

    Great ideas, I will be making the tissue holders and tote bags to match for year end teacher gifts. Thanks for the great ideas and inspiration.

  29. Kimmie says:

    You guys are amazing…love the tree fabric! *every tree hugger should have tree fabric I think! Can’t wait to check out some ot these tutorials …I’ll become a sewer yet!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted

  30. Bess says:

    LOVE the log cabin block and the everything bag!! can’t wait to try them!!

  31. Jen says:

    Wow, 3 tutorials for things I was trying to figure out – thatnks!

  32. Leisha says:

    I love the wonky log cabin block – I’ve made a similar quilt from these sorts of blocks, and they look sooooo fun!! Purple and orange, like a gorgeous sunset.

  33. nora says:

    I love the shape of that tote bag, perfect for the store (no crushing things at the bottom).

  34. I appreciate the crochet hook case tutorial. It’s SO much different from the way I make mine, so it’s interesting to see the differences. What I want to make, though is the tissue case. I think it’d be a fantastic gift edition.

  35. BethieB says:

    Okay, I have to add a second comment here. I just got through reading the wonky log cabin tutorial post, and I am in looovvvveee with it. At the moment I’m making a crazy quilt for my daughter, but my good machine went down (sniff, sniff) and I’m stuck with my old Necchi that will only do straight stitches. So the crazy quilt look isn’t working too well now. I am going to piece some of these wonky log cabin blocks to finish off the quilt, and it will look awesome! Thanks for this awesome site and wonderful ideas :0)

  36. marin says:

    i love these ideas and my favorite one to try this week is the peeper and wacky log cabin! this is a fun challenge with lots of great ideas.

  37. Carolyn says:

    Love the Wonky Log Cabin blocks and the Tote Bag tutorials. I’m bookmarking them!!

  38. Heather says:

    LOVE the waffle cone tutorial! We’ll be adding a few of those to our play kitchen! I’m excited for more great tutorials to come…..

  39. ellery says:

    I think there are a lot which look neat. I couldn’t quite figure out the belly band once I read through it more carefully, though. I think I’m too much of a beginner. I was able to make a bunch of tissue holders for moms I know (mother’s day). Very clear and easy. I’m looking foward to a new batch of tutorials soon. Part 2?

  40. Amy Hachem says:

    I am really interested in the reversible napkins with pouch–not only for myself (to keep the sets together!), but for gift giving as well! Great idea!

  41. Kat says:

    I think the everything bag tute might be just perfect for my bridesmaids presents.

  42. oooh, i love the napkin and tote set, the everything bag, and the double pointed needle case! thanks for all the great ideas and tutorials!! πŸ™‚

  43. Heather says:

    I like the tissue holder, what a cute little gift. Handy for anyone and super quick and simple.

  44. Lil' d says:

    I’m looking forward to trying some of these out – thanks.

  45. Sue says:

    Wonderful tutorials, I especially like the crochet hook, boy do I ever need one of those!

  46. Ally says:

    The maternity band one is cool, I whish I had done this when I was preggers, Oh well maybe I will make some for friends.
    I also like the idea of turning Jeans into a skirt… what a great way to make that cute pairs of ‘short’ jeans work a little longer for those of us with tiny waisted children (my 5 year old needs a size 6 for length, but she can wear a 3T for waist size, those 3T’s do make great capri’s though).

  47. Toni says:

    What great tutorials! I really like the Grandma’s if I can just find the time to make one =)

    Thanks to everyone for sharing such great and creative work!

  48. Kendy says:

    Ooooooooooooooh! I love the Pin-tucked Strip Piecing, that is just unbelievable!! I wish I had the patience to do that.

  49. Louisa says:

    Wow! I love the Everything Bag! It is just the size and shape that I have been looking for. The tutorial is also quite nice! Thanks!

  50. Leah says:

    Love these tutes! DH will have some fun stuff to work on this summer! He’s the sewer, not me!

  51. Good&Crazy says:

    I can’t choose. The tote tute from Kerri Made, or the skirt made from jeans….Cool!

  52. Jodi says:

    Thank you Maria for the tutorial on Binding ! “How much binding do I need ? ” I’m sorta a newbie.
    I’ve made a dozen or so quilts in the past, but had NO clue what I was doing. Recently I’ve started sewing again, and this time I’ve used mostly the Internet to learn how to really sew/quilt! So grateful for all those talented people that share their talents with everyone ! So excited to bind my next quilt! LOL. (that’s a first).

  53. Christine says:

    I love the tutorial for the tissue holders. Very well done.

  54. Abigail says:

    Wow, these are all so awesome! I’m definitely going to be trying some out, especially that Everything Bag. It’s fabulous! πŸ™‚

  55. Tina says:

    I like the sewing folder tutorial because it is so quick and easy to spice up an old ugly folder and much nicer than what you would purchase in a store!

  56. Donna says:

    I feel in love with Charity’s complete web site because of her tutorial submissions. I especially love Grandma’s Needle Case. It’s probably due to the fact that I LOVE anything done in “30’s reproductions. Thanks for all your inspiration and your give aways.

  57. Ruth says:

    Thank you for including my tutorial. I’m keen to try the everything bag and Grandma’s needle cases, they both look great!

  58. Samantha says:

    Looking forward to having a go at the Kerri made tote.

  59. bunny says:

    Awesome page! Love that all the tutorials are compiled here. I especially like the tote bag tutorial cos I love tote bags!

  60. Stine says:

    I’m already getting ready to do the sewing bag by diane – it’s beautiful

  61. Sarah says:

    Wow what a great list of tutorials! Love the crochet hook case, and the wonky log cabin. Thank you for sharing these with us! : )

  62. So many great project and tutorials to try out.
    I really like the quilting info on it. Just very usefull and great explanations.
    And I’ll definitly try the ‘sitting on’ one.

