SMS Tutorial Contest Entries

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Don’t miss our first and second sets of entries, and enjoy this third batch too! You have until midnight on April 26th to enter your own tutorial. Four winners will receive a $25 gift certificate to Sew,Mama,Sew!

Post-it Note Quilt ~ Carolyn

Headbands ~ Cocoa

Fabric Covered Buttons ~ Christy

Simple Card Wallet ~ Caroline

Needleturn Appliqué Prep ~ Joanna

Picnic Placemat ~ Christy

Maternity Skirt ~ Kristin

Bulletin Board ~ Enid

I Like My Skirts Fast and Cheap ~ Lisa

Gathering ~ Linda

Reversible Children’s Apron with Fabric Crayon Embellishment ~ Yetta

Sling Bag ~ Jill

Snap to Elastic Waist Pants ~ Jill

*If you don’t see a tutorial here that you submitted before noon on April 21, 2008, please resend your entry (sometimes emails disappear in the spam filter!). Thanks!

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168 Responses to SMS Tutorial Contest Entries

  1. Elaine says:

    What a wonderfully creative bunch of people! I have so enjoyed reading about what everyone is doing and making. Thanks!

  2. Ellen B says:

    Thanks for the sling bag tutorial….I think that will be my next project!

  3. Christy says:

    You guys are so great! Thank you, Thank you!

  4. mel says:

    these are amazing! i love the fabric colored buttons and the wallet!

  5. upstatelisa says:

    So many creative minds out there! Keep the ideas coming!!!!

  6. I love the fabric placemats and the ‘fast and cheap’ skirt.

  7. Fairlight says:

    I sure wish the maternity skirt tute had been around 6 months ago when I was pregnant! I’ll be keeping it bookmarked for the next time. 🙂 I love the “I like my skirts fast and cheap.” Me too! Absolutely perfect!

  8. Anna says:

    i am now motivated to use the fabric crayons i have owned for an age. i bought them for a class project which went nowhere.

  9. I am going to look for good sheet patterns now, to make myself some of those fast/easy skirts. I love these tutorials!

  10. Char says:

    I love Yetta’s tutorial on the child’s reversible apron. I’ve already made the pattern and I’m about to pre-wash some cute fabric… how perfect for my little mess-maker who likes to get busy in the kitchen! Thank you!

  11. marin says:

    The Bulletin Board and Headbands are on my TO DO LIST for this week; the ideas that keep popping up are so much fun. Exploring these pages is like getting a present ~~~ thank you all

  12. Suzanne says:

    I am loving all these tutorial. What a wealth of information and eye candy!

  13. Diane says:

    Oh, I like a tutorial that makes me laugh out loud: I like my skirts fast and cheap! Ha ha ha!

  14. amberly says:

    Such cute tutorials! Thanks to all!

  15. Amanda says:

    It is so wonderful to have all these awesome tutorials in one place. There are so many I want to try. The hard part will be deciding which to do first. I am leaning towards the reversible apron. Thanks for sharing them!

  16. Emily says:

    There are some fantastic tutorials in here. I’m bookmarking a bunch right now.

  17. BB says:

    Thank you so much!! These are great!

  18. AmyB says:

    Love the fast and cheap skirt! Really cute!

  19. Red says:

    Yea! More cool craftiness!

  20. Sandy says:

    oh gosh this one, Sling Bag ~ Jill, is just too cute ……. love it.

  21. Kris says:

    The maternity skirt is great! I’ll have to make some when I’m expecting.

  22. Christina says:

    I really liked the Needleturn Appliqué Prep by Joanna! I learned something new to make my life of applique easier. I’m so glad she sent in her tutorial!

  23. Claire says:

    Oh, I love the reversible children’s apron! I was just thinking the other day that I wanted to make an apron for my daughter since she likes to cook. I’m checking out this tutorial right now!

  24. Nancy says:

    More fun tutorials! People are so creative and helpful. I will definetly have to use some of these helpful links in the future.

  25. Sara says:

    I love the skirt! So quick and easy, I’m dying to make one for myself. All of these tutorials are such great ideas.

  26. Carrie S says:

    I love the maternity skirt!! I need something for a luncheon coming up-that’ll be perfect!

  27. Sonja says:

    Oh wow !! I just love these tutorials. Thank you so much everybody.

  28. Marcia says:

    Love the sling bag! I see a few of those in my future. Nicely done tutorial.

  29. Christina says:

    I’ve oohed and ahhed over Carolyn’s Post it note quilt several times now!