  63. Penny says:

    wow! Kerri’s tote bag looks so cool…. putting it on my list of Things To Make. Thank you! And thank you for including the photos because I’m a visual person.

  64. skmparis says:

    How cute is that waffle cone? I love all the stitching folders too!!

  65. Liz says:

    Oh my, the list of things to make gets bigger! First of the list are the napkins…

  66. Helen O'B says:

    AHHHHHHHHH I already spend more time on the computer than I should and now you give me more fantastic things to look at and learn from. First of all I think I’ll be looking through the scraps and trying some pintuck strip piecing. Thank-you for so many new things to try.

  67. Carla says:

    Really nice job on all the tutorials! I especially liked Keri’s bag and the crochet hook case.

  68. Tanya says:

    Great tutorials…there are so many talented folks out there! Trying to decide which project to try first is the biggest challenge.

  69. andrea says:

    wow! is it possible to have so many great tutorials at my finger tips AND is it possible that so many have commented???? thanks guys!

  70. Bailey says:

    Thanks for all the great ideas and instructions. There are so many creative sewers out there. Can’t wait for Women’s clothing month too!

  71. shelle says:

    wow! love the tutorials, I think i bookmarked three! great site, love the new fabrics. peace

  72. Melissa S says:

    I love the tote tutorial, but I’ve looked at almost all of them!

  73. claudia says:

    Loving the math tutorial for “How much binding do I need?”! No more wasting fabric here.

  74. indigirl says:

    the everything bag is the best bag tutorial i’ve seen yet! so detailed & clear. thank you!

  75. Diane Branish says:

    My daughter is due to deliver my grandson next week. The belly band is a great idea. She had a hard time finding one that fit!

  76. Deborah says:

    The maternity belly band looks so simple and so functional. Lovely!

  77. Amy says:

    I really like the handbag pattern – might have to stitch one up!

  78. Sandra says:

    I’m fiishing up my first doll quilt, so the binding tutorial is just in time! Now I’ll have to do some measuring and find a calculator!

  79. kerri m says:

    Love the jeans into a skirt idea, Have to give it a try thanks.

  80. abbe says:

    the everything bag tutorial looks great, and would make a super diaper bag. can’t wait to try it. thanks so much!

  81. tammie says:

    I think I am going to try Kerri’s tote bag this weekend! Lots of great ideas in those tutes though!

  82. Anne says:

    The maternity belly band is such a good idea! I paid big bucks for mine when I was pregnant! Now I can make them for my pregnant friends. Thanks!

  83. Erin’s Everything Bag Tutorial is great! Very clear instructions as well as great pictures to go along~

    I also enjoyed reading The Wonky Log Cabin Tutorial…looks like a fun quilt to make!

  84. Rebecca says:

    Love the belly band and tote bag.

  85. Del says:

    I can’t wait to try the everything bag tutorial and the wonky log cabin block!

  86. Vicki says:

    I love the fabric used in the crochet hook case. The addition of the ribbon and button make it so cute! I want to make a dpn holder like it.

  87. Michelle says:

    Love tutorials! Thanks for posting these.

  88. Sam VanDerPuy says:

    It’s hard to choose, so I’m going to go practical. I really like the ‘how much binding’ tutorial, and the tote bag! One I really need to study more (binding), and one I really want to make so I can stop using those darn plastic grocery bags! πŸ™‚ Thanks for this.

  89. Billie says:

    Thank you, great tutes! I love the pin-tucked strip piecing.

  90. Ingrid says:

    Wow, so much inspiration, so little time! Thank you for gathering all this great info in one place.

  91. LisaC says:

    Em’s sit upon tutorial has answered my question about sewing on those vinyl table cloths. I think they would be great for making some bags to use to carry wet swim gear. I am definitely trying that out now. The sit-upon looks great. I freeze my butt off at hockey games even though they are indoors and this would be a good solution.

  92. Anne says:

    Wow so many tutorials to choose from. Love the Sit Upon especially since it is something I can have my 4 y.o. help me with when it is time to sew up the end (she really wants to learn to sew). And the reversible napkin set is also something that I’m looking forward to trying. Thank you all for sharing your tutorials and SMS for such a great blog and posting them. Definitely very inspirational and can’t wait to get started!

  93. robyn krause says:

    The Freezer Paper Piecing tutorial is awesome! Prior to the tute, I didn’t understand the process.

  94. Jessica says:

    I’m definitely liking the maternity belly band. I’ll be needing some of those soon!

  95. Katrin says:

    Love the belly band tut.
    I’m not pregnant – but how knows…
    I will give it a try then.

  96. BethAnn Rivers says:

    Great tutorials really! The most useful would be the crochet hook and double-pointed needle cases…and that awesome little sewing bag, but that travel tissue holder is soo cute!

  97. Steph W says:

    These tutorials are soooooo helpful. Many, many thanks!

  98. thea says:

    Ooh! I would love to make so many of these things! I could really use the crochet hook case, and the tote bag is amazing!

  99. Stacy says:

    All of these tutorials are awesome and I am definately going to make that tote bag!

  100. lucy johnson says:

    the everything bag is cool, and easy to follow. i love tutorials as i live somewhere where you can’t buy patterns!

  101. Kristin Lawson says:

    All of these look great! Can’t wait to make some tote bags for grocery shopping!

  102. Chris says:

    Is there a tutorial somewhere with tips for finding time to do all of these fun things??!!!
    They all looked great! Thank you!!!!

  103. Liz says:

    So many lovely things to make… so little time.

  104. Mommykatt says:

    I am amking my soon-to-be 4 yo a play food/waitress set. The waffle cone would be so cute along with the other items I’m working on!

    All these tutorials are great — well done and easy to navigate through. There is one tutorial I’d like to see though…

    …how to get more hours into the day to sew!

  105. laura says:

    great tutes ladies. I can’t wait to try some out. I sure wish I had that maternity belly band one about a year ago!! LOL. Great Idea.

  106. Cindy says:

    These are fabulous! Can’t wait to try them!

  107. Leslie says:

    I have two nephews that will be getting felt icecream cones soon! Great bunch of tutorials.

  108. Carolyn says:

    I read the tutorial about the “peeper”…….silly me, I couldn’t figure out what a peeper was until I read the tutorial…….good tut and wonderful blogger, I’ve added Peg to my list of favorites.
    Thanks for continuing to inspire our fabric artistry!!

  109. kristin says:

    belly band looks fun! Hopefully it will get some use here.

  110. Anything with “wonky” in the title is a must for me …. πŸ™‚

  111. maggie m. says:

    Love the jean skirt tutorial.
    Thanks to everyone for passing on their instructions. Now if I only had your skills!

  112. Elizabeth says:

    Wow. some great inspiration out there. Thanks for sharing.

  113. Jeannie Crockett says:

    Oh, my. I want to make everything. But I think the waffle cone especially. The Internet is such a wonderful resource for those who love to sew. In the old days, it was a lonely pastime.

  114. Josette Marcellino says:

    The tutorials are awesome. Thankyou all so very much.

  115. Fairlight says:

    I can’t wait to use that “Pin tucked Strip Piecing” tutorial! And the belly bands (wish I had known that when I was pregnant) and the “Everything Bag.” Great round of tutorials.

  116. Caron Mosey says:

    Love the tutorials, plan to make GrandmaÒ€ℒs Needlebook ~ Charity
    today. Thanks for the great ideas (all of them!).

    Caron in Michigan

  117. Janice D says:

    Thanks for posting such wonderful tutorials! There are some I can’t wait to try out.

  118. Jennifer says:

    Great tutorials….love the reversible napkins. Too cute!!!

  119. LuLu says:

    I love the Sit Upon. That brings back so many memories of girl scouts and when we made our own. Hadn’t thought about those in years. Good to see that some golden oldies are still around.

  120. Michele says:

    It’s hard to pick just one…but I really like the “Everything Bag” tutorial. I cannot wait to try and make one.

  121. Lynne in Hawaii says:

    I really like Jacquie’s Wonky Log Cabin block. Her explainations were excellent and easy to follow.

  122. Ane says:

    One does not have to be pregnant to enjoy one of Christys belly bands, they are perfect for using those tops that have shrunk a little bit, or for closing that horribly cold gap between your top and your jeans.

  123. BethieB says:

    I love the circle quilt and the tut on pin tucking, can’t wait to try both of these out when my machine is fixed. Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement!

  124. Centa says:

    I love the napkins, they are so simple and yet I had never thought about making my own napkins, hah. I also love the baby-shoe pin cushions. My mom’s birthday is coming up and she would love both of those things. Looks like its time to pay her back for getting me a sewing machine for my birthday. πŸ˜€

  125. Debra says:

    Wonderful tutorials! I especially can’t wait to try my hand at the crochet hook case and reversible napkin set!

  126. Karen says:

    Wow. Tha’ts an impressive listing of tutorials. I will have to get off the computer and start sewing. I think I’ll have to try the Everything Bag tomorrow.

  127. Kate says:

    I really love the napkin set. It is such a nice, small housewarming present for special friends.

  128. Emily says:

    What a fun collection of tutorials this is going to be. I love the sewing bag! I’m thinking it would be perfect for a little embroidery project on the go. I’m planning on doing some summer embroidery when I’m stuck at the pool for swim classes. Thanks for the tutorial. I really do mean to do my go-go art bag tutorial, but I have been chosen to do my civic duty as a juror this and next week – yikes! So I may not make it in time for the contest. But my poor daughter really does need one – I’ve made them for all of her friends! I’ll tut her bag! It is great to see how everyone does their tutorials – I’m gleaning good tips!

  129. Shannon says:

    Thanks for all these great tutorials! I love that wonky log cabin.

  130. Melissa says:

    I love the napkins, how creative!

  131. Georgia says:

    I *love* the wonky log cabins. It’s so great to see how they’re done – it was a mystery to me!

    The maternity belly bands are fantastic too. I used mine a LOT when I was pregnant, and at that awkward in-between stage when I wasn’t big enough for maternity clothes, but my normal clothes were becoming a little too revealing.

  132. Christina says:

    Thanks for the needlebook charity – I’ve been using an old change purse and the needles work themselves out through the sides!!

  133. bethania says:

    thanks for the opprtunity presented by the contest and loved the tutotrials. Great and lovely.

  134. Karen aka Grammy Mac says:

    These people are all very talented, not only as craft’s people, but also as teachers. I’ll be trying out several of the projects!

    Thanks for all you do!

  135. jessi says:

    the circle quilt looks fun – I’ve been getting the quilting bug lately.

  136. Stacy says:

    I’m digging the waffle cone tutorial as well as the crochet hook holder. Really what I like the best is a page with so many great tutorials. Now for someone to post a tutorial on how to get all these great things done as well as all the normal day to day stuff.

  137. Tina says:

    Oooh…I was just looking at some travel tissue holders on Etsy made from the cutest Japanese import fabric. Thanks for the tut! Now I can make my own! Also love the “how to calculate the amount you need for your binding” tutorial. Still need to check out some of the rest of them but I am definitely intrigued by the Circles Quilt and the Freezer Paper Piecing.