  30. Louise says:

    I LOVE the bulletin board tute! I’ve been looking for something similar for awhile now. It’s extra-good using the recycled product. Thanks for the suggestion!

  31. LisaC says:

    I love the fast and easy skirts! There is my project for today. 🙂

  32. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been distracted from my quilting by all these great projects…

  33. Stacy says:

    I have a friend who just found out that she is expecting. I am going to make her one of those skirts and I know that she is going to love it! Thanks for sharing!

  34. Cherry says:

    I love the sling bag. It’s a perfect size.

  35. Carol says:

    These are all so wonderfully inspiring. Thank you to all you creative people!

  36. emily says:

    thank goodness for a gathering tut. that’s something that’s still challenging for me.

  37. Susan says:

    I’m going to try that card wallet. So cute!

  38. Rebecca says:

    Love the maternity skirt. Five months into my pregnancy and think it would be a great addition to my wardrobe.

  39. Ruth says:

    Lots to look at here! love the skirts and the applique tutorials.

  40. the post it quilt is so original! totally great. so many practical and fun inspiration!

  41. Lia says:

    I’m thrilled by the ‘fast and cheep’ skirt tutorial – I’ve never been of the right shape to make the pillow case skirts that were oh so popular a while back, but this looks perfect. It makes me excited to check out my local thrift store again!

  42. Carrie says:

    I am so loving the skirts!!! I have been in the mood lately to make some springy skirts, and these have totally gotten me motivated to get to work.

  43. whitney says:

    Love the maternity skirt, I am going to get right on that!

  44. Emily says:

    The Sling bag looks perfect for spring trips to the beach. I always need a secure little someplace to put my wallet phone and keys!

  45. Emily says:

    The Sling bag looks perfect for spring trips to the beach. I always need a secure little somepleace to put my wallet phone and keys!

  46. Kim D. says:

    oh my, so many talented people out there! thank you for sharing your tips and tricks!!!

  47. Love the gathering tute!!

  48. Kate says:

    I just don’t know what I’m going to start first!

  49. Deb says:

    I saved the link for the maternity skirt tutorial. I’m sure my daughters will be interested when the time comes!

  50. Wow, love the skirt tutorial (make my skirts fast and cheap), I have added this to my list of things to do!!! Now, if only I could win fabric….. 🙂

  51. Margaret says:

    Great tutorials — keep them coming! One day I’ll find some time to try some of them.

  52. Samantha says:

    Lisa’s skirt tutorial and Jill’s sling bag tutorial are great! I need to give both of those a try. This is definitely the summer of the skirt!

  53. Libby says:

    I love the skirt made from a sheet.

  54. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the links!! I’m pretty psyched about several of these projects! I’ve even shown them to my mom, and she’s now an addict!

  55. Tanya says:

    Thanks to all of the contributors for taking the time to create the tutorials…lots and lots of fun projects.

  56. Colleen says:

    I’ve always wondered how to do gathering, but haven’t been bold enough to experiment! Thanks for writing it down for people like me.

  57. Tamera says:

    Oh My! these are all so cute! I particularly want to try the maternity skirt! Im due in 2 months and all I have are pants. I’ll need a nice summery skirt to keep cool.

  58. Kristin says:

    That snap to elastic waist pants tutorial will be handy for the older kids with disabilities I work with!

  59. Sarah says:

    Wow, the applique prep tutorial makes it look so easy to embellish basic sewn items…must try!

  60. Fern says:

    Thank you so much for the maternity skirt pattern, I find it so hard to find pregnancy clothes that I actually like!

  61. Sagan says:

    “I like my skirts fast and cheap” is a great idea. I love making use of old things that seem to have no use anymore.

  62. Nancy says:

    Thanks for the great tutorial on making the Breast Feeding Cover. My daughter bought one on ebay and now I can make her more. Abigail is only 9 weeks old, so she will get lots of use.

  63. jenny says:

    Thanks for posting the Fabric Covered Buttons the pony tail idea is fantastic for some of the buttons I have and the Simple Card Wallet will make a great extra birthday present.

  64. I love that card wallet tutorial. Thanks for writing it.

  65. Allison says:

    I LOVE the picnic placemat tutorial. What a fun idea! My kids and I love picnics, so I’m going to do this today!

  66. Tammy says:

    The post it note quilt is adorable!!!

  67. Yohandy says:

    Love the child apron. I’ll definitely be making some for my boys. 🙂

  68. DeerDominique says:

    I really love the skirt tutorial! Of course the elastic waist is perfect for summer gorging on watermelon and BBQ!