  138. Carrie says:

    I’m realy excited about all of these, but especially the circle quilt tutorial. I have been wanting to make some kind of circle quilt for a while now but was unsure how to go about it. This looks like exactly what I was looking for! I also really like the crochet hook case and they everything bag. Lots more to add to my “to-do” list!!!

  139. Ruth says:

    Such creativity! I really like the Everything Bag—will have to make one!

  140. Mauri says:

    I love that travel tissue holder tutorial! A gret idea for leftover bits (of which I have many).

  141. sarah says:

    Love the belly band tut. I wish I’d had it before but I’ll use it next time!

  142. Molly says:

    I think I might try the sewing bag, or the pin tuck quilt. My to do list grows faster than I sew!

  143. Melissa says:

    Excellent tutorials – Thanks! I can’ wait to try them out. I’m starting with the crochet hook case – I need one of those so bad!

  144. Marianne Johnson says:

    I like the crochet hook case by Tracy. It was well explained and the photos were of very helpful. I can’t wait to do many of these projects!

  145. marietta says:

    my favourite are the tote bag and the grandma needlebook (clever use of old cards) though i am quite fond of the shadow applique

  146. Karen says:

    awesome tutorials! thanks for sharing.

  147. Colleen says:

    Great gift ideas! I like this world of sharing patterns via blogs.

  148. Jeannine says:

    There are so many great tutorials here. First on my list to try are the Reversible Napkin Set with Matching Pouch tutorial and the Travel Tissue Holder tutorial.

  149. Chassie says:

    Great minds think alike! I made myself some Maternity Belly Bands when I was preggo with my last baby because I couldn’t find them in our local stores. Great tutorial! I wish I could’ve made mine with lace on the bottom, but I didn’t know how that would work with stretchy materiall??

  150. molly m says:

    Love these! Can’t wait to try the maternity belly band for a newly pregnant friend.

  151. Angie says:

    I love the everything bag and can’t wait to try it. I already know what fabric I am going to use.

  152. Shana says:

    wow, some really fun stuff here! I’ve been meaning to make a knitting needle holder for sometime so this double point holder is on my to-do list and several others here on my when-I-have-more-time list. . .

  153. Jenny says:

    My friend just found out she’s having TRIPLETS!!! so I totally want to try the maternity band tut! Thanks for all the great ideas!

  154. Deb says:

    I’d love to try the wonky log cabine block without a doubt!

  155. stef says:

    I love the circle quilt tutorial – it looks like easy and fun!

  156. Pauline says:

    I’m quite keen to give the circle quilt a go – so fun to have all these new tutorials to choose from!

  157. Linda F. says:

    Wow! I see a lot of things here I want to try! Great tuts, everyone!

  158. Oh, I especailly enjoyed the freezer paper tutorial.

  159. Amanda says:

    I am interested to check out all of these tutorials, but I think I am going to try Erin’s Everything Bag first. The tutorial looks really clear and the bag is really cute. The hardest part will be deciding on fabric. πŸ™‚

  160. lindsey says:

    I wish I would have had a belly band pattern when I was preggo! Ill remember it for friends πŸ™‚

  161. Nancy says:

    I was intrigued by Peg’s Peeper tutorial as I hadn’t a clue as to what a peerer is. Now I know what that tiny part of a quilt border is called. You can easily guess I’m not an experienced quilter. But I must admit that the kid in me loved Hannah’s waffle cone. I’m wondering what fabric she used.

  162. There are so many really neat tutorials here that it’s hard to choose just one, but I absolutely LOVE Erin’s Everything Bag. Thanks for the nice tutorials, ladies!

  163. Libby says:

    I have to say there are a lot of wonderful tutorials here. My absolute favorite is the Grandma’s Needlebook. I’m definitely making some of these. And she did a superb job with her tutorial.

  164. Yohandy says:

    These are all great tutorials. I will definitely be trying a few. πŸ™‚

  165. veronica says:

    Oh my goodness, a sit-upon! I haven’t seen one of those in ages. And it isn’t made out of newspaper and hideous pleather! I might just have to make a couple for camping.

  166. Debbie says:

    I love the wonky log cabin block. It looks young and fresh–would make a perfect gift pillow for my sophisticated European daughter-in-law. Thanks, Jacquie.

  167. JM says:

    I like the look of the Wonky Log Cabin block. I’ve marked it for possible future use.

  168. Kate says:

    I just got the hang of the regular log cabin… but I’m going to have to use the wonky log cabin next!

  169. Karen B says:

    I love the reversible napkin set tute…already made it! All the tutes are great!

  170. kerri c says:

    the maternity belly bands are great for non-pregnant girls too, just to avoid the ‘belt of flesh’, as stacy & clinton call it! great for extending a too-short tee. love all the tutorials…thx

  171. Kim D. says:

    I love reading tutorials, thank you all so much for the time you put into them!

  172. Rachel says:

    I love the crochet hook case! All of the tutorials are so creative and beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  173. Jen Burn says:

    What a wonderful talented group of people! I can’t wait to try out Peg’s peeper method.

  174. Anna says:

    The crochet hook case and stitching folder really caught my eye. Lots of great inspiration!

  175. Mama Urchin says:

    That maternity belly band is such a clever idea.

  176. denitza says:

    Love the wonky log cabin and the bags! Great tutorials!

  177. Megan says:

    I love the belly band- You could make it in so many great colors and actually feel attractive as a little round Pregnant woman!

  178. kat says:

    what a great resource for tutorials!
    I really need to make a couple of tote bags!
    Thanks for the inspiration + motivation.

  179. Linda says:

    Wow, lots of great entries in the contest. I am glad I am not one of the judges. Thanks for sharing with us.

  180. Tricia says:

    I’ve been looking for a good solution for my knitting needles. Craft cross-pollination!

  181. Jen says:

    Can’t wait to get started! Especially the log quilt block!! I knew this contest would bring about fabulous things…….

  182. fert says:

    so cute!

  183. I’m so glad to see these tutorials! Endless sewing inspiration and ideas. Thank you, and all of those who posted.

    I especially love the sewing bag- I have a coworker who I taught to hem pants, and she borrows my thread to hem pants all the time. I bought her basic thread colors, but I have been trying to think of a cute type of sewing box or container. This will be perfect!

    I am also pretty sure I’ll be making a few Everything Bags. I liked the description of making box corners in that one.

  184. Jodie says:

    I am going to try the Pin-tucked Strip Piecing Tutorial! Thanks s o much.

  185. Terri says:

    I absolutely love the napkin and pouch set—great for my sister and I love the belly band. I wish I knew about it last year when I was pregnant with #5 but I love that I can make it longer to nurse in. THANKS!

  186. Tanja says:

    I love all the fun fabrics the contestants have used. I plan to make the wonky log cabin. Thanks to all the entrants for sharing their ideas.

  187. Christina says:

    I love that tote bag!

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    I read through the peeper tutorial and can’t wait to try it out on my next quilt! There are some beautiful tutorials, as always, here!

  189. Stacey says:

    I spent over $30 for those “bella bands” when I was pregnant. I searched and searched for a tutorial on how to make one of my own and there was nothing. I’m bookmarking this one for the next pregnancy πŸ™‚

  190. NWNonna says:

    Yikes! Where to start? So many great ideas, so little time..wonky log cabin is next on my list due to the very helpful tutorial. Thank you S to S for the ever inspiring porjects and fabrics!

  191. amelia says:

    i love the tutorial for the wonky long cabin block. i am in love with the effects of that style of quilting, so this was fun to see!

  192. Trina says:

    I will definitely use the belly band tutorial! And I am working on a tutorial of my own!

  193. Kittee says:

    Oh! So many cute idea’s! I really want to try that bag one very soon!

    Many blessings,

  194. Mary says:

    Wonky quilt has me curious and dreaming…..Looks like a great homemade gift for the teenagers in the family…..Or mayybe me!

  195. renee says:

    So many more things to add to my to do list. That maternity belt is a great idea! Loving the circle quilt too. I can imagine that in primary colors for my boy’s room.

  196. jill says:

    an okay start — can’t wait to see what else people come up with

  197. sharon says:

    these are all so great … i especially like the ones to help organize my stuff … crochet hook case, sewing folder and sewing bag

  198. Jessica says:

    I’d never even thought to add a peeper to a quilt [seems like it would be a nice detail on bags too!], thanks for the idea!

  199. Dana says:

    These tutorials are so much fun! I think I see a few of them coming my way in the near future! But which one to try first???? Thanks for such a fun and informative place to visit!

  200. Meredith says:

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    I did especially love the grandma’s needlebook and love that blog! and the tote pattern? perfect!


  203. EmmyLizzy says:

    What a great bunch of tutes! I’m really looking forward to trying the everything bag!

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    Love the tutorials, especialle the belly band…I’m not expecting yet, but I have seen these things sold for $20+ and its just a bit of stretchy fabric! Thank Purl Bee…you have made sewing fabulous again for another generation of seamstresses.

  205. Deirdre says:

    Wow, that sit upon looks a lot better than the ones I used to make in Girl Scouts (2 pieces vinyl, some red acrylic yarn and a pile of newspapers)!

  206. Meg Evans says:

    Oooh, I see so many to try–the everything bag might be a good start…and the napkins and the binding one are also of interest…

  207. Sharon says:

    These are all great tutorials. Everyone has put in a lot of work. My favourite is the Circle Quilt.

    Well done to everyone.

  208. emily says:

    what a great resource! A lot of clever tutorials and the ice cream brings a good chuckle to me on this friday afternoon!

  209. Amanda says:

    Lord knows I could have used that maternity pants tutorial 8 months ago. I realize maternity pants have improved over the years by leaps and bounds, but still come on $60.00 or more for well made well fitted maternity jeans come on.

  210. wendy says:

    Awesome job, everyone!!! I love the little sewing bag… gonna make me one of those…

  211. K says:

    I’m going on a trip in a week and I think I’m going to make myself the everything bag before I go (or try to at least)! πŸ™‚ Thanks for the all the greats tutorials!

  212. joy newman says:

    i can’t wait to try the reversible napkin tutorial. makes me want to get started on Christmas presents.

  213. Lisa Nelson says:

    Thank you for the crochet hook tutorial…going to see if I can modify it into a purse!

  214. Michelle says:

    I love the skirt-from-jeans tutorial! This will be the perfect recycle for my young daughter’s too-short jeans. (She’d rather wear a skirt, anyway!)

  215. Janet Jones says:

    I loved finding the tissue holder tutorial. It’s a good use of fabric scraps and will make great stocking stuffers! Thanks!

  216. melissa s. says:

    LOVE that bias binding tutorial. I always hate that step, and this makes it SO easy! THANKS!

  217. mikawendy says:

    I love the belly band tutorial! Something similar would also be great for non-pregnant people who want extra coverage if they’re wearing short tops and low-rise pants!

  218. Carrie says:

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  220. Cascade Lily says:

    It’s the belly band for me! Five months pregnant and all my tops are starting to get too short! I was going to go and buy one, but they are hideously expensive for what they are, so I guess I can now make one…or tow or three! THanks and what a great idea~!!