  69. Amy says:

    I love the headbands tutorial – so clever!

  70. Hilary says:

    I Like My Skirts fast and cheap is awesomely cute and I intend to make one as soon as I get a little bit more adept at sewing. I’m just learning and really appreciate tutorials like that.

  71. Katherine says:

    Ah, I like the picnic placemat, I’m always eating lunch with my daughter at the playground, we’ll have to make some of those. I’ve been thinking about making some children’s aprons like that too, but I just bought one at Whole Foods before I saw this tutorial, so that one’s on the back burner, like it too though.

  72. jmbmommy says:

    Like the sheet-skirt tutorial….good thinking!

  73. Stacey says:

    I really like the skirt tutorial using sheets, I’m already making plans to ransack my mothers linen locker 🙂

  74. Heather t says:

    OOh, lots more fun stuff to try.

  75. Lynne in NC says:

    Great ideas. I’ll be busy this weekend! Thanks for the tutorials!
    Lynne in NC

  76. Sarah K says:

    Love this round of tutorials! The fast, cheap skirt, especially. =)

  77. Bean says:

    I absolutely love all the creative tutorials that have come out of this contest, what a great idea!!

  78. katy says:

    The gathering tutorial LITERALLY showed up the day after I had a hateful gathering experience. Looking forward to trying Linda’s method.

  79. Georgi P. says:

    I love how SMS connects me to so many creative blogs – thanks!

  80. Elizabeth says:

    Great tutorial on gathering, I can’t wait to try it out.

  81. Mary C says:

    Oh my gosh! That picnic placemat is too cute. All of the tutorials are wonderful. How can one choose which to do first?

  82. RobinE says:

    These are some great tutorials! I can’t wait to try my hand at the simple card wallet, the snap-to-elastic pants, and the picnic placemats. Thanks for posting them 🙂

  83. sarah says:

    The maternity skirt will be made someday soon.

  84. Amber says:

    I love the skirt tutorials – so great.

  85. Dana says:

    Bookmarking the post-it note quilt. It seems that I have a thing for quilts with a large portion of white, and this fits the bill.

  86. Lindsey says:

    oh yay a tute on gathering!!!!!

    I think I want to also try the prince playmat for my nephew, too cute!

  87. Anna says:

    So many great tuts! don’t know where to begin…

  88. Suzanne says:

    Another set of awesome tutorials! Can’t wait to try that gathering technique!

  89. Thanks so much for all the great tutorials, everyone! I am learning so much!

  90. Mellissa says:

    I would really like to try the children’s apron. It looks like a lot of fun and I think my kids would love it!

  91. Katie says:

    I like the “I like my Skirts Fast and Cheap” tutorial. I even joined the sheet swap! Such a great idea!

  92. Pamela says:

    Oooo! 🙂 The sling bag tutorial by Jill looks great! Perfect timing as I need a new small purse and can’t stand fanny-packs anymore. Thanks for sharing!

  93. Katy says:

    I love the picnic placemats! I can’t wait to make some for this summer. We just had our first lunch on the deck, and these will be great for the kids. Off to find some cheap Walmart Fabric.
    Thanks again

  94. BeckyR says:

    These tutorials are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them!

  95. Karen says:

    The post it quilt is awesome! I will definitely try this.

  96. Robyn says:

    The card holder is perfect – elegant and simple (and with great fabric choice 🙂 )

  97. Lily says:

    Oh, what perfect timing for that maternity skirt! I only have one boring black one, so I can’t wait to give it a try.

  98. denitza says:

    Love Lisa’s skirt tutorial! I’ll be trying it , soon!

  99. Regina says:

    I had hoped to get a tutorial done -but it was not to be. I am amazed and inspired by all the different projects- and in this group especially like the picnic placemat. My toddler likes to have a placemat on his little picnic table – so instead of the extra Halloween one, perhaps I will make him one of his own.

  100. Stacey says:

    I really like Lisa’s fast and cheap skirt tutorial. Just what I need for summer!

  101. Kristy says:

    I love the post-it note quilt!

  102. Ellen B says:

    Love the post it note quilt….All these ideas are so inspiring. Thanks to Sewmamasew I made a baby quilt this week! Now all I need is some new fabric to go with all the new ideas swimming around in my head!!!

  103. Centa says:

    Oh wow, fabric covered buttons! Those look so simple but they are such a great detail to add to garments. 🙂 I’m going to have to try that one.