  221. Ursa says:

    These are great. Will have to come back for some later. The pregnancy belt looks very useful.

  222. emily says:

    I can’t pick a favorite, there are too many good tuts! I should’ve made a dozen of those maternity belly bands when I was pregnant, I was too big for any but my husband’s XXL shirts.

  223. Andi says:

    I love tutorials! I can’t believe I didn’t know there was such a thing until a few months ago. I am definitely going to make the “Everything Bag.”

  224. Jenn says:

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  225. Cocoa says:

    I love the Wonky Log Cabin blocks. I created a quilt for my new niece with those!

  226. Georgia says:

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  227. Nada says:

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  228. Shannon says:

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  229. Maryalice says:

    These tutorials really inspire the craftiness.

  230. Heather says:

    I loved love LOVED the jeans-into-skirt tutorial. I’ve always tried to do that, but it has never come out quite right. I sent this to a friend who is losing weight and is attempting to save money by altering the clothes that no longer fit her. she loved it as well!!


  231. Rachel says:

    The instructions for the tote bag tutorial are super clear.

  232. Kerry says:

    I’m very excited to try the freezer paper piecing one! I see so many beautiful projects using that technique.

  233. Nancy says:

    Thank you for collecting all these great tutorials in one place! I am going to try the shadow applique and the travel tissue holder first.

  234. Fiona says:

    Love the needlecase idea. Perfect for me to try in the school holidays that have just started here!

  235. amanda atkinson says:

    I LOVE the maternity belly bands!! I wish I had thought of that when I was pregnant. My BFF is having her first and I think I may just try making one of these for her. I also love the napkins with matching bag. I know someone getting married this summer and those would make an adorable wedding gift.

  236. Jill T says:

    Love the maternity belly band. Very practical!

  237. Oiyi says:

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  238. Andrea says:

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  239. Char says:

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  240. Katie Mitchell says:

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  241. min says:

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  242. Sarah K says:

    Great array of tutorials! I intend to use several of them in the upcoming weeks. Thanks, ladies! I’m fairly new at sewing and can only imagine how much work and effort it takes to write out a tutorial for a “newb” like me to follow.

  243. Jeannine says:

    I love the waffle cone and the stitched folder. Way to cute!

  244. Alisa says:

    The belly band tutorial is just perfect! I just told my friend I’d make one for her.

  245. kirsten says:

    Going on a househunting trip in another city next week, but I came down with a cold. The travel tissue holder will give me that added touch of style that I so don’t feel right now. Better get to it. Sniff, sniff…

  246. Susan says:

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  250. water works says:

    I really liked the napkin tutorial and want to make a set (or seven) for my dinner table. What a great way to embelish our table. Also, would someone please explain a peeper to me. I didn’t quite understand what it is. Thanks!

  251. Stacy A says:

    There are some wonderful tutorials. I especially like the circle quilt and the wonky log cabin blocks. They both allow for a spontaneity that can lack in precise quilting. I will definitely give them both a go soon. Great job everyone.

  252. Erin says:

    The travel tissue holder is awesome! I always have tissues in my purse, especially for church on Sundays, and now I can carry them in something cute! Oooohhh, I hope I win!

  253. I like the Kerri Made Totebag…
    I guess that makes things I make Keri Made!

  254. Sarah W. says:

    The tutorials are great! I especially like the sewing folder. It makes me want to get organized.

  255. Nell says:

    I love the circle quilt and the everything bag! But they all look so great, I wish I had time to try them all!

  256. Celeste says:

    So many of these are on my to-do list now–but I think I’m going to start with that Everything Bag!

  257. Amy says:

    I am inspired to do some crafting but have no real experience in sewing, the crochet hook tutorial is one I think I can pull off. It is well written and I think with the guide of the tutorial for a numpty newbie like me it just might work!

  258. Linda says:

    I’m pondering how early I can get the kids to bed so I can start cutting strips for the “Wonky Log Cabin.” Thanks for sharing!

  259. Sara C says:

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  260. Karie says:

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  265. Rachel Berry says:

    I would love to try the Reversible Napkin Set with Matching Pouch. This would make a fabulous gift for my mom she would love it! Great tutorial THANKS!


  266. Meredith says:

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  268. Nicol says:

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  269. Holly says:

    I love the GrandmaÒ€ℒs Needlebook by Charity! All of the projects look great – can’t decide which ones to make for Mother’s day. Besides the tutorials, it’s great to browse through some new blogs that I normally wouldn’t come across. Thanks!

  270. Yetta says:

    Love the waffle cone. Looks really complicated but the method is so ingenious that the project is now challenging to me yet doable. Thank you for sharing such a great idea.

  271. Alison says:

    Some really great tutes. The maternity belly band has been bookmarked, I searched for one like it when I was pregnant last time without luck. Now I just need to work on husband for baby No.3! LOL!

  272. Stacy says:

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  273. Annie says:

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  274. Lindsay says:

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  275. Jess says:

    Oh gosh! I hope bedtime comes soon so that I can make a few things from this! The belly band is always going to be a big hit with preggos…maybe I will make some for a few friends! Thank you ladies for all your fabulous tutes!

  276. Julia Molewyk says:

    My favorite tutorials are the Wonky log cabin block and the tote bag 1 & 2 tutorials. I don’t know if I will ever make the block for a quilt, but I love the look of it. Very fun! I could see myself making the tote bag. Very practical, and a nice size. I like how Kerri used two fabrics on the outside. P.S. I love the new “Spring Trees” fabric.

  277. jen says:

    I want to try the tutorial on the wonky log cabin blocks, I love how they turned out.

  278. Kate says:

    Lots of great tuts here – can’t wait to see what’s next!

  279. Ms. Cleaver says:

    the waffle cone cracks me up!

  280. I used the tutorial about the quilt binding recently and found it very helpful. Thanks!

  281. Lauren Elliott says:

    I can’t wait to try the reversible napkin set with pouch. Those would make fantastic holiday gifts!

  282. Christina says:

    I really like the crochet hook case and double needle case. I am going to need to make one as soon as I can get back on my sewing machine to bring some organization to all my hooks and needles!

  283. Cary says:

    Those are some really cool tutorials. I love the look of that cone tutorial. How real is that?!

  284. Mrs. Pear says:

    The freezer paper piecing tutorial was especially helpful – I have never been able to do it, and have passed over beautiful patterns that required it!

  285. veronica says:

    I see many grandma’s needlebooks in my gift-giving future! Thanks for the tute!!

  286. Sarah S says:

    Do I have to chose just one? I’m loving the everything bag tute…the way the corners are made is interesting. I love loop and button closeures so I can avoid the dreaded button holes.

  287. Kendall says:

    I love the belly band. I am currently pregnant, along with 4 friends, and I never even thought of making one of these! So fast and easy!

  288. Karen says:

    Fabulous tutorials as always!!! I love the Sewing Bag and the Travel Tissue Holder.

  289. diana says:

    SOOOO many cool things to make!!! where do i start!!!

  290. Lynne says:

    I love (!!!!!!) the Grandma’s Needlebook tutorial. I’m going to make a bunch of these for our Embroiderer’s Guild tea in June. Super cute!!!!

  291. Mel H says:

    ohh! I must make the Sit Upon. We have a ton of out side events and I hate siting directly on the ground. Great idea and so simple!


  292. froghair says:

    so many good projects, so little time. I really need to stop looking at these when I’m at the office! How long ’til five o’clock?

  293. mj says:

    So many fun things to try! I may need to make that sewing bag.

  294. rachelle says:

    It is always so interesting to see how people do things in their own way.

  295. Tracy says:

    The peeper tutorial is great, I can’t wait to try it out. The tutorials have been so helpful, with tons of awesome ideas!


  296. Amelia says:

    Wow, the waffle cone project looks so neat! What a creative idea.

  297. Chandra says:

    WOW! There are such amazing tutorials! I just found out i’m pregnant so the maternity band will be particulary helpful and I have a daughter that LOVES play food so I just adore the ice cream cone!!!

  298. Shannon says:

    Wow ~ great bunch of tutorials! I like the variety and dont know where to begin! Maybe the “Everything Bag” or the “Sit Upon” but I also like the “Crotchet Case”. Thanks for sharing!

  299. Ellen says:

    Tutorials? What a fabulous idea! Only problem is choosing which one to make first! : )

  300. Sarah S says:

    Love the everything bag! The fabric combinations and the button closure just make the bag!

  301. Jeannine says:

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  302. Rebecca says:

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  303. Kay says:

    This is a cool site. I love to sew. I will have to add this to my blog list.

  304. Dawn says:

    I have made a similar crochet hook case…but like this one MORE! Wish I had seen this tutorial before making mine.
    I could make another, I suppose……

  305. mary Connelly says:

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  306. Solidia says:

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  307. Amy F. says:

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  308. kristen says:

    I love the belly band tutorial! Off to email it to all my pregnant friends.

  309. Richelle F says:

    I’ll have to try out the belly band instructions. I wanted one of those with my first, and we are trying for another, so that would be great!

  310. britt says:

    Now that allergy season has arrived i must make that tissue holder, what a great tutorial

  311. The double pointed needle holder is so cute – I plan on making one for my sister!
    Thanks for the great ideas!!!

  312. Ellen says:

    Lots of great inspiration here. I have already made a few of Kerrimade’s tote bags!

  313. Denise says:

    I just love all the things I find here. Quilts are my favorite! Thanks for all the ideas.

  314. Linda says:

    Terrific selection of tutorials. Thanks for including the one I submitted.

  315. Kate says:

    I love Grandma’s Needlebook – a terrific way to use up all those bits and pieces that are too wonderful to throw away.

  316. Mauri says:

    I have been looking for a good bag to make like the “Everything Bag” and can’t wait to clear out my current projects so I may begin this one! What a great tutorial, too. Nice job!

  317. Joanna says:

    Oh, and the everything bag was my favorite. It’s a basic bag, but I like the dimensions and the colors of Erin’s bag are great!

  318. Amber says:

    What a great batch of tutorials! I love the everything bag – so cute! You guys are amazing as always!

  319. Arizona says:

    I really like the Travel Tissue Holder. I’m going to make some because I ALWAYS have a few packs of travel tissues with me and they always get nasty if you leave them in the plastic holder they come in. They’re perfect for moms with young kids. My son is 3 and my twin girls are 1 so I NEED tissues. I can’t believe how much snot comes out of little kids.

  320. Joanna says:

    I love tutorials! Almost everything I make (being a newbie) has been from a tutorial by different incredibly talented crafters. Someday I hope to be able to make up my own stuff, but until then keep the tutorials comin’!

  321. Janelle Evans says:

    A sewing bag is exactly what I need to keep organized!

  322. anne says:

    the “how much binding do i need” tutorial is so useful! great idea.

  323. Kristin L says:

    Love the wonky log cabin tutorial — it’s probably the most complete explanation I’ve seen. Plus, the quilt looks great!!

  324. Katie says:

    Great tutes!!!!