  104. alicia says:

    I love the fabric covered buttons and the maternity skirt–what creative people!

  105. Jen says:

    Oh my! Where to start! I LOVE that child’s apron!…and the Cheap & Fast skirt!…and that placemat! and…

  106. Stephanie says:

    I think I will be using the child’s apron tute very soon. My daughters birthday is in a week and she has been telling me to make her an apron for over a month now.

  107. Nancy says:

    There are some great tutorials here. I especially like the fast and cheap skirt. Right up my alley.

  108. Debra Cooper says:

    Fun tutorials!

  109. kerri says:

    I love the sling bag. I’m heading to the cutting mat to get started on one right now.

  110. Beth says:

    I love that you are putting all of these tutorials in one place! This blog is such a great resource. Thank you.

  111. Holly says:

    My vote is for the card wallet…in fact i’m going to make a couple this weekend!

  112. Therisa says:

    I love the maternity skirt! Not pregnant yet, but when I do, I’ll whip up a few! Thanks for the tutuorial.

  113. Joanna says:

    fantastic lot of tutorials. My to do list gets ever bigger

  114. Linda says:

    We’re going through a headband phase around here, so the ribbon headband will be perfect. Thank you for sharing.

  115. Joanna says:

    I am loving all these tutes!! It was fun to put one together but even more fun to see all the others! The judges are going to have the hardest time ever deciding!!

  116. I have been meaning to make a little card wallet for a long time. i made a little zip pouch a couple years ago but I cut the zipper too short and eventially the zipper coil actually unravelled! This style is a great idea.

  117. Heather says:

    I first found this childs apron in a Threads magazine. I made a couple for my kids and they are great. You just need something to make sure they don’t pull the tie completely out of the casing. I tied a knot in my tie and that kept it from being pulled completely out.

  118. mary says:

    I LOVE the post-it note quilt! Thinking of enlarging a square and using some of my vintage sheets to make a tote bag…. Thanks for the tutorial!

  119. Ana says:

    Thank you to all the kind contributers. All these tutoials are great!

  120. Joyce Moore says:

    I love the children’s apron and will be making two of them for my girls! Thanks for the great tutorials.

  121. Kristin says:

    I love the apron! Right now, my boys are forced to wear my enormous aprons that have to be tied on with all sorts of wierd modifications. They would love to have any apron of their own, but one with their artwork! That would be awesome! 🙂

  122. Toni says:

    The picnic placemat is a GREAT idea! Great job everyone… good luck!

  123. britt says:

    Really well done, i don’t have a tutorial myself, but I will definitely take advantage of those listed. Thank you!

  124. Amy says:

    I love the child’s apron tutorial and the maternity skirt. These tutorials always make me wish I was better able to create patterns on my own.

  125. jackie bateman says:

    they are all such great ideas! i love the maternity skirt.

  126. kristena says:

    The gathering tutorial by Craft Apple is pretty simple and brilliant!

  127. min says:

    I looked at the sling bag tute again, and I think it’s written really well. Many pictures and good, clear directions. She had the final project pictured in the beginning and the end, which is always helpful when you want to know ahead of time what you’ll be making! Seems obvious, but not everyone does that. Anyways, I’ll be giving that one a try.

  128. Alisha says:

    I’ve really needed this “gathering” tutorial. Every time I try to gather using a basting stitch, I end up breaking the thread at least once. Thanks, Linda, for the tutorial. And I love the chemise and corset purse.

  129. Sarah Bray says:

    Love that apron! I featured it yesterday on my blog. 🙂

  130. Kim B. says:

    I absolutely must make that apron for my little guy! Thank you so much for such a great tutorial!

  131. Lil' d says:

    Thanks – i’m looking forward to trying them out.

  132. Chantel says:

    I love the easy skirt… who can’t use a few extras? And when I get pregnant again that Maternity skirt pattern is going to be coming in handy!

  133. sarah says:

    I am off to look for sheets for a skirt today!

  134. Angie says:

    I love the new gathering technique and plan on trying it on a skirt for my daughter this weekend.

  135. edina says:

    Love the shape of the sling bag!

  136. Anna says:

    Pick me for free fabric!!!!

  137. Lili says:

    I love the skirt tut! Great blog too.

  138. Vanessa says:

    I’m so happy to see the gathering tute. I’ve been thinking over an idea for a bag that included gathering but wasn’t exactly sure how to accomplish it. The included pics make it look easier than I thought it would be.

  139. Jeannine says:

    I must try the post-it note quilt!