  325. Rachel says:

    I love Kerri’s tote bag–especially what she does with the handles. It’s perfect for a bag I’ve been working on that I wasn’t sure what do with the handles. But I think I might follow her tutorial for another bag as well.

    The quilt binding one is quite useful as well.

  326. Amy says:

    As a knitter first and foremost I’m going to have to go with the DPN case as my fave.

  327. Katy says:

    Wow! I am so excited to try quite a few of these Tutorials. I especially like the tote bag, I am thinking about making a slightly smaller version as a purse, and a larger one for my homeschooling ‘bookbag”. I am, although not a grandma, going to make myself a grandmas needle bag, how handy is that! Thank you soooo much for the great ideas. I now have a huge to do list, .
    thanks again

  328. susan says:

    I can’t wait to try the “wonky log cabin” block. I absolutely love the examples she has on the page!

  329. Laurel says:

    I wish I’d seen the belly band tutorial before I got too far along in my pregnancy to use one! The double pointed needle holder looks great too!

  330. Joanna says:

    I LOVE these tutorials – so much so, that I made my own and submitted it lol! Everyone has done such a great job making things clear and easy to understand. Thank you for doing this tutorial contest!

  331. stephanie says:

    I love the reversible napkin tutorial and am going to try it this weekend. Thank you!

  332. Debra says:

    Love all the tutorials. I love the napkin set. Perfect hostess gift. I have all the tutorials on my to do list!

  333. Avlor says:

    I was readying the spiffy pin tucking tutorial. She talked about ripping the fabric into strips: “Rip your fabric strips in varying widths and approximately the same length.” Is it as scary as it sounds? I’ve always cut my fabric – so this is new to me. I don’t have a serger – but that looks so cool!

  334. Wendy says:

    the first round of tutorials are great! I’m especially looking forward to trying the sewing bag, the wonky log cabin, the belly band and the stitching folder. 2 of my sister-in-laws are expecting and the belly band would make a great gift. The stitching folder will be great to put my ideas into one spot and the wonky log cabin block just looks fun. Great job. I look forward to the next round!!1

  335. Amanda says:

    I love all the great ideas here. I really loved the pintucking tutorial. Now, if I can just muster the patience and time to do a project. Ahhh…..

  336. Kathryn says:

    The Tote Bag Tutorials are great: detailed, but not simplistic.
    Helps the environment.
    From a fellow Canuck too!

  337. Nancy says:

    Love, Love Love Linda’s Stitching Journal…. I need to make my daughter one of the crochet hook rolls. She would really get use of that.

  338. sarah says:


  339. Pamela says:

    The Tote Bag Tutorial is wonderful! And very timely, as I need to make some for an upcoming book sale. Must have pretty bags to carry all my booky finds! πŸ™‚

  340. Sam. says:

    Oh man, that Everything Bag is perfect in it’s simplicity! I love it πŸ™‚

  341. Joyce Moore says:

    Great tutorials! I don’t know where to start…but it might have to be the crochet hook case πŸ™‚

  342. Andy says:

    How Much Binding Do I Need is an answer to my prayers….especially the link for the square root conversion.

  343. nettie says:

    I LOVE the “how much binding do I need” tutorial. This is great! I NEVER know how much to use.

  344. Ellen says:

    The reversible napkins and pouch will make great gifts..enjoyed all the tutorials. Thanks to all for sharing and inspiring us!

  345. Leah says:

    Great tutorials! I plan on starting with the travel tissue holder for some Mother’s Day presents. Then I’ll move on to the everything bag for myself….

  346. Collins says:

    All the tutorials are great. I can’t wait to try the everything bag.

  347. Ariana says:

    I am loving the rolls – crochet hook case and anything that holds tools. They are practical for everyone~

  348. gatorgirl4325 says:

    It is simply fantastic to have all of these awesome tutorials in one place! Thanks!

  349. Megan D says:

    Perfect, i was looking for a needle case tut!

  350. Dana says:

    Another page from Sew, Mama, Sew to add to my bookmarks. I think I’ll start with the wonky log cabin…

  351. Brooke says:

    I really like the fabric on the anything bag. The maternity band is a must for my next baby. I love these tutorials! I just started sewing and the pictures and directions are so easy to follow. Thanks!

  352. Rhiannon says:

    What’s a “peeper”?

  353. Tamara Bell says:

    I seriously need to have a go at the tote bag. I’ve been lax in sewing lately. Nothing has seemed to move me. But I do need a new bag to pack the kids things along in. I think this one looks perfect!

  354. BeckyR says:

    Wow! What a great collection of tutorials. I need to watch them all.

  355. Bethany says:

    Wow, so many wonderful tutorials! I think one I might try is the belly band, as I’m about 5 months pregnant.

  356. Oh some good tutorials! That “how much binding” tutorial could really come in handy! πŸ™‚

  357. carol says:

    I will definitely be trying that binding tutorial, thanks!

  358. Oh I love the peeper! I did that on one quilt next to the binding but I love the idea of putting it next to a border. I am already plotting which quilt-in-progress I can incorporate this into…

  359. Samantha says:

    I love that wonky log cabin block! It’s refreshing and fun and it makes me want to make some of those blocks right now!

  360. Amy Hodge says:

    You’ve added to the giant list of things I want to make — I love the everything bag and the sewing bag, and who wouldn’t rather have travel tissues in a pretty little case instead of that awful plastic that rips and won’t stay shut. And I’m all about quilting these days and love the wonky log cabin block!

  361. Christy says:

    Love them all! Hopefully I can use that Maternity Belly Band soon!……Trying to get pregnant! All of them are wonderful! Great job!

  362. Audrey Bartlett says:

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    So Inventive and inspiring.
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    thanks everyone.

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    Thank you!

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