  140. christa says:

    I really love the post it note quilt, and I do believe that I will have to make the maternity skirt for my sister to wear this summer.

  141. Laurel says:

    I love the maternity skirt tutorial. I only have a month of pregnancy left, but I’ve been dying for some new clothes…so I think I’ll make one. =)

  142. Mika says:

    Thanks for posting about the picnic placemat! I have some wedding gifts to make, and one of the things I’ve always wanted to do is to sew picnic-related gifts.

  143. Grace Sheppard says:

    I love that fast and cheap skirt. I love everything about it – it looks great, it looks comfortable, and I would have wrestled her to the ground for that sheet in the thrift store. Great work, and thanks for the tutorial, too!

  144. Teresa says:

    My daughter had a preschool program last night and I made the ribbon headband for her to wear. It turned out great and we received lots of compliments!

  145. apple cyder says:

    i want to try that sling bag soon. thanks for the fun and terribly helpful contest!

  146. Coralee says:

    There sure are some great entries, here!

  147. becky says:

    i put up my tutorial yesterday. how fun was this to do?! take a look….. i LOVE all the others. there are some that i will definitly be doing.

  148. Great Job on the applique tutorial Joanna. So much work goes into making a tutorial! I’m going to refer anyone to your tutorial that asks me any questions about applique.

  149. Christine says:

    All the tutorials are wonderful. This should keep me busy for a while. I want to make a fast and easy skirt, and a card wallet, and…..Whew!!

  150. BethieB says:

    I’m so happy to see the ribbon headband tut, my kid will finally submit to wearing something on her head and hates anything too fussy, I think this will fit the bill perfectly. Also loved the I Like My Skirts Fast and Cheap, am probably going to attempt that one as soon as I figure out which sheet I don’t really like, so I won’t mind cutting it up, but like enough to wear if it turns out well, lol

  151. Karen B says:

    The sling bag…looks like it will hold my really awkwardly shaped camera…

  152. Michele C says:

    I’m just so amazed by everyone’s great ideas! Thanks for all the tutorials and info you post. I really enjoy reading this blog.

  153. Courtney says:

    Ohhhh! Love the maternity skirt tutorial. I hate how maternity clothes always come in patterns and I’d love to be able to make some in solids.

    Also, the fabric covered buttons tutorial will come in handy as I’ve been wanting to cover some buttons for the heckbook covers I made this past weekend.

    Thanks everyone!

  154. Thanks so much for the needle turn applique prep. I love these tutorials.

  155. Stephanie says:

    All of these tutorials are so easy yet so charming. I can’t wait to try them!

  156. maggie m. says:

    I love the skirt from the sheet tutorial. Everyone is so creative and now we can see each blog.

  157. Liz says:

    That gathering tutorial is awesome!!!

  158. ayumills says:

    wow! thanks so much for sharing all those totally nice tutorials!!
    I like all of them, but appliqué prep was especially helpful for me because I was looking for a book that has very clear pictures of how appliqué is done. Joanna’s was easy to follow and motivated me to try that out!

  159. renee says:

    Such great ideas! I’m really liking all these tutorials. To do list grows bigger and bigger every day!

  160. Amy W says:

    I love the crayon picture apron. Three of my 4 kids want aprons–what a perfect way to individualize each!

  161. Oh I wish I had seen this gathering tutorial before I recently tried to put a rose petal binding on a very large quilt! My gathering thread broke so many times I finally gave up. Next time I’m using Linda’s technique.

  162. Lynn says:

    So excited for the needle turn applique prep tutorial. I am starting my dear jane quilt, and this is just what i’m looking for!

  163. Lindsey says:

    great tutes! thansk for the button one, I’ve been looking for oen with pictures 🙂

  164. min says:

    Who knew the ribbon tutorial would give such pleasure? So simple, yet I would never have come up with it. I also would like to try the sling bag.
    Now…can someone please make a box cushion tutorial for those of us who would like to cover a square cushion for a window seat or bench cushion? (I’ve got both to do…)

  165. sara says:

    I’ll be sure to try Linda’s gathering technique!

  166. Cary says:

    I love that tutorial for a crayola picture apron! That is so adorable and looks really easy!

  167. Ursa says:

    Snap to Elastic Waist Pants is a great tutorial. Very clear. Will need to use it on my little ones wardrobe. Thank you.

  168. Katherine says:

    I love the child’s apron tutorial – I was looking for a couple more cute things to make my daughter for her birthday and I was not disappointed!

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